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  1. " One of the Dead Kennedys, whose name excapes me, is also a political activist. " Jello Biafra, iirc.
  2. Truman did what he thought he had to, according to how the situation was presented to him.....much like the American "Left" approved going into Iraq, imo...and unless I'm remembering wrong, Truman had many misgivings about more than a few things he approved, the nascent C.I.A. being one....also...wasn't Hiroshima the 2nd target of choice that day?.....Kokura, iirc, was....a city as much a military target as Hamburg in the terms of the era, and way higher on the scale than Dresden, for instance....as for the Bolshi's, well, "Shock and Awe" certainly comes to mind, eh? I'd be interested in seeing some "what if" scenarios from the "un-neccessary" posters.....what exactly do you think might have happened if Truman didn't scare the heck out of the Japanese, and by extension, the USSR and "Funny Uncle" Joe?
  3. fwiw...Ms. Mauro's Bechtel thread doesn't always open....
  4. Thank you, Mr. Gray..... for anyone with a minute.. presupposing a SK shot......is it possible fragments could possibly have struck the back of the "Stemmons" sign?.....I know the sign removal significance has been largely explained away....but we know a whole "missile" was not in JFK's head, or at least we think we know....the rest of the bullet, even a frangible one, would have had to have gone somewhere......no?
  5. a view from the South Knoll would be very timely. thanks in advance, I hope...
  6. hey, that's good..... a great example of the limits of your intelligence for all to see in two words. Mr. White may not be right on anything....and imo, he get's some well thought out replies showing him the errors he's made by people who have a lucid opinion, for the most part..... but you're not a part of that crowd. I think you're would really be more happy slurpping up the "yay, Team" kool-aid on McAdam's site, no? bring something to the party, or go home, xxxxx. and loosen yer tie, it might help get some blood in yer brain. this site really isn't about "flame wars"....but you get what you play for, dontcha, xxxxx?
  7. or the fact that you do a really bad von Pein impression? maybe when you grow up, you can be Ken Rahn? hell, maybe McAdams will make your dream come true and let you touch his keyboard? really....the watch phrase with your particular LN pack, "get a life", especially applies to person's of your....ilk.... look in the mirror, punk. or find something better to do with your time, instead of being a bad amatuer xxxxx.
  8. the "senior" gentleman directly "above" JFK has something in his right hand?....and under his left arm, a box or some rectangular object. sound recording? probably not, however....
  9. thank you for your time, Mr. Eaglesham. yes, the 'other" film...... working around my schedule and my buddy's to find the "magic box", so to speak, could take awhile. If there is something notable about his copy, I'll be sure to advise this "community"... btw, great board...been reading the posts here for quite some time....fascinating subjects and people. thanks, t.
  10. This may be a bit convoluted, but what isn't when it comes to JFK/Dallas. A good friend of mine from NYC who has been in the projection/editing biz since the early '60's recently advised me that he has a copy of the Zap film that he's had since '67 or so...buried in his warehouse....you can imagine my interest...so naturally, I asked him how he got it....he said to the best of his recollection, he got it from R.Greenberg, a NYC editing firm of some repute...a quick google on R.Greenberg brought up a 2-D graphics firm that works in the motion picture biz...but only since '77.....hmmmmm, eh?.... 3 questions, if you will... 1. anyone heard of this company? 2. why would they have a Zap copy? 3. is it worth my time to go through what amounts to a medium size warehouse of tape stock to find it? my friend doesn't really care about all the assassination stuff....he's just a tapehound with lots of cool tape and film, mostly rock-n-roll boots from the '60's and early '70's... basically told me if I can find it, I can have it. any one that can comment or add some info before I spend what could amount to days going through boxes of tape? thanks, t.
  11. I got out of the backbreaking irrigation biz 10 yrs ago to do corporate Audio Visual work, so I'm not up to date on every little thing, however I still do irrigation on every now and then....I don't qualify as an expert, but... from these pics, looks like standard Toro/Rainbird stuff.... no offense to Mr.White, but I'm in the "nothing to it" camp.
