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  1. I went on an Edexcel course in 2003 when Johnny Martin had just taken over as Cheif Examiner - he also is in charge of ICT in GCSE music. He expressed concern over numbers of students being enetered with 'compositions' that were all preexisting files but assured us that where the student / teacher could show that they had created the loops then the work would be accepted Chris Barnard
  2. Currently working on Indian music with GCSE groups I have come across a percussionist called Pete Lockett who provides loads of online tutorials for tons of different percussion - I have downloaded all his stuff on tabla - it looks really useful pdf files, audio (mp3) and video (windows media) www.petelockett.com Chris Barnard
  3. Try www.greyolltwit.com Used to be free but now £10 subscription for life (mine or his?) Lots of great simple to use software - brilliant for whiteboards, starters to lessons etc. I use hangman (instrument names - guess the instrument but also have to name the family and /or relatives before moving onto next one) FLASHCARDS - great for KS4 - comile your own lists of Keywords which appear in order or randomly kids don't realsie they're constantly revising. www.chandrakantha.com - free to watch streaming video of Indian Classical music (works great at home but doesn't want to stream REAL P
  4. I would have to agree that reading stave notation is mind numbingly tedious for most kids but I also think that you are short changing them if you ignore it completely. A balance is clearly needed but you have to decide with your own kids, classroom, resources etc where that balance falls. Musotech is music to my ears! I've been trying to convince kids that staff notation is just a graph for years - but also combine it with map reading in geography, once you understand the code used you can read it. Chris Barnard
  5. Rob, I've been doing similar with video evidence ... see what Ofsted say about it next week! Chris Barnard
  6. Hi, Some great ideas there. You might also want to look at the American Rock n Roll Hall of Fame that has many suggestions in this vein. In the teacher's area there are lesson plans etc www.rockhall.com Chris Barnard
  7. I have taught music at KS3, 4 and 5 for the last fifteen years and, in my current post, am also advising primary colleagues how to make the best of their resources and talents to teach music at KS2. My first musical love was the brass band but I play many instruments and have a truly diverse approach to music. I have recently become an AST in music and ICT across the curriculum. I am also a Trustee of the National School Band Association (www.nsba.org.uk) I use ICT a lot in my music teaching and have taught ICT as a discreet subject also. I am a keen advocate of whiteboard technology in t
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