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  1. Yes Greg what i was mainly referring to was the diagram of head shots in opposing views to the sbt diagram but thanks again for the other diagrams
  2. I find the single bullet diagram very easily on the net but i have not been able to find a diagram with the shots coming from both the front and back with the adjusted locations contrary to the sbt theory...Is this due to the internet being filtered or lack of diagrams from a conspiracy point of view?....Though i have read many booms i dont recall where and if i have found any diagrams opposing the SBT diagram which we always see any thought please reply im still looking for the true accurate diagram of the incoming shots.
  3. There is a new australian based documentary with information based on investigator colin mclaren coming out in november . I have tried to lookup mr mclaren and his conclusions and have not found any info on net if anyone knows please reply ..thanks
  4. Hi jim i think judith baker of suppsed oswald lover fame is writing the rose cheramie book ...i believe that ms baker is just a very good writer if you get my drift.
  5. Looks like another professor on the cia payroll....my tax dollars at work ....makes me sick
  6. I recently read about jim leavelle going around talking and being honored for his career i hope not for his handling of oswald....well to be honest it makes me sick to hear that this man is going around and giving talks...he did nothing To prevent. Oswald from beng killed except look at ruby gun him down ...and im sure he is getting Paid for his talks....the police assocation in dallas is making him into some hero..look i. Admire cops but not in this case...i do have a question were bullet proof vests around in 1963 ..why didnt they give oswald one....it sure would have helped.
  7. Thank you mr Hocking ..excellent reply though a further question is Inspector sawyer runs into man on passenger elevator so i guess the passenger elevator was woking correct ...thanks again
  8. Hi i just finished reading the book girl on the stairs by b ernst ...my question is i thought i read somehwere that men in suits were seen going down the back stairs at some point after the shooting . Does any one have information on this thanks
  9. Considering how Ramsey. Clark has changed views through the years about a great many things , did it change about who killed jfk....has he given any new information or opinions ..Hmm
  10. Aynesworth was a business writer for the Dallas Times Herald at 26, then was hired to work for United Press International in their Denver, Colorado news bureau in 1959.[2] While in Denver, he was stabbed in the throat by an unknown man who broke down his apartment door one night.[2] Those who speculated on the motivation for the attack believed Aynesworth may have been targeted in a case of mistaken identity or by a jealous husband.[2] Aynesworth himself reported he thought that the Teamsters may have been involved due to a story on which the UPI was working at the time.[2] While still bandaged from the attack, he interviewed and was hired by the Dallas Morning News in 1960.[2][4] Mr aynesworth already had a prior history of sexual escapades as seen in his biography...also he was a jack ruby pallbearer ..one fbi informer burying another...how fitting
  11. I recently discovered a great blog about the kennedy assassination run by george w bailey (i don't think its the same guy from the movie its a wonderful life) ....great writing and sources throughout the blog. The name is oswald's mother i suggest perusing it . I nominate it as best blog on the net if anyone else has any other candidates please feel free to mention. Here is link http://oswaldsmother.blogspot.com/
  12. HI fellow members just started reading Hit list and i see its FULL of footnotes by fellow education forum members ...simkin, kelly and others..kudos...i think...I went to a book signing this eveing and i was told MR Belzer fell ill and cancelled an hour before scheduled..Hopefully its not serious but i was advised by a book seller it is a heart thing ...damn i wonder if the book got him in trouble with the "unspeakable".... especially since the book starts off with stating the fact of heart attack inducing darts. nah i guess it was just a coincidence..Lets all hope Mr Belzer gets better soon
  13. thanks jim still slowly reading your book ...too much info to read quickly ... .funny i just reread his playboy interview ...fascinating reading ...
  14. Thanks robert im at work now but i w,ill try and d. When i get home...thansk got home and dl books ...awesome thanks again ...
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows if jim garrison wrote anything more on the assassination after his last book and what happened to his papers in regard to the jfk assassination.
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