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  1. Hi Shanet – I’m pretty new to this group, and I’ve been doing a lot of catch up on various threads. First of all, let me compliment you on a very well written piece that you started off this topic with. It was chilling to read and brought up things I had not considered with respect to the assassination. If you do not write in other venues I would urge you to do so; you have a natural talent for clear exposition. I had never thought of the 25th Amendment in connection with the assassination, except that the JFK assassination obviously highlighted a need for making sure the Constitution took
  2. Hi Bill and others - I plan on doing some of what you say when I get a chance. Agreed, that it would take very high speed film and a very fast shutter speed to catch a bullet, frozen in flight. I've seen some of those kinds of images, staged under laboratory conditions. But I'm talking about catching the track of a bullet as it blurs across about 10 feet while a frame is being exposed. I also doubt that that is possible - due to the lack of reflected brightness blurred out and attenuated over 10 feet. Maybe sometime I can find a friend with a rifle and we might test out the particulars.
  3. BTW, an additional thought or two. I do notice that Wrone, in his recent book on page 42, does mention that the bullet would travel about 100 feet between frames. However, the action on each frame takes place at the shutter speed, not the frame speed. And so my two figures of 33 feet or 17 feet do, indeed, sort of fit. In fact, when a guess is made of the car speed and the fact that Zapruder was panning forward with the car, then about half of the blur image distance of any bullet from the front would be truncated downwards. In the case of 17 feet above, that would just about be cut in half t
  4. Hi Jack and Bill - I have slowly come to the conclusion that the chain of evidence on the Zapruder film is very good. For instance, it is now apparent that the reversal of frames #313/314 was in the printed frames in the WCR and labeled wrong also. What a convenient way to show the head moving in the opposite direction from Newton's Law, even if the placement and labeling were, indeed, "mistakes." As far as the 18.3 fps is concerned, that is a measure of frame edge to frame edge or center to center. 18.3 fps translates to 1/18.3 sec between the same frame edges (like the top edge of each) on
  5. If you view the printed version of frame #225 of the Zapruder film in Wrone's recent book, my copy at least indicates a very vague (nearly invisible) streak of light angling down toward the car from the front. If real, it is of a length that would agree with an approximate range of exposure times for the Kodachrome II of possibly 1/60 or 1/120 second. The streak may well be an artifact. I ordered, and have received and viewed, the digital DVD copy of the original. Checking frame #225 I do NOT see a definitive streak in that area, or anywhere else. There ARE two points of light which may be pa
  6. Hi - I'm Dave Bodner and I live in the heart of New York State - nowhere near the Big Apple, Baghdad On The Hudson, Sin(cerity) City, New York City - whatever you want to call that big place down there keeping the Statue of Liberty company. I've been looking through the other intros, at least 5 pages so far!, and it seem us yanks are way under-represented here. Count me in as from the Blue States of America. In another 5 years we may decide to rejoin the good 'ole USA ;-) My biography has other details, including a (useable) picture. My interest in this board is primarily the JFK assass
  7. Hi - I'm brand new here, but not brand new to the JFK assassination debate. ICW the Lincoln assassination, I think the controversial parts of that that remain to this day are twofold: was Booth really killed or did he get away? AND how much were the South and/or political interests in the North involved? I've read most of the books on the JFK assassination and even scanned a lot of the Warren Commission Report. I don't know if David Wrone is a member of this Forum but he did a great job on summing up where we're at in his recent book: "The Zapruder Film." I've always held the WCR to be bad
  8. I'm a retired Electrical Engineer. I worked twenty years at the original New York Telephone Co., leaving in 1982. My degree in Electrical Engineering is a bachelor's (B.E.E.) from Syracuse University 1961. I have a New York State Professional Engineering License, #042983, presently on the inactive, retired, list. I am Secretary of the Exhibits Committee at The Sciencenter (a science museum) in Ithaca, NY, a volunteer position. We develop science related exhibits, building most of our own exhibits. I'm married and we live in Manlius, NY. My interest in the Forum is in being able to exchange
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