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  1. Hello Guys, A couple of minutes ago on RTL (French Radio) Valery Giscard D'Estaing, former French President, revealed that back in back in 1976, during an official trip to the USA, he had a conversation about the JFK assassination with then-President Gerald Ford. During this conversation, from a President to another President, Ford admitted that "The Warren Commission didn't do an great job". According to Giscard D'Estaing, Ford added : " IT WASN'T A LONE ASSASSIN. IT WAS A PLOT. WE KNEW FOR SURE THAT IT WAS A PLOT. BUT WE DIDN'T FIND WHO WAS BEHIND IT" Source : http://www.rtl.fr/ac
  2. The so called Babushka lady identified by her clothes filmed the murder looking directly at JFK toward the grassy knoll. The film has never surfaced and has been the subject of many allegations and investigations from the color of her shoes to the taking of her camera. Kill JFK ! The Assassins Speak will disclose the how, why and where of the film.
  3. 10 years or so. I thought I was done with the case...
  4. Thanks a lot Douglas. VOD is a great option FYI Tom Bowden wasn't able to join the forum. I would have love to see him here, answering questions about the Texas side of the JFK assassination.
  5. Hello, next spring, Tom Bowden and myself with publish a new book on the JFK assassination. Kill JFK ! The Assassins Speak is the culmination of many years of ORIGINAL research and is not a rehash of other books. In the meantime, you can check our new website at : www.killjfk.com For the first time, we are able to give precise answers to many questions including: What in Dallas history of prostitution, gambling and drugs permitted the murder? Was Lee Harvey Oswald Innocent? Did Oswald know Jack Ruby, his assassin? How many shooters were in Dealey Plaza? Who killed JFK? How? A
  6. Honestly, I don't know. Not saying that it won't happen, just that I don't know... Billie always said that the JFK assassination was a simple story. I tend to believe that.
  7. I'm kind of surprised by the lack of comments. Billie Sol was a controversial figure and knew lot of the players. Tonight, I miss him and I keep thinking of the thousand of memories I have. Tom Bowden and myself spent numerous hours with him and even more trying to prove or disprove his allegations about the assassination. Our book was published worldwide but - ironically- not in the States. R.I.P Billie...
  8. Hello, I want to let you know that my next book will be about the death of Marilyn Monroe. Here a short presentation in english : bout the Book Since 1962 the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe has never ceased to fascinate the public world-wide. Officially classified as a suicide, the death of the superstar continues to raise countless interrogations. Was Monroe the mistress of the Kennedy brothers ? Are JFK and Bobby in any way involved in Marilyn's disappearance ? Was there a witness of her last moments alive ? What role did the mafia, the CIA and FBI-Director J. Edgar Hoover play ?
  9. John, it's so obvious that I didn't even mention it. Since JFK, le dernier témoin, I published 3 others books. None on them were related to the JFK assassination ( even if Bush Land was, for obvious reasons, heavy on Texas politics). My publisher was able to sold the translation rights for all of them. The only major countries who didn't buy the rights were UK and USA. I got this very akward situation where I'm writing about US topics without, apparently, having the slight chance to be published there. My previous book about the secrets of the Coca-Cola Company was a major success In F
  10. Let's face it : this thread is a sad reminder that we will never be able to close this case. We are not united. Everytime one of us is mowing toward the truth, the rest of OUR community is spending a huge amount of energy to discredit his work. We don't need Bugliosi, McAdams or Posner to do the dirty job, we are doing it by ourselves ! It's just a shame. I finished to read David's book. I really like it even if I don't share all his views. But, as a member of our community, I really want to thank you. For the first since the 70's, believing in a conspiracy, it's not a shame anymore. I was p
  11. I'm sorry but it's just plain wrong. Marshall was not an investigator and he never did any kind of investigation on BSE. I know that this story is wide spread but the facts and the files do not support it. Quite a contrary. Marshall's job was to approve or not cotton allotments and he did change his position several times. Few days after his meetings, he wrote a memo stating that the deals were legitimate. And few days before his death, he did approve some allotments on Billie's behalf.
  12. I guess that you are not really familiar with the publishing business. Flammarion aka the original publisher own the books worwilde rights but as a French publisher can publish only in.. France. So, then, its job is to find national publisher ready to buy the rights and publish a translation of the book. They didi it in several countries as Spain or Japan and they failed in the States. Their interest was to do it but they didn't find any US publisher with an interest of publishing the English Version. i already did it. It's not a new book, it's not a translation. It's an old draft. See m
  13. Few words on this book because i hate to see good researchers as Larry and others wasting their time and energy. 1) The Estes book is not a translation of JFK, le dernier temoin 2) The book is a first draft that Tom Bowden and myself wrote back in 2000. This draft was used by the publisher to shop the project around. It was a failure and one reason was that lot of BSE's claims were not backed by fact and some of them were in direct conflict with others evidences. I guess, it was Tom and myself position all the time. Back then, we grew more and more unconfortable with Billie's story. Or, ma
  14. David wrote : Thank you David. The book did good. About me and posting on the JFK assassination, let say that i was impressed by John's job and his commitment to History and Education. So, i'm still in a kind of semi-retirement. It's very interesting, especially the way the FBI is dealing with their own experts. On a general way, the fingerprint issue as evidence is a controversial topic between experts. It's why Darby's brillant job + two others confirmations are not a slam dunk. But now, he you add fingerprint+ tape+ Mac's background+ few other things, you are pretty close of a th
  15. Larry wrote : Approching Kyle was tough. Talking to him was tougher. Having him on camera about the Carter's tape was...miraculous. Even with Billie's green light. So, i don't think that Kyle will adress the topic with another researcher. Then Dawn wrote : William is good enough Tell Nathan that i'm sorry. I'm not the producer of the documentary and i have hard time to access the film. Myself, i only own a bootleg copy on a very poor shape. I hope that my next trip to Paris will help with this issue. Who is X ? I'm well aware of Billie's reputation and let say that it's w
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