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  1. One thing that I recently thought of if, it was applicable to the films showing Prayerman is more or less a substitution of the seemingly? impossible task of computer enhancement of said footage. I hope someone well versed in the field of video technology reads this, before the idea is summarily dismissed by non-experts. Colorization....I know enough about the technology to realize cinematographers will colorize B&W films, using actual color photos of a certain area or event. Does anyone else think this is a applicable area. If so or even if not, I would be curious to see what people think.
  2. Persons interested in this thread may also want to take a look at CE 167, it is a photo prior to the beginning of Lee Oswald's funeral. A Navy officer can be seen quite clearly, I even posted it on my facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1429796353902242&set=pb.100006156731382.-2207520000.1443031575.&type=3&theater I have also posted a genealogy link to Thomas Hilmon Bookout http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=cmd&id=I1235 At first I was thinking about James Bookhout, the FBI agent....but as you can see the spellings indicate two distinctly different surnames. Another Stuart L. Reed who provided 14 hi-res photos [1 was of of Oswald under arrest outside the Texas Theater], was a high ranking U.S. military who was commander of a U.S. base in Panama, as was Sooy. See http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=16712&hl=stuart reed&page=1
  3. July 21, 1998 Amarillo Globe Longtime Dallas police reporter dies The Associated Press DALLAS (AP) - Johnny Rutledge, a longtime police reporter for The Dallas Morning News whose white Stetson often caused others to mistake him for a lawman himself, died Sunday. He was 74 and had battled emphysema and throat cancer for five years, The News reported. Rutledge covered Jack Ruby's killing of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man suspected of assassinating President Kennedy, in 1963. He was called to testify as a prosecution witness at Ruby's trial, said his son, Daniel M. Rutledge of Bryan, because he had seen Ruby hanging around the police station just before the killing. Ruby shot Oswald in the basement of Dallas police headquarters as he was being transferred to the county jail two days after the assassination. Known for his thorough, consistent crime coverage, Rutledge was held up as a model for new police reporters. Warren Bosworth, former city editor at the Dallas Times Herald, said he told his reporters, "You watch every single move that Johnny Rutledge makes. He is like a college of journalism right there in front of you." Serving the readers was what drove Rutledge, said Daniel Rutledge, who remembers his father as a loyal supporter of Dallas and its residents. "This was his city, his town," Daniel Rutledge said. Johnny Rutledge, a Dallas native, graduated from Baylor University, where he received a degree in journalism after a college career interrupted by service in the Navy during World War II. He started at The Fort Worth Press in 1948 as a copy editor and a police reporter. Three years later, he moved to The News as a rewrite clerk and later became the night police reporter, the job he kept until his retirement in 1992. Johnny Rutledge went into journalism, his son said, because "he loved action, being around excitement, adventure." His funeral will be at noon Wednesday at Restland Funeral Home. In addition to his son, Johnny Rutledge is survived by his wife of 49 years, Marjorie Moreland Rutledge of Dallas; another son, John Moreland Rutledge of Dallas; two daughters, Amy Louise McMullen of College Station and Sally Ann Scott of El Paso; and seven grandchildren. © 1998
  4. Nice to see you hereabouts......After all the time in the old days we discussed John Hurt, I eventually started buying up old books on cryptology, as well as James Bamford's works. While this isn't addressing the topic of this thread. I believe one of the dynamics of the assassination, has to do with a generation gap, ie The Greatest Generation vs The Best & The Brightest. The former, I believe felt JFK didn't pass their litmus test for what constituted leadership. I might add thank God, he didn't because if he had listened to the JCOS and their ilk, the world, as we know it, Cuban Missile Crisis with a different endgame, in a nuclear cloud.....always treasure the old days on the Forum....we were personally committed, and could exchange thoughts and beliefs without mocking our parentage.....Cheers
  5. Additionally Jack died soon after his book was published; I consider that a great loss, as well.
  6. You could say this is a addendum of sorts to the whole issue of Finland, as some of us remember LBJ as VP went on a Northern Countries diplomatic goodwill mission in September of 1963, where, he was in Finland, players [at one time] Ambassador to Finland Carl Rowan, his press attache Edward J. Savage, others John D. Hickerson and Finnish Amb. to the United States Richard Seppala. Of all dates...... September 11, 1963 LBJ's driver while he was in Finland Klaus Bertil Granblom [of Finland] died in an automobile accident. The newspaper coverage of that day Fort-Worth Star Telegram 9-11-63 mentioned this event in an article entitled "Johnson succeeds where Powers Failed." Granblom had died two days earler. As is not too surprising, I have never run across JFK Assassination documents that detail that event. Makes one wonder what else we don't know about that trip..... http://www.jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/Archives/JFKPOF-128-024-p0010.aspx https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1961-63v16/persons
  7. What if Oswald's missing third letter was the one that Shanklin told Hosty to burn after the assassination? Hmmmm....
  8. Jim, reading what you wrote reminded me of what Jack Ruby said when the Warren Commissioner's visited his jail cell before he died. Not sure if it is verbatim, but it was something along thelines of.....I am as innocent as all of you gathered here. Sarcasm?
  9. Albert Charles Davies http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=27028644&PIpi=10840358
  10. Some time after the events in Dallas, Senator Thomas Dodd was investigated and, I believe even censured by his fellow Senator's. There was a book written about this and although the name escapes me, the Saturday Evening Post and Jack Anderson gave quite a bit of attention to this. In the Saturday Evening Post series of articles that were written, which, I believe was actually excerpts from the then forthcoming book, it was alleged that Dodd had a former FBI agent on his staff and that Dodd had connections to the West German government, i.e. Julius Klein and a Dr. Carstens. Although this post doesent address the title of the thread, I posted this because if Oswald was helping the Dodd Subcommittee and Dodd himself had connections to the WestGerman government, considering the Walker/National Zietung issue, maybe there is more to this area than previously thought. See Below https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1891&dat=19660201&id=nq8fAAAAIBAJ&sjid=KdcEAAAAIBAJ&pg=644,21725&hl=en
  11. One thing I felt fairly certain about after viewing the aforementioned JFK program, was that there was more than one railroad worker, and/or man with hardhat that was regarded bythe police as a suspect. Then awhile later after posting on this thread, I stumbled onto a passage from "No More Silence," containing an interview with Union Terminal Railroad employee Clemon Earl Johnson [pps. 79-83]. Since I can't write up the entire section, I will say....He mentions himself, S.M. Holland, Dodd, Sam Cox, Dudley Neath, two boys named Potter, Simmons, "Doc" Halbert and "others." The key portion of his interview is....... .....After it [assassination]happened, I said, "Well, its all over now! Let's get back to the engines, because if we don't they'll all have us in jail right quick!" They were gathering everybody up, and a fellow by the name of Dodd, and at that time our boss, Holland went running around to some bushes. They kept saying, "The shots came out of those bushes! The shots came out of those bushes!" They had turned to their left around into the street that came up beside the Book Depository Building which was put there for the benefit of the railroad. It was there because that's where two of their towers that throw the switches for the trains were located, and that street always had to be there to give an opening in and out to the railroad, as they owned that property all around there. Anyway, Holland was our foreman out in the railroad. He and Dodd went around to those bushes and were taken into custody. And for that I understood they kept them in jail until around midnight or after before they let them go. But Holland and Dodd, if both were living today, they'd almost fight you that they saw smoke coming from out of those bushes........After the shooting, we stayed maybe just a minute. We then ran towards where the engines were as they were leaving at one o'clock. I was supposed to always be there when the engines left to be sure they functioned right, and I had to ride them out. I guess the others were of the same opinion I was. They figured they might carry them in because the police came running up on the railroad and just picked up everybody they could. One last thing, I read Brennan's book, and he mentioned that he had a relationship by marriage to the wife or sister to the Shah of Iran, I really wanted to know if that was true or not because I felt it was important. I dug quite extensively, and never found one iota of evidence to support that claim. Q: Why would somebody make up something like that?
