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  1. Way back on June 22, in an H&L thread you were actively participating in, John K. asked if John Armstrong “has found any connection between Edwin Ekdahl and ONI?” On June 27 I answered as follows: “I asked John A. about this and he said no, he had found no direct evidence for that.” Here is the link. But that statement only discounts ONI, not the multiplicity of intel, US or otherwise. And you seem determined to find evidence, whether it exists or not. As in: So you have absolutely no basis to believe Ekdahl had Intel ties, but you're looking for it anyway. Solid police work. So now ridiculing the patently risible is “hate speech” and “personal invective?” Sad really. Yeah, I broke out of an existing thread because that existing thread didn't answer my questions. Couldn't get the time of day from you. Or the others, Denny Zartman excepted. Now that you've been given no choice but to answer those questions, we see the quality of the answers on display. It's funny you should mention dedicated threads, actually, because repeatedly in the past when a thread did not go to your liking, you simply started another one. Jim, you’re not a stupid man. If a post addresses members by name and asks ONLY for information about that topic, do you really think repeated requests to only discuss Ekdahl is an open invitation to drop info irrelevant to the topic? If you’d like to know how this works, you could always ask a Forum admin. Or complain, as you’ve been wont to do in the past. Never seen so many people play to the ref in my life. But I hazard the guess that if there is such rule, it would have been invoked. At your insistence. Again with the “hatefest” stuff. Playing to the ref again? Fact is, I asked repeatedly what evidence you had that Ekdahl had any intel affiliations, after you and yours had implied it numerous times. What evidence did you have? Nothing. By your admission, and by Armstrong’s. And it only took a week or so of trying before you quickly and quietly whispered there was no evidence. Since this thread has demonstrated you have nothing substantive about Ekdahl, it should waft off into the ether. It has served its purpose.
  2. And this, Dear Friends, is what happens in H&L world. Ask a question about Ekdahl, receive stuff about Kittrell completely unrelated to Ekdahl, apparently addressed to other H&L acolytes. On a thread about Ekdahl. Ask the same question abut Ekdahl, receive stuff about Willcott completely unrelated to Ekdahl, apparently also addressed to fellow H&L acolytes. On a thread about Ekdahl. Ask a third time about Ekdahl, and get 20 reasons why H&L should not be pulped... Again, on a thread abut Ekdahl. And In the midst of such is slipped in a most innocuous line: I must have missed where you - days ago - said you had found no hard evidence that Ekdahl was associated with American Intel. Would you mind please citing it for me, as missing it would make me look rather like a horse’s posterior?
  3. I thought below was the question being asked in the initial post in this thread to which an answer was sought: What evidence (needn’t even be proof, since the two words have different meanings) can any of the above muster for the assertion that Ekdahl did anything other than his traveling electrical consultant job for EBASCO? As in, you know, intel? And perhaps you could hazard a guess why he would take (a) Marguerite with him while doing this TOP SECRET work? Jeremy is, of course, correct to draw the distinction between an Ekdahl intel affiliation, and participation in the hypothetical H&L scenario. Even if Ekdahl had intel connections and/or was a witting asset of same, it in no way requires that he was necessarily involved in any way with the H&L hypothesis. Or that he would need to know of such a purported project. When the boy was nine years old. In the absence of proof to the contrary. Which is currently lost at sea. I had hoped to elicit from the H&L purveyors precisely what they knew about Ekdahl. And if it would support the strong implications made that there was something odd about his incomplete work record. Implications of espionage! Woo-woo! Turns out Team H&L has bupkis to show for this. I figured if they had something, this would become an interesting thread. And if they had nothing - as seems to be the case - the thread would die. Which it now should, until evidence shows that Edwin Ekdahl was something other than a devoted step-father, a potential adulterer, and a traveling electrical consultant. Or if H&L confreres wish to bicker here in public about what each of them has or had wrong. I’d pay to read that.
