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  1. Ron was wondering where he had read that Dulles was responsible for getting Ed Lansdale his promotion to General. I simply provided a link to show Dulles had nothing to do with it. I guess that’s the relevance Paul.
  2. How do I know that “ If Dulles,Cabell, and Angleton were secretly running the JFK assassination op, how do I know that (they) weren’t using their black ops man Ed Lansdale??” Ummm.. for the SAME reason that I don’t believe that Dean Martin, Ruth Buzzy, Sammy Davis Jr.,and Frank Sinatra didn’t all pile in to a 300hp Volkswagen Clown Car and escort Lee Harvey Oswald down to Mexico City for a fun filled vacation…😁 I can’t believe that you seriously asked me to prove a negative... 😒 Now, on to your other assertions.. If I were in to the wild speculation game such as you are, I would suppose that the lack of Dulles’s man-love for Lansdale left unaccounted for by George McManus was that there wasn’t any.😒 You keep asking me why I have impugned poor Fletcher Prouty’s reputation by calling his allegations “fables” without have read his book? Answer: my time is too precious to waste it on a book whose opinions and allegations about the CIA have yet to be proven.. least of all by you. My time is better is spent on reading much more insightful research by authors such as John Newman, Larry Hancock, and Bill Simpich just to name a few. 🙂 I would like to move on from this debate with you as it is crystal clear to me that neither of us are going to change each other’s opinion regarding ole Fletch..
  3. Ron, I am not sure where you read that either, but here’s a link from the JFK Library below with an oral history from Roswell Gilpatric that should clear this up.. https://www.jfklibrary.org/asset-viewer/archives/JFKOH/Gilpatric%2C Roswell L/JFKOH-RLG-01/JFKOH-RLG-01
  4. Boy this is rich.. I provide documentation that the CIA rank and file did not have this fairytale relationship that you espouse and you continue to push a letter to Jim Garrison prior to the ARRB interview with Prouty? Really?? Wow… talk about drinking the koolaid. Your “Strawman” statement doesn’t hold water Mr. W. YOU were the one that spewed that crappola only to back pedal from it when I called you out for your it. Who do you think you are fooling around here? By the way, my name is Greg Kooyman.. I guess this is what YOU stoop to when you have nothing of substance to say.. To be clear, I don’t hide behind an abbreviation for a first name like you do. What are you afraid of??? Too bad that a Harvard Medical School Education didn’t provide you with at least a 3rd grade education in common sense. The ARRB interview with Fletcher Prouty was his opportunity to “put up or shut up” and he failed to provide any proof to ANY of his allegations, least of which was the Lansdale Letter that you have coined.😒 Your responses on this thread have provided zero documentation to back up your wild theories. Or, maybe you believe the ARRB was complicit in the conspiracy by dismissing Fletcher Prouty’s claims? What’s next W?? Proclaiming that Dulles was the person who was responsible for Lansdale’s promotion to General? I can patiently wait for your response…
  5. Chris, I often do just that..scroll on by. In this case, I saw people posting on things that were in my view long ago discredited and I decided to speak my mind. If people on this forum want to state a position about a pet theory, they should be prepared to back their position up with facts. That’s what a healthy debate is all about. Or, would you prefer to dwell in the depths of an echo chamber? Personally, I would prefer that some here discuss what researchers like Larry Hancock, David Boylan,Bill Kelley,Bill Simpich, John Newman, Alan Dale, Jefferson Morley and others the merits and details of their latest works. Better yet, it would be a welcome change to see a thread started about any one of the thousands of document releases from 2017/18 and have a discussion about what they entail and how they may fit or not fit on the overall case. To me, that’s what moves the football closer to the goal in my view. It’s what I hope the younger folks on this forum will endeavor to tackle.