  12. Tom, you seem to have a premise for your idea. See Below San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) - November 16, 1995 Deceased Name: CAPT. DAVID A. SOOY Pioneering Navy flier, 92 Capt. David Aubrey Sooy , a pioneering Navy aviator who developed land for shopping centers and custom homes after a 30-year military career, died on his 92nd birthday Nov. 5 at Scripps Memorial Hospital-Encinitas. Capt. Sooy , who died of natural causes, was credited with making the first night landing on the carrier Saratoga in 1931. He also was among Navy aviators whose trick maneuvers in public performances paved the way for the advent of the Blue Angels, family members said. He helped install the first Link trainer for student aviators while serving as a flight instructor at Pensacola, Fla. Capt. Sooy was stationed at North Island Naval Air station when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was again attached to the Saratoga for the duration of World War II. The carrier suffered damage from torpedoes in the Pacific, but returned to action in the Mariana Islands and in New Guinea. After World War II, Capt. Sooy attended the Naval War College in Newport, R.I. He was commanding officer of naval air stations in Dallas and Trinidad before retiring from the military in 1960. Capt. Sooy began his career in real estate in northeast Dallas, where he became president of a land development company. When President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot in Dallas in November 1963, Capt. Sooy was sitting in his car, waiting for the presidential motorcade to pass the school depository. A native of Chicago, Capt. Sooy grew up in Indiana and moved to Southern California in 1921. While attending the University of Southern California, he became fascinated with aviation. Capt. Sooy rebuilt a disabled airplane, learned to fly and later taught flying in the Los Angeles area. He moved to San Diego County 25 years ago and was living in Del Mar Highlands before being hospitalized. Capt. Sooy is survived by his wife, Evelyn; a daughter, Chundra Worley; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Cremation was planned. Services were pending. Donations are suggested to the medical library at San Diego Naval Medical Center in Balboa Park or to a favorite charity. San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) Date: November 16, 1995 Edition: UNION-TRIBUNE 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Page: B-10 Record Number: SDUN2877102 Copyright 1995 Union Tribune Publishing Co.
  13. The threat Jim Di Eugenio mentioned did not go un-noticed here on the Forum, I updated it, for those who forgot about it.
  14. For Jim DiEugenio's new thread. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/07/04/353992/-Bizarre-1979-plot-to-Assassinate-President-Jimmy-Carter#
  15. The book below, was initially written by Gisevius after World War II and the Nuremberg verdicts were recorded; the foreword was written by Allen Dulles. To the Bitter End: An Insider's Account of the Plot to Kill Hitler, 1933-1944 By Hans Bernd Gisevius When the book was reissued it contained some updated material by Prof. Peter Hoffmann, who has written extensively about the resistance movements against Hitler. Ironically, Hoffmann is associated with McGill University, which said institution has more than a casual connection to the world of JFK lore. http://www.mcgill.ca/history/peter-hoffmann http://publications.mcgill.ca/reporter/2013/11/50-years-later-memories-of-jfk/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/1250053129/ref=rdr_ext_tmb also see Louis Mortimer Bloomfield; Dulles, Allen John Foster;
  16. Paul Trejo: I never had a copy of the book, knew nothing about it until you mentioned it on the Forum. Don't have any knowledge about the author.
  17. FWIW: 1. WESTER, JANE CAROLYN Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database (120-123) Registered nurse in Parkland Hospital's O-R. Shared her home with nurse Diana Hamilton Bowron, an English nurse. Wester "received a phone 2. BOWRON, DIANA HAMILTON Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database registered nurse at Parkland Hospital. Native of England. She answered an ad and came to Dallas 8/4/63. She shared 11007 Brockbank with another nurse at Parkland 3. HONEY, FRANK Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database allegedly there. Residence and phone listed to Mrs. Christine Brecht, vocational nurse, Methodist Hospital. 4. CALTALDO, C. L. Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database CALTALDO, C. L. HSCA Vol. III (413) Professional nurse. Nursed Antonio Rodriguez Echazabal (from Cuba) in Washington, D.C., hospital in Sept 5. MAYER, GEORGIA (MRS.) Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database (MRS.) CE 2264; CE 2408; CD 86, p. 524; Ruby Trial, pp. 46-52 A nurse. 6. KUZNETSOVA, VANDA Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database KUZNETSOVA, VANDA CD 205, p. 747 A nurse in Leningrad. Marina met her when she visited the rest home near Leningrad. 7. BELL, AUDREY N. Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database (156); Best Evidence, Lifton (558-559); Conspiracy, Summers (533) Nurse at Parkland on 11/22/63. Was near Kennedy. In 1982, she worked at Children's 8. BELL, BONNIE H. (MRS.) (? BONNIE L. ?) Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database p. 482; CD 104 (41); CD 223 (322); HSCA Vol. IX (1095) She was a nurse for Dr. Coleman Jacobson in the Doctors' Building at 3707 Gaston Ave 9. CARLSON, CARL WILLIAM (MR. & MRS.) Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database 1959 and sought employment at Sovereign Club. His wife, Ann Marie, is a nurse at Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital. She said her husband was a former member 10. SCHUBERT, BEATRICE L. (MRS. RICHARD T. SCHUBERT) Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database FM-5-4496472 issued 9/23/63 by Mexican consul, Dallas. She was a registered nurse. 11. OSIAKOWSKI, CARMEN L. Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database OSIAKOWSKI, CARMEN L. CD 47, pp. 16-25 Practical nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital, Chicago, IL. She is Puerto Rican but married to Polish 12. CLEMONS, ACQUILLA Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database Citizens Dissent, Lane (53) In film, Rush to Judgment, she says she was a nurse for Smotherman Family. There was a John B. Smotherman, wife Cornelia, at 13. DOLAN, JAMES HENRY (ALIASES: JIM DELARE, JAMES HARRY DOLAN, DIM DOLAN, JIMMY DOLAN, JAMES BRADLEY AND "HAMILY") Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database Extremely pale with milk-glass eyes. Wife: Sissy, Methodist Hospital nurse. 14. SUAREZ SIMPSON, MIGUEL AGUSTIN Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database JFK's assassination. Miguel Suarez' sister, Christiana Suarez, told nurse Marjorie Heimbecker, who told the FBI, that JFK would be killed by Castroites 15. DEAN, PATRICK TREVORE (SGT.) Found in: Mary Ferrell's Database of Parkland Hospital. O. P. Wright's second wife was Elizabeth Good, nurse who came to Parkland from Florida shortly before Assassination. end Robert: I no longer have my maryferrell.org subscription; sorry for the incomplete bio's.
