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  1. It Wasn't Roy Truly... It Was Warren Caster, One Of The TSBD's Managers, & He Brought "Two" Rifles To Work. A .30 odd .06 & A Sporterized Mauser, One Being A Christmas Present For His Son & The Other Being For Himself... He Brought Them To His Office At The Texas School Book Depository After Having Purchased Them During His Lunch Hour On "Wednesday", November 20th...
  2. Hi All, With hope that the moderators will be kind to me this one time and allow me to post, just want to share with all of you, especially to Kathy Beckett, who posted (#2) on John Simkin's July 2nd, 2009 topic, "Rod Serling And The JFK Assassination", her thoughts about the "Twilight Zone's" 1985 broadcast about the JFK assassination entitled "Profile In Silver"... Though I disagree with the show's premise that Oswald was the assassin, the broadcast, to say the least, was quite entertaining... I've posted a link to the 1/2 hour broadcast, in three parts, below... Also hope the moderato
  3. Regarding Don Lewis's Efforts To Organize An All White Basketball League...? Regarding my own thoughts about the rights versus the wrongs of having an "All White Basketball league" (Which I believe is fair), would just like to say that for close to five decades the blacks have pretty much been running the show… Sadly, they've never been content with our elected leadership and seem to thrive on "Black Supremacist" organizations like Lois Farrakhan "Nation Of Islam", "The Congressional Black Caucus", Jesse Jackson and his "Rainbow Coalition", Al Sharpton and his "Action Network", Aaron Michael
  4. Hey Lee, Another great post and, as usual, chock full of info that has had me both thinking and poring through cyberspace for the last few days. With emphasis on the belief, wrongly I feel, by many that the 3rd shot fired that day was a frontal one. Though I disagree with you on that final shot (More on that in a moment) and your feelings that the kill shot did not originate from the 6th floor, I'm glad that we've hit on a consensus that photographs being proclaimed Dillard photos, not only by the Warren Commission Report, but by various researchers who have used them in analysis, are in fac
  5. Hi all, I've seen all the movies, read all the books, analyzed the photographs and, most importantly, spent many, many hours scouring through witness testimony. Though it remains a forgone conclusion, at this point, that the Warren Commission's sole directive from "dipsy" and "doodle" (Lyndon and Edgar) was to endorse the FBI Report's own conclusion that a lone nut named Oswald did it all, the testimony is the closest that we've all got to viable evidence in the case. The most obvious, and incredibly aggravating, fact to the testimony was the consistent interruptions by council members when
  6. Just to add a couple of thoughts regarding my 1st post... Common sense would have suggested to "anyone" who had plans to assassinate JFK that day would have had second thoughts when they awoke to the rain that morning of 11/22/63. Though it was a light rainfall, it was pretty much assured that the "Bubble Top" would be atop the limo. Nobody, including the assassin, could foresee that the rain would stop before noon. Despite whatever fore-casts. Particularly with regard to Oswald. If his intent was murder he would have noticed the rain and left the Carcano in the garage. His intent, though, was
  7. Yes, Len... I do admit to a prejudice... Toward those of both narrow-mindedness and who wander through life wearing that proverbial set of blinders... Kinda' like yourself... Mike
  8. Stand corrected, Tom, on your service in Vietnam... Can only add: "Glad you got home safe and sound" "Welcome Home" & "Thank You For Your Service" Catch ya' later, Mike
  9. Tom, early on in this topic had thought you had read B.G. Burkett's book but have now begun to wonder. Because much, if not all, of the questions you've raised are covered in his research... Totally agree, with both yourself and Burkett, that drug abusing pond scum did find it's way into the military in Vietnam. Among all the services... Important to emphasize, though, that proportionally, the problems never rose above the same drug abuse problems faced by authorities within the civilian populace back in the states.. Obviously, you served with the Special Forces and, again obviously, did so q
  10. Dear Royce, Dixie & Tom, Sincerely, and I do mean "Sincerely" appreciate your comments... Thank you And a special "Thanks" to you, Royce. Rare, indeed, for a Vietnam War vet to read a comment such as your's and it is very much appreciated... Thanks Tom, if you ever decide to begin a search on "That quite limited level of pond scum" that found inself clad in G.I. green while serving in Vietnam, and we're talking the true dregs of society here, suggest strongly that you begin with the likes of Oliver Stone, John Kerry and Al Gore... Every journey has to start somewhere... And I. too, am
  11. Hi all, This is a bit off topic, and for that I aopolgize... Posted it over at the "Vietnam" topic last night and, what the heck, felt quite at home at this topic for a long while and thought you might find it of interest... Well, here goes... Have been a member of this Forum now for a few years and during that couse, and after checking many biographys of fellow members, found that there are numorous fellow Vietnam War vets listed. With thought in mind that, thanks to Hollywood and the Media, the dis-honest and well manufactured perception and stereotype tag placed on us could sway opinion
  12. Hi all, Found this article (Below) while surfing the web and bought the book... Found it very interesting... Focus is on all the 'Phonies' and 'Vietnam War Vet' wanna-be jerks out there who have both contributed to and re-enforced that whacked out stereotype which Hollywood and the rest of those media clowns spent so much time in creating... Making life for the vast, vast majority of us who served honorably miserable as hell... And about as mis-understood as it can get... The article is an adaptation from B.G Burkett's 'Stolen Valor: How The Vietnam Generation Was Robbed Of It's He
  13. AND THEN, FOLKS...??? The COVER-UP BEGINS... Here's another link for ya'...
  14. And About That Instigator, Charles Douglas Givens, From My Previous Post...??? Check out the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry9n8Uew4gE
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