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  1. In the photo of the police car in front of the TSBD, our cowboy friend from Wiegman has made it to the front steps. Wonder if he had anything to say to the police about what he was looking at.....Robert
  2. From the angle of the arm, and the appearance that the hand is lifting the paper I think it is the officer's hand...imo......Robert
  3. I hate to say this, but I don't know if there are many serious JFK assassination researchers involved here any more...
  4. Dave..Mr. Mack does seem to use quite a few probably's, may haves,likely's,don't knows,would think's,perhaps,etc... to use this as an example of fact......Robert
  5. Thomas Graves-Great thread, thanks for bumping it back to the head of the line. There are some strange non topic posts by other(s) though????....Robert
  6. Well Ron..Mary Surratt--Mary Lincoln--Mary Morman---Mary mother of.....What's that you say about coincidences Ron??
  7. My toughts and prayers are with Jack's family.
  8. The Doors..."Not to touch the earth" 'Dead President's corpse in the drivers car The engine runs on glue and tar Come on along, not going very far To the east, to meet the Tsar..Let's run...'
  9. Thank-You Robert Howard for saying what I am sure many of us feel, but are really too disgusted to take the time to write. I have been a member of this forum for almost seven years, most of it lurking. (Anyone wonder why?). I know my evidence. I have read many of the posters here and on other forums for a long time and like everyone I form opinions on their personality and assassination knowledge and opinion. I do understand that this is all formed over the Internet but you get my gest. I miss many a good researcher, and fellow students of the assassination, who used to post here. This, with all respect to the forum itself is trash. I think many a good man and woman feel a little dirty after posting here so they just do not bother any more. I have a feeling that even moderators hate having to read the garbage that has become discourse on this site. The debate overall has suffered because of threads and members who obviously are quite deficient in certain capacities. People just do not want to participate here anymore. It ain't what it used to be. Think of all the names you do not see. Think of all the great discourse that used to be here everyday. Man I'm just a rambelin' but this is nothing but sad---big time sad.
  10. Really interesting stuff Lee. Thanks...Robert
  11. Hi John..If you can-take the tour with Ken or Jerry. I did in 2010 and went to the Paine's, Parkland, Trade Mart, N. Beckly, tenth and Patton..well you get the idea. I think Jerry has recently said that if you contact the DPD days before hand you can arrange to visit the police basement. If you hit it at the right time you may be able to donate 5-10 bucks and get into the rooming house. I stayed at the Lawrence and it was great that it is right there. If you do take the tour be sure you end the day at Lee Harvey's with Ken/Jerry. Most of all relax and have a great time.....Robert
  12. Thank-You Don. It is downloaded and wating to be read!...Robert
  13. Hey Tommy--Better use spell check, the word describing your jokes came out as 'witty'!!!
  14. With respect to all..I think the only Doctor needed to contribute on this thread right now is Kevorkian.
  15. Barry..Thank-You very much! That's great....Robert
  16. I think Thomas Grave's humorous post hurt the forum a lot less than Tom Scully'S unending quote boxes.
  17. Just from memory here, but I think it was in Jacksonville Fla. that the issue came up.
  18. Anyone know the name of the guy, behind Larry Florer, being interviewed by the standing detective? In profile, the guy looks a bit like our old friend, The Mexico City Mystery Man... --Thomas Hi Thomas--Pretty sure that is Hugh Betzner.....Robert
  19. I know this is about drama's and sit coms but The Ed Sullivan show was a must every Sunday. The man from U.N.C.L.E. Batman The Prisoner Ironside(come on Tiny Tim and Wally Cox in the pilot) Green acres Beverly Hillbillys (I admit it) Dick Van Dyke Fractured Fairey Tales (does that count?) Combat Bat Masterson Three networks, Lousy reception and black and white--It was great!! Robert
  20. Good luck to you and your family Jack..Speedy recovery... Robert
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