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  1. Hi David, Another excellent post sir... can you refresh my memory?... was Acelo Pedroso also among those rounded up by the FBI along with Carlos Hernandez and John Koch Gene back in July/Aug of 1963/
  2. I bought this book right away on Amazon after I saw the book has an introduction by Bill Simpich...that's all I needed to know!
  3. Excellent assessment Larry, you hit the nail on the head regarding the feelings, thoughts, and sense of duty/ patriotism that all military veterans experienced during their time of service.. People need to realize that the 1960's was a vastly different different world than the one we see today. One cannot look at that historical event through the lenses of today and expect to understand the Geo-political, social, and economic fabric that was the U.S., it's military personnel, and those of its allies , especially the Anti-Castro Cuban Resistance groups.. Bravo, Greg Kooyman USN Active Duty: Feb 2 1986 - Feb 03 1992 Reserves: 1992 -1996 FC2- Fire Controlman 2nd Class Weapon System: Phalanx / CIWS (Close in Weapons System) Ship Command : USS Vincennes CG-49 Captain: Will Rogers Persian Gulf 1988 - 1989 July 3rd 1988 Operation Earnest Will Combat Action Ribbon Sea Service Ribbon (3) Good Conduct Medal Armed Force Expeditionary Medal Letter of Appreciation ( Captain Lynch)
  4. Here's Haldeman's Oct 22 1968 notes that prove Nixon directed his campaign's efforts to scuttle the peace talks. They clearly show Nixon was using Anna Chennault to reach out to South Vietnam.. Chennault's contact was South Vietnamese Ambassador Bui Diem. Haldeman's notes also show Nixon directing Rose Mary Woods (his personal secretary) to contact Chinese nationalist Louis Kung and have him press Thieu as well. "..Tell him hold firm..." These notes also directed vice presidential candidate Spiro Agnew to .."Go See Helms.." Of course we also know that Johnson had the FBI wiretapping certain individuals and discovered Nixon's treachery. Johnson's quandary was that he could not expose how he knew Nixon was lying to him when he told him “My God. I would never do anything to encourage” South Vietnam “not to come to the table.” Very interesting as I had never seen these before. H.R._Haldeman's_Notes_from_Oct._22,_1968.pdf
  5. No objections here Larry plug away.. 😉 I also am eager to see your White paper and Thesis..
  6. Bart- I think what Tracy is referring to is the particular exchange between Dr. Newman and Lisa Pease on FB where Doug Campbell weighed in on the discussion. Doug Campbell kept directing Lisa to read Dr. Newman's 3rd book and posted a link. Doug offered to buy the book for her if she would read it. Lisa Pease responded by saying go ahead and buy it and send it to her.
  7. Hi Stu, I second Ron's compliments. It's good to see you posting on this forum. I hope all is well with you.
  8. Not to throw a monkey wrench into the mix here, but didn't someone identify the person on the right as an individual named Claude Barnes Capehart? Here's the thread I seem to remember that discussed this.. Ok, had I read Bill Simpich's post before sending this, I would have realized he identified the man on the right. Sorry for the confusion...
  9. Hi David, You mention that Alfonso Rodriguez was questioned as to why he showed the Z film during a CIA training class. That is absolutely intriguing to me. Do you have a source you can share where you found this?
  10. David, I believe you are correct about the signatures of Anne Goodpasture and Phillips. Also on this stamp is Allen White. That would have been Dave Phillips supervisor at the time. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=255&relPageId=11&search=White
  11. Thanks Ron, I have yet to put my hands on my copy of Flawed Patriot. It deserves to be read again by me. I did confirm in Stockton's footnotes that CG Harvey had said there were 2 "attempted break-ins" to her home, and that she was quoted as saying to the effect that she knew that they were after Bill's papers and that she had burned all of them. CG was also a former CIA employee so I believe her when she said she destroyed the papers.
  12. Yes. I remember clearly in the book that Harvey's wife reported a break-in and papers were missing. Definitely sounds like an Angleton inspired entry. A lot less brazen that when Angleton visited Win Scott's wife and used a veiled threat of withholding Scott's pension unless the contents of his safe and files were given up.
  13. -Larry, I do have Stockton's book. I got it and read it right when it came out. It's been years since I read that book and recall that Stockton was a protege of Harvey, so it enabled him to gain the kind of access to Bill Harvey's wife that I don't believe other writers would have achieved. I will have to go back and re-read the section you reference. I remember Bayard Stockton did in fact talk about the Harvey /Angleton relationship, I just did not remember the reference to a letter talking about a secret. Very interesting indeed. Thanks for pointing it out for me!
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