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  1. "I'm convinced we can make the case," said Schrade, who is assembling a legal team to challenge the verdict that put Sirhan, now 64, behind bars. From what I have read, Sirhan Sirhan probably did not fire the shots that killed RFK. Nevertheless there seems to be no question whatsover that he was in possession of a gun and had fired multiple shots at the same time that RFK was killed. So he is hardly an innocent man. Situation far different than that of LHO who may have been as he declared "a patsy". No one grabbed LHO in the sixth floor window and took a rifle away from him.
  2. If Phillips brought Veciana in to the plot, it of course makes no sense whatsoever that Veciana would tell Fonzi about seeing Phillips with Oswald. Veciana's tale told to Fonzi (whether true or not) IMO exculpates him from any role in the conspiracy. And if Veciana had no role in the conspiracy, then Hunt's version is false. And of course the version propounded here is in total contradiction to wjat he wrote in his book "American Spy".
  3. . . ."Kennedy was murdered by the National Security State." Ha! Nathan, who constituted the "National Security State"? Did it have a board of directors which voted whether or not to off JFK? Were there any members of its board which dissented from the idea of murdering a United States president? Please cite any evidence you have to support your allegation that any such organization participated in the assassination. Thanks.
  4. Indeed I am aware of several significant errors in "Crossfire".
  5. I had read the Truman quotation several years ago. Last Thursday, June 26, by the way, was both the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, haled by most historians as one of Truman's finest hours, and JFK's magnificent speech in Berlin in which he held upon West Berlin as a shining beacon against the peridies of Communism totalitarianism. I submit that JFK's actions vis a vis Cuba were more in keeping with the Cold Warrior spirit of his Berlin speech and his Inaugural than his "peace" speech. I have argued that Ronald Reagan (and the Pope) deserve a lot of credit for the collapse of Commun
  6. Don't know how many caught it but during the final minutes of Russert's funeral they played a very modern rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while several people delivered touching eulogies about Russert. Then when the audience left the Kennedy Center, there in the Washington sky was an incredibly beautiful RAINBOW. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Then again, perhaps it was more than that.
  7. John, I think there are different circumstances. For one thing, McCain had not spent long years associating with Hagee as Obama had with Rev. Wright. What most bothers me is his flip-flop, first using Wright when he needed him and then quickly abandoning him when the liability became too clear. I think Rev. Wright was very hurt by how Obama dumped him. As much as I disagree with a lot of Rev. Wright's outrageous statements, I think I can empathize with how he felt let down by Obama.
  8. Re Obama's moral courage: Sen McCain risked his life to save a friend's leg. Obama embraced Rev Wright when he needed his suppoort in Chicago; when the minister's controversial views became a liability to Obama's presidential bid he dropped his friend as one might drop a hot potato. Contrast a person willing to risk his life for a friend with a person who will not let a long-standing friendship stand in the way of his politcal ambitions.
  9. Is THIS the sort of man you would want to be President? Although he claims to have always disliked your political views, he never had the guts to say that to your face. Them, when his association with you may harm his political chancers, he publicly DENOUNCES your views but still embraces your views. When the political heat continues, he then abandons you as a friend. What moral cowardice is this? I'll take a man with dignity and moral courage and fiftgy IQ points less than a moral midget like Obama. I'm glad I do not have friends like him, that's for sure! What US ally would count on t
  10. I agree with Mr. Frank that St. John's story was garbage. It is difficult to evaluate whether E. Howad knew anything about the assassination since his accounts were so often contadictory.
  11. Hilary's best bet is to abandon ship and endorse McCain in exchange for being selected as HIS VP candidate. If the McCain-Clinton ticket is then elected, she would have a reasonable chance of assuming the presidency due to his natural death. Kidding aside I think McCain should select a woman as his running-mate, namely Margaret Hoover.
  12. So what were the circumstances of the son's death? Was it a hit and run? Did the driver stop? Who was the driver? Did the nine year old run in front of the car? Without knowing these details it is ludicrous to claim the CIA was sending Meyer a message by killing his nine year old. John, you either know the details and aren't sharing them (which is troubling, suggesting the details do not support your proposition) or you do not know the details in which case the proposition you advance is meaningless. If there is any evidence the CIA killed a nine year old, can you provide it?
  13. Dear Peter: I once worked in a state legislature and know how the legislative process works. The laundry list you gave me proves zip. It does not distinguish between bills he sponsored or co-sponsored. The way the process works is that a bill's sponsors, who in more cases than one would expect are from both sides of the aisle, will try to get as many co-sponsors on a bill as they can. If Obama is simply a co-sponsor of a bill, it means really nothing at all. You'd probably find at least twenty co-sponsors of it. It's almost like him trying to take credit for supporting the bill. And eve
  14. " . . . liberals who proved that government is not a necessary evil, but rather the best means of creating a healthier, more educated, and more prosperous America. " Any one who thinks that government creates better educated persons and that government can create prosperity should immediately seek help. Prosperity is created by jobs which are in turn created by entrepeneurs willing to take risks. Prosperity is also created by competition between businesses. Most often government harms job creation through confiscatory tax policies. The charter school movement was born by the conviction th
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