  18. I've been to the 6th Floor Museum once or twice, and had exchanged emails with him more than a couple of times, but I never ran into him there. I feel sad. Requiem aeternum. As for the CT/LN debate, one doesn't understand how the world works to expect a curator of the 6th floor museum, to constantly be quotedas saying "LHO didn't do it," and still be in that position for more than a day. That is just the way things are, like it or not. I certainly believe he was a good man, and the museum will be hard pressed to find anyone who can even come close to replacing him.
  19. Here's George Michael Evica's article Perfect Cover A Theory of the JFK Assassination: What Happened on November 22, 1963 By George Michael Evica Based upon a work in progress: The Iron Sights: New Evidence and Analysis in the Assassination of J.F.K. (From The Assassination Chronicles Volume 1, Issue 4, December 1995) Security stripping of the president on a massive scale occurred on November 22nd, 1963. From Love Field (where the motorcade was “re-organized”) to Dealey Plaza (a model of insecurity) the president was rendered mortally vulnerable. The deliberate security stripping (most of JFK’s Secret Service men were falsely informed) was part of a covert test of the president’s security, including a planned simulated attack on the president in Dealey Plaza. Some of the Secret Service men, however, possessed knowledge of an actual attack; some Secret Service men were complicit in what they thought was to be a fake attack but had no knowledge of the actual attack; and at least one had no knowledge of either the fake attack or the actual attack. Finally, some of the Secret Service men were told the president himself was aware of the simulation and was cooperating. Within the structure of the simulated attack, certain individuals were informed that the attack would be traced to pro-Castro elements: a crucial feature intended to attract anti-Communist and anti-Castro support for the Dealey Plaza plot. The simulation was then converted to an actual attack on JFK, a perfect cover for the assassination. Though most of the president’s security forces were ordered to co-operate in the simulated attack by not taking part in the protection of the president, some members of the Dallas police, some members of the Secret Service, and some members of military intelligence were aware of the actual planned attack. The intelligence and security forces of the U.S., Texas, and Dallas were all rendered accessories before the fact in this stunning plot. Everyone—except the FBI—was perceived to be complicit. But a small group of FBI agents in New Orleans and Dallas (with Organized Crime, CIA, military intelligence, and anti-Castro connections) were actual parties to the assassination. And the principle [sic] accessory before the fact in the Bureau was J. Edgar Hoover himself, with prior knowledge of the assassination. Every U.S. investigative body associated with the JFK assassination was complicit in either the assumed simulated attack, the actual murder, or the post-assassination cover-up. The assassination and the following cover-up were facilitated by the planned False Sponsorship of the Dealey Plaza murder. The False Sponsorship hypothesis is, in fact, the major key to discovering the actual murderers of John F. Kennedy. Representatives of organizations fiercely opposed to JFK (and his domestic and foreign policies), including anti-Castro exile Cubans and their allies, Jimmy Hoffa and corrupt Teamsters locals, anti-Communist paramilitary groups, the U.S. Armed Forces (especially ultra-conservative members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), U.S. military and civilian intelligence, European reactionary forces, right-wing domestic organizations (including immigrant anti-Soviet groups and “captive nations” alliances), Organized Crime, and U.S. corporations holding huge military contracts—whether or not these groups were active participants in the planned kill—were falsely implicated in the assassination plot in a variety of ways, including infiltration by government agents, informers, and provocateurs. Among others, Lee Harvey Oswald, Richard Case Nagell, Joseph Milteer, William Bishop, Gordon Novell, David Ferrie, John Thomas Masen, Jim Braden, and Jack Ruby (all of them witting or not) were key conduits to the False Sponsors. The False Sponsorship network was nested (primarily, but not exclusively) in a right-wing matrix. Representatives of the False Sponsors (many of whom were located in the South and Southwest) were invited to Dallas between November 20th and November 24th, to view 1. the simulated attack (they thought) or 2. the actual murder. Both groups would be witnesses to a bloody coup, a public execution. Representatives often had links to a half-dozen different False Sponsors. Several recognizable (so-called) hitmen were recruited from the Mafia, the reactionary Right, and U.S. Intelligence to make appearances in Dallas, regardless of their actual participation in the assassination. These hitmen were members of three False Sponsor assassination squads who were not the actual Dealey Plaza cross-firing operators. The False Sponsors of the assassination were set up so that a number of institutions and groups harboring serious motives for eliminating John F. Kennedy would have been implicated if a full assassination inquiry were allowed; indeed, several key representatives of these organizations felt their groups had been involved in the assassination, especially in financing the murder plan and recruiting sniper squads. In fact, their money was used locally, in the South, in Texas, and especially in Dallas, but initially the bulk of the financing came from the powerful U.S. anti-JFK elite, their funds laundered through “black” operations accounts of U.S. intelligence. Despite (often major) antagonisms between many of these anti-JFK groups, the institutions and their representatives supported the post-assassination cover-up. Cunningly, some False Sponsors were informed that the original simulation or murder plot had been taken over by Soviet, Communist Chinese, or pro-Castro elements, doubly insuring these False Sponsors would accuse Communists of the presidential slaying but remain mute about what they thought was the truth. Jim Garrison’s New Orleans investigation became a major opportunity to vent a dozen False Sponsorship “leads” filled with dead ends, intelligence garbage, and at least two well-developed conspiracies hinting strongly at the actual anti-JFK plot but leading away from the ultimate and responsible initiators. The influx of False Sponsorship conduits such as Gordon Novel and others was crucial to deflecting and confusing Garrison’s investigation. While Lee Harvey Oswald may indeed have been involved with Clay Shaw and David Ferrie, and may even had been present when they plotted an assassination scenario, the New Orleans scene was one of the two prepared parallel False Plots, waiting to be vented at the appropriate moment. The Hoffa connection to Garrison’s inquiry becomes explainable not so much as an attempt to save Hoffa from prison but as a plan to shield Hoffa when he was most vulnerable. Hoffa was one of the major links, if not the major link, between the plot’s initiators and the plot’s facilitators. Jimmy Hoffa was the assassination’s primary mediator, not its initiator. If the government could have broken Hoffa, it would have opened up the real conspiracy to kill JFK. Remarkably, despite the massive campaign of misinformation and disinformation directed at him, Garrison located the core of the assassination precisely where it actually had been: at the center of the U.S. power structure. Garrison’s many suspects and his accusations against a number of groups were his attempts at grappling with the evidence presented to him of a score of carefully chosen False Sponsors. In the JFK