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  1. Definitely still interested Stephen. Hope you're well
  2. I was doing a clean out today and came across this. Im not sure if I have posted it before or whether or not it is of any value to anybody, however didn't want to throw it out just incase... This interview was conducted about three years ago: Mr Roberts, as I imagine you are well aware, a March 2, 1964 article in Newsweek Magazine claimed you had purchased a number of photographs of Oswald on behalf of the Detroit Free Press. As a negative of one of these photographs has never been located or analyzed, I was hoping you would choose to speak out at this late date regarding this incident, so t
  3. I have often thought that George Bush's problem is that he read too many war comics as a child. If he had actually fought in the Vietnam War, and actually experienced combat, I don't think he would have ordered the invasion of Iraq. I agree with you 100% there John, I am also curious on your view on the upcoming US Federal elections? Who would you vote for if you were able to?
  4. Dawn, Thankyou for posting this. I am very sad to hear of Tim's situation and I hope he pulls through. Tim is a very intelligent man and was always keen to answer my questions on jfk when I was an active member of the forum. Please wish him all the best for me
  5. I have seen the footage a few times now and find it amazing that a film of this quality has been unknown for over forty years. I would like to know Jacks and Garys expert opinions on the footage. Is there anything new in here?
  6. FORMER Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was executed today along with his half-brother Barzan Ibrahim and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, the former chief justice of the Revolutionary Court, Iraqi television has said. State-run Iraqiya television said in an announcement: "Criminal Saddam was hanged to death,'' and they played patriotic music with images of national monuments and other landmarks. The station said Saddam's half-brother Barzan Ibrahim and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, the former chief justice of the Revolutionary Court, were also hanged. "The execution started with criminal Saddam, then Barzan
  7. Another year has passed... It's been several months since I have been on the forum, but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Michael, When I used to spend hours studying the Z film, one of the very smallt hings I noticed was a slight dent/chip in the top left of the Stemmons sign from Z frame 183 onwards. It might just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but take a look and let me know what you think.
  9. Well said John. I have a feeling this war will go on for much longer than expected...
  10. Possibility 3: They have not been released to the public due to the fact that legal cases are still being attended to?
  11. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank John and Andy for their great work with this forum.
  12. Jack, I am very interested in how you would now stand by your theories after the release of the September 11 video of the Pentagon plane crash. Please reply in this thread. http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N16201681.htm
  13. Thanks Jean. I would usually be working without a TV also, but have organised for the boss to bring one in.
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