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  1. John- the reason I don't post often is because they become so darn long... For those students who may have forgotten the original question among the rhetoric: "Should governments pass legislation that might encourage behaviour that is contrary to religious teaching. For example, abortion, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, etc." 1. Should governments pass legislation? 2. Can legislation encourage behaviour that is contrary to religious teaching? 1. This is what governments do. It's their job, and they usually do it with great vigor. The quality of the legislation is an entirely diffe
  2. It looks like I'm the closest thing to a political conservative in the discussion, so far; and it isn't all that conservative. For what its worth [and it isn't worth much] I've been a registered Republican for 35 years. I've lived my entire life in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and most of that has been in Portland, the largest city in Oregon. For those not familiar with the US and/or Oregon, we are often referred to as the State of Portland by those who aren't in Portland. The majority of Oregonians [geographically] are farmers; the majority of Oregonians [population] live in metro Portlan
  3. I think that the primary question is whether a political leader should require their beliefs to determine their actions. It is recorded in the prophet Micah, "He has shown you what is good: what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy and walk humbly with your God." If this is used as a yardstick, then I think the question would be answered yes, it's better to have political leaders that believe in God, and who act on their beliefs. Unfortunately, history tells an entirely different story. Most of the evil in the world is a result of battles over religion and political id
  4. Like many, I came here because of the JFK Assassination research. I continue to read, here, because for some reason I choose to make myself nuts by reading about the abominations of my corrupt government. Excuse me, Alleged abominations of my Allegedly corrupt government. My background is varied, primarily driven by hunger. My primary area of expertise is the field of Building and Planning Codes; 'why' continues to perplex me. I'm currently self-employed as a Code consultant and as an illustrator; or reversed, depending upon the week. This week I'm slightly more of an illustrator than a Cod
  5. I can't speak to that which is historically considered as Fine Art, since I have little education in that area. In the world of contemporary art and illustration, I'm inclined to say that the majority of artists ARE women. My 'sampling' is somewhat limited in that my connection with fellow artists is primarily through Christian/Judeo-Christian circles. In any gathering of Christians In the Visual Arts, Graphic Artists Guild [more gender-balanced], local Christian arts groups, and the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators, I am in the definite minority as a male artist. I am of the Opi
  6. The night I signed up for membership I had watched the first half hour or so of Oliver Stone's "JFK". I've seen the film in the past; that night I was particularly struck by Kennedy's comment that the world did not need a Pax Americana, a peace that was enforced by America's military strength. In the light of the last few years, this comment seemed particularly profound. So, I did a Google search on "who killed JFK" and found my way to your website. What I read there was profound, enlightening, and extremely disturbing. It also caused me to read as much of Michael Moore's F9/11 screenplay as
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