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  1. I'm going to delete my bio just like I deleted my photo two years ago. I guess that means goodbye. I'm at war with Wikipedia, and I don't want to offer them anything to use against me. It's partly this board's fault. The Invision Power software used by this board has settings that allow the avatar and the signature to be displayed for logged-in members only, but you don't have it set up that way. This board is insensitive to privacy issues. I do agree that everyone should use real names instead of screen names here — or on Wikipedia, for that matter — but photos and bios should be optional. T
  2. A recent article in a Russian computer magazine has been translated into English: Spies in Wikipedia
  3. Since June 2006, a top administrator at Wikipedia has kept six sites by Public Information Research on the Wikimedia Foundation's spam blacklist without justification, and has ignored requests by other editors to explain himself. If a domain is on this blacklist, any Wikipedia editor who tries to link to any page on that site has his edit aborted. These six sites are all nonprofit and tax-exempt, and none has ever carried any ads. How do they qualify as spam? The six websites: www.namebase.org www.google-watch.org www.scroogle.org www.yahoo-watch.org www.cia-on-campus.org www.wikipedia-
  4. Gamaliel is one of the main people behind the move against RPJ. He worked closely with SlimVirgin in the war against LaRouche articles on Wikipedia in early 2005. When SlimVirgin started the bio of me on September 28, 2005, it was mainly because I was quoted in a newsletter about Chip Berlet, where I had pointed out some evidence of intelligence-community collaboration by Berlet in the government's successful effort to jail LaRouche during the 1980s. I independently confirmed this evidence before I wrote about it in the newsletter. SlimVirgin deleted the quote from me and called me "unreliable
  5. A very strange thing happened to my Wikipedia-watch.org site just ten days ago. I had been trying for 14 months to get it ranked in Google, using every optimization trick I knew. It was not an obscure site by any other standard. It was doing fine in Yahoo, MSN, and Ask.com for the entire period. But for 9 months it wasn't even indexed in Google. I complained on Danny Sullivan's forum in July. Sullivan is a prominent search engine guru, and Google follows everything he says. Even Sullivan admitted that it was strange that Google was treating Wikipedia-watch.org this way. Three days later, the p
  6. Linda Mack is pro-Israel, pro-animal liberation, and anti-LaRouche. Berlet is very anti-LaRouche, and very anti-conspiracism (if you subscribe to any conspiracy theories, then this can only mean that you have been duped by the right-wing). He is politically correct, and denounces his enemies as fascist and anti-Semitic. Berlet was on my board of advisors until 1990, when he discovered that L. Fletcher Prouty had also joined. Prouty's unforgivable sin was to let Liberty Lobby republish his book, The Secret Team, which is one of the early anti-CIA books (Ballantine, 1974). This was a significan
  7. Thanks for the kind words. There's a debate brewing about the extent to which Google is in bed with the CIA. I've been interested in this at Google Watch for years now. Google has a market cap of $148 billion. It's conceivable that Google could be streaming user data to the feds. It would be much more efficient than the data that NSA gets from AT&T and other big telecom companies, because the search terms you put into a search engine are super-efficient for determining the searcher's intentions, interests, and state of mind. Your IP address provides geolocation data. The combination of t
  8. Linda Mack's boyfriend in 1989 was Neil Croally, who is now head of the Classics Department at Dulwich College. Croally came by my apartment in Arlington, Virginia in 1989 and got a set of NameBase disks for Linda. I contacted Croally last June by email, and he says that he lost all contact with Linda. But I think he's protecting her, because when I contacted him twice last month with new information that should have amazed him and sparked at least some sort of comment, I never got a reply. At Kings College, Linda was pursuing a PhD in philosophy, under the supervision of Bernard Williams.
  9. I am trying to develop information on Linda E. Mack. She is now about 45 years old and appears to be living in Alberta, Canada and using the name Sarah McEwan. On Wikipedia she is SlimVirgin, one of their most powerful administrators. Her editing is very anti-conspiracy-theory, and she spends many hours a day on Wikipedia. She's very supportive of anything Chip Berlet tries to push on Wikipedia, for those of you who know who Chip Berlet is. There may be more than one person behind her username. She was tracked once editing Wikipedia for a single 27-hour period without a break. Administrators
  10. The best stuff on Indonesia 1965: http://www.namebase.org/scott.html
  11. Nearly three months ago I started a new website at www.wikipedia-watch.org that is attempting to encourage more accountability at Wikipedia. I have had continuing problems with my own bio at Wikipedia. I consider the entire bio to be an invasion of my privacy, and I'm unable to get it deleted. If any of you have similar problems with Wikipedia, you should contact me at the email address shown on the www.wikipedia-watch.org site. I want to expand this website so that it is more far-reaching than it is currently. Right now most of it is just about my bio.
  12. I too am a libertarian socialist, but we don't use the word "libertarian" in the U.S. because it has been hijacked by the Libertarian Party. In the U.S. it has connotations of anti-statism, to be sure, but more importantly it implies property rights over human rights. Those who call themselves "libertarian" in the U.S. generally subscribe to the theories of Ayn Rand, and believe that profit-making private mega-corporations should be freed from the fetters of government regulation. I have problems with much of the Left in the U.S., due to the identity politics and political correctness that ha
  13. "Should governments use military action to remove unpleasant political leaders from power?" Answer: Unpleasant to whom? The answer to whether military force or violence is appropriate is largely dependent on whether that force or violence is defensive or offensive in nature. Defensive violence is much more justifiable. This is not an easy criterion, but at least it is a starting point. The first problem with the word "defensive," particularly when considering this issue at the level of governments, is whether the government claiming defensive interests is representative of the people it gove
  14. It is true that in the early days of the web, many large publishers were slow to recognize that web search would reach the point where it is now. But today they know that massive amounts of targeted advertising can be done by engines such as Google. They are all busy trying to accommodate this new reality. If they don't, their very existence could be threatened. The issues are complex. For one thing, Google news is separate from the main Google search, and different rules apply. Google has to be watched carefully, and criticized frequently. Otherwise they will succeed in their mission of "org
  15. Matt Cutts, a software engineer at Google since January 2000, used to work for the National Security Agency and has a top-secret clearance. In May 2005, Google hired Dan Senor as vice president of global communications and strategy. Senor was the chief U.S. spokesman in Iraq during the invasion and occupation. Google would like to hire more like him. Can you trust Google with a database of all the search terms you've ever used? Google has acquired Keyhole, Inc., which has a database of 3-D spy-in-the-sky images from all over the globe. Their software provides a virtual fly-over and zoom-in w
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