  4. I expected better from you, Jim. I never expressed "alarm” over anything. On the contrary. I supplied data of which you seemed unaware "NOTE: Following the assassination of President Kennedy the FBI conducted a background search on Edwin Ekdahl. Their report states, "Records do not indicate where Ekdahl worked from 1943 to 1953. The company (EBASCO Services) will not be able to furnish this information." The only other identifying information included was Ekdahl's social security number which was 001-09-9471." The FBI reported that for at least a 3 year duration, Ekdahl was based out of Fort Worth. So whether EBASCO’s files (on a man already ten years dead) regarding where he worked were incomplete, FBI found out at least a portion of that. A fact you don’t disclose. In fact, you suggest just the opposite, that the Bureau couldn’t account for his whereabouts for a decade. As previously posted by your humble scribe, the Bureau provided his place of employment for a third of the time you say has vanished. Fort Worth. Three years. Sorry, what was it you assured readers the Bureau couldn't find ten years of? Two pages of antidote: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57725#relPageId=182&search=ebasco I would presume if there was any reason to investigate him further, the Bureau would have done so. But since he'd been dead for a decade when the assassination occurred, it seems unlikely Ekdahl played a role in it. If you can demonstrate otherwise, I'd be astounded. As demonstrated previously, the quoted “NOTE” above was little more than purple prose signifying nothing but an attempt to convey Ekdahl was part of some type of intel plot. I have no “concern,” but thanks for trying to mock by fabrication. You know, I could have sworn that in the opening post of this thread, I asked specifically about Ekdahl. First you come back with Kittrell, and now with a Wilcott exhibit, a decade after Ekdahl's death. Does Wilcott mention Ekdahl? If not, why is this even here, where we're talking about Ekdahl and the assertions that he was in some way intel? Which you now, eventually, admit don't exist. In passing, where fewer will notice. Now you'd like to bait and switch with “The Oswald Project,” which couldn't possibly have been operative when Ekdahl was still alive. If Wilcott wrote or testified anything about Ekdahl, I'd welcome seeing it. If it doesn't exist, this is simply another cheap sleight of hand. Jeez, how many people do you need to know about this TOP SECRET hush-hush doppelganger plot? In order for it to work by your assertions, just about everybody ever connected intimately with Oswald (family & friends) must have been made privy to this data. Rather defeats the purpose of a TOP SECRET hush-hush doppelganger plot, doesn't it? Then why do you need a hand addressed gilded invitation to share that fact, eventually, when there were no other gambits available? Will you be appending such a corrective to your "NOTE" above. Seems only right. I wish you success with your plans. In the meantime, the issue here is Ekdahl, and those making against him unsupported charges of espionage. Your analysis of the CIA does a disservice to everyone who has a serious case to make against the Agency. Your metier is fostering a tale so tall, so internally inconsistent, so self-negating, so preposterous that all others with accusations against the Agency are tarred with your brush. This isn't a serious investigation into the President's murder, or the role played in it by CIA. This is masquerading propaganda that does CIA's bidding for it. But, sincerely, thanks for bothering to reply. I much prefer you the person to the re-re-recycled derp you have often sent in your stead.
  5. Although not about Ekdahl, Sandy Larsen’s post reveals some intriguing things: Presumably Sandy Larsen can speak on behalf of “most H&L supporters.” There is evidence for Sandy’s contention in this very thread, when Denny Zartman truthfully wrote: Not sure why people gingerly back away from their H&L adherence in a thread dedicated to Edwin Ekdahl, But here we are. And yet one notes a goodly portion of your 5,600 posts here at the Ed Forum is in defense of precisely that book of that “bad movie.” I have noticed in passing that there are H&L acolytes who will pick and choose which pieces of H&L theory they will invest with meaning, and which they feel free to reject. Perhaps it is why the H&L “moment” never attained critical mass: even devotees balked at having to buy in to everything. This is the Gordon Lonsdale scenario with a twist, a persona provided by a living child rather than a dead one. But it sticks a stake into the very heart of H&L, which requires two Oswalds, not one, or even one and a half. Edwin Ekdahl, anyone?
