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  1. Part 3 45 minutes after single-handedly killing Kennedy, Oswald, so the Commission assures us, started to topple into an abyss of panic and confusion, causing his mind to swirl in a vortex of beastliness. It was in this mental state that Oswald let loose a fusillade of bullets at a supposedly over-inquisitive Tippit "Of that there is no manner of doubt--- No probable, possible shadow of doubt --- No possible doubt whatever” (Gilbert & Sullivan, The Gondoliers) If this seems too extreme, then consider these facts:- All three Commissioners (Joseph Ball,
  2. Part 2 This posting will consider two types of support ( negative and positive) for Mrs. Markham's claim in '106' that Tippit was shot at approximately 1:06 pm. I mean by negative support the suspicion that arises when a refutable falsehood isn't refuted. . The question arises: "Is the alleged falsehood really true?" Lack of denial supports an allegation. Negative Support Assuming that the Commission got it right ( and that Mrs Markham got it wrong), --- that is that Tippit was not shot at 1:06, but at 1:16 --- then the Commission should have been able to find
  3. This is the first of a series of three Forum postings, dealing with what I call “Document 106'' (or simply '106'). '106' is the affidavit that Helen Markham gave to the Dallas Police within 90 minutes of Tippit's slaying (1) From the Warren Commission's perspective, ‘106’ was a threat because of its assertion that Tippit was shot at "approximately 1:06" (hence my title '106'), whereas the Commission was arguing for 1:16. (2) This later time, as we shall see in my third article, was essential to the Commission's purpose. The second posting will consider all the supportiv
  4. I am not concerned with what Mrs Markham should or would have said, but what she actually DID say:- From her affidavit (90 minutes after Tippit’s death) The first affidavit to the Dallas Police. 11/22/1963 At approximately 1:06, November 22, 1963 --- I was standing on the corner of E.10th and Patton Street waiting for traffic to go by when I saw a squad car stop in front of 404 E.10th about 50 ft from where I was standing. I saw a young white man walk up to the squad car opposite the driver's side………………………..” (24H, 214; CE2003, p37) Note that Tippit, in stopping his car outside 404, pulls
  5. I notice that everybody accepts my basic geometry (it couldn't be more elementary!). I am not trying to put forward a theory as to what happened at Dealey Plaza. However, I appreciate those who have raised interesting points on what the SB theory was covering up. I am simply saying that the version of the Single Bullet theory put forward by Dale Myers doesn't make sense. He is forced to bring in a "magical" deflection, for which there is not the slightest medical justification. The two angles I mention are from Dale Myers' website. The angle of 37 degrees accords with Z223, and the angle of
  6. That doesn't stop us from taking up the leads - Bill Kelly The belief that the gunman was originally walking West (and that he changed his direction on seeing Tippit's police car) has its origin in an affidavit that Scoggins made on the day of the assassination to the Dallas Police, and its fully explicit and starker reiteration ( 11 days after the assassination) in an affidavit made during the course of an interview with two Secret Service Special Agents In the opening paragraph of his Dallas Police Scoggins deposed as follows:- "............ About the time I started to eat my lunch I s
  7. Great, and welcome to the Forum. Can you upload the diagrams? Thanks.
  8. Great, and welcome to the Forum. Can you upload the diagrams? Thanks.
  9. Let's look more deeply into this mystery. The suspect's alleged suspicious behaviour, for all the police knew at the time, could have been because he was mute and mentally subnormal. The lead could have been a totally dry run. Moreover the police as they entered the Texas Theatre had no grounds whatsoever for forcefully questioning the 'suspect' --- at the most they could in fairness do no more than politely check him out; certainly not arrest him. After all, the suspect had caused no disturbance outside the cinema (other than looking and behaving 'oddly'), and caused no disturbance within i
  10. The time from Lee Oswald’s Departure from the TSBD (12:33:30) to his arrest at the Texas Theatre (1:51) is 77½ minutes A period in which everybody’s behaviour was inexplicable to reason and baffling to experience. I have great respect for Dale Myers’ "With Malice ". A good 75% of the facts for my 2005 DPUK Canterbury Seminar Presentation (“Did Tippit Stop Anybody?”) came from Mr Myers' research. His book is an absolute 'must' for anybody who wants to understand the Tippit slaying. “With Malice” is an immensely impressive effort: well put together, clearly and concisely written, with e
  11. Yes, I will get the Tippit presentation ready for posting after Easter.
  12. In discussing the Single Bullet (SB), the discussion has centred mainly on the medical evidence. The geometrical evidence has largely been ignored. Artistic illustrations exist in abundance, but not scaled drawings*. A full geometrical analysis would involve angles and distances. However, I have discovered that the Single Bullet theory (SBt) can easily be disproved geometrically simply by concentrating on the LONGITUDINAL component of each of the angles. I can prove that, given the basic data of the SBt, the bullet must have come into the car from one of two buildings, the Dal-Tex or the
  13. My name is Alaric Rosman. I was born in Rottingdean, Sussex in 1934. My last two jobs were as a Maths teacher at an East London Comprehensive School, and as a Room Day Warder at the National Gallery, where I was a union secretary for 3 years. I have been interested in the Kennedy Assassination on and off for most of my life, but very intensely so since my retirement in ’99. I have had 11 articles published:- 5 in Walt Brown’s Deep Politics Quarterly:- a critical review of Dale Myers’ With Malice, July 2002, and Did Tippit Stop Anyone? A 4-part series running from October 202 to July 2003 I
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