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  1. Hia I do understand what you are saying its just that before I changed jobs my department at school did have someone come in and talk to them. There is something happeing in Manchester at IVM NORTH where a Holocaust survivor is coming in to the mueseum talking tp people I really need someone to come in to my school! Laura
  2. thank you - that informaton looks really good and i do apologise in the delay in replying
  3. Can anyone help me - I have looked on the holocaust day website and it has made me realise my school want to meet a holocaust survivor HELP!!!
  4. Just for a laugh what it your most embarrasing moment ever? Laura
  5. I am redoing some of my YR9 worksheets so they can be more self explanatory. Please can people send me any worksheets about World War I World War II Holacaust So I can use them to give me some ideas. Thank You Laura (If I have not posted is the correct section I do apologise)
  6. Ever since I was little I wanted to become a teacher (don't know why now I look back!!). So that is exactly what I did! I got my degree some years ago now and am happily teaching at a school in North West England. I teach mainly History although I am quite good at most other subjects! I teach children aged 11-16 put have done work with older pupils and younger pupils. I really enjoy History too especially modern world history.
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