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  1. Gerry:

    Two questions for you. Now that Robert J. Morris is finally deceased can you tell us what you know about his probable involvement with the JFK hit? Noel Twyman implied that you were about to spill the beans on him, right? Second question: I was once told that Det. Lockhart Gracey had a suite in the Fountainbleau bugged and once caught Clyde and Edgar riding each other's pol

  2. BK, My original questions may have sounded too critical. I only raised the questions because Ayers' reference to "the Army Ranger Training Camp at Eglin Air Force Base" is without elaboration or "background," as if it were some commonly-known given that there was such a thing. Since this was the case and since I found it odd that there would be an Army Ranger Training Camp at any Air Force Base (when such camps would be expected to be located at Army bases), I raised the questions. Fortunately, this seems like something that could be verified (independently of Ayers' account). Re-reading the
  3. Welcome back, Gerry!.....thanks for the above input. While you were gone there was some buzz about some CIA dudes who might have been at the Ambassador hotel the night RFK died. Could you comment on the photos of them in the Hotel and what you recall you were doing that night as an LAPD man. Thanks much in advance. Peter -------------------------- http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...amp;#entry85319 Welcome back, Gerry!.....thanks for the above input. While you were gone there was some buzz about some CIA dudes who might have been at the Ambassador hotel the night RFK died. Cou
  4. ------------------------------ "HUAC" is a long-time misnomer. The official title was: The House Select Committee on Un-American Activities. While much of the "ASC" etc. documents are in the abovementioned repository; the complete collection of ALL materials was held by the now defunct "Subversive Activities Control Board". The "Board" was eliminated just after LBJ signed the FOIA [Freedom of Information/Privacy Act - Title 5, US Code, section 552 et seq.]. ALL efforts to apply FOIA demands upon the files of the "Board" have been thwarted. Coon was a subordinate to OSS Cairo Chief of Sta
  5. Hi James - it's copyrighted, so I will email it to you. - lee Lee, What's the copyright issue again? You are not violating anyone's copyright by posting a previously published article as long as you don't try to sell it or profit from it, and attribute it's source. j What is the copyright issue that prevents you from posting it? Thanks, Bill Kelly I tried to determine exactly what this entails - seems fairly clear - consent would first be required? - lee Hi Lee, Can you post the date of the article? Gary Mack also advised that such disimination is against the copyrigh
  6. Richard, What was that from? And any idea on the photo on this thread who is on bottom left? Thanks. Peter, That piece came from an Agency memo regarding Lynch. As to the guy in the photo, several sources claim it to be different people so I will check into it and try to find some common ground. James ----------------------------------- RE: Francesca query -- Bernard Barker [cryptonymed AM/CLATTER-1] was picked up at my base [b.A.M. San Julian, Pinar del Rio Province] on the afternoon of January 18th, 1960. This exfiltration was accomplished by a U.S. Air Force C-54 [Douglas DC-4]
  7. ---------------------------------- Tony Izquierdo ("Izqueirdito") did not like Juan Alberto Aldama y Abreu at all, and this was because he had his own police contacts who had tipped off Tony that Aldama was a "snitch" (C.I.) for the police, FBI & US Customs. Aldama was never permitted to complete parachute training, and soon left the "club". After our 1974 operation in Honduras, I loaned Frank (and the club) the bulk of our T-10 military issue parachutes (1974). Most of the club members went on to fight as combat leaders in Somoza's National Guard, and were there until the day before t
  8. ---------------------------- Juan Aldama Abreu. CI (Confidential Informant) for then Sgt. Diaz of the Metro-Dade County Police, and operative working for Bernardo de Torres. Fonzi interviewed him at the Florida City Correctional Institution, Florida Department of Corrections. [Located just a few miles south of the City of Homestead, and near the entrance to Everglades National Park.] He had also been a member of Frank Castro's parachute "club" - Los Halcones Dorados (Golden Hawks). GPH ----------------------------
  9. No hits by ejected casings? We had the Garand in the Guard, and that I recall, the shoot right-handed held for all. Perhaps Hemming may recall anything relative to the USMC position on this?? ------------------------------------- I grew up left-handed, and over the years I gave up on attempting to write anything with my right hand. (My lefty writing is atrocious enough !!) The long hike from MCRD San Diego up to Camp Matthews (Now part of MCB San Onofre, Oceanside, CA) seemed to be all uphill. We spent a week there learning the fundamentals of Marine Corps marksmanship. That was duri
  10. I wonder what Gerry Hemming's "friends, family and associates" think of his assertions in the 1977 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interview, entitled "The Fifth Estate?" Hemming swings wildly back and forth between bragging about his treasonous subversion and ranting about people with enough common sense to insist that he come clean on his years of sabotaging the pursuit of truth or be considered not just a braggadocious imposter, but a distinctly unpatriotic one. One can't expect to be treated as a credible "material witness" when there is such a record of duplicity and money-grubbing
  11. -------------------------------- And here we've all been bullxxxxted that the "Village Idiot Sissy" is SO WELL READ. What a farce !! Like I would give this xxxxx/Nagster a contact, sure -- right after I pass it on to the Khazar Weberman, yeah , like such a silly sister -- NOT. The guy up north happens to be amongst one of Bill Turner's favorite Operators. And I don't need "help" on anything relevant to the JFK matter, so quit the amateur "Pogue-Fisher" postings !! Friends, family and associates can't believe that mere bookreaders & ill-informed scribblers are attempting to "debate"
  12. --------------------------------- MY, OH MY !! Somebody is getting close. Check the "Wall Street Ticker" for the company that manufactures "Whiteout" !! Just might be a surge in sales earlier than anticipated ??!! --------------------------
  13. Are there any details about which DP photo(s) showed the two DGI agents, and more particularly, which of the people in the photo are at issue and were so identified? T.C. --------------------------------- During 1983 I was a cellmate with Otero, and we had long conversations about some the the specifics of these matters. Fonzi got it wrong, and I told him (and Joe Gonzalez) in my office (the first time) that the guy at the Florida City Correctioal Institution (who ran his mouth) was JUAN ALDAMA. He was just one of the hundreds of Cubans that I had dealt with. Fonzi ignored my correcti
  14. --------------------------------- Jesus H. Christ Gratz, what a FUBAR screwup by a whole crowd of scribblers and nagging bookreaders. I posted long ago that then Sgt. Raul Diaz came by the "Eagle Trucking" office in the Marti Bldg. on SW 8th St. -- and when he reconized the "bossman" at his desk (next to mine & my brother's); he called me outside and urged that I never mention his visit [which was a few days after my HSCA testimony at the federal courthouse]. He recognized the Cuban "bossman" as a DGI agent (1978). I was the one who took Fonzi to Veciana's house, and that was the singu
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