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  1. Gerry:

    Two questions for you. Now that Robert J. Morris is finally deceased can you tell us what you know about his probable involvement with the JFK hit? Noel Twyman implied that you were about to spill the beans on him, right? Second question: I was once told that Det. Lockhart Gracey had a suite in the Fountainbleau bugged and once caught Clyde and Edgar riding each other's pol

  2. BK, My original questions may have sounded too critical. I only raised the questions because Ayers' reference to "the Army Ranger Training Camp at Eglin Air Force Base" is without elaboration or "background," as if it were some commonly-known given that there was such a thing. Since this was the case and since I found it odd that there would be an Army Ranger Training Camp at any Air Force Base (when such camps would be expected to be located at Army bases), I raised the questions. Fortunately, this seems like something that could be verified (independently of Ayers' account). Re-reading the brief passage quoted, it's actually unclear whether Ayers is referring to such a camp as training "volunteer officers and non-commissioned officers" in general as opposed to such training being done specifically for (for instance) anti-Castro operations. The "volunteer" may be a clue for the latter. If it was specfic to anti-Castro efforts, I wouldn't find it all that odd to have the camp at an Air Force base; the overall authority would presumably have been CIA/SGA and they would have organized things as they saw fit. (For instance, by setting up an Army Ranger training camp at an Air Force base.) In thinking about it this week I recalled an interesting subject that came up some months ago in the Forum that seems pertinent. John Simkin started a thread on a man named Ricardo Morales and posted a link to Morales' deposition in which he gave a long account of his career. (Going off of memory for what follows; maybe someone could repost the relevant information, particularly as it's most interesting all by itself.) Morales stated that in his initial training by CIA as an anti-Castro operative (1960/61?) he was in a group of Cuban exiles who were flown out of Miami in a jumbo jet with the windows blacked out; the plane stayed in the air briefly (45 minutes?) and took a left turn out of Miami, eventually landing at a military installation where the exiles were then transported (by bus?) to a training camp where they were trained in the same kind of training Ayers is referring to. Morales also mentioned airborne or jump-training and at the time I speculated that the exiles had been flown to Ft. Benning ("The Home of the Infantry"), since Benning is home to a jump school as well as "The School of the Americas" (where cadets from the military/security forces of "friendly" Latin American countries are sent for training in the States). But there was a problem with this conclusion: when I reported for duty to what would be my permanent party I flew to Atlanta in a commercial jet airliner, then boarded a little twin-engine propeller-driven plane (like the commercial USAir planes that have been known to crash on occasion) for a short trip to the Columbus, Georgia airport. Then I was picked up by a bus that took me to Benning. So it's not like a jet airliner could just land at or even near Benning itself. It seems to me that (Ricardo) Morales' account and Ayers' account are most likely mutually corroborative for the existence of such a training camp, located at Elgin Air Force base (where large planes should have been able to land) and probably run overall by CIA in anti-Castro ops. -------------------------------- The further quote about Ayers' dissatisfaction is interesting but nothing unusual, since XO's (executive officer's) typically get stuck with all the administrative housekeeping, paperwork, etc. (Sort of glorified secretaries/administrative assistants.) It's not at all odd that Ayers would've been dissatisfied with it, but somewhat revealing in that he must have had higher (and unrealistic) expectations about becoming an XO. Evidently he wanted to be where "the action" was. Now I better understand your reference to the Summer of '63 in terms of the chronological sequence of events. And I won't contribute to any potential diversion of the thread by responding to the question about "accusing myself," except to say that I beg to differ on "No one else has." Not everyone is as straightforward as others might be, and I suspect you travel in different circles than those who would make or, one way or another, have made such accusations. DWD ---------------------- The correct spelling is: E-G-L-I-N Air Force Base, and amongst many commands there is the US Navy Explosive Ordnance School (EOD). The Ranger School is at one of the 4 "Hurlburt" airfields, and at