assassination, the initiators were not the facilitators, and the facilitators were not the operators. No later than 1962, the CIA-sponsored anti-Castro plots were chosen as the perfect False Sponsorship program to conceal within it the actual JFK assassination plotters. The anti-Castro plots were then co-opted and, just as the earlier Bay of Pigs invasion was a “perfect failure,” intended to crash, those anti-Castro operations were planned to fail Why? First, so that a credible Castro motive could be postulated for a. the Dealey Plaza “simulation” and b. the actual assassination. A dead Castro before November 22nd, 1963, would have seriously compromised both the false pro-Castro-supported simulation and the False Sponsorship plots. Castro’s demise would have been relief from political pain for the JFK administration and a joy for the anti-Communist and anti-Castro forces; the death of Castro might even have been perceived by those same forces as a Kennedy triumph. Castro had to remain alive through November 22nd, 1963, in order for the “simulation” and the False Sponsorship plots to work. The anti-Castro operations were also planned to fail so that the Cuban exiles, their allies, and the rest of the anti-Communist False Sponsors would become murderously frustrated, ultimately blaming JFK for the plots’ failure. The perfect False Sponsorship of the CIA/Mafia plots against Castro accounts for the willingness of the power elite and its intelligence facilitators to allow the venting of so much published material on JMWAVE, Santo Trafficante, and Rolando Cubela, for example, and the carefully-circulated stories of 1. double agents reportedly working for both Castro and the CIA who subverted the anti-Castro plots and 2. Mafia facilitators (including Johnny Roselli) reportedly conning their CIA handlers by taking their covert black op funds and deliberately failing their assignments—or never carrying them out. Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to the Soviet Union by the Office Of Naval Intelligence, catalyzing the opening (beyond still-buried ONI material) of ONI, KGB, GRU, U.S. State Department Intelligence, FBI, CIA, LEIU and U.S. military intelligence files on him. The LEIU and military intelligence files were ultimately shared with Jack Revill’s Dallas Police Special Services Bureau. Having worked with (he thought) U.S. intelligence and with senator Thomas Dodd’s Congressional sub-committee on gun control and juvenile delinquency, Lee Harvey Oswald (directed by his intelligence facilitators) 1. penetrated the “plot to kill JFK; 2. was instructed to observe and co-operate with the plotters; 3. was assured the November 22nd, 1963, event was indeed a simulated attack to be attributed to pro-Castro forces (and so Oswald was apparently indifferent to events outside of the Depository as he ate his lunch while the motorcade moved by); 4. knew the so-called “evidence” against him would not hold up under unbiased, critical examination and certainly not in any court. When he surmised he had been patsied, he ran. When he was captured, he maintained his self-control, assuming his intelligence facilitators would make an appearance and clear him of any charges. Only when he faced James Hosty at the Dallas police station did he temporarily lose that self-control. The so-called evidence against Oswald was, in fact, transparently inadequate because the facilitators had planned the evidence as inadequate, especially with the help of certain members of the Dallas law enforcement community. If the judicial process had been allowed to go forward, a trial for murder in Texas, the case against the accused assassin would have collapsed, the simulated attack would have been revealed, and the take-over of that simulated attack would have been uncovered. Whether or not the investigation ever reached the initiating level (that is, identifying the actual planners of the presidential murder), the False Sponsors would have been implicated as accessories before the fact in a premeditated presidential murder and may even have been framed to take the fall for the real initiators. Oswald was, therefore, not allowed to live. What Oswald did not know was that he had been framed and scheduled for elimination with the complicity of members of CIA counterintelligence so that a CIA secret (not directly related to the assassination plot) would not be revealed. CIA eagerness to help cover-up the crime accounted for the quick entry of James Jesus Angleton and his Counterintelligence staff into the investigation of the Warren Commission. This Central Intelligence Agency secret was a treasonous collaboration between KGB and CIA agents in Mexico City, one of several such spy games being played out between U.S. and Soviet intelligence and counter-intelligence officers, their assets and their double agents in the spy capitals of the world. JFK assassination facilitators introduced two Oswald impersonators into that treasonous Mexican collaboration, compromising both the CIA and the KGB in Mexico City by association with Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was killed with the cooperation of members of the Dallas police force by intelligence/police asset Jack Ruby 1. to prevent him from talking before he was tried once he realized what had really happened in Dallas and 2. to prevent him from standing trial, where False Sponsors, including Organized Crime figures, were certain to be exposed. Governor John Connally was used unwittingly by the assassination plotters. Connally and his associates set the dates for the Texas Trip and organized and directed the Dallas visit. Connally associates insisted that JFK’s Dallas speech be given at the Trade Mart, and once that choice was made, the motorcade route had to go through Dealey Plaza, the site of the planned presidential ambush. Connally, therefore, determined the Dallas luncheon site, and Dallas associates of Connally dictated the Dallas motorcade route, including the totally unnecessary turns in Dealey Plaza which nearly brought JFK’s limo to a complete stop. The motorcade could have proceeded directly down Main St. and entered Stemmons Freeway on its way to the Trade Mart. Having been unwittingly used by the conspiracy, Connally became the second intended victim in Dealey Plaza. Both the president of the United States and the governor of Texas were scheduled to die on November 22nd, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald’s Depository presence and the motorcade’s Dealey Plaza route had to have been carefully coordinated. Neither the HSCA nor its chief counsel, for example, explained why a Syndicate-controlled assassin (according to the HSCA) was placed in a Dallas building overlooking Dealey Plaza as late as September, 1963, without prior knowledge of JFK’s actual route through downtown Dallas. That assassin cold not have unilaterally made the decision to be in the Texas School Book Depository before the route was officially announced and then expect JFK’s motorcade somehow to pass just under one of the Depository’s windows on November 22nd, 1963. After the assassination, Connally realized he had been manipulated by the assassins in placing JFK under their weapons and insured his life by: 1. arguing that he was not hit by the same so-called “single bullet” as JFK, thereby signaling the initiators he recognized their intention to kill him, but 2. publicly agreeing with the Warren Report yet not allowing the bullet fragments in either his right wrist or his left thigh to be removed for Neutron Activation analysis, since he undoubtedly suspected those fragments would not match the so-called “magic bullet,” CE 399. After his death, his family refused (certainly for the same reasons) the requests of the FBI (which also did not believe in the single-bullet theory but accepted the Warren Report), the Assassination Archives and Research Center, and the JFK