  12. Mr. White, there are numerous reasons why there are so many sensors. I've never been to Texas, but in Florida, it can put down 3 inches of water on one side of the street and not a drop on the other side. or.... "we bought 6 sensors....you will install them in the Plaza....needed or no." municipal budgets, lol.... take care, t.
  13. Mr. White.... as a veteran of many large and small irrigation installs, the things you've pointed out, re: the sprinklers, just aren't that uncommon. not trying to be a "provocateur", just passing it on. hang in there, keep lookin'.
  14. the "Gut Hoffen" sig..... spot.acorn.net/ jfkplace/03/JD/JD-G.html
  15. The early WW2 greek Army was equipped with 6.5 x 54 mm Mannlicher-Shoenauer rifles..... any of the "likely suspects" ever active in Greece? just throwing it out there....love the forum, thanks.
  16. I had always hooped the SCW forum would have attracted more responses, as well.....one of my favorite 20th century case studies.
  17. okay, perhaps I was feeling a tad bit disagreeable this AM.....however, this thread resembles a certain bit of "self-criticism discussions" I am familiar with from other forum's..... I'll agree on the Lend Lease thing somewhat....w/o Studebaker trucks, built in the USA or in the Kama, the USSR doesn't get the supplies to the front in quantities to capitalise(lol) on their battlefield successes....regardless of what kind hearted Uncle Joe would have liked to have had us believe. and w/o his Majesties ships, well...... however, if you would like to discuss war crimes, what transpired on the Western Front, or Korea, Viet Nam, etc., pales in comparison to the sheer "man's inhumanity to man" or woman, that was a fact of death in the East '39-'46.....even subtracting the "kamps". have a nice, fairly free, day.
  18. Don't forget Blieburg.....10,000 handed over to the Communists, mostly by the Brits, to certain death..... OTOH, the America bashing/loathing is disturbing to me......while our troops are certainly not blameless.... Perhaps you Euro's would prefer to be speaking German or writing in Cyrillic? I know it hurts, but without the USA.....where would you be, eh?
  19. Haven't I read that the hammer of LHO's pistol came down on the web of McDonald's hand?....might be apocryphal, sorry.
  20. Lee.....yes, the stock detaches fairly quickly.....someone with experience could possibly detach the barrel rapidly as well. while I'm certainly not in the ex-military expert class, I've been fortunate with knowing people with classic weapons over the years....it just seems to me that are many "better" choices.....not too many of those broomhandle Mauser's w/ 18 inch barrels around, even after WW2... my problem is with the 9mm aspect.....certainly not a guaranteed kill. this is just my opinion, and I would certainly defer to John Ritchson or Al Carrier in this case. keep up the good work, T.
  21. West window?.....no problem. 9mm C-96?......problem. Look, it's a sexy handgun and all.....but I doubt it would be the weapon of choice for that shot......jmo.
  22. Lee, in your post #29....those look like LHO's "backyard" legs....lol.... Keep up the good work, interesting stuff.
  23. It just looks that way to me with Kellerman.... think about it for a minute or two....when you ride "shotgun", don't you often glance in the side view?.....it could have just been a habit, he looked to check on JFK.....and saw what he saw....nothing sinister... The actions of the crowd in the Plaza are interesting, to say the least.... LOL....I have no pet theories.....I'm more of a casual dot connector than a "researcher". kudos to the serious types....some of the info, and the time it must take to accumulate it, is absolutely amazing.....thanks!
  24. Just running down one of the "myths", for lack of a better word.... I thought I had read that he did. thanks for the reply, it helps...
  25. and one guy stayed with Emmitt and told him to"keep down"or words to that effect....in all my years of lurking, #3 has yet to be identified or even speculated on, iirc. It has always been my opinion that Kellerman watched the whole thing in the side view mirror......fwiw.
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