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  1. I don’t think that there were so many trips so the teachers were there only for the trips. One or two day trips per year don’t weigh as much as the work they were doing. Of course language was a problem but that problem exists in all kind of European projects which have to use mostly English and sometimes French, so the teachers whose native language is different have to translate everything. Funding was a major problem and Brussels didn’t help at all on this area as it is helping the other projects some of them with immense amount of money (e-twinning). Last year I read an email stating t
  2. Although virtual school was pretty successful it was not a real virtual school but a data bank of material because as Graham Davies pointed out it was lacking a good tutor support system and high quality learning materials (at some departments). I agree with John Simkin that the failure to persuade more countries to get involved in the project at the beginning was a major handicap. Countries got involved at different times some of them not having clear ideas about it, and the way they should recruit and support teachers. I have heard complaints by teachers that they were not supported at all
  3. There is an Olympic Flame relay student competition open in the French, English, Spanish and Greek departments of the Virtual School as well as a lot of imformation about the Olympic games. Visit the Virtual School Departments http://vs.eun.org/
  4. Yes, the winged sandals page is great http://www.wingedsandals.com They have done a great job
  5. In my search for links for the Greek Department of the Virtual School I came upon The Perseus Digital Library http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/. I think it's worth being visited not only by history teachers but every educator. It contains Classics (ancient Greek and Roman texts), Papyri, English Renaiscance. American History and a lot more plus a lot of well designed and useful links to exhibitions, to Olympic Games history and more.
  6. Hi. My name is Mary Frentzou Rodokanaki and I come from Greece. I am an English as a second language and Greek as a second language teacher. I have taught in all three levels of education. Now I am teaching in a primary school. I am the coordinator of the Greek Department of the Virtual School.
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