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  1. Sorry about that; here is the actual text Stephen FryVerified account‏@stephenfry 28 Nov 2012 @Dr_Black Just discovered that Denis Oswald who taught me maths at school worked on the Lorenz code at Bletchley. We thought he was dull! https://twitter.com/stephenfry/status/273925072295718913
  2. Since the Education Forum is about to be history, I thought I would post something on this thread, that was at least compelling to me. As time goes by the British have become more of a part of the equation in the overall Kennedy saga, than many other things. Bletchley Park, as everyone knows was to England what Arlington Hill was to America, back in that era 1943 UK/USA BRUSA agreement, etc. I will not recapitulate the factoids of military individuals involved in World War II, who also appear in the JFK Saga, except to say. that when I first started surfing twitter, I ran across Stephe
  3. James Richards started this thread, in reference to R. G. Storey, who was a resident of 3525 Turtle Creek.... He also mentioned Jerome Frank...... So I post this as a tribute to his input regarding this area. Dallas Morning News, The (TX) - July 15, 2004 JEROME J. FRANK SR. Built Turtle Creek high-rise Jerome J. Frank Sr. changed the face of Dallas with his vision of skyscraper luxury apartments on Turtle Creek nearly 50 years ago. The project, 3525 Turtle Creek, became the crown jewel of his long, successful business career. Mr. Frank , 95, died Monday of a heart attack at Baylo
  4. pl_006122014_0943_49729_351.pdf3525 Turtle Creek was also the address of Jane Beren CD 106 p. 197 She was interviewed because her telephone number was in Jack Ruby's notebook; she claimed she did not know Jack Ruby, and had no idea how he would have her telephone number. more "H. E. BEREN DIES WHILE IN ISRAEL" Funeral Services for Homer Emanuel Beren, 51, of 3525 Turtle Creek, Vice-President of the Frontier Manufacturing Co., will be held at 2:30 p.m. in Sparkman's Funeral Chapel, 2115 Ross. Burial in Shearith Israel Cemetery. Mr. Beren, a Dallas resident since 1923, died Tuesday
  5. Homer Emanuel Beren is the person I referenced as a LBJ look-a-like on the thread, Mysterious Deaths Before The Kennedy Assassination. The photo I had posted is no longer there. I will try to upload it today. The Dallas Morning News obituary dated October 31, 1963 was headlined "H. E. Beren Dies While in Israel"
  6. This individual also died before the JFK Assassination; His role was central in the preparations for the Bay of Pigs invasion.... Chicago Tribune (IL) - August 07, 1962 WILLAUER, 55, EX-AMERICAN ENVOY, DIES Deceased Name: Whiting Willauer Nantucket, Mass., Aug. 6 (UPI) -- Whiting Willauer , 55, former American ambassador to Costa Rica and Honduras, died today in his summer home on Nantucket Island. Willauer was ambassador to Honduras from 1954 to 1958, when he became ambassador to Costa Rica. He held the latter post thru the end of the Eisenhower administration. Willauer , a summer
  7. The following Warren Commission document mentions the insertion of a right chest tube at Parkland. https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=336574
  8. Robert: I found this on the internet awhile back..... I guess you could call it Memories from the SS Maturata...... In 1958 I joined the Young Conservatives, a group for the under 30's within the national party. It was more a social organization, although we did work at elections and we had great weekend schools. These consisted of getting away from parental scrutiny and to have a good time in a posh hotel. A Purity Patrol ensured that the correct males were linked up with the appropriate females, in theory anyway. In practice since it was 2 of the same sex to a room so it was
  9. I think someone did, but I am out of the loop on that one.
  10. I, believe it or not, have a great deal of interest in Prayerman, albeit I have only read 47 of the 98 or so pages of this thread. I would like to throw out a thing or two. Trying to get to the bottom of all this is very maddening, in no small part that the "Dallas establishment" used every trick in the book to try to suppress the true facts such as Truly and Baker's version of what happened after they entered the TSBD. On another note, I am not so sure some type of image enhancement couldn't nail this down, ie identity of person in foyer called Prayerman... First of all, there is a so
  11. His Listing, apparently a will under Arthur Wyndham Allen Cowan, is the fifth from the bottom. http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?gl=36&gsfn=Allan&gsln=Cowen&gss=angs-g&so=2
  12. The URL below is the only Patrick Dean testimony on the web I am aware of. He also testified in Jack Ruby's trial, if I am not mistaken. http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/dean1.htm
  13. Maybe I am not as humble as some others here, I am definitely aware of the "feeling that all of this is falling on deaf ears;" and I agree that for the most part the mystery is over, unfortunately there are numerous unanswered questions, most are unresolved. The newer conspiracies are 9-11, tsunami's-HAARP and aliens/Area 51, the latter not exactly new. I stick around even with the aforementioned knowing there are a lot of people who read this forum who are not members. I have always been one for the details, and in a strange way, I have all the time in the world, irrespective of when the Fo
  14. Another factoid about the De Menil family is their relationship with "Count Schlumberger;" In todays world the DeMenil's are philanthrophists as were the [Moe, & Walter] Annenberg's, the latter had donated a painting to Jackie Kennedy and JFK, I think before the assassination. As I write this, I still am every bit as interested in Lincoln Mortimer Bloomfield as I ever was, not to change the story. As far as waiting for 2017, the ostensible release date for those declassified documents, it would be wise not to think that these documents contain the smoking gun or guns, they will be subject
  15. Message to Bill Simpich regarding your earlier question about the document, that is a 1978 HSCA Era document which I had copied from Joe Backes Batch Documents..... I will have to dig for that one, and may take awhile.I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you..... There are a smattering of interesting factoids regarding the persons mentioned in this thread....The document below https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=65806 circa 1962, has to do with Ernest Ignacio Aragon, the first couple of pages are virtually illegible, but when you get to the viewable
