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    I am a biologist and have an university degree in education. I have been teaching Psychology in Education, Classroom management, Biology, Sciences and ICT and (new) History of Science!<br>I was (and still am) developer of teaching (learning) materials so I give courses in a teacher training college in the practical use of ict in the classroom as a tool, and my interest is finding ways to do that. <br>I am an inservice trainer in higher secondary schools and biology conference coordinator. <br>I am head of the Biology Department of the virtual School.<br><br>In the weekends my biggest interest is my garden. I am a real fan of Alan T.! <br>

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  1. The problem with these Comenius and other projects is the continuity, It is a maximum of three years with a little bit money. I heard that it was not easy to be in a project. You have to get the money from the European platform in your country. (partly?) That means that in a mixed department there is a possibility that workers from one country get the grant and others not. They are meant to be used for different purposes and not for a platform for teachers. In the Netherlands most of the money goes to language teaching. I once made the comment that learning languages is good for going on holiday. So internationalisation is a sort of holiday preparation? I teach biology that is content. I like international projects about science. Language is a tool. So no discussions on lessons learned of learnt .... Communicate. I suggested two projects: international lessonplam development and exchange of experieneces (for my biologystudentes at the school of education) Exchange of results on surveys or examinations. I saw a small one on a bectasite on investigations on yourself : measurements, what haircolour what eyecolor and so on. Besides I want to start with a project of using pda's and GPS for making information modules on a neighbourhood. In the place were I live there lived once a lot of romans (they had a oven for ceramics in my backyard) Some people from the university had a program to link information to GPS points. So if you walked around you cuold see the borders of the old buildings and streets (and they were complete different from the modern ones.) The same you can do for biological information. a virtual field trip! With these information you fill a web source and walk virtually through a part of Europe! See you
  2. I have been head of the Biology Department from the start of it. I think the main reason ,to keep it simple, why it stopped is lack of funding for the members of the department. Funding means time. Making something for the vs has been proven to be complicated. What was to be made should have an European dimension. There were also some does' and does nots. We had to discover and discuss what to put on it. There was a central discussion too and these discussions were not always in pace. Language was the second one. There have been made lots of materials (at least 700MB for us alone) which could be translated into English. But it couldn't happen unless we did it ourselves. Besides that the central decisions on changing the technology for making and delivering the content were sometimes discouraging, here I speak for myself. I looked always at it as being part of a learning 'organisation' and took it for granted. I think the biology department found a way by working together during their holidays for some days at a row. You need direct contacts to put a complex site on the net. Suggesting that there was travelling for the sake of travelling alone is not straight and make solutions in this direction suspect. You can't run a virtual school department on a virtual basis alone. Not anyhow in this phase of orientation. The problem is that English people can't imagine that English is not the first or only language for everybody. Making a short note in English on your own as a Biology teacher is not as easy as it reads sometime. And I know that I am not speaking for myself alone. I think the Virtual School was a very good idea for having discussions between European teachers, on meeting each other, becoming aware that there are so many differences in what we thought joined us; teaching biology. But on the long way to more unity or well chosen differences in European Biology curricula this was a first step and a good thing. There were chances to make it a platform on discussing the use of ICT in biology education in secondary schools in Europe. But focussing on that alone would leave us at the moment with a very small group of teachers. The virtual school was for me a long time project and not something for quick gains. I think it is very very sorry it stopped relatively so soon. The enthousiasm of the Swedish team especially Angela Andersson will be remembered by the teams. Also the 'new directions' by Ann Gilleran were hope giving. Again, it is a sad thing the European virtual school will close down. I hope there will be new inniatives to consolidate the experiences and practical knowledge gathered in and by the VS departments. Sincerely Hubert W Schoot