Assassination Information Center for removal of the fragments. JFK was ambushed in Dealey Plaza. A terrible explosion silenced the cheering crowd at Main and Elm and froze JFK’s Dallas motorcade, allowing at least three weapons to fire three volleys at JFK. More than 130 witnesses in Dealey Plaza reported to Dallas police, sheriff’s officers, and the media, most of them immediately after the Dealey Plaza event, that an ear-shattering roar (not a rifle round) was the first “noise” they heard before the fatal flurry of shots entered the presidential limo. Simultaneously, a number of these same witnesses saw a brilliant flash of light and a highly visible puff of white smoke from near the top of the grassy knoll. When witnesses in the motorcade drove through this same area, they reported smelling acrid “gunpowder,” that special chemical combination associated with blasting explosives and “fireworks.” With the presidential limo brought nearly to a halt by this explosion forward of the motorcade, JFK was fired upon by the three teams of shooters. The actual assassination plot against JFK had a triadic structure: 1. the initiating order; 2. the facilitating order; and 3. the executing order. Mediatorial individuals operated between the orders; sometimes several mediators (in tandem or parallel) rotated between orders (similar to intelligence cut-outs but with greater responsibilities: the model adopted from the plots against Fidel Castro was Robert Maheu). No single group planned and directed the killing of JFK and then also terminated him. No single group initiated, facilitated, and executed the assassination. Neither the CIA, the FBI, Organized Crime, LBJ, Military Intelligence nor any other chief suspect ran the entire structure from conception through implementation of the actual plot. Who Killed JFK? The initiating order was the U.S. Establishment, the Ruling Class, the Power Elite, the National Security State: the anti-JFK personae in Big Oil, banking, defense and their Intelligence and Military assets. Driven by both real and opportunistic anti-Communism, the Establishment aimed at reducing union strength, reducing production costs, and increasing the power of its “military-industrial complex” with its outposts in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Western Europe. Specifically, the initiating order was inside the complex of corporate and financial institutions of the Rockefeller-Morgan-Mellon alliance: the advisors, associates, and partners of David Rockefeller. But rather than acting as the Big Boss of the assassination, David Rockefeller energized the actual initiators by continually attacking JFK’s philosophy and politics through public statements published in a compliant media from 1961 on. David Rockefeller was the perfect upper-echelon patsy, the up-front standard-bearer, urged on in his attacks on JFK by the assassination decision-makers. What the Rockefeller-Mellon-Morgan power elite perceived in JFK’s administration was a managed economy with wealth distribution driven by a strong president. The initiators, having decided that JFK had to be eliminated, sent their contract through D.C. power brokers (for example, Irving Davidson and Robert Maheu) to the facilitating order. The facilitating order was made up of compromised U.S. intelligence figures, chiefly elements of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, compromised by coups, assassinations, and complicity in the international trade in drugs and guns. The compromised intelligence persons were assisted by their Cosa Nostra partners. The facilitating order organized the failure of the anti-Castro plots and kept its machinery in position, set up the False Sponsors through intelligence assets acting as conduits, and passed the murder contract through Organized Crime mediators to Texas and Dallas personae. The initiating order had a network of financial ties to the Southwest and specifically to Texas, and so the facilitating order included crucial elements of the so-called “Southern Rim.” The “shooters”? The executing order at Dealey Plaza was made up of Dallas police, Dallas plainclothes officers, and Dallas area Treasury agents (Secret Service and ATF)—or hired Southwest assassins with local and federal law enforcement credentials impersonating those law persons—or both. The intelligence facilitating mediators were in close contact with the Dealey Plaza assassins. False Sponsorship: The False Sponsors of the assassination constitute a checklist of the usual suspects in the JFK assassination, either alone or in various combinations. What has frustrated productive analysis of these suspects and blocked the discovery of the framing of the False Sponsors has been the collapsing of the three orders of assassination: originating, energizing, and executing, first deliberately by the assassination planners; and second, inadvertently, by JFK researchers and writers. The primary initiators were not the primary facilitators, and the primary facilitators were not the primary operators. Researchers who have uncritically accepted False Sponsorship disinformation or who have developed their own theory of the assassination similar to the False Sponsorship fiction have sometimes extended their choice of sponsor to control of the post-assassination autopsy, or the subsequent (and on-going) cover-up, or both: see, for example, John Davis’ Organized Crime/Carlos Marcello hypothesis (with Marcello neutralizing J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI). The autopsy cover-up and the post-autopsy cover-up, however, were engineered by the U.S. military and the Federal government respectively. The False Sponsor program implicated a series of anti-JFK groups and organizations as the planners, organizers, and executors of the murder of JFK. Since each False Sponsor was already equipped with admitted anti-Kennedy political motives, what was developed further was the False Sponsor’s means or opportunity or both to murder JFK. All of the Sponsors, both actual and False (with four “Communist” exceptions) shared motivational parameters: all were 1. anti-Communist; 2. anti-Castro (and for continued U.S. dominance in Central and South America); 3. for Vietnam escalation (and for continued U.S. dominance in the Pacific and Southeast Asia); 4. against JFK’s domestic policies; 5. against JFK’s foreign policies; 6. supportive of the Teamsters/Mafia/U.S. Intelligence alliance in international drug trafficking. The False Sponsors (deliberately implicated but incapable of running all three orders of the assassination) were: 1. The CIA: A False Sponsor, especially through the Mexico City connection; however, some CIA agents or assets were facilitators, and CIA counterintelligence participated in the post-autopsy cover-up. 2. J. Edgar Hoover (and the FBI): A False Sponsor, especially since Director Hoover had prior assassination knowledge; some FBI agents were involved at the facilitating order; finally, Hoover directed the FBI/Warren Commission cover-up. Organized Crime did not need dubious evidence of Hoover’s cross-dressing or homosexuality to gain his cooperation. His obsessive anti-Communism, his hatred of the Kennedys, his long-time conservative political alliances, his gambling, and his associations with Organized Crime figures (including Frank Costello) were reasons enough. 