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  1. In Roosevelt's case that would be the highly representative 'Electoral College' that did so, not the population of the USA. However, perhaps you mean Teddy rather than Frankie-Baby. Please expand. Could you tell me who elected Churchill in 1940? BTW Stalin was not 'leader' of the USSR
  2. At this point, in order to stop sounding like some uneducated ranter, one would provide evidence (non-CIA) of Stalin being 'bloodthirsty'. The USA and the UK are/were NOT democracies, and lagged a long way behind the USSR in democratic principles. You are spiralling now, and your saxophone is out of tune. Thank you Senator McCarthy.
  3. Not even Franco in Spain? Mussolini in Italy? The Ustashe in Croatia? The Latin American crowd of CIA-trained gangsters?
  4. Tim: are the following also conveniently 'non-Christian' acts :- The Inquisition The European Witch Crazes The Massacres in Ireland by the Cromwellian Puritans The Medieval Crusades The Orthodox Pogroms in Russia The Franco period in Spain Not to mention the millions of people who believed in religions which predate Judeo-Christianity in the New World and Africa by Imperialist Warriors of "God" out to pacify the 'Godless Heathens'. You mention one prominent Christian who was executed by the Fascist Capitalists, Bonhoffer. If only I could name the millions of 'Godless Communist Atheists' who the Fascist executed for their beliefs.
  5. Okay, I'll compromise. Despite the massive support for Hitlerism given by the organised Christian churches, I'll say that the majority of the head Nazi goons were not Christian. But to claim they were Atheist is stark raving bonkers.
  6. Erm...Hitler was a Christian, not an atheist. He had leanings towards a Folkish tradition, probably influenced by Himmler more than anything, but to claim he was an atheist, is lying. J V Stalin was not 'holding power' in the USSR by the way, and your attempt to align Soviet Socialism with some rabid brand of Nationalist Capitalism (Hitler's) is very twisted. I'm sure the non-Christians living in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kurdistan, Iraq would take a different view, seeing as WW, WC and TB were responsible for the deaths of thousands of their friends and family. As would the Christians in Guatemala, Yugoslavia and Ireland who were killed in their thousands by WC, DE and TB. Well as Stalin never said such a thing, and the quote came from the mouth of the Christian Adolf Eichmann, we'll leave that one too. Here's a quote: a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but no knowledge at all is worse. (Dafydd Humphreys, 2005)
  7. I take it that the more progressive Welsh and Scottish education systems will be exempt from this latest batch of nincompoopery?
  8. Even religious right-wing tyrants like GW Bush, Tony Blair, Adolf Hitler and so on don't follow the words in their holy book to the letter. Doesn't the Judeo-Xian bible say things like 'homosexuals are to be murdered', 'slaves are to be whipped' and 'adulterers will burn' &c?
  9. ~The rich have no moral obligation to the poor. They are rich because the system has allowed them to xxxx on the poor.
  10. 830,000 were offed in the Yezhovschina, between 1937 and 1939. Judging by the amount of Trotsky-Fascists hawking their 'Social Worker's outside Tesco's on a Saturday, too many deviants slipped through the net!!! I take it that's a "no" to the discussion, then! And it's spelled "Socialist Worker" (although pron = So'shlist Whirr'ka).. but the thoughts of people selling social workers outside Tescos could have a political-satirical humour somewhere in it... Presumably for all the basket cases.... yours, an escapee (retired) Having once been a victim of the Trotsky-Moonie cult and a seller of the said rag, I can vouch it is definitely called 'Social Worker'.
  11. I sit corrected! Would you be willing to discuss a possible refinement - "the embodiment of the Will of the People-who-survived-the-purges"? I'd be whole-heartedly with you/him on the purging from USSR the Romanovs. 830,000 were offed in the Yezhovschina, between 1937 and 1939. Judging by the amount of Trotsky-Fascists hawking their 'Social Worker's outside Tesco's on a Saturday, too many deviants slipped through the net!!!
  12. I'll leave aside your CIA-propagand opinion for a moment, and kindly inform you that Cde JV Stalin was not the 'leader' of a country, but the embodiment of the Will of the People. Cheers!
  13. Just as I would like to see you get out of explaining yourself on Judgement Day... Doug Does that also include the billions of other people on this planet who weren't born into the Judeo-Xian regions as you or I were? We the people should create our own Judgment Day (Yezhov style) on earth.
  14. Not in the way western Fake-Socialists (aka Right-Deviationists and Trotsky-Fascist Hyenas) do...I see 'state capitalism' as being the US model - a state founded upon capitalism, and with its structures in place to uphold capitalism through Fake Democracy. Cliff's books? Very useful - they are very absorbent for when the andrex runs out.....
  15. There should be no political leaders, people do not need managers. Anyone over the age of 8 who still believes in a God should be given medicine anyway.
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