  16. Rest in Peace Tom, His work and perspective on the Assassination were always thought provoking.
  17. 1968 Dallas Criss-Cross Directory 6001/2 Melba Ruby Monroe WH1-5346 602 Melba H. Jack Price WH2-7389 604 Melba Hilda Roush WH6-4032 605 Melba Jose Huffhines WH3-8309 608 Melba McKay Tidwell WH2-5003 609 Melba Charles Anderson WH3-8512 613 Melba Ray Acker & Mrs. Maud Yates WH8-6279 614 Melba Beatrice Dickinson 942-6366 616 Melba Nettie Smith WH6-3589 617 Melba Nell Fulton WH1-4653 618 Melba Gertrude Moix WH6-3180 620 Melba Donald & Cora Blair WH2-7037 621 Melba G.C. Pollard WH6-5946 622 Melba Brooks Gilliland WH2-8149 624 Melba L. B. Tennison WH6-4252 625
  18. http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/hauptmann-bruno-trial-1.htm The link above is where I found the photo of Albert D. Osborn.... His obituary is below. Chicago Tribune (IL) - December 16, 1946 A.S. OSBORN DIES; LINDBERGH CASE WRITING EXPERT Deceased Name: Albert S. Osborn --Montclair, N.J., Dec. 15 (AP)-- Albert S. Osborn , 88, internationally known handwriting expert who testified in the Lindbergh kidnapmurder case in 1935, died yesterday at his home. He was a native of Sharon, Mich. Osborn testified that Bruno Hauptmann, later convicted and executed for the murder of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.
  19. Great find Tommy! I will see if I can follow-up on this. On an unrelated note; I am sure some Forum members are more than slightly familiar with the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby; ie Bruno Hauptmann. A few weeks ago, I was searching the net and noticed a handwriting expert named Albert Osborn testified at the trial, I may be wrong but when I compared photos of Albert Osborne/John Bowen with the handwriting expert, I thought there was a similarity; I would be curious, to see if anyone else shared my opinion, or if I was mistaken. Again, thanks Tommy. I want to be clear, I am not saying
  20. My experience with some of these "WC interviews" is that there is often a perfidious element, of taking something simple, in this case...when was the last time Rev. Allen had heard from Albert Osborne and making some extemporaneous comment to make the issue even more confusing. Some people might accuse me of being overly suspicious...lol. But, as far as the big picture regarding Albert Osborne/John Bowen....read the following and tell me this isn't a glaring factoid that everyone missed..... 256. Commission Document 251 - FBI O'Flaherty Report of 02 Jan 1964; NEW YORK 12 pages re: Oswald
  21. Here is a little something to store away..... Orlando Sentinel, The (FL) - May 25, 1985 Deceased Name: Paolo Rossi Paolo Rossi , president of the Constitutional Court, Italy's highest tribunal, from 1975 to 1978, died Friday at his home in Lucca, a court spokesman said. He was 85. After World War II, Rossi was a member of a special committee which drew up the new republic's constitution. Robert: He was also a party to the intrigues involving Carlos Marcello, David Ferrie, Jack Wasserman and Carl Noll regarding Marcello's deportation to Guatemala see Mafia Kingfish page 191 ....And
  22. The following document references "Midwest depot," in the context of a storage facility for a considerable amount of explosives, ie [C-4]. What makes it even more interesting is that it is dated nine days before November 22, 1963..... Which reminds me of one of those "extraordinary claims" of Gerry Patrick Hemming RIP. He once said something to the effect that if the shooters had bungled the JFK assassination, there was a contingency plan which called for explosives that would go off as the motorcade traveled out of Dealey Plaza..... Although any spook giving the lowdown on what was behi
  23. Wow, David can you point me to a document, or source, re Hosty/J.G. Robinson, that's news to me and I might be able to track this angle a little more.
  24. Although the definitive answer to who this person was may not ever be available. I did discover someone who seems to fit the bill, in several respects. If I were to be forced to name the person based on the information I viewed over a considerable amount of time, it would be Jimmy George Robinson. He was the same man who slugged Martin Luther King, Jr., after JFK was assassinated; This took place in Selma, Alabama in January, 1964. He was a Dallasite, who ran for political office. And is also mentioned in the biography of George Lincoln Rockwell by William H. Schmaltz p.234-236 He slug
  25. I never have understood the whole Oswald did it "movement". In a country where the most common comparison of America idealistically, anyway, is usually the "city shining on a hill," the passage of 50 years has proven, at least in the real world that Oswald was a dupe, other than Jack Ruby being put in a vise to shoot Oswald, there are an enormous amount of details still being sifted through. The reason I allude to a movement in regards to Oswald as the killer, is that some people view his guilt, more out of a inability to see things as they are, than solid facts, the "movement" I conside
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