3. The Secret Service: A False Sponsor through the simulation and security stripping. The Secret Service was suspected by FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill of involvement in either the assassination or the subsequent cover-up. 4. United States Armed Forces: primarily reactionary members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: the “Pentagon” False Sponsors: see Oliver Stone’s motion picture JFK. Members of the Armed Forces were involved in the autopsy cover-up. 5. LBJ and his “Texas Connection”: Despite being the favorite sponsor of a number of researchers, LBJ was without power both in Texas and in the Federal government, and he was on the verge of indictment or being named as a major participant in several political and financial scandals. Later, LBJ was a passive cover-up collaborator; as president he was fed a number of disquieting and contradictory False Sponsorship leads to the Soviets; to Cuba; to Texas Oil; to Organized Crime; to the CIA. 6. Major General Charles A. Willoughby and U.S. Military Intelligence: a primary False Sponsor and conduit to the entire Right Wing. 7. Texas Oil: H.L. Hunt: a primary False Sponsor and conduit to the entire Right Wing. 8. The Anti-Communist Right, including neo-Nazi and European reactionary groups, anti-Soviet émigré groups (including the White Russian community of Fort Worth and Dallas), the KKK, the White Citizens’ Council, the White Supremacists, including its allies in the Cuban Exile Movement, in Oil: H.L. Hunt, in Military Intelligence: Charles A. Willoughby, in Organized Crime, in the FBI, the CIA, and the FBN. The Right is a gestalt primary False Sponsor. 9. The Cuban exiles and their allies, including mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, and anti-Communist paramilitary; a major False Sponsor, with a False Sponsor hit team present in Dallas. Both Marita Lorenz and Frank Sturgis functioned as False Sponsor conduits; they came into conflict when Lorenz included Sturgis in the Cuban Exile False Sponsor hit team that went to Dallas. 10. The “Mob” or the Mafia”: broadly, U.S. Organized Crime, with a major focus on 1. Santo Trafficante and 2. especially Carlos Marcello, and 3. Jimmy Hoffa and corrupt Teamsters. Hoffa as a False Sponsor (for John Davis and others the False Sponsor) points away from the D.C. power brokers who passed on the actual assassination contract through Hoffa as a primary mediator. Organized Crime had a False Sponsor hit team (with Teamsters’ links) in Dallas. Four “Communist” False Sponsors, the Soviet Union and Soviet Intelligence; Cuba (“Castro); “Red” China; and the Trotskyist movement in the United States and Mexico do not fit the motivational profile given earlier except as they objected to JFK’s foreign policy and, it was argued without evidence, as the Soviet, Cuban, and/or Chinese Communists were involved in the international drug trade (and therefore favorite false sponsors of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics). The “Communist” False Sponsors 11. Fidel Castro and Cuba: the motive: revenge; the channel: the anti-Castro plots; sometimes linked in a False Sponsor partnership with Organized Crime. One version: Castro captured the Mafia hitmen and turned them against JFK. Jim Garrison would have called this scenario “Through the Looking Glass.” 12. Soviet Union and the KGB: One of James Jesus Angleton’s two contradictory scenarios. The KGB scrambled (and some of its former agents are still scrambling) to neutralize this charge, primarily because of the KGB’s several officers involved in treasonous games with CIA assets and agents, especially in Mexico City. 13. “Red” China: a False Sponsor apparently intended to satisfy the Right and the so-called China Lobby; also a candidate of certain FBN agents complicit in the assassination planning. 14. The Trotskyist Movement: The conduits were CIA asset William Gaudet, Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Michael Paine. Of the four so-called “Communist” False Sponsors, the Trotskyist links are the most important, impacting on the crucial Mexico City story. 15. The Kitchen Sink Conspiracy: the Mossad/Lansky/British Intelligence/Permindex plot, with allies: possibly generated and certainly distributed by the LaRouche organization, a monumental disinformation operation with both KGB and U.S. intelligence links, at least in part intended to deflect any real drug investigation: summarized by Michael Collins Piper in his book Final Judgment, itself a valuable exercise in “false flags,” patsies, and inverted plots, but like the Garrison investigation, a major venting of False Sponsorship “leads,” which paradoxically is its most significant value. The Permindex story was probably ballooned by compromised KGB agents out of Moscow whose intention was to deflect any possible investigation into the Mexico City mystery. The American Establishment, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and the Dallas law enforcement community of Dallas are not present on this False Sponsor list. The Dallas police have long been suspected of complicity in the shooting of Oswald, and recently the Dallas police have become suspects as shooters in Dealey Plaza. Agents of the FNB were among the earliest facilitators in the JFK killing. Almost immediately after the assassination, elements of the American establishment were charged with the assassination, but not without a tortured argument as to their involvement at all three orders. A handful of researchers, among them Sharrett, Parenti, Gibson, Scott, and Brown, have, in effect, accused the American Ruling Class of instigating the JFK assassination. A number of other groups were brought to Dallas to make very public appearances between November 20th and 24th, especially the convention of Pepsi-Cola bottlers and distributors, among whom were scores of conservative Nixon supporters and members with Military, Defense, Intelligence, and Mob ties, including drug trafficking. The Texas School Book Depository: Despite re-creations by the Secret Service and the FBI, the Warren Commission was unable to establish convincing trajectory analysis for its selection of the sixth floor window of the Depository as the single source for all the rounds which struck Connally and Kennedy. Recognizing this major Warren Commission problem, the HSCA argued trajectory analyses with margins of error so large that no fewer that 40 windows on three Depository floors and the Depository roof and the Dal-Tex Building across the street from the Depository were all given as possible sources of the HSCA’s shots. Though the Warren Commission argued that Oswald built the so-called sniper’s nest on TSBD’s sixth floor, the so-called “wall” of boxes at that window was created by Oswald’s fellow Depository workers, the floor-laying crew (according to a key Warren Commission counsel), not by Lee Harvey Oswald. The so-called sniper’s nest was, simply, manufactured fraudulent evidence. Bullets and Fragments: Earliest FBI ballistic tests (incompletely reported to the Warren Commission) failed to link the Depository rifle with CE 399 (the so-called stretcher or “magic” bullet) or with any of the fragments reportedly recovered from John Connally, John F. Kennedy, and the presidential limousine. The Warren Commission conclusion based on those FBI ballistic tests (attempting to link the so-called Depository rifle to CE 399 and to fragments reportedly recovered from the limousine) were therefore invalid. Warren Commission members were, in fact, openly dubious of the validity of the FBI’s ballistic presentation to them. The House Select Committee on Assassinations ballistics findings were based solely on the Warren Commission’s ballistics conclusions and in turn on the Commission’s acceptance of the earliest FBI ballistics analysis; therefore, the HSCA’s ballistics conclusions were also invalid. Ballistics tests supposed to have been run by the House Select Committee on Assassinations were reportedly made only after the HSCA hearings were concluded and, according to the HSCA, failed to match CE 399 with the Depository rifle. Earliest FBI spectrographic analysis (incompletely reported to the Warren Commission) failed to link CE 399 to any fragment allegedly associated with the Kennedy assassination. The FBI spectrographic documents were subsequently withheld until 1975. This earliest FBI spectrographic analysis contradicted the FBI’s own (incomplete) ballistics