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  1. While I can't help directly with your assignment you might find the Language in Use site helpful in looking at comparative texts and features of writing styles. This site is designed specifically for English Language A Level
  2. A list of English web sites is a really useful idea. Forsaking modesty, may I suggest my own - Language in Use which, while designed for English Language A level teachers, also has resources for general English teaching of language and has links to other useful English resources.
  3. I'm Duncan Grey. I taught for 26 years in comprehensive schools in Cambridgeshire, plus one teaching adults in Sweden and another on exchange in Australia. I taught English and ICT and was Head of Learning Resources. My claim to fame is that I published the first UK secondary school website (Hinchingbrooke School Feb 1995 ) Hinchingbrooke and maintained it until last year. Now I'm mainly freelance, writing (The Internet in School, 100 Essential Lists for Teachers) and training (SFE, Lighthouse) but I'm also editor and portal manager for the Cambridgeshire Education Portal I'm particularly
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