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  1. Hi Pat: No real help here as I assume you have scoured all the usual sources regarding Leon Gray. Just a curiosity on my part, however. I find it interesting that during his April 8, 1964 deposition session with David Belin that Gerald Hill, sergeant DPD, indicated to Belin that he thought that an individual appearing, left hand side of G. L. Hill Deposition Exhibit B [20H156], a photograph of Oswald being led from the theatre, "...could be an officer name L. E. Gray..." though Hill did indicate that he could not be positive about this identification. If it was Gray, how did he end up at the theatre. FWIW
  2. Thank you for the shout-out on John's book Micah; much appreciated. It is a shame that more people have not taken the time to read this work and those who haven't... well, you reallyshould. There are very few people who know more about the assassination of RFK than the late John Hunt. And because you have read his book you also know that he conducted research and uncovered evidence that is unique to the case and reflective of John's "style."
  3. As per your request - the Audrey Bell half-page memorandum can be found in the records of the HSCA, specifically: HSCA: Record Number: 180-10096-10351: Agency File Number: 001894. It is rather curious that the HSCA has, as part of its records, two “different” versions of the Governor’s theoretical complete medical history of his stay at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The “second” version, that possessing the higher HSCA record number, comprises some eleven more total pages than its predecessor, listed as being 130 pages in length. Though allegedly larger in documentation than the Fenton/Moriarity version, this second rendering actually contains nine fewer pages of pertinent medical data prepared by various Parkland Memorial Hospital personnel. Included in this listing of fewer pages is; analysis of X-rays taken of the Governor on November 27, December 2, and December 4, all prepared by radiologist Jack Reynolds, as well as post-operative shift notations prepared by the nursing staff responsible for the Governor convalescing care, specifically nurses notes for the dates November 26, 27, 29, 30, and December 1, 2, 3. However, what is different in the second version is the inclusion of three disjointed pages from Secret Service prepared files constructed in January and February, 1964; photostatic copies of the front and back of the “Foreign Body Envelope” which originally was thought to have contained the fragment or fragments removed by Dr. Gregory from the Governor’s right distal radius, and; a single page from an FBI report dated 11/29/63, a report filed by FBI-SA Vincent Drain describing Drain’s acquisition of X-rays of the Governor’s thigh wound and the analysis of these same X-rays by Dr. Reynolds. As to your myriad of questions, many of which to me appear to be based upon hypothetical nuances that cannot be answered satisfactorily to everyones liking - after all truth, like art, is in the eye of the beholder. However, I do find it interesting that on occasions in the past when I have produced this same document the authenticity of the document is the first thing called into question - as to why, I cannot answer. What I do know, that may or may not be relevant, is that on November 22, 1963, Bob Nolan was assigned to security detail at the Trade Mart. Because of this he was dressed in "plainclothes" not in what some may consider to be the uniform clothing normally associated with a member of the State of Texas, Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division, which Bob Nolan was. Why Nolan would question his initials on the envelope as being upside down, I cannot answer. But why is this a curiousity? After all, Captain Fritz's initials are also upside down on this same envelope. Why did Audrey Bell write "fragment" on the half-page memo and "fragments" on the envelope is, again, a question I cannot answer. What I can indicate to you is that when the envelope was received in the FBI lab, and thereafter opened, it would appear it contained but a singular fragment. The "official" FBI lab photograph of this item, designated inititally Q9 and then C9, is a picture of a fragment, singular, not fragments. [image attached herein]. And as to your thought that the Nolan "envelope signature is a forgery, added after the Single Bullet theory became a necessity..." is not borne out as true because a photograph of the "first day evidence" generated by the DPD after the initial evidence taken by the FBI, via Vince Drain, was returned to the DPD shows the envelope on a desk with the rest of the returned evidence and Nolan's initials are already on the envelope - this months in advance of any thoughts of a SBT. FWIW
  4. I agree, David, as this, at least to my mind, was Lifton's mind-set on the Connally wounding. Perhaps now you and potentially others can see why I was reluctant to get dragged into this charade.
  5. Hello Denise: As someone with more than a passing interest in the wounding of John Connally I thank you for your lengthy article on the governors wounding. I have not had the time to read the entire treatise in detail, end to end, but intend to do so as my time allows. In a cursory speed read over the first half of your article I came across a couple of statements you made, listed below, statments concerning Audrey Bell, Bob Nolan, and the half-page PMH inter-office memorandum, to wit: "The half-page Interoffice Memorandum on Parkland letterhead, which she said she had one of the two federal agents sign upon turning over the fragments to them and which she subsequently gave to Parkland supervisor Jack Price was not in the collection of evidence..." "So where is that half-page Interoffice Memorandum receipt that was executed when she turned the fragments over to the plainclothes federal agents? It seems to have disappeared altogether! However, unlike the supposed "302" reports of the purported Bardwell Odum interviews of Darrell Tomlinson and O.P. Wright, which I believe never existed, I believe this receipt did exist, and then was later "disappeared" because it was inconvenient to the desired narrative." In truth, the inter-office receipt did exist, did not "disappear[ed]" and continues to exist and can be found in Connally's "complete" PMH medical record as obtained by members of the HSCA staff. As you can see, Nolan did sign the receipt - "Bob Nolan" - and in his own handwriting. Of course what is truly of interest is the fact that Audrey Bell, who did compose the other writing on this receipt, indicates that the foreign body envelope she was turning over to Nolan contained a "fragment", singular, not fragments. Furthermore, if you compare the capital letters "B" and "N" as signature written by Nolan on the inter-office memorandum with his initials as found on the foreign body envelope - CE 842 - you will note that they are identical, unique to Nolans handwriting, which leads me to conclude that his intials were not "forged" on CE 842 as you suggest. FWIW - Gary Murr
  6. Hi Jim: I will go back into my records and see if I can find the specific email exchange David and myself had on this subject matter, but off the top of my head this was definitely inferred, if in fact not so stated.
