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  1. I explained that to you before, David. Connally always realized this was a conspiracy, but told at least one friend that he never said that because the country needed to move on. Had he testified about the bullet, it would have caused a storm of controversy and turmoil, with the FBI probably attacking his claims. So he waited until he was literally on his death bed to come forward and the nation was at a point where most people knew this was a conspiracy anyway. By then, no harm would come. There is no reason for you and I to quibble about that David, since the statements of Wade an
  2. DAVID VON PEIN SAID: The official November 1963 FBI interviews with Audrey Bell and Bobby Nolan, which Robert Harris thinks are filled with lies created by the FBI, do not contain any reference to any "whole bullet". Only a single "fragment" is mentioned in the two FBI reports linked below. Now, yes, CE842 does contain more than just a SINGLE metal fragment. I'm not denying that fact at all. But Bob Harris' theory about a WHOLE BULLET being handled by an unknown nurse (not Audrey Bell) and Officer Nolan suffers a pretty big setback when we have a look at these two FBI documents from Nove
  3. Of course, but the study of Yogi Bear doesn't exactly contribute to ones analytical skills, IMO But seriously David, I wish you would become objective and evaluate ALL the evidence, both pro and con. When I got that way, all kinds of lights came on. I learned that one bullet probably DID pass through two men, that the shot at 313 DID come from the rear and even that Oswald probably took part in the shooting - all things that I previously denied. Ridiculing me for being skeptical about a totally unverified document, which contradicts numerous witnesses and other hard evidence, ma
  4. Hey! Don't underestimate David. He learned about evidence writing reviews of Hanna-Barbera cartoons on Amazon!
  5. "Nicely matching" what?? You have no idea whether those signatures are Bell's and Nolan's. Blurting out that they are, just doesn't cut it David. You seem to have no concept of evidence. Tell me David, is this authentic? There is no verification and no confirmed source for it - JUST LIKE THE ALLEGED BELL RECEIPT. So surely, you believe it is legit too, right:-) And yes, everyone was TOLD that Bell gave her "fragment" to Nolan. But try to find anyone outside of the FBI who claimed that they heard Bell say it. You won't find a single soul, David.
  6. Chris, Thanks for the tip. I have included the specific information that Gary provided, in my NA request, so they should have no problem finding this item. Bob
  7. I'm sorry you have to sink to such an ugly personal insult, David, especially since this receipt has yet to be corroborated by the NA, and you have made absolutely no attempt to verify it. It contradicts not just Bell's statement that she gave her fragments to federal, plain clothed agents, but the fact that she transferred 4 fragments, not one. And it contradicts Nolan, Stinson and Wade, all of whom were told by a nurse that this was a whole bullet, from Connally's stretcher, which is another contradiction, since Bell's fragments were recovered during surgery - and NOT taken from hi
  8. Ok, so if I request confirmation of this document from the NA and tell them to look at HSCA: Record Number: 180-10096-10351: Numbered Files: Agency File Number: 001894. Box 39, I will get a confirmation, right?
  9. Mr. Murr, Am I overlooking something, or is there nothing in your messages which suggests that the particular receipt you linked, was in the records turned over to the HSCA by Parkland hospital? Are you suggesting that it was there, but no one in either the HSCA or ARRB was aware of it? I have found nothing in the HSCA records which suggests that this thing exists, and the National Archives couldn't find it either. A Google search for the HSCA records listed in the vertical, misaligned text on the right side of this document, leads to a mountain of information, so it would seem
  10. As I'm sure you know, I meant to say, receipt. There is no reference to this receipt anywhere in the HSCA records Until you or someone else can verify the legitimacy of this document, and explain why it is nowhere in the National Archives or the HSCA records and was never mentioned in the HSCA's interview of Bell, it is worthless. You seem to want us to believe that the FBI which has a record of falsifying evidence in other cases as well as this one, is above reproach. And YES, I will declare an item as "fake stuff" if that's what the evidence and/or lack of evidence proves. My suspi
  11. I have asked Gary Murr to provide a source for this mythical receipt, but so far, he has not been able to do so. The misaligned text on the right side suggests that someone wants us to think this was an HSCA item, but there is no mention of it in the HSCA reports, or even their 1977 interview of Bell. Try googling the text in that vertical line. You will find a mountain of information, NONE OF WHICH mentions this interview. It is disappointing that you would pitch a document which has no source or any form of verification. This thing is being discussed BTW, in a thread I starte
  12. David, The fact that the FBI did not publicize a bullet which would have proven conspiracy, does not make it go away. You are saying the FBI is innocent because the FBI never released it to the public (or the Warren Commission). The evidence for the existence of this bullet comes from the mutually corroborative statements of Connally, Nolan, Stinson, Bell and Wade, none of whom you have ever addressed over the last 6 years. And CE399 was a bogus piece of evidence, which is proven by the absence of the initials of the two federal agents who marked it.
