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  1. He was executed last night, another victim of execution. Capital punishment is definitely too harsh a punishment, what is the point of inflicting a punishment when the person who received it is not around to acknowledge and correct the mistakes of the past?
  2. Its good to be able to talk here without the interruptions of Lynne. don’t think she ventures far outside the jfk forum. I have no idea how she is 'controlling' me but apparently I am somehow 'strongly influenced by her' despite the fact we have hardly spoken...maybe it is some kind of long distance hypnosis...
  3. You’re like a child, you still haven’t learnt that WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ANYMORE.
  4. Of course Lynne, your correct once again! Dawn 'controls' me..sure, I just support her views that your a nutcase.
  5. Agreed. She almost created a 'hot topic' all with her own posts.
  6. Thanks for the information John, Gerry, Tim and James (P.S Loving this ignore function)
  7. I find this specimen very interesting, however I do not have much info on it. All I know (if it does at all exist) is that it was found in 1977, was rusted and had been there for quiet some time and had crimped edges along the neck. I would be very interested if any other members have heard of this or have any additional information. My source is Murder in Dealey Plaza by James H. Fetzer. When I was visiting Dealey Plaza, some of the guys that give tours and sell brochures were talking about how stuff is constantly being planted and then found there. T.C. I think that is highly likely
  8. Barbee Specimen: Found embedded in the roof of a building located at 1615 Stemmons Freeway by William Barbee in 1966. The building, about 1/4 a mile away from the TSBD was in the line of fire from the sixth floor window. It was handed over to the FBI where they determined the bullet to be a .30 calibre full metal jacketed military bullet. This bullet is consistent with that which could be shot from the CIA's silenced M-1 .30 calibre carbine. Haythorne Specimen: Found in 1967 on top of the Massey building by Rich Haythorne, who was working on the roof of the building. The Massey building w
  9. If anybody has these pictures, I woul be grateful if you would post them in this thread: 1. On 22/11 at 12:32PM Jerry Coley and Charlie Mulkey "circle behind the TSBD and cross a dirt field to reach the knoll. Heading to the TSBD from the knoll they notice a pool of red liquid believed to be blood on the steps leading down to Elm Street" Several photographs were taken by Jim Hood, has anybody got these photos? 2. Tom Willards photographs (2 in total) of the 1959 Rambler station wagon. Thanks, Adam.
  10. Stanley "Tookie" Williams is a convicted killer-turned-gang peace activist. The co-founder of the Crips street gang was convicted of murdering four people in 1979. FROM MSNBC: Williams, 51, was convicted of murdering a convenience store clerk and, days later, three people at a motel. He denies committing the crimes. Some people are convinced Williams should die, including a former acquaintance. “Tookie really murdered those people,” Jimel Barnes, 52, of Compton said at Los Angeles City Hall before a rally there. Williams “went around South-Central [Los Angeles] bragging about it,” said B
  11. Adam, She is an internet xxxxx/ spam-artist, as to why she does what she does, my guess is a narsissistic personality trait. Kinda "Look how clever I'm being upsetting all these people" Ignore her buddy, eventually she will GO AWAY..... Consider it done
  12. Agreed, something certainly needs to be done, almost everyone of her posts are complete and utter trash that are taking up room on the forum.
  13. I was obviously not alive in the Beatles/Lennon era, but I love Lennons music, and strongly admire the man for his work at advocating peace. What a legend.
  14. Lynne, yes, they are good lyrics, but what the hell are you doing? What is the purpose of posting these lyrics twice in a row? JOHN why is this crackpot still here? Accusing members of criminal acts, threatening members, sending links that cause viruses... my vote is that she is out, who's with me?
  15. Just answer his questions you lunatic. I've had enough, its time for me to do what everybody else is doing and add her to the ignore list.
  16. Ron it was me, one of the best damn things I have discovered, go to 'My controls', menu, options, manage ignored users and just type her name in.
  17. Lynne, I like most others are sick to death of your little 'comments', do some bloody research, come back with some knowledge. Get a bloody life I say.
  18. Lynne, could you stop hijacking every thread with your insults and links? Lets just get back to the research here!
  19. Of course Lynne, would you like my address aswell? A friend will be fixing it, so there will be no charge, but I will quiet happily refer you to him to rid of all those viruses you must have on your computer.
  20. John, as far as I have always known, Harrelson is the 'tall tramp'.
  21. I also posted this on the JFK Lancer forum, and recieved these comments from Gary Mack, thought I should share them: At 11am, Julia Mercer is driving west on Elm street. She notices a pickup truck, this green pickup truck is parked partly on the kerb. The driver of the truck is witnessed as being Jack Ruby, FALSE: Ruby was at The Dallas Morning News where he was seen by several people who knew him well. Mercer was mistaken. Her identification was made from a 1954 mug shot of Ruby when he was NINE years younger and much fatter. and he is witnessed by Julia Mercer to be carrying a rifle FA
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