one of those (#4 I think) -- was where the Doolittle Tokyo bombers trained during 1942 [WWII]. Chairs, GPH ---------------------- U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet 6TH RANGER TRAINING BATTALION Auxiliary Field Six is the site of Camp James E. Rudder and the home of the Army's 6th Ranger Training Battalion. The 6th RTB conducts the final phase of the U.S. Army Ranger Course. The entire course is 61 days in length and is divided into three phases. Each phase is conducted at different geographical and environmental locations. Its mission at Eglin is to expose Ranger students to a fast-paced, 18 day field training exercise. Leadership skills are taxed when conducting small unit operations in a simulated combat environment by the daily challenges students encounter including severe weather, swampy terrain, periods of hunger, mental and physical fatigue, as well as emotional stress. Included in the field training exercise are airborne and helicopter assaults, small boat operations, river crossings and swamp crossings. Camp James E. Rudder is one of the oldest subinstallations on Eglin (since 1951) with operating and quality of life facilities to provide family housing units, a community center, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a chapel, a reptile facility, a billeting complex, an ammunition storage area, a troop dining facility, a troop medical clinic, civil engineering shop transportation sub-motor pool, a boathouse, a repelling tower and an airborne staging area plus an air strip capable of accommodating C-130 and C-17 aircraft. The 6th Ranger Training Battalion's parent organization is the Ranger Training Brigade located at Fort Benning, GA. Fact Sheet Point of Contact 96th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office (850) 882-3931 DSN 872-3931 -------------------------------
  3. Welcome back, Gerry!.....thanks for the above input. While you were gone there was some buzz about some CIA dudes who might have been at the Ambassador hotel the night RFK died. Could you comment on the photos of them in the Hotel and what you recall you were doing that night as an LAPD man. Thanks much in advance. Peter -------------------------- http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...amp;#entry85319 Welcome back, Gerry!.....thanks for the above input. While you were gone there was some buzz about some CIA dudes who might have been at the Ambassador hotel the night RFK died. Could you comment on the photos of them in the Hotel and what you recall you were doing that night as an LAPD man. Thanks much in advance. Peter ------------------------------------------- Peter: So as to save you from drudging thru all of my previous postings, slithering thru the Google crap, and worse yet -- the linear miles of Khazar Weberman's fantasy prolix ["Noduroids"]; I will attempt a clear, short and concise response ?? Yupp !! From 1968 thru 1970, I worked part-time as a Special Agent for the "Special Problems Unit", City of Los Angeles. The "Unit" was the creation of the then Mayor Sam Yorty, and "belonged to" his Staff Intelligence Squad, which worked out of City Hall -- rather than at the L.A.P.D. Parker Center Police Headquarters -- and reported only to him, not to Chief Tom Reddin nor his successor Gates. Officially, we worked for the Recreation & Parks Dept. and were paid out of their funds. We always went on patrol in a supervisor Sergeant's stationwagon, rather than in the 4-door "Adam" black & whites (2-man patrol "Basic" cars). The TV series "Adam 12" taught viewers that "One-Adam-12" signified that: "(1) One" as a prefix meant "Central Division", and this was the #12 vehicle on that shift. I always worked out of Hollenbeck Division (East Los Angeles), and prefix assigned was "4-Adam, 1 thru 12" for the sedans, while the Sergeant's wagons were 4-L-10, 4-L-20, 4-L-30. [The wagons carried a "mini-command post" in the rear compartment, with maps, riot equipment, and had four seperate VHF radios.] The now famous author Joe Wambaugh was just finishing his first novel ("The New Centurions") whilst he worked as a Robbery/Homicide Detective on the 2nd floor of the station-house during those days. Late afternoon, June 5th 1968, I was working with "Metro" and "Gang Squad" a few blocks from the Lincoln Heights Jail -- which required cooperation with Ramparts Division next door. We expected yet another "Chicano" gang shootout that night, having been tipped off by youngsters at a city recreation center the night before; either because they wanted no part of it -- or didn't want to lose a family member of friend, which was frequently the end result. Just after sundown, the radio beeped and the dispatcher advised my Sergeant to "...have the S.P.U. Special Agent call the Station from the nearest "Gamewell".....and not by payphone...!! [Gamewell, Inc. is