  6. With all of which I’m in agreement. Had the WC met its mandate, just think how different the past 5+ decades would have been. Imagine all the spare time we would have had. This thread is specifically devoted to questions re: Edwin Ekdahl and certain assertions made about him. If you have something on the topic, I welcome it. If not, perhaps those other comments might best be made in another thread. (Or start one.) I have gone out of my way to extol the virtues of Armstrong’s research when it has led to hitherto unknown documents and people. Anyone who won’t give him that credit is churlish. But, again, today’s topic is Ekdahl. Wise use of “if true.” You know, I kept my mouth shut on this topic for 15 years. I was asked 20-ish years ago to vet early portions of the book. I did as asked. I made known some of my reservations, and my absolute insistence that the Lonsdale comparison was inappropriate, at least, deceptive at worst. And since it was the beginning of the book, it predisposed a careful reader to assume that all that followed was equally.... dubious. I suspect the bulk of my comments were not entirely to their liking. But I gave H&L a 15-year head start. I’d call that fair. After a week of expecting an answer to questions in another thread re: Ekdahl, to no reply, I thought I’d ask the question in a specific dedicated thread, addressed to those who had made assertions. I’m pleased to say that Denny Zartman showed up, albeit to admit that further facts about Ekdahl wouldn’t be forthcoming. It takes courage and honor to admit the limitations of one’s argument, and he’s a bigger man for having done so. (Plus, he’s a good writer, and I like reading his stuff.... but don’t tell him I said that.) I’m disappointed to report that all others to whom this thread is directed - both named and unnamed co-conspirators - have either posted nothing of significance, or nothing at all, and have studiously avoided posting a comment in this thread. They’re not required to answer questions put to them honestly, but these are opportunities to display the depth of their argument. Why is such a grand opportunity being squandered? And, Michael, I know you’ve been around the block enough times that I don’t even need to tell you the rest, because you know it by rote. Assertions made re: H&L. Questions posed re: assertions. Silence. Or worse yet, “what about Bolton Ford?” and “what about...” everything but the topic at hand. In this case, the issue is Ekdahl, and whether those who have him serving some kind of intel functions actually have any specific reason for the suspicions. Thus far - nada. Now the thread will be populated by any number of people who don’t speak to the issue of Ekdahl. But feel compelled to say little, but at great length, here. Assertions made re: H&L. Rinse and repeat. Now, who knows anything about Edwin Ekdahl's purported espionage activities?
  7. No “well, how-about-ism” here thanks. Leads nowhere. The topic of this thread is claims made about Edwin Ekdahl. And is specifically addressed to those who made them. Your observations - which have nothing to do with Ekdahl - would perhaps be better posted elsewhere. Have your say, by all means. Just not here. Ekdahl only please.
  8. So that would be a big fat no from Mr. Zartman. No, what you can't do is provide any basis to believe the "woo woo" being spun around the topic of Ekdahl. Thanks for coming so close to admitting it. You remember your "good work, Jim" comment when Mr. Hargrove posted a massaged version of what the documents actually reveal? What, pray tell, was the "good work" based upon? We're making some progress Now that we've heard from "not even a strong supporter," perhaps we can hear from someone who is. Who's next?
  9. Jeremy Bojczuk was kind enough to remind certain folks on the EVIDENCE For H&L....thread earlier today that I’ve been asking a question for a week. Thus far, to no avail, but also to no great surprise. It is a frequent modus operandi. Since they all continue to contribute to the pertinent thread where the question has been posted more than once, I thought I would address the question to them directly in this thread. We’re all busy men, with many things to do. Perhaps the question has simply escaped their otherwise hawk-eyed attention. Messrs. Hargrove, Zartman, Kowalski (and I think Monsieur Butler too, to a lesser extent, but am uncertain) have all invoked much “woo woo” over Edwin Ekdahl’s purported, or likely, or possible involvement with intelligence, using his EBASCO employment as a cover. There’s been much palaver on the topic. Just not a single reason to believe it true. What evidence (needn’t even be proof, since the two words have different meanings) can any of the above muster for the assertion that Ekdahl did anything other than his traveling electrical consultant job for EBASCO? As in, you know, intel? And perhaps you could hazard a guess why he would take (a) Marguerite with him while doing this TOP SECRET work? Surely between the H&L brain trust, there must be a single, tangible reason for so many members of the H&L squad spinning the same yarn? What is it? Actual evidence, please: no "woo woo." And while I have your attention, why do you sterling photographic analysts have so hard a time differentiating Romulus from Remus?
