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    I am Head of Science at King's College, Taunton. Interested in Conservation and ICT. Recently completed my PhD on the use of the Internet and its role in Environmental Education.
  1. I have been working with IT and Science since the days of the ZX81's and the BBC B. I am a Biologist and presently Head of Science at King's College in Somerset. A couple of years ago I completed my PhD at Exeter University on the role of the Interent in Environmental Education - EuroTurtle being the centre of my research. I have also supported this with a number of conservation expeditions to Greece and Turkey (with sixth fromers) to help in the conservation of Marine Turtles (always choose an animal from somewhere hot!). Currently developing a website based around a set of ponds recent
  2. Europe's first website devoted to the conservation of European Sea Turtles. The website is divided into two sections - one for Education and the other for Conservation. The Education section has masses of excellent games and projects, many linked directly to the Nat.Curric (Keys stage2/3/4 and A level). It aims to create awareness about some of the main threats to sea turtles, expecially in the Mediterranean. Also creates awareness about wider issues of sustainability. The website has won a number of important awards and is constantly being updated and new areas added. EuroTurtle
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