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  1. Total attempt to rehabilitate the image of the Bush family but actually is startlingly revealing of the family's patrician/plutocratic background and is present day agenda. What perhaps is not so remarkable is the ommission of controversial pieces of 41's history, such as his role in the Bay of Pigs disaster and the where exactly he was and what he was doing on November 23, 1963. It goes from death of daughter Robin in 1953, then skips to a clip of 41 berating the 'New Frontier' in an ad against Ralph Yarborough, the 'flaming liberal'. I want to know who authorized and funded this transparent
  2. That's nice you still have bookstores in your area. Where I live, they're pretty much extinct. I loved picking up a book out of the blue at the bookstore and browsing it eventually to buy it. Can't get that same experience online. Anyway....back to topic, will definitely be buying this based on your recommendations. I definately 'hear what you're saying'; I've just gotten really used to the convenience of reading books on iPad/Kindle, plus there is a cost savings. I also like the idea of being easier on the environment (part of my low impact lifestyle), saving trees. Then there is the
  3. I came across this book in my local Barnes & Noble today and sat with it for over an hour - couldn't put it down. The author is an extremely skillful and engaging writer who has done an incredibly masterful job of putting this story together. This work is solid reportage that contributes unimpeachable evidence of CIA complicity in the JFK murder. I'm ordering on Kindle tonight!
  4. I think that, while the Daily Mail certainly isn't 'quality' journalism, it definately is fun to read. I'm willing to admit that I'm a Daily Mail addict. ''My name is Shep, and I read the Daily Mail each morning'...
  5. Barry, that is fantastic! The "Dark Side of Lyndon Johnson" is an extremely important book; it came out in 1968. It is almost impossible to find at *any* price on Amazon or Abe Books. I encourage folks to download it and distribute it. Very few people even know about this book. Joachim Joesten pretty much nailed the JFK assassination. Here is the web link where you can download very important and extremely rare books relating to the JFK assassination: https://www.box.com/shared/r40cn72yho05nz1i1jc4/1/193066498 We need more folks to mirror this web site so this information can be available
  6. Ran across this article about new book claiming that Castro had foreknowledge of the assassination.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2116660/Castro-knew-JFK-killed-claims-retired-CIA-intelligence-chief.html
  7. I see Raygun's statement as being in the finest tradition of the Alton Oschner/INCA - funded recording 'Portrait in Red', a very transparent effort to frame the patsy Oswald. Any idea when Ronnie's recording was made?
  8. I would echo your endorsement of Power Beyond Reason, which I currently am reading. Together with Nelson's book, it paints a picture of Johnson as a total psychopath. Researcher Ed Tatro, who appears in Segment 9 of TMWKK, once compared Johnson's psychopathy with that of Hitler's. I feel that is a very apt comparison. It's almost as if the devil himself held the reins of US political leadership during Johnson's tenure in office.
  9. I was at my local bookstore this afternoon and noticed that this book has been issued in paperback by Skyhorse Publishing. Wish it was available in Kindle. Still, was glad to know it is more accessible. Looks like an excellent read.
  10. Wow this is a real treasure trove of material. Thanks for putting this together and making the works available!
  11. I too eagerly am awaiting the appearance of Doug's autobiography. For those who may need an intro to this gentleman's interesting life, I offer the Sparticus bio, which I think is particularly well written: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKcaddyD.htm
  12. I located a copy of Mr Davis' obit, interesting fellow: http://www.acorn-online.com/joomla15/theridgefieldpress/news/obituaries/113399-john-h-davis-82-who-wrote-of-the-bouviers-and-kennedys.html It contains details that many researchers will find interesting...
  13. It sure would be nice if Barry and the Boys would be released on Kindle...upwards of $70 for a paper copy is way too much!
  14. Thanks to those who put this petition together. I have had the pleasure of communicating with Mr Bolden on a few occasions, and have read his book. He is a gentleman of the highest order; the wrongs that he suffered for witnessing for truth literally made me shudder. Mr Bolden deserves justice!
  15. Sorry to hear of Mr. Davis' passing...his book 'Mafia Kingfish' got me 'hooked' on JFK assassination studies as a student at Louisiana State University in the late 1980s. I remember listening to him hold forth with his authoritative voice on many late night talk radio shows; my GPA probably would have been higher had I not heard of Davis or his works!
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