  10. Saw that movie as well and what you said about Ekdahl made sense. He could have played a similar role as the Courier did in the USSR, in China and Japan. He could have been making observations about military technology or actively participating in operations, while maintaining a cover job as an employee of an American company operating in China. Spectacular speculation. Got the slightest evidence to bolster this “could have been” scenario? Didn’t think so. Maybe you could trouble Denny and Jim H. to see if they have located ANY SINGLE BIT OF EVIDENCE FOR THIS? You’ve all suggested it, but you’ve all come up blank when asked for a scintilla of evidence. Not the way it works. He worked for EBASCO for the last 3 years of WW 2, but stayed stateside: EBASCO was quite clear in stating of his ten year tenure with them: “The record did not indicate the area of the United States in which Mr. Ekdahl worked from 1943 to 1953....” The mention of Lonsdale only serves to remind one that the foundational predicate used in H&L - Gordon Lonsdale - bears precisely ZERO relevance to the alleged H&L project. Lonsdale was one Soviet kid who was supplied with the id papers for a dead Canadian kid and grew up westernized. Where’s his doppelganger? Because he seems to be short, to the tune of one. In what way does that relate to H&L? Well, it doesn’t. And the repetition of a falsehood doesn't make it true.
  11. Well, he had a 13" head, so what do you think? Don’t think so? Ask some of your H&L confreres. Apparently he replaced David Bowie in the Elephant Man touring cast. It’s called football, everywhere in the world that people play it. Where you live, the game that lets you use your hands a lot is called football. Sometimes tough to distinguish one’s posterior from one’s elbow in such environs. Explains much, really. I am not a highly skilled photographic interpreter such as yourself, but I have a thought that might pertain. People mucking about in rough terrain are sometimes known to wear rubber boots. Sometimes as high as the knee. When in the water, one tucks the pants into the boots. When on land, one tucks the boots under the pants. You see how that works? Don't even need "weird" boots. The pant cuffs are “see through?” I have no trouble seeing them. They’re the part that doesn’t let you see either the blue jeans or the boots. But then I am not a highly skilled photographic analyst such as yourself. As for the pant cuffs, there are at least two perfectly mundane explanations for this. First, although I was not Oswald’s age at the time, I do recall that rolling up blue jeans pant cuffs was a fad for a while. Went well with a ducks ass hairdo and badass leather jacket. But given the photo, I’d go with my second choice, which is that he was trying to ensure his pant cuffs didn’t get dirty by dragging on the ground. Or he was wearing borrowed pants, because Harvey had run off with all Lee’s britches. Made a fortune in the USSR by selling Lee’s authentic gen-you-ine USA trousers. I don’t know. Is there a market for pix of Lee Harvey Oswald’s feet? Lovely to see you and Jim H. getting along so well, what with all the freelancing that you and other H&L acolytes seem to do.
  12. Perhaps I am slow and need it explained to me. So, please help a guy out, would you? Followed by, in the self-same post: So, how is a chap who posts 200 times on a particularly suspect H&L contention, NOT willing to “argue the evidence here....?” In fact, there are dozens of Forum members who have been more than willing to argue the evidence, only to have you hive off into silence, and ignore the questions you can’t answer. Or answer with something wholly irrelevant. I ask about Ekdahl, you respond with Kittrell. Hell of a way to run a railroad. And then come back to claim that nobody’s willing to argue the evidence. Which is rather backwards and counter-factual. Jim will “CLAIM to have debunked” contentions from H&L detractors. And post dozens of links. But he simply WILL NOT argue the evidence that doesn’t suit him on the JFK ASSASSINATION DEBATE website. What do you have on Ekdahl’s intelligence connections? Because you assert and imply much, but actual evidence (and - dare I say - “proof) has not been forthcoming. Stop begging to debate the H&L phantasm and answer a straight question. Because I'll keep asking it until you do.
