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    I love reading and music. History and biography is one of my keen interests. I have been interested in the Kennedy Assassination for some time. I am studying journalism.

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  1. This is something I have thought about so many times - putting all these people together! James Dean, Lee Harvey Oswald, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Einstein, Karl Marx, Hitler and George W Bush. Coversation Topic: What is Democracy? A controversial question for a constroversial dinner party! Caroline Hall
  2. I think here I will give two answers and I will say why. I am going to give an Irish person as i feel i must but i will also give a world figure if that is ok. First, Padraig Pearse. He led the Rsing in 1916 and was one of the instigators in the struggle and eventual independece of Ireland from Britain. He was excecuted in May of 1916 a week after the rebellion. He was a great figure in history. The world figure is somewhat more difficult but I would have to say Martin Luther King Jr because I admire his struggle and drive to to create equality and the fact that he used Gandhi as a role mod
  3. I have so many - Definitely John Lennon and Paul McCartney, I think one of the best creative partnerships in History! Bobby Darin - amazing artist and songwriter (go see Beyond the Sea its the best!) All the Tin Pan Alley writers such as Neil Sedaka and Carole King - they created music so distinctive to that period of music history. David Bowie - songs like heroes and Life on Mars - Amazing! There are just a few because there are so many! Caroline Hall
  4. There are so many events i would have loved to have witnessed. 1) The Beatles playing a gig in the Cavern Club before they were famous. 2) VE day just be be in the atmosphere of such an hisotric event 3) The 1916 rising innIreland when we obtained our indepenedce from Britiain These are just a few but i hope they are a bit interesting. Caroline
  5. I find this very interesting. I have never heard of the'Military Industrial Complex' - could you tell a bit about it? Also if this theory is true, which it could be, how was Lee harvey Oswald picked to be the 'patsy'? I have been pondering for so many years on this subject and I do believe deep down that Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. He may have been involved somewhow but i think the guardness of the US government speaks volumes. I have been studying politics and looking at the history of the US governemnet including its statements about Iraq etc., I beleive a cover-up is highly possible.
  6. I am new to the forum and I have ben reading and looking at the Kennedy Assassination for many years now. I was quickly reading the Warren Commission Report and I was perusing the witness statements. It is possible that this topic has been discussed previously but if anyone can asisst me in clearing up something I saw in the report I would greatly appreciate it. I was reading the statements of Kenneth L Brennan and Amos Lee Euins in which they stated they saw Lee Harvey Oswald or someone matching his description in the sixth floor window of the Book Depository. Brennan stated he picked Os
  7. I live in Dublin, Ireland and I'm very interested in the Kennedy Assassination. I am 20 and I am currently in college studying to be a journalist. I love music, reading and film. Very interested in politics and history.
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