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  1. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What would appear to be a true researcher! Now, delete the word "alledgely", as the three shots in approximately 5.6 seconds is BS. Factually, there were only two shots in this elapsed time. Shot#3 did not occur until approximately 1.9 seconds AFTER the Z313/Shot#2 headshot. And, due to the short elapsed time, this had to be what is referred to as a "Snap Shot" in which one throws the rifle up, and utilizing it's fixed iron sights, shoots. Which shot, by the way also struck JFK in the h
  2. And the correct answer would be that when one has a "rabid" dog that in fact has no teeth, one gets rid of the dog anyway. P.S. "Rip" Robertson worked for the CIA during the Korean War, in which he was assigned ALL responsibility for landing of boatloads of Korean "guerilla" fighters into North Korea. He. Robertson, had held a similar position in the South China sea, prior to his transfer to "JACK" Command in South Korea. South/North Korea has one of the highest rising tides of any place in the world. In order to land seacraft, one must know all about the b
  3. Personally, I would seriously doubt that it took more than 10-minutes for those who have received the information, to have reviewed and now fully comprehend exactly why the "cowlick" bullet entry peformed in the manner in which it did.
  4. For reasons (which have been fully explained to others), the FBI never presented this attempt at manipulation of the facts, and were it not for Mr. Robert West having provided me with the survey plat, survey notes, as well as having explained what actually transpired, this little event would have been lost in the other confusion surrounding the subject. Tom Purvis
  5. Thanks, Robert, for posting this. How uninspiring. It sounds like a rehash of the Discovery Channel's programs. They actually think McAdams is an expert on the medical evidence. Sickening. =============================================================================================================== They actually think McAdams is an expert on the medical evidence. Sickening. =============================================================================================================== Coming from someone who does not even recognize a "reverse image" of an autopsy photograph, this statemen
  6. Tom: Could you please elaborate on this. Who created the smoke screen? First off, history needs to be corrected in that Lee Harvey Oswald was of Louisiana (& Primarily New Orleans) descent. As most persons are aware, one does not s**t in their own back yard, and Dallas, TX with it's radical right element was certainly a good location in which to assassinate a President of the US and ultimately have the deed blamed on Dallas and it's right-wing politics. The "power structure" within New Orleans lies not with those who are currently in what is some temporary political position. It lies
  7. But that was Garrison's ENTIRE CASE, and it relied ENTIRELY on the ridiculous, uncorroborated testimony of Perry Russo. As was long ago indicated on this forum, the Clay Shaw/Garrison case was little more than a massive "smoke screen" that was created in order to mis-direct the attentions of those who were making attempt at resolving the issues of the assassination. In event there is any difficulty in location of these postings, one may want to look up the terminology "Land Sharks". Tom P.S. John.-----Glad to see that you have re-opened the forum. With the 50th anniversary of the event
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