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    I like to read historic and classic litterature in free time,<br />I love sports, particularly basketball. At last time i'm interesting web-design.
  1. John, I have a question for you: I read your topic about russian political and military figures(1860-1920), and in it I didn't found name of great, in my opinion, diplomat prince Gorchakov Alexander Mihailovich. Why?I think that you know him. And if you permit I would like to compose an article about him.
  2. I am 19 years old.I was born in Tula, city which is known for its valorous defence in of the Second World War, as well as many others.š Now I'm a student of the Moscow State University on faculty of mechanics & mathematics. I like Russian history, but moreover history of the wars, in which Russia has partaken . Thereafter I study the interesting facts constantly. I will share these secrets with you with a great pleasure.
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