the manufacturer of the steel police telephone boxes sited on every 4th square-block throughout the city.] I opened the box with my Gamewell Key, called the station -- and the Captain told me to have the Sgt. drive me in the "L" wagon to a popular ("Police") Diner, and "meet" with a Sergeant in an "Adam Unit". I thought it was about an "IAD" (Internal Affairs) "beef" that I was previously involved in as a witness. Climbed into the 4-door sedan, and the Sergeant radioed in as "4-Xray-1", and advising that we were going "Code-7" [Off Duty]. ("Xray" signified an "Extra/Unassigned Roving or backup Unit") Next thing I know we are cruising up the Hollywood Freeway northwest-bound. Once back down on the streets, I asked the Sergeant where we were going, and especially WHY we were in Hollywood Division ?? He answered that we had "a meet" at the Ambassador Hotel (which I had never heard of before !!). I later learned that we were about two blocks from the hotel when we ran into a bit of a traffic jam, and spotted numerous "blue-cross" traffic directing cops and "motors" (Motorcycle Units). Just then the radio dispatcher/girl ordered ".....all units switch to Tac-2 !!" [Tac-2 is the "Tactical Radio Channel used for private or emergency conversations]. On "Tac-2" we heard: "ALL UNITS...ALL UNITS...and Hollywood...Ramparts...and Valley supervisors....shots fired...shots fired...multiple victims down....use caution...plain-clothes officers in the area...!! "All Units...shots fired inside Ambassador Hotel...approach with caution....I say again....approach with caution....both uniformed and plain-clothes officers in the area....unknown the number of shooters.... !!" The Sergeant slammed on the brakes, went "Code-3" [turned on the lights and siren] -- did a 180, and we sped back towards the Freeway. As I stared at him, he turned slightly and yelled: "...This ain't our call...we are outahere...!!" As we raced back towards East L.A., we observed dozens of police vehicles "Code-3" and barreling in the opposite direction -- both on the Freeway and the city streets. Within a block from Hollenbeck Station, the Sergeant said that he was dropping me here, that I could walk to my car -- and that he was going to Parker Center (Downtown LAPD/HQ). Climbed into my sedan, headed for home, turned on the CB Radio to the R.E.A.C.T. Channel #9 to listen in for any word on what the hell was going on in Hollywood. The only advisories from the R.E.A.C.T. Monitor was to warn everybody to stay away from the Ambassador Hotel in Hollywood. Half an hour later, I walked into my apartment to find my wife standing in front of the TV with her mouth agape and white as a sheet. Two minutes later I asked her to calm down, go to the kitchen, pour me a super-size Whiskey Sour while I changed clothes. Tip-toed upstairs and unracked my riot/shotgun and a bandoleer of "00" Buck ammunition, got all of my 6-round speedloaders (.357 Magnum revolver), my .45 Colt automatic with extra magazines -- put everything in a parachute kit-bag and went back downstairs, where I sat with my back to the wall. A brother called and said he was coming over armed, and would park his car down the street, call from a payphone to alert me to his imminent arrival -- and would check out the neighborhood first. Around sunup I called my MK/CHAOS duty officer, and was advised to immediately check out the Sirhan residence, which I did. Shane is in error, none of the photos that I have seen so far match any "Company" dudes that I came across over the years, but then again -- I haven't seen his film yet. Later, its been a long day for me (since 5 PM yesterday) GPH _____________________________________
  4. ------------------------------ "HUAC" is a long-time misnomer. The official title was: The House Select Committee on Un-American Activities. While much of the "ASC" etc. documents are in the abovementioned repository; the complete collection of ALL materials was held by the now defunct "Subversive Activities Control Board". The "Board" was eliminated just after LBJ signed the FOIA [Freedom of Information/Privacy Act - Title 5, US Code, section 552 et seq.]. ALL efforts to apply FOIA demands upon the files of the "Board" have been thwarted. Coon was a subordinate to OSS Cairo Chief of Station Colonel Ulius Amoss, who was given deep cover for his assassunation schemes via his phony firing by Gen. Bill Donovan. After the war, Amoss founded "ISI" [international Services of Information] based in Baltimore, MD. Within a week of LHO's return from the USSR, he went on the ISI payroll, and was "case officered" by Robert Emmett Johnson. Chairs, GPH ---------------------------------