  13. Right. We both agree there was an imposture of American-born Lee Harvey Oswald long before JFK was killed, we simply don't agree on how long the imposture existed. You see, this is precisely how deliberate misrepresentation works: I wrote: I've been aware of and promulgating the ADULT imposture of Oswald since long before John Armstrong typed his first word. (emphasis added.) Which somehow became “We both agree there was an imposture of American-born Lee Harvey Oswald long before JFK was killed...” (emphasis added.) Which of these is not like the other? And why? OK. What? When he was 12? Yeah, that had NOTHING to do with Intel. That’s the result of an over-active imagination that took every typo, every anomaly, every puzzling thing reflected in the record, and decided it was all part of the Unified Field Theory of the JFK assassination, starting in grade school. Square pegs, round holes, and vice versa. If it were persuasive, why are we still here 20+ years later? Because the H&L charm offensive has been so successful? Please.
  14. Good grief... Laura Kittrell met both LHO's in 1963. Mrs. Kittrell said, "the man I remember as (Harvey) Oswald, and the man I remember as the Teamster (Lee Oswald) were much alike in size, shape and outline, generally, there was a marked difference between them in bearing and manner. The man I remember as Oswald was a trim, energetic, compact, well-knit person, who sat on the edge of a chair (Harvey). The man I remember as the Teamster, was sprawled over his chair and was rather messy looking (Lee)". Ms. Kittrell was describing two young men who claimed to be named "Lee Harvey Oswald." LAURA KITTRELL MEETS THE TWO OSWALDS Good grief, Charlie Brown. I've been aware of and promulgating the ADULT imposture of Oswald since long before John Armstrong typed his first word. Because of Warren Commission evidence, and then because of the other authors who came before Armstrong, and provided PROOF for their contentions of ADULT imposture. Now you'd like to backdate Kittrel's experience with ADULT "Oswalds" to include everything since kindergarten. Perhaps you could focus on the more controversial parts of H&L. You beg for the opportunity to debate it, but either duck questions (entirely your right) or post non-responses such as the one above. I've asked numerous times for someone to bother themselves providing a SINGLE shred of proof that Ekdahl was in any way Intel, US or otherwise. After all, you're the one who made the assertion. Silence, from the guy who begs to debate relevant H&L issues. And to top it all off, you have the cheek to suggest that the number of Jeremy's prolific posts somehow counts against him. Dude, how many million times have you posted on the same tired old nonsense over the past 20+ years? Should that somehow count against you too? What's sauce for the goose.... But you're the guy begging to debate H&L evidence.
  15. Hi JD: Unless the assertion is now that Harvey and Lee were identical twins separated at birth, Three Identical Strangers is irrelevant. If the assertion is that Harvey and Lee were identical twins separated at birth, some proof would be welcome.
  16. Lot of qualifiers for a single sentence. Sorry, Denny.. couldn't resist. Still would like to see anybody produce a single item indicating Ekdahl was intel, US or otherwise. Not more "woo-woo" but actual evidence for the assertion. If it's not too great a bother or nuisance. No qualifiers required.
  17. You mean like when Larsen, Josephs, Newbie, Hargrove, Butler et al, organize their responses to critics? I don’t believe I’ve ever exchanged an email with Jeremy, or Jonathan, or Mark or.... Can you say the same? Project much, JB? Well, as everyone knows, my photo is indistinct in order to hide my true identity as a shape shifting space lizard entity, who works for US intel but gets paid by Nabisco. This is the single best description I’ve yet seen of the H&L Syndrome. Project much, JB?
