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  1. Hello Greg: I cannot supply you with answers to the six questions you posed but can give you my two cents worth on this subject matter. You are correct, CE2011 would appear to have been generated as a result of a request sent to the Bureau by J. Lee Rankin dated, again as you have indicated May 20, 1964. [the link for this document is: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=59597#relPageId=2&search=%22C6_C7%20C38%22 You will note in the bottom right hand corner of this document the numeral “3942”, which to me is indicative that this request and its response is to be found within the FBI’s JFK HQ File, 62-109060, specifically in this instance serial number 3942. The curious thing about this serial, when you look it up, is that you find it has been withheld under that good-old catch all “…referred to another agency and is in a pending status” the agency in this instance being the CIA [link for this specific serial is: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62381#relPageId=125 However, what I think may be a key in helping you to unravel/answer some of your questions can be found in a statement made by Rankin in this correspondence of May 20, 1964, on the last page of this three page letter to wit: “Some of this information may have been set forth in your various reports; however, we would like a complete answer to this request set forth in a separate, self-contained report.” To me this statement is indicative or indicates that the “complete answer” as represented by CE 2011 has no individual author but rather is comprised of information pulled from more than one of the FBI “bulky file” reports generated by/compiled by Dallas FO SA Robert Gemberling. I do not have the time to look these up but it I am correct, a search of the Gemberling compiling’s – and there are more than one and some run to hundreds of pages – could just possibly contain the “interviews” that you seek. If I am correct in this assessment, that would mean numerous reports potentially generated by numerous FBI field agents. This of course represents a particularly onerous task but who knows – I may be wrong. FWIW Gary Murr
  2. Hi Pat: Having taken a self-induced sabbatical from aspects of the JFK assassination I was shocked to hear of your battle will cancer. Having lost half of my family to this disease, I can understand what you are going through. I have always had the greatest respect for your research and appreciate the time I spent with you at various Lancer conferences in the past. All the best, get well soon... Gary
  3. Hey Bill: Probably old news to you, but as the link below indicates, though the FBI and WC discussed this subject matter in late January, 1964, note that the FBI did not return these materials to Ruth until late April, 1964. FWIW https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=9988#relPageId=117&search=SULLIVAN_BRANNIGAN RUTH PAINE METAL CABINET
  4. This is indeed sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Gerald at Harold Weisberg's home during one of my excursions to the National Archives in the late 1990's. To echo sentiments previously mentioned in this thread, "Breach Of Trust" will long stand as one of the great works dealing with the Warren Commission. RIP
  5. Micah: Doctors Robert Shaw and Charles Gregory who, as you are aware, both operated on John Connally, testified back-to-back on the afternoon of April 21, 1964, in Washington before members of the Warren Commission and its staff. However, if you read their testimonies carefully you will see that they were present in the room together as they testified. See 4H113 [Warren Commission Vol 4, page 113] Gary
  6. Many thanks for all of your work on this project Larry; I, for one, am greatly appreciative and look forward to the remaining parts of this book. On another note, good luck to yourself, Deb Conway, and everyone participating and/or involved in any way in the virtual conference this week. I am sure it will be a great success!!! Gary
  7. Another fantastic work, David – impressive and useful. Kudos … Gary
  8. David Boylan asked: “Gary, do you know if the Adelaide and the Joanne were the same ship?” And my original response was yes. Further to that… Hi David: I have done a quick search of some of my AMWORLD files in an effort to find substantiation of my thought that the AMWORLD/JMWAVE maritime assets “Joanne” and “Adelaida” were one and the same vessel. I am listing below two RIF numbers that I feel give some credence to this theoretical assertion on my part. You can search them on the MFF site in the CIA documents section. The thing to notice is in both instances though the individuals involved in these telephone conversations [all are well known to you – grin] talk about both ships, note where these records are to be filed – last page of each report, bottom left hand corner under “File:” You will find the name “Joanne” but not the name “Adelaida.” I cannot recall, off the top of my head right now, if I ever found communication between these individuals involved in AMWORLD indicating that a “File” under the name of “Adelaida” was ever set up. Both RIF “Agency” are CIA [files] RIF: 104-10162-10163 RIF: 104-10241-10060
  9. David: My short answer to this question is yes, I do believe that the “Joanne” and the “Adelaide” were one and the same. I am away from my research materials at the moment; when I get the chance I will see what I can find in the way of substantiation for this claim.
  10. Hi David: Again, no problem and thanks for the information. I am familiar with Hemming’s document, having come across it during my research into AMWORLD. I found some of his claims regarding the maritime assets to be surprisingly accurate. It has been some time since I deeply researched this subject matter, but I still possess the belief that various “mother” ships utilized by Artime and his associates were given multiple names for the same vessel. I know that in the case of the Olga Patricia this suspicion on my part was accurate. They also used to fiddle with the registries of the maritime assets again in an effort to obfuscate their true identity and the purpose for which the vessels were being used. The reason I initially inquired as to the time frame for the as yet discovered 1963 original COS PACY letter to Zamka was to see if it had anything to do with the Olga Patricia. From my perspective “Panama” or Panamanian interests enter into the history of this AKL mother ship offered to Artime. I have a third party copy of a document issued from the notary public office of the Republic of Panama dated August 11, 1964 regarding the transfer of a “mortgage” held on the Olga Patricia by the Inter American Lines, Inc., drawn in favor of the Coconut Grove Bank in Florida. As you are probably aware, the issue of the Olga Patricia as an AMWORLD/Artime maritime asset was first offered in June of 1963. At that time it was acknowledged that the Olga was under charter to an unidentified “AMRUM corporation” but could be purchased for an asking price of $175,000. The creators of the cable outlining this potential deal, JMWAVE, felt that a deal could be reached at a lower selling price, in the range of $125,000 - $150,000. JMWAVE further indicated that if this deal was “done AMRUM Corporation could then sell vessel to corporation set up by AMBIDDY-1. Urge consideration of this proposal.” I believe the corporation that was eventually set up by Artime and associates, Maritime Bam, were involved in these dealings and may have even been involved in the mortgage transfer document of August, 1964. This same deal was put together by a Panamanian lawyer, Ricardo Vallarino Chiara. My two cents FWIW Gary
  11. Hi David: No problem – and congratulations to you and Larry on this work. I hate to be a pest, but would you happen to have a link/reference to “the personal letter COS PACY sent Zamka…” apparently in the months prior to this document dated the day of the assassination? I am curious to see if it dovetails in the summer of 1963, say July – August. Thanks, Gary
  12. Hi Matt: Can you send me the MFF link [?] that indicates the sending of this letter regarding a boat? I might be able to shed some light on this from material in my AMWORLD file, but I need to see the document first. Thanks, Gary Murr
  13. Congratulations, Larry. I look forward to receiving my copy. And you, give up writing – even for a while? Never!! Gary
  14. Thanks for the update Larry – this is indeed great news! And kudos to Stu for taking on this task. From what little of the overall material John shared with me, I believe that we are all in for a fantastic cache of exiting document revelations that can only add to the overall research history of the events of not only the JFK assassination but also that of his brother, RFK. Gary
  15. Thanks for these resource materials, Bart; I, for one, greatly appreciate your ongoing efforts in supplying us with rare, hard to acquire documents. Gary
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