  5. Hi James - it's copyrighted, so I will email it to you. - lee Lee, What's the copyright issue again? You are not violating anyone's copyright by posting a previously published article as long as you don't try to sell it or profit from it, and attribute it's source. j What is the copyright issue that prevents you from posting it? Thanks, Bill Kelly I tried to determine exactly what this entails - seems fairly clear - consent would first be required? - lee Hi Lee, Can you post the date of the article? Gary Mack also advised that such disimination is against the copyright. Now this is a very significant issue, if we can't post published articles because of copyright. If this is indeed the case then the law has been violated hundreds of times, and is continually violated. I would like a legal opinion from a copyright lawyer if we can get one. It has been mentioned that Rich Delarosa got in trouble over copyright infringement. Does anyone know What were the specifics of his case? He runs a pay site so its not free, for one difference. Also, has the Washington Post ever gone after anyone who has posted a previously published copyrighted article on the internet? Also, if they do, would the poster be legally responsible or the site administration? I think John would know the answers to some of these questions. We have enough obstructions with the government refusing to release records they've been ordered to by the JFK Act - that we shouldn't have to be censoring ourselves for fear of legal action from the Washington Post. Bill Kelly bkjfk3@yahoo.com ------------------------------- Any 2nd Year law student would advise you that as long as you are not reproducing copyrighted material ("in its entirety") for a profit (or other consideration, remunerative or otherwise) -- any person may freely quote paragraphs or entire articles which are in the public domain -- and NOT classified by any friendly foreign government, or the U.S. Government. ALL publications (NOT Classified) which are printed/published by an agency of the U.S. Goverment, such as the GPO (Government Printing Office) never fall under ANY copyright protections. See the following, then "Google" the cited statutes at the bottom and learn something quite simple concerning U.S. and UK laws. FAIR USE NOTICE: This message contains copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Spy News is making it available without profit to SPY NEWS members who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information in their efforts to advance the understanding of intelligence and law enforcement organizations, their activities, methods, techniques, human rights, civil liberties and other intelligence related issues, for non-profit research and educational purposes only. We always mention the author and link the original site and page of every article. We believe that this constitutes a 'fair use' of the copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use,' you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml ------------------------------------ Chairs, GPH --------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Richard, What was that from? And any idea on the photo on this thread who is on bottom left? Thanks. Peter, That piece came from an Agency memo regarding Lynch. As to the guy in the photo, several sources claim it to be different people so I will check into it and try to find some common ground. James ----------------------------------- RE: Francesca query -- Bernard Barker [cryptonymed AM/CLATTER-1] was picked up at my base [b.A.M. San Julian, Pinar del Rio Province] on the afternoon of January 18th, 1960. This exfiltration was accomplished by a U.S. Air Force C-54 [Douglas DC-4] operating with documentation as the U.S. Embassy [Am/Emb/Havana] aircraft that I mentioned in a previous post. I had my men keep the aircraft and crew under cover of my machineguns throughout their 25 minute "visit" !! Also, the reference to Grayston Lynch having employment problems with __/COLLAR is a reference to the DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration [crypto= PB/COLLAR]; and wherein Lou Conein was Chief of the DEA Int'l Intelligence Ops. Gray had arguments constantly with the former U.S. Customs agents, especially those just returned from Vietnam [RVN] service with USAID, and whom had been recently hired by DEA. [Congressional hearings released some names of the former Miami Customs agents who had been hired by DEA.] The balding potbellied dude at the left [on the stern of the M/V Blagar] is Larry LaBorde, not Gray. The guy with the glasses [far right in the pic] is one of the holdovers from the group of instructors originally sent down to Guatemala [Retalhuleu & Base TRAX] by Lansdale, and headed up by Filipino Colonel Napoleon G. Valeriano ["Colonel Vallejo"] and Carl Bohanan. The man squating down in the lower left of the pic is "Mateo", one of the UDT/Frogmen; who is 1st cousin to Chris Cox's contact Rafael Huguett -- one of the 2nd Front Escambray [Menoyo] Rebel Army officers who was on the August 1961 mission into Cuba with me. GPH _______________________
