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  1. For years, WC critics have doubted the legitimacy of CE-399. Not only does its relatively undamaged condition suggest that it wounded no-one, but when it was analyzed microscopically, there was not a trace of human blood or tissue. This video follows up on the excellent work by Dr. Gary Aguilar and Josiah Thompson, who confirmed that the FBI lied to the WC, trying to convince them that some of the men who originally handled the stretcher bullet, confirmed that it was similar to CE-399. John Hunt then discovered that the initials written on the stretcher bullet by FBI agent Elmer Todd, were
  2. Mike Williams is a fanatical, lone nutter who pretended to be a conspiracy supporter for years, until he was forced to come out of the closet and admit his agenda. At the jfkassassinationforum.com he follows me around from thread to thread, attacking anything and everything I say and apparently intends to do the same thing in this forum. I invite interested lurkers to weight his "analysis" against mine and make their own call. Bob
  3. Well, it's an interesting thought. And there is quite a tale to be told about UM and his dark complected buddy. But, I can't help but notice that these reactions began at almost the exact instant that the limo pulled in front of the Daltex building. Bob
  4. Thanks Walt. When I look at this stuff, I pay no attention to who it supports or contradicts. I just do the best I can to figure out what happened. Actually, I don't think the Zfilm was tampered with, or at least I don't until I see stronger evidence than I have so far. I didn't mean to give the impression that I did. I think the coverup was separate from the crime itself - umm.. mostly anyway. I think most people in government honestly believed they were doing the right thing by covering up conspiracy leads, which they believed, would lead to Castro and WW3. Hoover is a different story, a
  5. John, do you really think JFK could have see the UM at that point? Witt didn't raise it higher into the air until JFK was much closer to him. RH
  6. John, I went back to the video (Quicktime version) and single-stepped through that section. It appears to me, that the apparent fist is visible in several frames when the hand was well above the level of the chrome. I think the key here, in terms of understanding what was going on, is to sit down and try to duplicate JFK's reactions. Start to wave as he did, and then snap your hand back within half a second, simultaneous with making a fist (or whatever one considers it to be). Almost instantly, after that, he falls to his left and then straightens up again.
  7. Patrick, I fully agree with you, that Oswald (or anyone else in the alleged sniper's nest) did not fire a shot around 160. Therefore, if such a shot was fired, it had to have come from elsewhere. Recently, I put together a presentation which analyzes the shooting from start to finish. It addresses the early shots and their source. I you get a chance, I hope you can take a look at it. The complete presentation in Quicktime format can be seen here: http://www.jfkhistory.com/ALL/ALL.mov It is also on Youtube, broken into parts, in order to stay within their time limits. This is part 1. Th
  8. Thank you Lee. I think JFK's reactions in the Towner film require an explanation. They began just as the limousine pulled in front of the Daltex building and they are unlike anything we have ever seen him do prior to that point, in that or any other motorcade. A shot that early has always been dismissed because witnesses never claimed to have heard anything then, but even the WC has admitted that most witnesses stated that they only heard one early shot, prior to closely bunched shots at the very end. That would seem to suggest that this was not the only shot that went unheard. "..a substan
  9. Actually, I uploaded a photo on the same day that I posted here, which shows up in my profile but not in my messages. Kathy Beckett promptly emailed me about it and I replied, explaining the problem. If there is something simple I can do to fix this, please let me know. Robert Harris Ok, I think I get it now. I uploaded a photo to my profile but I think it's a different picture that appears in messages. I'll try to get that fixed no later than yesterday.
  10. Actually, I uploaded a photo on the same day that I posted here, which shows up in my profile but not in my messages. Kathy Beckett promptly emailed me about it and I replied, explaining the problem. If there is something simple I can do to fix this, please let me know. Robert Harris
  11. Dr. Fetzer, I posted about Judyth nine years ago, and my total postings on this subject over the years can probably be counted on one hand. I don't spend much time on the topic because it doesn't even make the bottom of my priority list. Judyth said exactly what I claimed. There is no confusion here on my part. "Anita" is the ONLY woman she even mentioned in regard to this issue. And she did say the woman double dated with her and Oswald. She admits that she told me about Anita, but she hasn't even come up with an alternative explanation for why she mentioned her. If "anita" could corroborate
  12. Dr. Fetzer, I am disappointed to learn that you are exactly what I expected after watching one or two of your presentations, on the Zapruder film, which I hope we can discuss in detail in another thread. Judy didn't just handle a "situation" poorly. She lied to me and then significantly changed her story after she learned that her early versions didn't hold up. And she was either suffering from severe paranoia when she made up some very silly stories, or she thought I was. After all these years, neither you nor anyone else has been able to confirm her story about an affair with Oswald, for t
  13. Dr. Fetzer, Judyth contacted me in 1999, long before she was on television and even before most researchers had heard of her. After a number of email exchanges, in which she related her story (or that version of it), we spoke on the phone for about three hours. At that time, she talked about double dating with Oswald, with an old high school friend and her fiance, who married her in August of that year. My response was, that this would be a great way to corroborate her affair with Oswald. What were their names? At that point, she was silent for a moment and then said she didn't remember his s
  14. Although I have been a member of this forum for several years, I have mostly been a lurker, soaking up a lot of good information from some of you, who are obviously, extremely knowledgeable. My postings have been mostly, to "lone nut" groups, whom I have always believed, most needed to get the word But I believe there are important aspects of the shooting in Dealey Plaza which have been overlooked by both sides of the debate, and I would like to share them with you. In this video presentation, I look at the shooting from start to finish. Much of this will contradict what you have heard in th
  15. I am currently employed as an investigator for a large corporation in Florida that does background and employment checks. Prior to that I spent almost twenty years in the computer business and owned my own store in New Mexico, for about twelve years. My interest in the JFK case has existed since 1963, but it was in 1995 that I decided to try to find an accurate and objective methodology to resolve the conspiracy question once and for all. The results of my study are detailed in the lead article at my website, which has been endorsed and recommended by the History Channel. http://www.jfkhist
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