  18. Sorry, Jim.... but could you point out where Denny Z. is “showing” any of what you subsequently claim on his behalf? I’ve been reading Denny’s stuff and I seem to have missed it. (And, just for clarification, I’ve liked much of what I’ve read from D.Z. Don’t want to seem like I’m picking on him, when my issue is with the Holy Writ.) Again with this “secretive nature of his travels?” Upon what do you base this flaccid canard? How “secretive” can travels be when one brings one’s wife? Seems to me if he were taking his indiscreet wife on his travels - as we’ve seen in this very thread - she must likewise have been given a TOP SECRET double-oh prefix. Would I find those in ONI files since she purportedly worked for the US Navy? What’s surprising is that you assume he supported them. Testimony was given that Marguerite paid for the sons’ military academy stays. Testimony was also given that she grew increasingly disenchanted with Ekdahl precisely because he was too tight with a dollar. When they traveled, she wasn’t even provided with small amounts for incidentals, and instead constantly had to ask for whatever she needed. The generosity to which you allude may not be quite as boundless as you imply. It certainly didn't include the sons. And, turns out not so much for the wife, either. You DO know all of this, don’t you Jim? ANYONE might possibly have an association with US Intel. Do you have the slightest evidence - by which I mean any single thing - to indicate Ekdahl has such an Intel affiliation? If so, please provide it. If not, a simple “no” will suffice. Hey, my dad’s been dead for over a decade, and his employment records are incomplete, so he must have been the Man From U.N.C.L.E. right?
  19. Didn’t we just go through this? In fewer words? I’ve “admitted” no such thing. Said nothing about H&L’s addresses; only Ekdahl’s. No, by my own admission, I found nothing suspect in a traveling consultant having more than one address in the ten years he worked for EBASCO. You keep trying to characterize it differently, but I’m perfectly capable of saying what’s on my mind, rather than have you put false words in my mouth. It is “mysterious” to you. For me, no sale. Like you said, “it’s my call.” And I’ve made it. Debate H&L addresses all you like. Shouldn’t be necessary at this late date, if you’ve got everything sussed. Speaks for itself, really. But I’ll concede that you debate addresses I’ve not mentioned. Have at it. It’s only “convenient” when viewed through the H&L-coloured lens. For those of us who do not wear such a lens, there’s no “convenient” mystery to explain. There was a time in my life when I had legal addresses in 3 cities in two different countries. It was due to the nature of my business then that I split time between them. So, which of my 3 addresses was real? I’d say whichever one I was residing in at the time. H&L Holy Writ would say that my having 3 addresses means I didn’t really live at two of them because.... who does? Strangely enough, I believe John Armstrong himself has several homes. Which top secret CIA experiment is he trying to hide by keeping more than a single dwelling? Presumably the Bureau asked its informants, and checked with EBASCO employees. Now that we’ve learned something from it, you’d like that to evaporate. Best of luck to you. Asked and answered, twice. You then complain about all the things we don’t know about Ekdahl’s career thanks to EBASCO hiding his vital career trail information. When in fact, ALL we know about his time with EBASCO came from EBASCO. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10548#relPageId=3&search=ebasco You know the line that says “... the microfilm of the employment of EDWIN A. EKDAHL was incomplete but did reflect the following....” Some reason his record couldn’t have been scuttled completely? Because, you know, CIA and such? Top-secret doppelganger project... Rich people marry poor people all the time. Had it been a good marriage it would have lasted longer than it did. And homely people marry each other all the time, each hoping to receive something from the other. So?
  20. which would be rather normal for a traveling consultant Convenient? Seems a huge stroke of good fortune and one cannot fault her for jumping on a man who seemed a good thing. which again would be rather normal for a traveling consultant. on people who died ten years previous you don’t know whether he was one of the “most well-paid,” only that he was paid well. Presumably because he was a hell of good traveling consultant. Couldn't agree more with your praise for EBASCO. Top points to them for microfilming documents even ten years after an employee died. Had they not done so, perhaps we wouldn't know even what little we do. Which would be highly suspect, right? Your mileage may vary.