  7. ---------------------------------- Tony Izquierdo ("Izqueirdito") did not like Juan Alberto Aldama y Abreu at all, and this was because he had his own police contacts who had tipped off Tony that Aldama was a "snitch" (C.I.) for the police, FBI & US Customs. Aldama was never permitted to complete parachute training, and soon left the "club". After our 1974 operation in Honduras, I loaned Frank (and the club) the bulk of our T-10 military issue parachutes (1974). Most of the club members went on to fight as combat leaders in Somoza's National Guard, and were there until the day before the Sandinistas entered Managua (July, 1979). Only half of the club members were Bay of Pigs veterans, while most of the others had been Rebels with Fidel, and after discovering that groups such as Alpha-66 were a complete waste of time -- they all decided to go "independent". GPH -------------------------------
  8. ---------------------------- Juan Aldama Abreu. CI (Confidential Informant) for then Sgt. Diaz of the Metro-Dade County Police, and operative working for Bernardo de Torres. Fonzi interviewed him at the Florida City Correctional Institution, Florida Department of Corrections. [Located just a few miles south of the City of Homestead, and near the entrance to Everglades National Park.] He had also been a member of Frank Castro's parachute "club" - Los Halcones Dorados (Golden Hawks). GPH ----------------------------
  9. No hits by ejected casings? We had the Garand in the Guard, and that I recall, the shoot right-handed held for all. Perhaps Hemming may recall anything relative to the USMC position on this?? ------------------------------------- I grew up left-handed, and over the years I gave up on attempting to write anything with my right hand. (My lefty writing is atrocious enough !!) The long hike from MCRD San Diego up to Camp Matthews (Now part of MCB San Onofre, Oceanside, CA) seemed to be all uphill. We spent a week there learning the fundamentals of Marine Corps marksmanship. That was during 1954. Absolutely nobody was ever permitted to fire left-handed. I kept my mouth shut, and went along. The few "southpaws" stupid enough to complain were lectured heavily on the fact that the USMC has forbade left-handed shooting "for qualification" since before 1776. ["Lectured Heavily" includes being beaten about the head and shoulders rather severely] During the 1960s, and as a part of A.I.T. (Advanced Infantry Training) -- a couple of hours were relegated to teaching the now "graduated" Marines (no longer scum-boots) how to shoot around a corner, or out of a window, while shooting left-handed. This was only done at the "combat town/village" which was built for urban warfare training. All of my combat & competition shooting has been mostly right handed. The major difficulty on a rifle range, was that: Since my left arm was bound up in the rifle sling, I had difficulty making entries in my shooter's log book -- scribbling right-handed, that is !! While working in uniform, some miscreants seemed perturbed that while I was filling out a "Field Inv. Report" (left-handed) -- my right hand never strayed too far from my Mod. 19 S & W .357 6 inch, which was strapped into its right-handed holster. Just before my leaving the Naval Academy, I had a few weeks as an instructor on the North Severn River Rifle Range. We taught Midshipmen the proper etiquette required of M-1 Garand usage (right-handed ONLY), and a select few were privileged to test fire the experimental XT-44 rifle, which later was redesignated as the M-14. A recent TV documentary covers the Marine "Boot Camp" at Parris Island, South Carolina. My grandchildren were shocked to discover that the females go through the same rigors (especially "the Crucible") as do the male "Boots" !! The rifle range sequence happens to focus on this very subject: That left-handed "Boots" are required to shoot right handed -- ONLY !! At the "National Matchs" (Camp Perry, Ohio), I did notice two or three competitors shooting left handed, and with bolt action rifles. However, they were civilians. -----------------------------
