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  1. I retired on health grounds in 2002. There are many things I miss about teaching, but not my bullying headteacher! I am retraining for counselling, which I am enjoying greatly, though it's expensive!
  2. John, that's interesting. Other research has suggested that the prfile of adult victims may be different: http://www.workplacebullying.com/Masters_Thesis.htm
  3. I did this in my counselling group only last week. It's a great activity. Along the same lines, we had to describe each other (positively) as animals, musical instruments and food, giving reasons. We had such things as : A swan, because you're graceful, a drum because you make a noise, but you have important things to say, a fish, because you're laid back and cool, a lion, because you're a leader, and you're brave, a piano, because you have alot of range and you can change a lot, a chimpanzee, because you're fun, a dog, because you're loyal, curry, because you can be fiery, sald, because you'
  4. Yes, I did mean bullying of staff. I've seen your new thread and have already posted on it. I'd be happy to help anyone on this forum who feels that my experiences could be of any help in their situation.
  5. I was bullied out of the profession, and I remain very bitter about the treatment I received at the hands of both my Head and the LEA. I gave 23 years to the profession, and am now on the scrapheap. My union weren't able to stop it happening either. My school had an anti-bullying charter which we all had to sign. What about protection for the staff?
  6. I have two email addresses dedicated to this issue, which can be found on my entry in the biographical section of the forum.
  7. I have a passionate interest in bullying in the workplace. It appears to be developing as a severe problem in the nation's schools, and I believe we are only scraping the surface of the issue at the moment. I hope that this forum will be able to take it on board. I am retired on health grounds and am only too happy to lend a friendly ear and share my experiences with any teacher who is suffering out there. I have also built up some media contacts and would welcome ant ideas from anyone as to how we can highlight the public's awareness of a situation which is having such a pround effect on th
  8. Hi. My name is Joy Archer. I taught English for 23 years in high schools in Leeds. Iretired on health grounds from my last post as Head of English. I had a complete breakdown and recovery took a long time. I'm an active cotributor to www.tes.co.uk/staffroom, and have only just discovered this forum. I have a couple of email addresses where I lend a friendly informal ear to teachers who are having a rough time; ilovesooty@postmark.net and racheljanehowarth1956@hotmail.com I have become very involved with the difficulties faced by teachers today, particularly abusive pupils and workplace bully
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