  21. Why am I not at all surprised? Good work, Jim. To be charitable, the above is incomplete. To be less so, it is a misinterpretation of what FBI learned. The Bureau received confirmation of Ekdahl’s employment with EBASCO, from 1943 to 1953, when he died. So we know for whom he worked. No mystery. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10548#relPageId=2&search=ebasco If one goes to the following page of the above doc, one sees that due to Ekdahl’s information being incomplete a decade after he stopped work there, EBASCO wouldn’t be able to tell FBI all the places he had worked for them. (At the very time that it was all being microfilmed.) We are asked to infer something suspicious about paperwork missing about a man dead for a decade. And now somehow involved in something nefarious. And yet, the Bureau had already learned the prior day precisely where Ekdahl was at least part of the time: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57725#relPageId=183&search=ebasco “He was assigned in this capacity with Texas Electrical Service Company, Ft. Worth, at least part of period of nineteenfortyfive to nineteenfortyeight.. “In nineteen fortyeight Ekdahl separated from Oswald’s mother and returned to New York. “Source at Fort Worth advised word received some years later that Ekdahl deceased in New York.” Presumably a Fort Worth source would have known Ekdahl through his work in Fort Worth. Between 1945 and 1948 specifically. Which is a time of concern because it is the duration of his marriage to Marguerite. Seems the Bureau knew more than some are willing to admit. Additional information gleaned by FBI interviewing, or testimony from, various Oswald relatives depicts Ekdahl as a traveler. From sister Lillian Murret: “She (the one and only Marguerite) went around with Mr. Ekdahl in his travels for the company..... Mr. Ekdahl was traveling for the company but she couldn’t travel with him because she had the boys during the vacation time.” Marguerite saw to it that the boys were all sent to a military academy, which allowed her to travel with her husband, but she became house-bound when the sons’ academic year ended. If it doesn’t sound like Ekdahl ever hung his hat anywhere for very long, it is because he was an electrical consultant who visited numerous clients. And he was paid for it remarkably well. At time of death, his $15,000 insurance policy payout went to his sister, listed as next of kin, and Ekdahl bequeathed his portfolio of stocks and bonds to his estranged son from another marriage. From this thin gruel is raised yet another nefarious angle of H&L?
  22. The drive-by derp-dropper says: Would anyone care to argue the case for H&L right here, you know, without just posting a link or two and pretending it’s all been proven? This thread - and others scuttled for obvious reasons - demonstrates that this charm offensive isn’t working, Jim. As noted by your bete noir Jeremy B. above: Anglo-Saxon vulgarities? Wash your mouth out with soap. Where I come from, to “cack” is to “die.” Also, not a word I would ordinarily use - certainly not as a noun - but thanks to whomever mis-attributed it to me. Seems to be a lot of that mis-attribution stuff within the H&L “community.” As for the derivation of these words, I suspect a crack researcher could likely find both in a 1-second Google search. (Know any?) But then it couldn’t be insinuated that I trade in Anglo-Saxon vulgarities. So, that happened....
  23. Yours is weak tea, Jim. I note from your delicate and feeble wording - "you can see for yourself how John Newman and Peter Dale Scott are clearly respectful of the concept of Two Oswalds" - that you cannot claim they support H&L. If you could, you most assuredly would. Slippery wordplay can't get you out of this. Plenty of people researched and wrote about possible/probable Oswald imposture long before anybody had heard a single word from John Armstrong. You should know: Armstrong cribbed from their previous works. (Which I note, without criticism for it.) Richard Popkin's 1966 book The Second Oswald beat H&L by decades. And contains far less fantasy. And is not the only book on Oswald imposture. So, knowing that "Two Oswalds" had been written about for decades prior to H&L, how does their "respect" for "Two Oswalds" suddenly turn into Scott and Newman supporting H&L? Where are their glowing endorsements? Where can I locate a laudatory review written about H&L by either of these men? I will repeat myself: Please - Jim Hargrove or any other crack H&L squad member - provide citations that Scott and/or Newman have vouch-safed a CIA program to fuse two Oswalds beginning in kindergarten. And, Jim, thanks for the effort you expended in actually typing two sentences, rather than another drive-by derp-drop. It is a hoot to see H&L propagandists contort themselves into pretzels trying to imply support from Scott and Newman while being unable to demonstrate it. Or even say it in plain English.
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