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  1. Communism vs. Capitalism I - V http://www.opendemocracy.net/forums/thread...45165&tstart=15
  2. Principles and Forms V I want to add a few words today to what I have already told you about forms and principles, for it is important that the question should be clear to you. You must not think that I am against all forms - certainly not. Forms are useful and necessary but they must not be expected to last for ever. After a time they need to be changed. As I have said, a form is simply a receptacle, a container. This is easy to understand. Take the example of the clothes we wear: does a man wear the same clothes, the same trousers, shoes, or shirts, from the age of two to the age of ninety
  3. Principles and Forms I The important thing in life is to put the same heart and soul, the same tireless love into everything you do and never to give up, for it is the things that endure that must have priority. If something is to last, however, its particles must continually be renewed, and this means that if you are unwilling to clean out and discard the dusty remnants of your old ways of thinking and feeling, you will never create anything durable. Of course I know that it is going to be difficult for you to appreciate the importance of this truth, because the person who says it is a nobo
  4. "We have seen plans formulated for a Pan-Europe, a Pan-Asia, a Pan-America or a Pan-Africa, with the purpose of establishing peace in the world. This represents great progress, of course, but nothing will truly be resolved in this way. Instead of country attacking country, this could mean continent attacking continent: Asia against Europe, for example. Would this be better? Only 'Pan-Earth' can solve all problems.Pan-Earth, the entire world united in one single family. Yes, the only solution to the problems of humanity is universal brotherhood. May all people reach out to one another and unite
  5. We have often seen that a man doesn't become nobler and more radiant or more divine when his desires are all satisfied; on the contrary, he becomes more and more of an animal because he has more possibilities for self-degradation. Poverty at least kept a rein on his appetites! But as soon as he succeeds in improving his material circumstances, the road to Hell lies open before him. I am not saying that men must be held down in a state of poverty; not at all. What I am saying is that it is dangerous to give material facilities to those who have never learned self-control and who attach more imp
  6. Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science VIII Everything is hierarchical. Even in the constellations of the Zodiac: some stars correspond to the head of Aquarious and others to the feet; in Aries, some correspond to the horns and some to the hoofs. Or, take a river: from its source to its mouth a river is hierarchical. Even in a tree, from its roots to its flowers, everything is hierarchically organized. You will ask, 'But how do we know where things belong? It is a very complicated science.' Let me illustrate it for you: what is the first thing you must do if you want to transfo
  7. Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science I I said that evolution was accompanied by a simplification of forms and an amplification of the intensity of life, whereas involution was accompanied by a multiplication of forms and a diminution in the intensity of life, a loss of expressiveness, subtlety and refinement. This is why, when man debases himself, he sinks more deeply into diversity and becomes a world teeming with savage, snarling beasts - snakes, crocodiles, tigers and jackals. This is because man's inner life is simply the reflection of his outer life; when he moves further from the
  8. Dear Friends of Society My political Ideology is the following: I am an Universal Synarchist. Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science: http://www.opendemocracy.net/forums/thread...=45034&tstart=0 The Concept of a Pan-World: http://www.opendemocracy.net/forums/thread...44939&tstart=45 Can America survive? http://www.foundation.bw/canam4x.htm New World Order/Synarchy - The Secret History http://www.opendemocracy.net/forums/thread...44847&tstart=90 True Economics: http://www.opendemocracy.net/forums/thread...44831&tstart=90 Economethics: http://www.opendemocracy.n
  9. « Human beings are using technological progress to benefit their greed, with the risk of destroying the very basis of their existence on earth. This is why technological progress is not truly progress. Of course it is really quite something to be able to send craft into space and to other planets. But at the end of the day, what is the purpose of all this? To exploit the resources and cause the same damage as here on earth? To fight in space? To go and cause havoc all over the universe? There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to explore the cosmos, but not before having found the right
  10. The time has passed when human beings were advised to live a solitary life in order to evolve and earn their salvation. We are now entering the era of brotherhood. Human beings must no longer erect barriers among themselves, but must walk together, side by side, to form a universal brotherhood on earth, in which all beings will form one vast family. When this is realised, frontiers will fall, and instead of wasting enormous sums of money protecting themselves from others, all nations will live in abundance and peace. These are the ideas that inspire the teaching of the Universal White Brotherh
  11. « Each human family is a cell in the vast body of society and if we look at how the cells of a healthy body function we find that they all work together in harmony for the good of the whole. It is clear, therefore, that if the majority of contemporary societies are sick, it is because the families that constitute them are not in harmony with each other. Each family has its own ambitions and interests and if these conflict with the ambitions and interests of others the result is confrontation and disorder. Each family must work for the health and well-being of the universal body, therefore, b
  12. No political system has ever proved to be wholly effective. Neither a monarchy nor an oligarchy, a democracy nor a republic has ever found definitive solution. And this is simply because the system of government is not everything. If individuals are not conscious of their duty as citizens, if they don't understand that they must live in harmony with each other, a country will always be in chaos whatever the political regime. There will always be excesses, disorders and tribulations. Symbolically, democracy represents government by the stomach. Can the desires, appetites and instincts of the
  13. As we go through life we come across people who are rich, handsome, intelligent, powerful and successful in every way. And then we see others who are so poor and defenceless that their life is an endless series of failures. What is the reason for such differences in their circumstances? Many people are outraged by what they think of as the injustice of fate. If you ask a scientist to explain these inequalities he will say that it is a question of chance. And if you ask a priest or a pastor he will tell you that it is the will of God. Some might talk about predestination and grace, but that onl
  14. « Some people are so convinced that God's good name is under attack that they are always taking up arms in His defence. As though the Lord were a weakling who needed to be defended! Well, this is what they seem to think: they go in fear and trembling that His reputation might be besmirched and are ready to defend it at all costs, so they issue their anathemas and persecute and burn and massacre. Why do they never ask the Lord what He thinks about it? They ought to begin by asking His permission: - "Look at all these unbelievers, heretics and blasphemers, Lord; may we punish them? May we burn
  15. « It is when one has no more love that laws and rules are needed; and even at this moment, laws and rules do not serve in much. As long as there is no love, there will be religions which will never be able to bring the human beings towards God. But when love will come, there will be no more religion. Religion will become internal and will show itself under shape of kindness, brilliance, sacrifice, sweetness and light. It is when love left the humanity that religion has come to compensate for it. But when love will come, religion will fade because it will have entered again the heart of the man
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