  6. Dr. Neiderhut, I addressed you as “Mr. Neiderhut” simply because your moniker on this board does not reveal your first name. You graduated from Harvard Medical School? Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈 I mean that sincerely. However; it literally adds nothing to this discussion here unless by doing so you are implying that your education bonafides somehow make you an authority on the assassination. My comment about your silence was regarding your non response to my last post after I had sent you documents proving that Lansdale did NOT have the confidence of senior CIA officers in 1962. I was well aware of your posts to Larry, but I was wondering why you had as yet responded to me. That was it. Frankly, I find it hilarious that you say it’s somewhat useless to engage me in a discussion if I haven’t read Prouty’s works, and then dive right in and do exactly that..(sigh) So, in the spirit of cooperation here are my answers to your questions: Have you ever read Prouty's books-- The Secret Team and The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate JFK? No. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t read about Prouty and his views. I just never got around to buying and reading any of his books. To be honest, when I first found out about him being Stone’s Mr. X, I was intrigued. I did some online reading about his theories. It’s just that after doing my own research, I have come to disagree with his allegations especially as they relate to Ed Lansdale. What is your understanding of Prouty's analysis of the "secret team," and of Ed Lansdale's work with the CIA and Saigon Station? Are you suggesting that Lansdale did not work with Allen Dulles and the CIAduring his storied career? 🤣 I think I answered what I think of Prouty’s analysis of the “secret team”, but to clarify.. I don’t buy it. Now, for Ed Lansdale’s work for the CIA I am assuming you mean what he did in the Philippines and in Vietnam? Yes. I believe he was there and it is well documented what he did over there by sources other than that of Fletcher Prouty. Do I believe that Ed Lansdale worked for Allen Dulles and the CIA during his storied career? Yes. I am not suggesting that at all. I believe he did contract work on assignment for the CIA in the Philippines and in Vietnam. You do know who put Ed Lansdale in charge of Operation Mongoose, don’t you? 🤫 Hint: It wasn’t Allen Dulles It was John and Robert Kennedy. You do know what the CIA’s true feelings were about some of the hair brained schemes that Ed Lansdale came up with during his 1 year reign over Mongoose was don’t you? Hint: It wasn’t good. let’s just say that guys like Richard Helms, William K. Harvey, and Sam Halpern all pretty much treated Lansdale for the political appointee that he was and tried not to let Lansdale get in their way of doing things when it came to Cuba and Castro. So, my humble view remains that if Lansdale didn’t command the respect of William K.Harvey, then I firmly believe that he could not have been a part of any assassination plot involving CIA assets and officers. I do put William Harvey on my suspect list. Ed Lansdale is not on that short list.. As for General Krulak's comments to Livingstone in 1990, has it occurred to you that Krulak may have been reluctant to stick his neck out as a whistleblower on theCIA assassination op in Dallas? My take is that Prouty and Krulak agreed on the photo identification of their colleague Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, but Krulak didn't want to be targeted for assassination by blowing the whistle. Answer: No. That never occurred to me because I take Krulak’s actual words over what Fletcher Prouty claims Krulak told him.🤥 As for your assertion that Krulak kept quiet because he was afraid of being a target of an assassination is laughable. Who’s the General afraid of getting hit by? The ghost of Ed Lansdale? (Yes, he too was already deceased by 1990) Just so you know a tidbit about me, I am a combat veteran that served my country with distinction for 6 years active and 4 years inactive reserves. I can tell you that in my view that I seriously doubt General Krulak held back for fear of his own life.. most if not all of us veterans are pretty good at defending ourselves and do not live our lives in fear of our own shadow. Quid Pro Quo: Now that you’ve gotten my answers, I am still waiting for your rebuttals to the 2 documents I sent you that underscore the fact that Lansdale was not well thought of within the ranks of the CIA by 1962. (Allen Dulles notwithstanding of course) I am ready to wait until hell freezes over if that’s what it takes…😁
  7. You asked me for some documentation on Lansdale’s relationship with senior members of the CIA so I will give you a couple to read… here’s a link to a document on the MFF website: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=16174#relPageId=1&search=Edward_lansdale It’s dated 1975 from the Director of the Office of Security to the CIA Inspector General. Below is a pdf of a Memo to Fritz Schwartz of the SSCIA from Paul Wallach who had recently interview former CIA employee George McManus regarding his time serving as special assistant to DDP Helms regarding Cuban affairs and in specific; Operation Mongoose. mcmanus-helms-lansdale.pdf
  8. Ron, what you say is true. I have not been an active conversationalist here over the years. On the other hand, I posted only when I felt strongly enough about something to voice my opinion. Prouty was indeed there but I believe he embellished his story. To me, it seems pretty clear that the ARRB came to that same conclusion as well.
