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    Natural History & Science<br />Astronomy<br />Amateur Radio --- G0WKM<br />Bridge<br />Nature friendly farming
  1. Six or 12 inch rulers can be made to fly. The trick is throw the ruler holding it in the middle with your thu8mb on the lower edge and two or three fingertips on the upper edge flicking it with your fingertips to make it rotate on its longitudinal axis. If the ruler is thrown slightly downwards, it will gain a little lift and fly. It works with both plastic and wooden rulers. There is sufficient momentum and kinetic energy to overcome the drag caused by the ruler spinning. I suspect that lift is generated as the ruler spins. It would be interesting to know what the aerodynamics are. Any ide
  2. Sambal's Science Web was first published in 1999 providoing support for KS3 science students. The site features "Ask the Cat "Sambal is a 12 year old pedigree Siamese cat who will help students with their homework, though he does need my help to do this! Sambals' Science Web is also available on CD-ROM or DVD through our shop at Gondar Design
  3. Gondar Design Science was first published in 1997 as a resource for GCSE biology students. The chemistry and physics sections are intended to support biologists so they do not provide full coverage for those GCSE courses. The site now serves over 7,000 web pages per day to students in over 100 countries. It generates a considerable number of email requests for help including ASAP for tomorrow's test! Most polite and sensible requests receive a response. The site is also available on CD ROM or DVD via our shop at Gondar Design though the on-line features do not function off-line. I intend
  4. I started teaching sciences in 1969 and published my first web pages in 1997. I took time off school in 2002 to devote more time to writing and since moved to Somerset. My websites really need updating: I hope to get to grips with this in the spring. Gondar Design Science provides support for GCSE science students, the main content is biology. This site currently serves over 7,000 web pages per day and generates a good selection of emails asking for last minute revision help. Sambal's Science Web is my Key Stage 3 science site featuring "Ask the Cat" for homework help. Sambal is a 12 year o
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