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  1. This web site was built to support the pupils studying geography at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys in Birmingham. It has grown beyond it's original design to over 1,000 pages. http://www.pupilvision.com
  2. My principal website was launched in 1999 to support my pupils in their study of secondary school geography. However other school and pupils have found some of the resources useful. These resources include lesson plans, syllabus material and articles. http://www.pupilvision.com
  3. I am a geography teacher and Head of year at King Edward VI Camp Hill school for Boys in Birmingham, England. I have been teaching since 1974 and have just completed 30 years working in education. In 2001 I was given the award of UK Teacher of the Year for the 'most creative use of ICT'. In 2003 I was also a recipient of a BECTa 'ICT in Practice' award for using ICT in my classroom teaching. My pricicipal web site received the accolade of a 'New Media' award from the New Statesman, also in 2003. In more recent times I have been working for the DfEs as a member of the 'ICTIS' (ICT in schools) p
  4. This is the first we have heard of this proposal. At this stage we see nothing to be concerned about as talking should do no harm. However if it becomes a firm proposal there will be concerns that there will be a watering down of the curriculum by combining two key academic subjects.
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