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  1. Don't open any of her links, its very likely it will damage your computer, I made the mistake yesterday and am having somebody come out to fix it tomorrow.
  2. Some of my mates have their own bands: Ashley Morse Destonia Great music, however the Destonia site is not yet completed, samples can be downloaded from Ashleymorse.com
  3. Go into your control panel, menu, options, manage ignored users, its a great feature where you can block certain users posts.
  4. I have found that most people my own age (18) strongly support my research, however those between 30-55 show no interest and think it is a waste of time.
  5. I think Dallas in the time after the assassination would have been in a state of disarray, I doubt normal protocol would have been followed by the DP.
  6. It should also be noted that windows along the motorcade route were not systematically being watched by law enforcement personnel since no order had been given, confirmed by Dallas policeman Perdue Lawrence, as well as the triple underpass not being cleared of spectators.
  7. At 11am, Julia Mercer is driving west on Elm street. She notices a pickup truck, this green pickup truck is parked partly on the kerb. The driver of the truck is witnessed as being Jack Ruby, and he is witnessed by Julia Mercer to be carrying a rifle to the grassy knoll area. Joe Murphy, a Dallas patrolman reports that “there were three construction men in this truck, and I took one to the bank building to obtain another truck in order to assist in moving the stalled one. The other two men remained in the pickup truck along with the two other officers. Shortly prior to the arrival of the moto
  8. Australia's biggest-ever counter terrorism operation didn't end with yesterday's early morning raids. Last night Federal police, accompanied by hazardous materials experts, searched another home in Sydney's southwest. No arrests were made. Again, it was part of the wider operation that's been underway for the past 18 months and which led to the arrests of 17 men yesterday, one of whom remains in hospital with a serious gun shot wound to the neck. Those arrested are accused of belonging to an unnamed terrorist organisation and planning a major attack on an unknown target.
  9. Len, this does not back all the claims, however you may find it an interesting read on the case, in the mean time I will track down the links for my sources Israeli Insider
  10. Adam, I live in Roselands, which is between Lakemba and Wiley Park, and I heard those choppers hovering around on Monday night. Looking forward with interest to the details of this plan emerging. I'm hearing the cops acted on a tip from a chemicals manufacturer. A fertilizer bomb may have been their intention. Mark, there are reports of more raids overnight and throughout the day, it's good to see were getting rid of some of the scum in our communities, excuse me, but it is hard to presume their innocence when we see their supporters attacking the media and another one of them fleeing t
  11. Yitzhak Rabin was often described as a "hawk turned dove" in the bitter and long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He had sought peace, and was in favor of compromises which were seen as acts of betrayal in certain quarters (some sects within Judaism interpreted that it would be a sin and a betrayal to give up any land even in return for peace). On November 4, 1995, he was shot in the back whilst returning to his car from a peace rally in Tel Aviv, and died later on the operating table of Ichilov Hospital. Yigal Amir, often described as a Jewish extremist, was apprehended within minutes by
  12. TERROR PLOT FOILED Seventeen men have been arrested and charged with terrorism related offences in Sydney and Melbourne, Australian Federal Police (AFP) say. The men, eight from NSW and nine from Victoria, have been charged with a range of offences including sections of Commonwealth legislation that have not been previously used, an AFP spokesman said. The arrests follow the execution of 22 search warrants across Sydney and Melbourne this morning where officers seized a range of material, including unidentified substances, firearms, travel documents, computers and backpacks," the spokesman
  13. Makybe Diva has today become the first horse to win the Melbourne Cup three times in a row. The 7-year-old English-born mare, ridden by Glen Boss and owned tuna fisherman Tony Santic, finished her career with the victory in the $3.8 million race. Makybe Diva won 15 of her 36 starts and earned more than $8.24 million and has been compared to the legendary Phar Lap.
  14. The body of Rosa Parks lies in honor at the Rotunda in Washington, the first woman to be given this honour and only the second African-American, she shares an honour bestowed upon the likes of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, what a fitting tribute for a woman who did so much for the American civil rights movement.
  15. Tim, although this theory is just pure speculation, It is intriguing. I don't believe that Ruby had prior knowledge of the assassination, however some hard evidence would be good.
  16. I just thought I would share an interview I conducted with Gene Roberts over email. A March 2, 1964 article in Newsweek Magazine claimed that Gene Roberts had purchased a number of photographs of Oswald on behalf of the Detroit Free Press. The negative of one of these photographs has never been located or analysed, so I asked Gene the following questions: 1. Who sold you these photographs? 2. What photos were included in the purchase? 3. Did the Warren Commission or the House Select Committee on Assassinations ever try to contact you to reacquire these photos? 4. Do you know what became o
  17. Robin, thanks for making me aware of the fact that it may be his hand. I had also thought that this was some sort of ripple effect due to a bullet. It does look like a closed fist, however I would have thought that if you sustain an injury, your hand usually attends to it in an open manner, not in a closed manner. But I do not have too much experience in photo analysis and ballistics, so maybe some other members can offer some further insight.
  18. Thanks Steve and Chris, It took me a while to write that thread, didn't just do it overnight. I do advanced english at school, so I suppose that helps. Thanks for the support and I will start a thread on 'The Night Stalker' in a few weeks time.
  19. Evan, I don't disagree nor agree with you, but did you even go to the link that Jack posted before you said It was ridiculous?
  20. Thanks Steve, I have finally finished the Ted Bundy crime case study and am starting on The Night Stalker. I don't have too much knowledge on Jack The Ripper, I know you are considered an expert, so I will visit the threads and comment when I have time. And I only have general knowledge on the Zodiac Killer. It will be good to see your work.
  21. Pat, thankyou, there is great work there. As Pamela said, you have done well at articulating the issues surrounding the complicated medical evidence. Well Done.
  22. Beginner 6 Years Digital Put in Luggage JVC GZ-MC200 Everio Digital Camcorder - Digital image stabiliser, 10x optical zoom, 4GB microdrive, PictBridge, 2 Megapixel snapshot. Fuji S3500 Digital Camera - Picture Resolution 4 million pixels Optical Zoom 6 times magnification Sony DSCW7S Digital Camera - 7.2MP 3xOptical 6xDigital Zoom
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