  10. I wonder what Gerry Hemming's "friends, family and associates" think of his assertions in the 1977 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interview, entitled "The Fifth Estate?" Hemming swings wildly back and forth between bragging about his treasonous subversion and ranting about people with enough common sense to insist that he come clean on his years of sabotaging the pursuit of truth or be considered not just a braggadocious imposter, but a distinctly unpatriotic one. One can't expect to be treated as a credible "material witness" when there is such a record of duplicity and money-grubbing history-whoring as that which Gerry Hemming has created for himself. If his friends, family and associates believe his every word should be taken at face value, given the record, then they have not developed faculties of critical reason. T.C. ----------------------------- And I say that you are a typical example of a pseudo-intellectual lying coward-ass son-of-a-bitch. Show me the transript that you claimto be citing from !! I did the CBC interview just after the Willem Oltmans interview, and as in ALL interviews at our offices, they were recorded by us. The CBC lady who was doing the interviewing was a Chinese version of Joan mellen -- she didn't know xxxx-from-Shinola, and I quickly became aggravated that she hadn't a clue about the subject matter. Your alleged "QUOTE" is a pack of lies, taken out of context -- and contains statements which i never made during THAT interview !! I was minding my own business when pervert Garrison started his "dog-and-pony-show", and started questioning "witnesses?" in his phony grand jury "theatrical -- asking questions as to whether so-and-so knew Gerry Patrick Hemming. I didn't start that bullxxxx game, Garrison did. I hadn't said a word to anybody, media, press, scribblers, etc. --nobody at all between 1963 and 1967. As to your alleged QUOTE ??!!: QUOTE(Gerry Hemming @ 1977, CBC) * I had been to the White House earlier that year [1963], in the East Wing [the First Lady's wing] where I had an interview with the military aide to the President, Gen. Clifton.... I had [also] been to the Pentagon, State Department and what have you ... in 1963.... DURING FEBRUARY/MARCH 1963 i HAD CONVERSATIONS WITH GEN. TED CLIFTON IN THE EAST WING -- AND THAT WAS IN REFERENCE TO MY EARLIER LETTER TO HIM ON TIME/LIFE STATIONARY WHICH I TYPED UP IN THE OFFICE BILLINGS PROVIDED TO ME IN THEIR 8TH FLOOR DUPONT PLAZA OFFICE, MIAMI, FLORIDA. GEN. CLIFTON HAD INQUIRED OF CLARE BOOTH LUCE AS TO MY ACTIVITIES AND CONNECTIONS TO TIME/LIFE -- NOTHING MORE, AND NOTHING LESS. I dealt with very prominent people ... there was constant comments about what to do as a solution to the Kennedy problem. [The talk was] why waste time and lives in Cuba when the real problem is in the White House?... Only one time was there money on the table. We got out of those other meetings gracefully without discussing money ... just techniques.... THIS REFERS TO MEETINGS IN DALLAS THE YEAR PREVIOUS [DURING THE SPRING, 1962], AND HAD TO DO WITH WEIRD PEOPLE RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS AFTER WE HAD REFUSED TO CONSIDER THE OPTION OF KILLING FIDEL, RAUL, ET AL. -- AND THESE CHARACTERS GOT PISSED OFF, AND MUMBLED BULLxxxx AGAINST KENNEDY. EACH TIME WE STORMED OUT OF THOSE GATHERINGS, LEAVING BEHIND SOME IMPOLITE COMMENTS TO THE HOSTS FOR HAVING PERMITTED THESE ASS-HOLES INTO THE ROOM IN THE FIRST PLACE !! My name had been thrown into this.... I was [a] prime shooter. My crew was the only capable team in the United States.... THIS WAS IN REFERENCE TO WHAT "OTHER' DIPxxxxS HAD BEEN SAYING, NOT WHAT WE HAD BEEN SAYING !! This [involvement] was from day one ... and it upset me to a great degree.... WHAT "INVOLVEMENT" ??!! MOSTLY WHAT PERVERT GARRISON HAD BEEN ALLEGING FROM DAY ONE !! Since then I made it a point to find out who did what and who didn't do what.... I know personally of more than one group who took credit, collected money but ripped them off. They didn't do the job. It was just a stroke of luck for them. THIS REFERENCE WAS MADE TWO HOURS LATER INTO THE INTERVIEW, WHEN I WAS ASKED ABOUT GARRISON'S MOTIVES FOR FINGERING THE NO NAME KEY BUNCH. AS I TOLD MELLEN YEARS LATER -- AND WORD FOR WORD: GARRISON WAS FORCED TO RESCUE MARCELLO FROM HAVING BEEN SET UP AS A "PATSY", AIDER/ABETTER, CO-CONSPIRATOR, AND AT THE END OF A MONEY TRAIL SET UP MY COHEN & DRAGNA; AND USING DINO CELLINI TO DELIVER THE MONEY. MARCELLO WAS BEING BLACKMAILED AND EXTORTED BY PEOPLE WHO SCARED THE xxxx OUT OF HIM, POSING AS "ROGUE" GOVERNMENT AGENTS WHO HAD THE POWER TO KILL A PRESIDENT, AND WOULDN'T HAVE ANY PROBLEM DOING HIM, IF HE DIDN'T PAY UP !! MARCELLO WAS JUST ONE OF MANY WHO HAD BEEN DIRTIED-UP BY SCHEMING PROFESSIONALS. RAMFIS TRUJILLO & PAPA DOC DUVALIER GOT TAKEN ALSO, AS DID MADAME NHU -- AMONGST OTHERS. THE HOOKS INTO THESE SUCKERS REMAINED FOR YEARS, THANKS TO PERVERT GARRISON DESTROYING ANY CHANCE OF EXPOSING THE REAL FACTS TO THE LIGHT OF DAY. WHAT YOU ARE QUOTING IS TOTAL COWARDLY AND LIBELOUS HORSE-xxxx !! SCRIBBLERS CAME TO ME, AND ON EXTREMELY RARE OCCASIONS, I ANSWERED A FEW QUESTIONS. THE REST OF THE MAJORITY OF WHAT IS IN PRINT IS TOTAL INVENTION BY IGNORANT SCRIBBLERS, MOST OF WHOM I BLEW OFF BECAUSE THEY HADN'T DONE THEIR HOMEWORK. DORSCHNER [TROPIC MAG/MIAMI HERALD] GOT PISSED WHEN I REFUSED HIM AN INTERVIEW, SO HE WROTE A NASTY ARTICLE LATER, AND THIS COST HIM HIS JOB. I HAVE YET TO FIND "ONE" PARAGRAPH IN ANY OF THE DOZEN+ BOOKS THAT QUOTE ME CORRECTLY. MOST ARE HORSE-xxxx INVENTIONS. DICK RUSSELL'S 1976 ARGOSY ARTICLE WAS THE FIRST INTERVIEW I GAVE IN YEARS, AND HE SCREWED HALF OF THAT UP BY NOT PAYING ATTENTION. SO NOW I AM "BRAGGING ABOUT TREASONOUS SUBVERSION" ??!! SPIT THAT WANG OUTTA YER MOUTH AND EXPLAIN WHERE AND WHEN THIS HAS OCCURRED !! 99% OF WHAT IS IN PRINT IS TOTAL BULLxxxx INVENTED BY A BUNCH OF USELESS SCRIBBLERS. 90% OF THE 8,000 GOVERNMENT FILES I HAVE HERE ARE TOTAL BULLxxxx BY USELESS GOVERNMENT POGUES, MOST OF WHOM LOST THEIR JOBS FOR WRITING THAT CRAP. TRY YOUR WORTHLESS BULLxxxx SOMEWHERE ELSE BOOKREADER, I'M NOT HERE TO HELP YOU IMPRESS YOUR BOYFRIENDS. _______________________
