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  1. Not 1964 for sure. It could be the 1988 PBS Nova special.
  2. It shouldn’t be too long before you can access John’s page.
  3. I met with Oldum in 1994. Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough back then to ask him about the photo.
  4. The parts concerning Ruth Paine have been forwarded to her. Hopefully, we’ll get her reaction.
  5. Another excerpt of the November 63 SS interview with Marguerite. Two topics: Hosty’s visit to the Paines’ house and more specifically Ruth Paine.
  6. Biden is a 1/4 term president. He’s weak and confused. Won’t last much longer.
  7. Listen to this November 27, 1963 interview of Marguerite Oswald by the Secret Service in which she claims that FBI agent Odum showed her a photo of Jack Ruby *before* Ruby shot Oswald. Turned out that the photo was one taken of an unidentified man at the Russian embassy in Mexico City. I think it is the photo on the right that was printed in the Warren Commission volume in spite of CIA’s objections.
  8. I was finally able to obtain the 1963 SS interview of Robert Oswald that occurred the day after Lee’s death. I also obtained the interview with Marguerite.
  9. The building reading TSBD with the arrow above is the old TSBD on Houston Street. In November 1963, they were moving from that building to the TSBD on 411 Elm Street. Some employees like Ed Shields were working in that old building. That’s at this old TSBD where Shields saw Frazier and asked him, “Where is your ride?” meaning Oswald. Knowing that it was very rare that Frazier gave a ride to Oswald on a Friday, it’s strange that Shields asked the question.
  10. This McIntire photo was taken a few minutes after the shooting by Oswald. We would see Frazier’s car had that tree not be there.
  11. The follow-up interview will be even more interesting.
  12. The weirdest sequence is given by Seymour Weitzman. https://m.facebook.com/groups/780923448613656/permalink/2784401081599206/
  13. He neither has the audio or transcript of the 2 interviews. He didn’t know that the audio of them are available on YouTube, my channel, until I told him. His book was already published by then.
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