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  1. Gosh, am I ever anything? I'm the first university graduate in my family, and education was not held as a priority in the household. My parents are first generation Americans of European ancestry. My views have been formed partly by education but mostly from my own meandering experiences and thoughts. When trying to imagine an equitable governmental structure, no matter how cleverly crafted, there is always a gaping hole left for ambitious people to exploit. This coupled with living amongst a highly apathetic citizenry has caused my some dismay to all governmental structures. The first A
  2. Yes, there is the corruption of politicians, so who is worse? With a dwindling tax liability coupled with record theft, err profits, our richest 1% just have a louder voice. I may be naive, but I don't think straightening out politicians will help in and of itself. If the problem is addressed a little, further upstream the result would surely, with some exception as always in life, trickle down to the politician. Earlier in my life, I had always considered the "Government" the ultimate "Power" in life. If they made the rules who could trump that? But that simply is not true, and perhaps w
  3. Has anyone read "Philip Dru, Administrator" by Edward House? He was an aide to President Wilson and an employee of Cecil Rhodes. I believe the gist of the book was an American 'civil servant' takes over the government by controlling the money supply, instituting a graduated income tax, and controlling both political parties.
  4. Hi Mark, Thank you for your insightful and thought-provoking reply, of which I'm most appreciative. As you stated: "America's response to political situations has always been shaped by the media of the day. The Spanish-American war was, most likely, precipitated by the Hearst newspapers' coverage of the sinking of the Maine and the public outrage the coverage generated...and it's long been suspected that this was a Northwoods-style operation. So the tactics aren't new." It's quite well-known that the "slogan", REMEMBER THE MAINE, was an exercise in advertisement to sell Hearst's newpape
  5. I'm with Chris on this, I don't believe the "good ol days" were so good.... My main enemies in our great nation are banking and the government as a human institution. Since I'll end up rambling for 6 or 7 pages I'll fall back on the words of two people. "Funds and banks I never approved of, or was satisfied with our funding system; it was founded on no consistant principle; it was contrived to enrich particular individuals at the public expense. Our whole banking system I ever abhored, I continue to abhor, and I shall die abhoring... "I am not an enemy of funding systems...but every bank o
  6. Harry, this is certainly an interesting piece that you offer. I live in Phoenix which affords me the priviledge of livng and working with and for a good deal of LDS members. My opinion of them as individuals is that they are exceedingly clean cut and polite. I would even say that they go to lengths not to appear offensive. However the religious and social views expressed have been in direct contrast to the wholesome appearance. There are a good deal of government-infiltration theories and proofs, but I'm of the opinion that government itself is it's own beast and really does not need an
  7. Tim makes an excellent point. I had asked on another board about the 11/25/63 letter from AAG Nicolas Katzenbach to Bill Moyers. Certainly this could be a signifigant piece of evidence. Does anyone have additional information about either individual or the circumstance of the letter? Erik A. Olsen
  8. Well, yes Director X coordinated Group X to commit the crime and Groups Y and Z to conduct secondary and tertiary actions. All variables X,Y,and Z are not discreet groups but have overlap to a greater or lesser extent. Has anyone ever interviewed Mr. Katzenbach and/or Mr. Moyers about the 11/25/63 memo? Erik A. Olsen
  9. Between the Mintox camera, Minsk, and his odd service record (no punishment for contracting VD, suspicious behavior at Atsugi, etc..) is it fair to say that it is indisputable that Mr. Oswald was in one way or another an intelligence asset of the US?
  10. As far as evidence implicating, at least as accesories after the fact, is the hand written letter from Nicolas Katzenbach to Bill Moyers. I beleive Mr. Katznbach was AAG and acting AG while Mr. Moyers was working for LBJ. Would it not stand to reason that if LBJ was not involved before the assasination, he certainly played one of the biggest hands afterwards. It would be difficult to minimize the energies spent on fabricating the WCR. I've tried to research this one incident and would be very interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the matter. Erik A. Olsen
  11. I did not see this point mentioned when discussing possible perpertrators, but it seems from the information I've come across, that there are no real clear lines of demarcation in any of the aforwmentioned organizations. The two examples I can think of readily are Gen Edward Lansdale who was first a CIA asset and later was according to Fletcher Prouty confered the rank of USAF General by Curtis Lemay. On the opposite tack, Didn't General Charles Cabell also work as a DD in CIA under Dulles?
  12. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and attend graduate school here earning my MA in education. I've been interested in the assassination for almost 10 years and have revolved my graduate work around it.
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