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  1. The famous Moorman photo would have much better with that liquid.
  2. She had to apply some liquid on the photo to preserve its quality. Jean Hill had the photos in her coat and she ran to the parking lot with them.
  3. I have the complete audio. This is an excerpt.
  4. Lumpkin’s daughter told me she never heard about her dad having that photo. In a 1978 interview with the HSCA, Lumpkin stated «I must have that photo somewhere ». In his report, her school friend deputy sheriff Bill Wiseman mentioned only one photo showing the TSBD. Had she had two at THAT time, I assume she would have shown it too to Wiseman.
  5. You can listen to the HSCA testimonies of Amos Euins, James Jarman and Harold Norman on Greg Warner’s website. I gave him permission to post them. https://tangodown63.com/d-p-witnesses/
  6. I have clips of him. Confirmed to me by someone who knew him well. He appears in the first two clips on the left. I added a third one showing the same scene. Powell mentioned he talked to Brennan. I don’t know if he mentioned the notes he’s talking.
  7. Nothing wrong with not knowing. I was annoyed with your finding so many things strange. Strange photo, strange characters. Believe it or not, I didn’t mean to insult you.
  8. Seymour Weizman was also working for Robbie Love. He’s wearing a civilian suit with a hat in the Alyea film.
  9. Nothing strange about the man or the photo. Only your thoughts are. He’s a jailer working for the Sheriff’s office.
  10. That is Robert Edward. He was briefly interviewed in front of the TSBD at 12:50 by ABC reporter Bill Lord. He pointed to the TSBD saying he saw a man in a window.
  11. Can you work on this color photo taken about 20 minutes after the shooting?
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