  11. -------------------------------- And here we've all been bullxxxxted that the "Village Idiot Sissy" is SO WELL READ. What a farce !! Like I would give this xxxxx/Nagster a contact, sure -- right after I pass it on to the Khazar Weberman, yeah , like such a silly sister -- NOT. The guy up north happens to be amongst one of Bill Turner's favorite Operators. And I don't need "help" on anything relevant to the JFK matter, so quit the amateur "Pogue-Fisher" postings !! Friends, family and associates can't believe that mere bookreaders & ill-informed scribblers are attempting to "debate" a material witness in the case. "Nana-Noo-Noo-Nay"!! -- I saw a movie, read some "fiction" books, and tabloid rags, NOW I ARE A EXPERTY-RESEARCHER-GIRLYMAN !! Blee-dat MoFo. Now, back to James. Otero was the youngest of the Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506, and he jumped out of that Curtiss C-46 right behind Angelo -- and the "DZ" (Drop Zone") was near Jaguey Grande. They were forced to jump prematurely because they had one of Fidel's Brit MKII "Sea Fury" fighters on their tail, blazing away with 20MM. The pilot of the C-46 was a Nicaraguan named Ulloa. The pilot of the "Sea Fury" trying to shoot them down was his brother, Carlos Pedro "Pollo" Ulloa, who was himself shotdown by the Chinaman cook onboard the S/S Houston, manning a .50 cal. AAA machinegun. The C-46 headed for the Houston for that very purpose -- getting cover, and getting the fighter off of his tail at the last minute, after dropping all of the paratroopers. "Pollo" Ulloa caught rounds in the cockpit and cartwheeled into the water off of Playa Giron. "Pollo" was one of my Sandinista trainees, and had begged me to take him to Honduras/Nicaragua, and the guerrilla fighters in the mountains ("Las Segovias") when I was getting ready to leave Havana. He hated the Communists, and wanted out of Cuba -- He and the two other F-47 pilots, Diaz and Alfaro Galo. When Mario Zuniga landed the phony FAR B-26 [FAR #933] at MIA on Saturday morning (April 15th, 1961), his cover story involved incriminating Alfaro Galo and Domingo Diaz as fellow Rebel Air Force defectors. They were his alleged "co-conspirators and were in on the "defection-and-bomb-the-air-bases-conspiracy" ("conspiracion"). Zuniga had been briefed on this by a CIA PM/Case officer (ex-Naval Aviator) by the name of "Chick". I raised hell about this immediately with Chavez and Morales, but they insisted that the orders came directly from dictator Somoza, who naturally had a "hard-on" against the former Nic/Air Force pilots who had defected during 1958. The theory was that: if the initial strikes didn't take out the 17 "very deadly" F-47 "Thunderbolts" parked at the Havana air base ("B.A.M. Ciudad Libertad"), the invasion would be in a "world-of-xxxx". The CIA pogues foolishly thought that Fidel would imprison them instantly, and this would eliminate the only guys who dared fly the "Thunderbolts". However, none of the F-47s parked at the Havana air base were flyable, as they needed mechanical tweeks. There were only 3 F-47s still flyable, and two were parked on sugar plantation airstrips, defending against Howard K. Davis' sugar-cane firebombers from Miami. The third was mine, (& Diaz's), and it was parked at my air base in Pinar del Rio (B.A.M. San Julian). It was slightly bruised from my having run it through the weeds on an aborted take-off back during early 1960. All of the Cuban pilots were deathly afraid of flying the F-47s, and there was no rush to perform a rather simple adjustment to the electric propeller control -- a 15 minute operation. Had the F-47s been airworthy, and carrying their normal very heavy bomb and rockets loads, the BOP Brigade would have been finished the first day !! The CIA ploy to get Alfaro Galo and Domingo Diaz locked up failed completely, and they, like "Pollo" -- took to the air and fought like true warriors against the "CIA Mercenarios" !! Moreover, I told Chavez & Morales that B-26 FAR #933 was going to be found out as being a phony within hours !! This was because: B-26 #933 was at BAM San Antonio de los Banos, undergoing a 1,000 hour mechanical check, and was halfway dismantled. Even more stupidly, anybody with a camera could have taken a "Brownie" photo of that bomber from the nearby highway, and during any day of the week -- if they had the balls ??!! ____________________________