  7. Hello Paula: I thank you for your informative input into this thread; I for one am appreciative. As someone who first met David Lifton in the late 1960's we possessed a cordial relationship that spanned several decades, even as I drifted away from the events of November22, 1963, for many years in the 1980's. David and myself did exchange information sporadically over this time span. However, he became increasinly more "interested" in materials I had gathered regarding, specifically, the wounding of John Connally, a topic I researched extensively for over a decade beginning in the early and mid 1990's and beyond. Some of his requests bordered on the bizarre - as you noted, "increasingly far-fetched" - to the point that I eventually had to politely decline his requests for all of my Connally research. For me the "end" of our relationship occurred when he tried to convince me that Connally was shot, more than once, "from the front" though he did never did reveal to me where exactly this "front" location was situated. FWIW Gary Murr
  8. Hi Ron - John died on October 29, 2018; he was only 52 years of age.
  9. Ron: Have you read the late John Hunt's book on his investigation into the assassination of RFK? If you haven't, you should. A kindle version is available via Amazon - link provided below if you are interested. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Buried-Plain-Site-Search-Murder-ebook/dp/B0BR5WWY3Y FWIW Gary
  10. Greg: I have a chapter on Pool and others involved in this from the second volume of my unpublished work on the wounding of John Connally. I will send you a link to this via a pm shortly. Gary
  11. Hello Greg... and thank you for taking the time to read the chapter I previously posted. Regarding your question concerning when I might make available my thoughts/writings regarding when, in/on specific frames of the Zapruder film, John Connally was struck and thereafter wounded, I can say the following. I intend to return specifically to this subject matter later this year. I am in the throes of finishing volume 2 of "Forgotten", which I hope to have completed by late spring/early summer. Once that is finished, I intend to complete a paper I have roughed out that deals only with the wounding of Connally and the Zapruder film, which is, to state the obvious, absolutely necessary to any understanding of the mechanics just when the Governor was struck. If I can work the timing correctly, I may release this paper in conjunction with a potential JFK Assassination Conference in November of this year - 2024 - if I get any invitations to participate. As it stands right now, this will probably be the last writing I do on the events of November 22, 1963. I have been "at this" since my first contact with Harold Weisberg in 1966 so it is probably time to retire. And on a final note, I will admit that I have changed my mind on the timing of the Connally wounding from what I have written in the past. FWIW
  12. I am attaching herein a link to Chapter 35, from Volume 3, of my unpublished work on the wounding of John Connally. Those not interested in the exchanges to date in this thread, in particular the role[s] played by TIME/LIFE, Holland McCombs, John Connally et al in various "secret" post WR release investigations of the assassination will probably find this a bit of a slog. The chapter, which took several months to research and write, is long - 180 pages - and does contain 788 footnotes, not for the faint of heart as it were. I cannot remember precisely when I wrote this, but it was finished, as attached warts and all, at least five or six years ago. If you are interested in John and Nellie Connally's efforts to "control the past" you might discover some details not previously known to you. The first dozen or so pages deal with John Connally in the immediate aftermath of his arrival at Parkland Hospital, but give it chance and read on for the bulk of the chapter really is all about John and Nellie and their writings, published and secretly discussed, in the years after the assassination. FWIW Link: https://www.transferbigfiles.com/6cf3ca5d-8028-4660-889e-21aef4e3382b/pWQUgeSCOckz0pusCGTnrA2
  13. Larry/Pat: "Wallace Millam researched that in detail after tracking down a number of leads and found the archives of its work in a small college library - in Tennessee I think." You are correct on this, Larry. I was not in attendance at the Lancer Conference at which Wallace Millam presented his paper, but I do have a few hundred pages on this subject matter - the LIFE magazine inquiry - acquired from the Holland McCombs Papers, Corbitt Special Collection/University Archives, University of Tennessee at Martin. I believe I sent Tink Thompson some of this material several years ago and I do have a lengthy section on the role McCombs played in this effort in my original three volume, unpublished work on the wounding of John Connally. What is little known is that McCombs approached John Connally with some of his work in conjunction with a private/secret separate effort Connally was constructing [apart and different from his eventual LIFE article "A Matter Of Resonable Doubt] in rebuttal to initially the various critics of the Warren Commission, an effort that was expanded by Connally to combat the impending release of William Manchester's "Death Of A President." This effort on Connally's part was never finished and again I do have all of the rough notes and paperwork that was generated by Connally and his cohorts, which I acquired from the Connally papers resident at the LBJ Library, Austin, Texas. FWIW
  14. And further to this, the un-named laboratory source was Burton Munhall of H. P. White Laboratories. I do go into this in greater detail in a later part of Volume 1, but what I discovered, as a result of documentation from archival files of the WCC, is that Munhall and WCC had exchanged details regarding the 6.5mm WCC carcano ammunition almost two years prior to the assassination event. You will not find copies of these memorandum anywhere but in the WCC files.
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