  13. James, Your argument fails for a very simple reason. In the newer version of CE-842, there are numerous creases, none of which are converted into darker, heavier lines as you claim caused the two nearly identical "F"s. What the creases do suggest is that the envelope had at one time, been crumpled up and probably tossed into a waste basket. And creases don't form identical, alpha numeric characters. Not on this planet anyway. Now look at the encircled characters I labelled as #2. The first is relatively clear. It is a "b" or perhaps an elongated "6", followed by a dash and two m
  14. David, The reason you substitute links for direct arguments, is that you know very well that your links contain ridiculous argument which you cannot defend in this forum. Let me give you an example. The link you just provided, leads to another link which you pretend, addressed the statements of Nolan, Wade and Connally. This is from the newsgroup post that you linked to: I said, "And you continue to evade the statements by Connally, Wade, Nolan, Stinson and Bell, which prove that the real Connally bullet was recovered on the second floor and given to Nolan." You replied, "Then w
  15. This is the image I was trying to link and which appeared (to me) to be in my post after I edited it. The garbage scribbling and partial character segments are easily seen, as well as the heavy, dark erasure smudge on the bottom. Poor photo copies hide information; they don't fabricate alpha-numeric characters and kitty faces:-) CE-842 was obviously cleaned up over the years. Like witness testimony, we should always go with the original, earliest version. And even the cleaned up version has a lot of heavy creases, suggesting that it was crumpled at one time. It also contains most of
  16. Chris, You raise a good point. It kinda looks like the work of a Photoshop beginner with a hand scanner (they were popular in the 90's). There's nothing sinister about it being a scan, but it does look like someone is trying to make it look like it was an HSCA document.
  17. LOL!! NO! The problem is NOT fixed. I edited the post, correcting the second link and it appears to be correct, but it STILL takes you to the first one. I wouldn't keep whining about this, except that this is a rather important image. It clearly shows that this envelope had been scribbled on with the garbage partially erased. There is no way that Bell would have used an envelope like that.
  18. Chris, Yes, I Googled that too, but found no reference to this alleged receipt. Nor have I ever seen it mentioned anywhere in the HSCA report. Consider this, from the HSCA's interview of Bell: "G: All right, and after you placed them into the foreign body envelope and sealed that envelope, what did you do with it? B: I delivered them to the FBI, and he signed for them, this was a deviation from our procedure, he signed, ah, there was a, took an inter-office memorandum and wrote on there about my delivering those to the FBI." The next question should have been, "B
  19. Thank you Larry. If the document that Gary presented is legitimate, it pretty much refutes my analysis. I can live with being wrong. It wouldn't be the first time :-) But Bell describing her evidence as a "fragment" rather than fragments is only where the contradictions begin. Why would Nolan, Wade and Stinson have been so certain that she said nothing about fragments (or fragment) and called it a "bullet"? And why in holy hell would she have told them it came from Connally's "gurney", rather than from surgery? Strange isn't it, that Connally also said the bullet fell from
  20. Mr. Murr, thank you for the prompt response. Audrey Bell told both the ARRB and the HSCA in 1977, that she placed "four or five" tiny fragments into her envelope, four of which are visible in CE-842. Also, the contents are labelled, "bullet fragments", although a handwriting expert I submitted this to, believes that was written in a different hand than the rest of the text. Nolan BTW, stated that the information section of the envelope he initialed, was blank at the time. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bobby+nolan He also said that the nurse told him th
  21. Mr. Murr, Recently you posted a link to an alleged receipt for a bullet fragment, apparently signed off by Audrey Bell and officer Bobby Nolan. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzA5R7J9M0SFVl9JcGNNR3BxTDQ/view Could you tell me your source for this document? I'm sure you would never fabricate something like this, but without knowing where it came from, there is no way to verify its legitimacy. And since it contradicts statements of both Bell and Nolan, I believe there is reason to be skeptical. As I'm sure you know, I have been following this issue for a long time, a
  22. There seems to be some technical issues, which are preventing me from editing an error in my response to Gary Murr. I entered this link twice. http://jfkhistory.com/ce842.jpg But the second time, I mean to enter this link, which shows the lower section of the envelope after I enhanced the image. Please excuse the error. I really did try to fix it. http://jfkhistory.com/ce842x.jpg (This problem has been fixed and I was able to edit the article)
  23. To Gary Murr Please excuse the crude method I used to respond to specific sections of Mr. Murr’s article. It’s been awhile since I posted here and I was having problems replying properly. I have enclosed his statements between —> and <— —> there are genuine morons, individuals devoid of any true sense of research beyond the fringe efforts of reading and believing ‘evidence’ relating to the wounding of John Connally that is demonstrably false. Therefore, let us take a look at just what Mr. Miatello, an apparent true believer in the research efforts of Robert Harris, advances
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