report to the Warren Commission, the Warren Commission’s ballistics conclusions, and the House Select Committee on Assassinations ballistics conclusions. According to the FBI, CE 399 showed no fine striations on its lands and grooves and carried no trace of blood, bone, tissue, or fabric (strongly suggesting to independent ballistic experts that it was water-fired and subsequently planted as evidence). According to several Parkland Memorial doctors, CE 399 originally showed insufficient weight loss to account for the ballistic fragments observed in Kennedy and in Connally and as initially reported as recovered from Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital. CE 399 lost .9 grains of weight while in the custody of the federal government, strongly suggesting manipulation of ballistic evidence. Earliest FBI neutron activation analysis tests supported the FBI’s earliest spectrographic analysis. The test results and supporting documents were withheld until 1975. A subsequent neutron activation analysis test run for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, reportedly validating the so-called single-bullet theory, has been found by several independent scientific analysts to be defective and misleading. The .9 grains of weight lost by CE 399 while in federal custody may have been improperly used in this misleading analysis. The earliest FBI ballistic, spectrographic, and neutron activation analysis tests 1. failed to link CE 399 to the killing of John F. Kennedy or to the wounding of John Connally; 2. failed to link the so-called Depository rifle to any of the ballistics reportedly recovered in the Dealey Plaza shooting; 3. established no fewer than four bullets were fired in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963; and 4. strongly suggested that CE 399 (the “magic” bullet) was planted as ballistic evidence. The so-called single-bullet theory in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is, therefore, invalid; at least two weapons fired on the presidential limousine in Dealey Plaza, neither of which was the so-called Depository rifle. Oswald and the “Depository Rifle”: The Warren Commission was unable to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald alone ordered, took delivery of, possessed, practiced with, carried to the Texas School Book Depository on November 22nd, 1963, and fired a rifle from the Depository on November 22nd, 1963. The House Select Committee on Assassinations was unable to establish these allegations. According to the Warren Commission, the Dallas police discovered a rifle in the Texas School Book Depository Building; for days, however, newspaper reports on this rifle were confused. Evidence indicates that the rifle reportedly found in the Depository was untraceable: the discoverers could find no identifying marks. Yet the FBI maintained that the rifle it examined in Washington was clearly marked, clearly identifiable, and clearly traceable. The House Select Committee on Assassinations ignored these serious evidential contradictions. The Warren Commission did not even establish that the so-called Depository rifle had ever been fired on November 22nd, 1963. The HSCA ignored this serious evidential gap. The Warren Commission entered into evidence an ad from a November, 1963, edition of Field and Stream which offered a rifle for sale from Klein’s of Chicago 40 inches long and closely resembling the alleged Depository rifle. But this rifle could not have been ordered by Lee Harvey Oswald (the Warren Commission asserted Oswald had the Depository rifle in his possession by April, 1963); the Warren Commission, in fact, recognized this contradiction and argued that the Depository rifle had been ordered from an advertisement in the February, 1963, edition of the magazine American Rifleman. But this rifle was only 26 inches long. The rifle pictured throughout the Warren Commission’s Report and twenty-six supporting volumes was between 39 and 40 inches long. However, the rifle tested by the FBI was 41 inches long. The House Select Committee on Assassinations ignored these major contradictions. The Other Oswalds: The Warren Commission discounted more than a dozen sightings of a man who looked like, talked like, acted like, and sometimes called himself Lee Harvey Oswald who acted suspiciously in the two months before the assassination but could not have been Lee Harvey Oswald. The HSCA ignored still more evidence of a series of Second Oswalds. These other Oswalds were run by assets and agents of U.S. intelligence at the facilitating level 1. to implicate the historic Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination, 2. to implicate a series of False Sponsors of the JFK assassination, and 3. to introduce confusion—cognitive dissonance—into the events leading up to the JFK assassination. Agents of the FBI, army Intelligence, and the Treasury were aware of both Oswald and at least one known Other Oswald: James Hosty (FBI), James Powell (Army Intelligence), Edward J. Coyle (Army Counterintelligence), and Frank Ellsworth (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), met together in Dallas as late as the morning of the assassination in the offices of the FBI, having knowledge of both Lee Harvey Oswald and John Thomas Masen. Hosty and Powell were both associated with Jack Revill and his Dallas Police Special Services Bureau. These intelligence agents may, in fact, have (though unwittingly) been complicit in framing Lee Harvey Oswald as part of the False Sponsorship program. The Anti-Castro Plots: The Warren Commission ignored substantial leads that would have exposed the CIA-directed plots against Fidel Castro and their links to the JFK assassination. The HSCA admitted the basic facts about the CIA plots, listed its chief suspects in the presidential murder as Santo Trafficante, Carlos Marcello, Jimmy Hoffa, and anti-Castro Cuban exiles directed by the CIA, and then ignored important and substantial leads developed by its own staff pointing to apparent U.S. intelligence participation in the JFK assassination. Hoffa as Major Mediator: Long before a Mob lawyer asserted he had carried the JFK assassination contract from Jimmy Hoffa to Mafia dons Marcello and Trafficante, Hoffa had been the major mediator in a dozen deals in politics, power, and profit involving Organized Crime, the Teamsters, U.S. intelligence, Lansky’s Cuban operations group, and, after the JFK assassination, Howard Hughes’ move into Las Vegas. Hoffa, however, was not the assassination’s initiator but rather the key mediator between D.C. power brokers and the operational level responsible for killing JFK. Jack Ruby: Jack Ruby was directly linked to the Sicilian drug traffic run through Meyer Lansky’s Cuban casinos commanded by Joe Bonanno, Santo Trafficiante, Carlos Marcello, and Jimmy Hoffa. A meeting hosted by Jack Ruby at Love Field in 1959 brought together many major investment representatives of the Sicilian Mafia, the U.S. Mafia, the Lansky Cuban casinos, and the financial power structure of Texas. The money source: Sicilian and U.S. Mafia drug profits. Ruby was involved during his entire lifetime in corrupt Teamsters’ activities, Syndicate business, police and intelligence informing, and the CIA-directed plots against Castro. Ruby was, therefore, the perfect False Sponsor conduit and the perfect false assassin’s executioner. A teamsters/Syndicate/Police/Intelligence complex united in Jack Ruby, illuminating his shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Through the summer of 1963, Jack Ruby maintained his significant links to law enforcement and intelligence agencies: in 1963 alone, Ruby was informing for both the Chicago and Dallas police; Ruby also worked for both the FBI and the FBN and had been involved in CIA-supported arms shipments to Cuba. He was in intimate contact with close associates of Jimmy