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  1. I personally am 98.3% positive that the person who pulled the trigger of the weapon that killed Kennedy was USAF marksman Jack Lawrence. Oswald was not good enough of a shot to have hit Kennedy, and as all intelegent people know, he did not have the proper angle for the shot. Every time I have read anything related to the assassination, I find another peice of information that totally turns around my ideas and makes me look for more ends to connect. The one thing, however, that I have been able to match up is David Ferrie's remarks on there being three or more shooters and Jack Lawrence bei
  2. Well, I guess I'll be a loner out here on this forum for now. I am only 17, and therefore don't know a whole lot about non-capitalist government types, but I am definately conservative. I have been raised in Tennessee, but I still shouldn't be steriotyped as an ultra-concervative redneck (there isn't even a gun in our house). I conseder myself a conservative independant. Normally, I am for state's rights. Most of my teachers are libral, which has definately influenced me enough that I am not as consevative as the rest of my family. I, for the most part, would like to learn more than teac
  3. I am a high school student, I live in Nashville Tennessee. I am currently employed at a movie theater, so I consider myself a professional popcorn shoveler. Also, I am a co-stage manager at my school. I don't really know what else to say about myself other that I am a writer, so I guess that's all I'll say.
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