  12. --------------------------------- MY, OH MY !! Somebody is getting close. Check the "Wall Street Ticker" for the company that manufactures "Whiteout" !! Just might be a surge in sales earlier than anticipated ??!! --------------------------
  13. Are there any details about which DP photo(s) showed the two DGI agents, and more particularly, which of the people in the photo are at issue and were so identified? T.C. --------------------------------- During 1983 I was a cellmate with Otero, and we had long conversations about some the the specifics of these matters. Fonzi got it wrong, and I told him (and Joe Gonzalez) in my office (the first time) that the guy at the Florida City Correctioal Institution (who ran his mouth) was JUAN ALDAMA. He was just one of the hundreds of Cubans that I had dealt with. Fonzi ignored my corrections, and the HSCA pogues scribbled down the erroneous crap. [i used the ADAMES surname so as to place the matter in perspective.] I again reminded Fonzi of this matter while he was assisting Twyman with my interviews (hours of pain, dealing with clueless people), yet he still never got any of the serious stuff correct !! Maybe he was afraid to violate his N.D.A. ??!! Another thing that Fonzi will not comment upon: The photos were taken by "Operators" who had been "instructed" to be there, and "be-on-the-look-out" [b.O.L.O.] for the same Cubans that were purportedly a threat to JFK at the November 18th MIA visit. We were "indirectly" invited to fly to Dallas to do the same activities that we had done at MIA, but by then -- we already had had enough of their bullxxxx games. When I was given the opportunity to scrutinize said photos, I told them politely to "jam them", just as I almost did with Billings in Beverly Hills (1968) when he wanted the scoop on the "Saul" pics. My sources told me that those photos are in the "Johns Committee" archives in Tallahassee, Florida -- and along with all of our "Missile Crisis" files; they all remain highly classified by the State Archivist. [Florida has an "Open Records Act", but with hundreds of exceptions/exemptions, i.e.: cops names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. !! However, Florida has no law even similar to FOIA/PA, and probably never will.] Otero is back in the "Chain Gang", and as long as his memory remains a threat to "Bambi" Posada Carriles & Geo. "Shrub" Bush -- he ain't going anywhere soon !! While working the Letelier matter, I told Propper and Barcella that absent a "roll-over" by "Benny" de Torres, the next most valuable informant was Otero (who was still at the D.O.C. Lake Butler Medical/Reception Center, Union County, Florida). But, they turned out to be scared xxxxless pogues, who dreaded going down that serious alley !! ________________________
  14. --------------------------------- Jesus H. Christ Gratz, what a FUBAR screwup by a whole crowd of scribblers and nagging bookreaders. I posted long ago that then Sgt. Raul Diaz came by the "Eagle Trucking" office in the Marti Bldg. on SW 8th St. -- and when he reconized the "bossman" at his desk (next to mine & my brother's); he called me outside and urged that I never mention his visit [which was a few days after my HSCA testimony at the federal courthouse]. He recognized the Cuban "bossman" as a DGI agent (1978). I was the one who took Fonzi to Veciana's house, and that was the singular reason that Tony cooperated. It was Sgt. Raul Diaz who confirmed Juan Adames' having picked out TWO subjects photographed in DP as DGI/DSE agents !! When shown the same photos, Veciana agreed that these were ex-Cuban DIFAR (Confidential Section, Vedado, Habana) agents known to him during 1959-60, and who might have transferred from there to D.I.E.R.(G-2), and later to DGI/DSE. Raul Diaz ultimately retired from the then Dade County Sheriff's Dept. (Metro Dade Police/Dept. of Public Safety) as a Lieutenant during the 1980s. It remains an ongoing problem that: Neither Winslow, nor other self-styled "experts", can ever get the story straight. Just like Nigel Turner (Fayetteville, 2001), Winslow would go catatonic at any reference to the "Security Detail" at MIA on the afternoon of November 18th, 1963 -- WHY, because they are scared xxxxless of digging into that matter, as some of the participants are still alive and "very active". Randy Owen, if you still live in Kitchener, Ontario; sent me an e-mail and I will hook you up with one of the guys who knows the details of the MIA matter -- and who still lives in Kitchener. ________________________________
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