Hoffa, Santo Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello from his earliest days in Chicago in the 1930s through November, 1963. In June, 1963, Ruby hosted a major meeting of the Mafia in Dallas at the same time that Jimmy Hoffa was holding a major anti-Kennedy Teamsters meeting, also in Dallas. Finally, a Teamsters-Mafia-CIA combination which had run drugs through Batista’s Cuba and had conspired to kill Fidel Castro was in close touch with Ruby in November, 1963, just prior to the murder of JFK and Ruby’s November 24th, 1963, shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby was both coerced and paid to kill Lee Harvey Oswald by representatives of Las Vegas Syndicate figures associated with Meyer Lansky. Again, this contract was handed down from the assassination initiators through the assassination facilitators in the Lansky group, then through the Dallas police or directly through one of Lansky’s associates. Bonnano [sic] and a major Dead Witness: Joe Bonanno engineered and directed the major drug connection between the Sicilian and U.S. Mafias and remained an active partner with Luciano, Lansky, Trafficante, and Marcello in the Syndicate’s heroin operations. When a Mafia friend and key government witness testified about the death of Johnny Rosselli and the involvement of Santo Trafficante in that death, Bonanno had that witness killed. One of the key conspirators in the post-assassination cover-up was, therefore, Joseph Bonanno, accounting for several attempts by agents of the FBI to assassinate Bonanno. The Lansky Connection: Meyer Lansky initiated, developed, and supported Organized Crime’s drug operations from their inception and beyond the death of JFK. Lansky was in continuous contact with U.S. intelligence agencies, primarily because of a shared anti-Communist orientation, including Naval Intelligence, the CIA, the FBI, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Lansky and U.S. intelligence initially conspired to assassinate Fidel Castro, and both Lansky’s associates and U.S. intelligence profited from the world-wide drug trade. When the anti-Castro hits were called off, this shared interest in preserving heroin profits led, on the facilitators’ level, to the death of John F. Kennedy. The Catalyst of the Crime: The Sicilian drug traffic was run through Meyer Lansky’s Cuban casinos through 1959. Castro closed down the Mob’s Cuban operations, and JFK refused to sanction an invasion of Cuba after the Bay of Pigs to topple Castro, which, had it been successful, would have restored the Mob’s casinos and drug business. Further, from JFK’s inauguration in 1961 through November 22nd, 1963, the Kennedy administration dramatically developed a major transformation in U.S. anti-narcotics policy: the Kennedy administration moved to radically reform U.S. anti-narcotics programs and policies. Through two major Congressional investigative hearings, three major reports to the president, a major Washington conference, and a blue-ribbon presidential commission—all of them organized and directed by Attorney General Robert Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy—the Kennedy administration supported a revolutionary approach to drug addiction and U.S. drug laws. If successful, the JFK program would have put the heroin cartel out of business. For the Mafia, the Lansky Group, Hoffa and his corrupt Teamsters locals, the CIA, the anti-Castro Cubans and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the permanent loss of huge narcotics profits therefore constituted a major motive for assassinating the president. Had the Kennedy drug program been fully implemented, the international drug trade—financing scores of black operations around the world and directed by the U.S. power structure—would have collapsed. John F. Kennedy was assassinated before his anti-narcotics program could be put into operation. JFK was murdered by the National Security State and their intelligence, criminal, and Dallas area assets on November 22, 1963. Postscript on Security Stripping Several researchers have been puzzled by the actions of the Secret Service traveling with the president. Was the Secret Service part of the plot or was the Secret Service innocent but inept? Why did nearly all of the Secret Service agents not act immediately to the threat to the president? Why did the limousine driver act so slowly? At the Fredonia Third Decade conference, Vincent Palamara voiced versions of these questions. Basing my comments on post-Aristotelian systems, going beyond “either A or null-A,” I urged him to explore an hypothesis I had developed called “the third alternative.” Since then Palamara has done outstanding work on the Secret Service and the JFK assassination, and he is now working on what will be the definitive story of the U.S. Secret Service. END
  20. Then there were about 30 some odd documents pertaining to Oswald in the HT/LINGUAL files, also like systematically being filed in another section. Those files are very interesting as well. I know when the CIA and Nixon were going back and forth over the Huston Plan, was when J Edgar Hoover supposedly started getting really freaked out and wasn't much later when he turned up dead. I wonder; the Nixon quote "that fellow, Hunt knows too damn much," wouldn't take a rocket scientist to note the same fact about Hoover.
  21. I, at one time owned a copy of the book by Gary Wean, to me the book was not very credible...I never found any newspaper stories regarding Decker, Tower and Audie Murphy's trip to Mexico; not to say it didn't happen, but if there was an actual relationship between Decker and Audie Murphy, the Texas newspapers wouldn't have a reason to keep it a secret years before the JFK Assassination. Wean's book made extensive use of the word "Mishpucka." It seemed too much to me. The "Mishpucka," in Wean's account seemed to control practically Western civilization. The same sort of farce that the Gemstone File's alleged about Howard Hughes. On the other side, I totally believe the concept of a Simulated Assassination gone awry is credible. As those such as Lee Forman and others stated at the beginning of this thread, it would indeed explain a lot of things, but there is that small detail of making the case, on something besides circumstantial evidence. Some might not know that Audie Murphy was in a version of "The Quiet American" that flopped, and was also married to actress Wanda Hendrix who attended his funeral. I would love however to read George Michael Evica's work on the same topic [simulated assassination] Apparently, at one time it was posted online [2nd or 3rd post of this thread] but the URL is no longer there.
  22. Captain Will Fritz died on April 19, 1984. The author of The Kennedy Mutiny does not appear to have a very high profile, has anyone ever interviewed him? What's the deal with his name? Pseudonym, Coincidence.... Don't misunderstand my interest as shooting at the messenger. For one thing one of my favorite researchers George Michael Evica apparently, as many others took a keen interest in a false assassination attempt,[with the knowledge of JFK] as part of a "orchestrated event" that was piggybacked into a real assassination........ So, years earlier I might have laughed the idea to scorn, nowadays I'm not so sure.
  23. I discovered something about Roger Craig a few days ago, that is worth mentioning his account of Oswald, or another Oswald was actually mentioned in the November 23, 1963 Fort Worth Star Telegram, and not months later..... Which tends to give him even more reliability as to his bona fides. He wasn't vindicated until years later in his account when Jesse Curry's book included the photo of him present in Dallas Police Headquarters.
  24. I saw Executive Action after it came out; But the assassination sequence, I don't even remember; could the film be from that movie?
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