  3. Hi All, In the Netherlands there is an upcoming trend to speak of sciences in stead of biology. physics and chemistry in 12-16y education. Here we have mostly biology in first year then in the second year a combination of physics and chemistry ending in a streamed choice for either biology or chemistry and physics for examination. I thought science was only a new name for old content. But now I have read a new thing, "the physics first" movement. The idea I read was on an American website for a science method. I am a Biologist and I think it is not wise to confront 12y olds with applied mathematics what physics in fact is. If you want to discourage a broad group with learning science you should do it this way. Who is known with this physics first movement and can explain it to me? Huub
  4. John will you change my user name? I can't change it by reregistering with the same mail address. please change to hubert schoot huub
  5. John will you change my user name? I can't change it by reregistering with the same mail address. please change to hubert schoot huub
  6. Hi Pastoral care editors, It is impossible for me, reading your messages what is meant by pastoral care. Is it psychology, filosophy, mentoring or ...... what. Is it a subject or a task? Is it social care? Is it done by a pastor? Is it blue, red, yellow or green ..... Huub Schoot
  7. Hi Forum members, I experience that the existence of schools is a luxury that our youth is lucky to use. (Although...) At our college there is now for a couple of years a distance learning stream for those who want to be a secondary teacher and have passed the necessary access exams. We call it side-stream. But there are also expert-certficated courses and students. These students are mainly people from 30 years and up. But I found out in e-mail talks that this is the hard way: First is TIME; for people with normal hours it is very hard to find time to study , to work on tasks or to do practical work. As a motivator students have been asked to look for a "mate" to work along, and there is a "virtual social room" for just smalltalk. And these added utilities are very appreciated. There are also some contact days per period of six months: for students who need it .... But mates are divorced if one of them decides to go slower or mm faster. So SECOND there is disciplin: the motive to work on a regular basis. I can compare that with my 18-22 y students: an ocean of time..... lots of contacts and the possibility to go for a short chat to a lecturer. And the motivation is sometimes low and driven by the year-group. Drop out is less in a socially good group. I think it is necessary to have on line learners; there is a market....... But I hope that schools -maybe without roster Marco - will stay. Huub Schoot
  8. Beste Marco en Nico? De vraagstelling is te breed. Het onderwijs in Nederland bestaat niet. Scholen hebben veel meer vrijheid om te veranderen dan waar ze -over het algemeen- gebruik van maken. Veranderingen vinden plaats op scholen niet in "het" onderwijs. Beeld dat veel docenten van Den Haag hebben is dat er een hok vol regelaars zit die het de scholen moeilijk maken, dat is maar voor een klein deel waar. De meeste maatregelen gaan om geld. Wat wel een probleem is om gerealiseerd te krijgen zijn extreem kostbare veranderingen zoals laptops. Maar welke visie ligt daar achter en kan die visie niet met minder geld verwezenlijkt worden? Ik denk dat de visie bij de genoemde school om laptops te gebruiken vooral op het PR vlak ligt. Groet, Huub
  9. The Biology Deparment is a relatively young Department. It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Huub Schoot from the Netherlands is the head of department. There are four team members in the department. Rik Palmans from Belgium, David Faure from France (International School), Nick Hoebe from the Netherlands and Josep M.Llort Planchadell from Catalunia . What we are looking for is information for European Biology Teachers with some EAV. EAV is European Added Value. Some topics on the website of the Department are: The Famous European Biologist's site. The Plague in Europe. The European Biology Curriculum items The Spring (flower) project. Plans are: A European Biology Teachers Newsletter; Places for Biology Teachers to go to; (for yourself or with your students. With teacher's experience: no travelguide info.) The Olympics We having a lot of ideas for the future. If you are interested you can join the community or - with a project contribution- as a network member. We are searching for the different biology curricula in Europe (in English). They are hard to find or integrated with physics and chemistry. Make a visit the European Virtual School! Huub
  10. Hi, my name is Huub Schoot. Huub stands for Hubert in English but I like Huub more.... I am a biologist and have an university degree in education as well. I have been teaching Biology, Psychology in Education, Classroom management, Biology, Sciences and ICT during the last 25 years and next term I will teach History of Science! I was (and still am) developer of ICT teaching (learning) materials so I give courses in a teacher training college in the practical use of ict in the classroom as a tool, and my interest is finding ways to use ict in that manner. I am an inservice trainer in higher secondary schools and biology conference coordinator. I am head of the Biology Department of the virtual School. I think the team of the biology department is as almost complete on this forum. Biology Department Virtual School
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