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  1. Students - young artists of Europe - with personal and original artistic vision, are invited to submit images to: SYMBOL FOR DEMOCRACY: deadline March 1, 2005 http://www.eu.e-szkola.net/en_index.php Competition is opened to students aged between 10-25 years and is divided into two levels: 10-15 years and 16-25 years. Submissions must be created by a single young artist and only one entry per person is allowed. School have to be registered in Spring Day in Europe initiative http://futurum2005.eun.org This contest is open to all computer generated as well as artistic works (scanned
  2. School Twinning Through the Internet Forum have been just set up by the European Commission - welcome to! go to FORUM: School Twinning Through the Internet Webiste on the http://www.elearningeuropa.info/ web site
  3. Hali

    School network portal

    The Envolution CMS portal is advanced software which let us to expand our internet activity with, for example, international projects. Thanks to the Subjects module each teacher of the project (as the Registered member) can publish his own website pages which is included into the bigger part. To a specific project exactly. According with a 'Progress Plan' the project author can change his submitted pages at any time by adding new documents or sub pages. We take part in Netd@ys great European program. This eNvolution portal let us to setup International initiative common with our friends. Th
  5. We are aiming at spreading the idea of developing and expanding European Union among children and teenagers and engaging them into creating common European values and beliefs, developing their imagination and exceptional ideas in using computers as universal means of communication. Welcome to European competition "A symbol for the enlarged Europe" according to Spring Day activity "A symbol" Spring Day Teachers from Poland - Halina Bednarz, England – Karl Donert, and from Belgium – Jean-Pierre Bartholeyns, are in the Jury. The chairman is Jorgen Hauge (Denmark), the e-learning expert. htt
  6. Welcome to use services for Spring Day: eCards http://e-szkola.net/SpringDay.htm The main features of this service: you can choose your own e-card "enter the url to a picture (gif or flash) your like"; "send on a specific date"; "which piece of music would you like to include".. GuestMap http://info.e-szkola.net/eu/ plese leave your message here M_K_I
  7. Together in Europe. We come from a picturesque mountaineous region in the south of Poland... ...our region has very old cultural and folklore traditions (in our area there exist many folk music bands, historical monuments, museums and other interesting places). We would propose exchange of materials describing our regions and placing them on the websites of our schools. The main page of our project "Spring day in Europe 2004 - Together in Europe" is: www.lo-zywiec.pl/spring Visit it for details of project! Step by step instruction: - Download our materials about Zywiecczyzna region
  8. In 2004, the year of the Olimpic Games we suggest creating a list of sportsmen who can get tittle "A sportsman of 20th century". All schools are invite to take part in our project. Every school which will participate in it has to present maximum three sportsmen (or women) they have chosen. The text (1 page of A4 format) has to be written in French or English, German or Russian. The school has to present reasons for choosing these people (as a sportsmen and ordinary people). It will be nice to see some pictures along with the text. We are waiting for your candidates until February 28th.
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