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  1. "Political ideology" is a very difficult thing (at least in germany). Only the leftists seems to have one, the conservatives sometimes were branded as "neo-liberals", but this is a pure academic discussion (oh sorry... this IS an academic discussion, isnt it?). From my point of view "ideology" is needed to build a better world. Pls forgive me if these words seem to be sentimental. But without an "ideology" (for instance: that men are equal) these things will never happen, I´m afraid. Being a student of history and political sciences in the early 80s I was influenced from several leftist st
  2. Hi, I am a new member in this forum. Surprisingly - I didn´t know before: there´s much more in the net than you can keep in your mind. So, regarding OS software, I could convince my board to shift from our proprietary LMS to the OS LMS called ILIAS, which is something similiar to ATutor which you probabably might know better. So our students (teachers) are working on that platform in our eLearning courses (next one will be in Istanbul), but unfortunatelly its range is too wide and the learner aren´t able to start right from the beginning. So I think we will go back to the rather limited s
  3. * born in 1962 * living near Bielefeld, a town in the middle of germany, between Hannover and Dortmund * I am heading the division of International Cooperation of ESTA Bildungswerk, which is a adult training provider * I am especially interested in ... the e-learning experiences of other people, because we are offering e-learning courses and maybe we can improve them other specialists and organizations for possible cooperation in common EU-projects (which is apparently my core activity: the development and management of EU-projects My own website is http://www.esta-bw.de/sites/int/index
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