  9. I agree that the ARRB could have done a lot more in the time they had to get records made public. However, it was pretty clear that when they interviewed Prouty it was the purpose of determining if he had any documentation or files to back up his claims. When it was determined that he had no actual documentation/evidence, they came to the conclusion that everything Prouty had published and including his statements to the ARRB could not be substantiated with any documentation whatsoever. That’s not revisionist, it’s merely conclusions based on the facts and the lack thereof by Prouty.
  10. David, That’s a 29 year old interview with John Newman. I doubt that John still advocates the views of L Fletcher Prouty today. Did you see the link to the finds of the AARB in 1996 that I posted in response to W.Neiderhut? Its pretty revealing. https://ia601809.us.archive.org/8/items/wray-tim-and-jeremy-gunn-christopher-barger-joan-zimmerman.-interview-with-l.-fl/Wray%2C Tim%2C and Jeremy Gunn%2C Christopher Barger%2C Joan Zimmerman. Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty. Summary prepared by Christopher Barger on October 23%2C 1996. (Assassination Records Review Board%2C September 24%2C 1996).pdf
  11. Hi David, Can you expand on whom you are alluding to with regard to suspects who were promoted instead of fired? Thanks!
  12. Oh boy. .. where do I start? First, I never stated that Fletcher Prouty was a 1st generation researcher. Please re-read what I wrote. Do I believe that Fletcher Prouty worked as a liaison to facilitate Air Force assets for the CIA? Yes I do. Do I believe his theories about who was behind the Assassination? Absolutely not. All anyone needs to do is look at the historical facts with regard to Ed Lansdale. His short lived responsibilities for Operation Mongoose was an absolute failure. His relationship with the CIA was extremely tempestuous. William Harvey and Richard Helms detested Lansdale and that is putting it mildly. If you think for a minute that Ed Lansdale could have put an Assassination plan together using CIA assets then you and I will need to agree to disagree. You regard John Newman and David Lifton as researchers who have found primary evidence to support Prouty’s Lansdale Hypothesis. I respect both of these gentlemen for their earlier published works. I as yet have not read this evidence you claim they have uncovered. Please direct me to their new work and I will be happy to read it with an open mind. If I were a McAdams propagandist as you accuse me of, I certainly would not have posted that I support the works of Larry Hancock, and Bill Simpich. Researchers who are clearly not aligned with McAdams and other Lone nut advocates. You on the other hand, failed to acknowledge in your post the 3 researchers I cited and all three are members of this forum. To be clear, my humble views align with the research and writings of Larry Hancock and Bill Simpich. Finally, you have asked me to come up with evidence that L. Fletcher Prouty’s theories have been debunked. Maybe you can start here: https://ia601809.us.archive.org/8/items/wray-tim-and-jeremy-gunn-christopher-barger-joan-zimmerman.-interview-with-l.-fl/Wray%2C Tim%2C and Jeremy Gunn%2C Christopher Barger%2C Joan Zimmerman. Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty. Summary prepared by Christopher Barger on October 23%2C 1996. (Assassination Records Review Board%2C September 24%2C 1996).pdf That is a pdf of the findings of the AARB. Pretty self explanatory.
  13. It never ceases to amaze me why so many people seriously contemplate Fletcher Prouty’s fables about Edward Lansdale’s involvement with the JFK Assassination. What year is this anyway? 1992?? Have any of you commenting on Ed Lansdale, Allen Dulles, General Walker et al. Read any of the research done by the likes of Larry Hancock, David Boylan or Bill Simpich? Why do people constantly recycle old theories from 30 plus years ago instead of debating some of the latest research done by some in the community based on the documents declassified and released since the JFK records act? Look, I am grateful for Oliver Stone’s movie as it ignited a furor and forced Congress to act, but let’s be real folks. Garrison and the 1st generation researchers had very little documentation to work from. We should be way beyond these old speculations now. What’s next? Photo speculation of Badge man behind the fence on the grassy knoll? 🤦‍♂️
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