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  1. AST in Design and Technology and creating and running "Design And Technology On The Web" at www.design-technology.info. Teaching Engineering, Electronics, Technology and have taught Photography and Graphics - both of these last two founded on many years experience in Advertising and Professional photography prior to entering teaching. Teaching experience and understanding from Degree level to Primaries and keen to support schools in any way and keen to absorb anything new and innovative. Great interest in Geology and having spent considerable time in track and field athletics, canoeing, orienteering and computers. Moved to Dorset from Hertfordshire to enjoy a great part of the Uk and have easy access to the Jurassic coast. Not often doing nothing .....
  2. Analysing the arctic ice cores shows that greenhouse gas proportions have changed to higher levels since the start of the Industrial Revolution and we can measure that there is a balance between incoming solar radiation and changes in atmospheric heating. The fossil rock record links 'greenhouse gases' with the hotter periods of the planets history and also records that changes can occur quite rapidly. (less rapidly though than 'The Day After tomorrow' movie might suggest ! ) Deep sea sediment cores support the record of changing sea level and plant fossils show the effects of climate on local environments and these records can have a fine level of resolution. Given the evidence it seems unfortunate to me that some countries trade in the levels of greenhouse gas ouput turning their backs on the problem - a clear indicator that finacial returns of the short term dictate how priorities of response are controlled too much by political and corporate issues. It might seem a prudent response in my view if we at least acknolwedge the changes we have made may be relevant and work to limit those effects. Attempting to slow the trend - if that were possible - might be too uncomfortable for us all to handle... after all tomorrow never comes. For a detailed perspective on climate change and gas content in the fossil record - read 'The Great Ice Age' - Wilson, Drury and Chapman. 2000 - Routledge
  3. I experienced the variable length lesson time for a few years at a school in which I taught. The day was divided into 20 minute slots but no lesson was ever that short. Timetabled lessons were 40 minutes, 60 minutes and 80 minutes. This allowed science and D&T along with others who wanted the potential for longer tasks, the opportunity to plan/undertake sessions that previously were impossible. It proved easy enough and useful to sometimes have shorter, sharper lessons and the changing pace went down well with the students. It worked very well but on the downside there were nearly always students moving around the school as the changeovers occured at staggered times.
  4. Personally I enjoy my involvement with student's coursework - but then I do teach Graphics, Electronics and Systems - and given students that enjoy studying their chosen subjects, the reward is enormous. 'Practical tasks' chosen by the students and that require a significant underlying understanding of materials and processes have been as rewarding for me as for the candidates. The problems associated with plagiarism could become significant but I can't recall any incidence when my own students have presented work that they couldn't debate when asked. I note Dan's comment about disaffected students but have found that students finding inspiration in something in which they have major ownership has been common in my varied strata of student-profiles.
  5. 'Subversive' does have some negative connotations but I know what you mean. I think one of the most important characteristics a good teacher can have is to be a life-long student themsleves. There are plenty of occasions when I have extended my own knowldege (and I hasten to add that I think I have a pretty extensive range of knowldge and skills already) through teaching students. I try to enthuse everyone with my own enthusiasm and that's tiring sometimes ! So tireless might be added and I guess possessing 'Great Commitment ' (with capitals !)
  6. I am Head of Design and Technology at St John's school in Epping, Essex teaching Graphics, Systems & Control, Electronics and RM and have been in teaching for 8 years. I spent several years engaged in a freelance career in advertising design and photography in London before doing a PGCE and entering teaching. I have a geoscience degree and my interest in geology, physics and renewable energy technology has contributed to my also teaching science and ICT. I am a member of the ATW and am an AST. Over the last 3 years I have produced a web resource for students in D&T - Design And Technology On The Web - and am interested in extending learning through ICT - and encouraging students by providing a gallery on the www to show their work. If I can be of help to schools or teachers by including additional material please make contact.
  7. Design And Technology On The Web --------- Now comprisng several hundred pages covering all levels of study within Design & Technology. I'm always keen to include additional material for both teacher and student benefit and would be pleased to link to any school or individual site. Many students and teachers have contacted me with their comments from both the UK and elsewhere. Any suggestions are very welcome. Please contact me and I'll add topics needed, or share details of work-schemes/sheets.
  8. Large resource of original material alongside constantly updated useful links to help students at all levels of study in design & technology. Feedback always welcomed to increase the scope of the resource. New project material and tasks being added all the time - KS3, KS4, KS5, in response to my own needs and the feedback I get from students and teachers. Currently around 2000-plus page views per day from some interesting world-wide locations ! - Design And Technology On The Web e-mail :design-technology@lineone.net
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