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    Toulouse, France
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    I have been teaching Science and Biology for 11 years. Currently I am working in the International School of Toulouse. We offer a curriculum broadly based on the UK national curriculum and integrate ICT through a laptop programme and an International aspect to our courses though innovative planning and careful use of the WWW. I am particulary interested in best use of laptops for learning and I particularly love Ecology and Molecular Biology.
  1. Dear Andy, I have just posted this reply without any problem. Admittedly my browser accepts cookies, but I have connected through the school firewall and our connection is not very fast today. It seems to me that the security improvement is fine. David FAURE International School of Toulouse France
  2. I've just spotted a really interesting article in New Scientist Magazine. It's in the technology section; I hope this type of innovation doesn't take the pressure of industrial and developing nations and their greenhouse gas emissions agreements. If our use of energy is linked to economic growth then we must find ways to produce energy without producing greenhouse gases, or abandon the economic model the capitalist world uses for something more sustainable. "Sustainable growth" is an oxymoron from a biological perspective. We shouldn't forget that the temperature of the earth has pro
  3. J'ai lu la réflexion de Serge Pouts-Lajus en anglais. J'ai trouvé l'adaptation très bien et interessant. Avec ce genre d'analysis il pose plus de questions que de solutions. L'efficacité des TICE à evolué très rapidement les dernières années, aussi que les logicels. Je suis un des partisans des TICE, mais je rendre compte qu' ils sont pas la solution magique de la pedagogie. Il faut les utiliser dans les facons qu'on juge efficace, comme tous en education. Cependant, je crains qu'il y aura d’effets secondaires négatifs physiolgiques si on ne prend pas des precautions preventitif. I have
  4. I am currently co-ordinator of Biology and Middle School Science at the International School of Toulouse, having previously worked for 8 years in comprehensive schools in the Bristol area of the UK. After three years of teaching in a laptop school, I am thoroughly convinced of the value of ICT in education. I now do most of my lesson planning on our department website www.intst.net/science and integrate student use of laptops into my lessons in a variety of ways. I am always on the look-out for new ways to use ICT to improve student learning. I am also interested in comparisons between the
  5. I'd be interested in contributing to the Environmental Pollution aspect of the VS Chemistry department. As a member of the VS Biology department perhaps I can encourage the whole department to participate. I think I can also add an aspect of aviation into my Human Impact on Ecosystems topic in IB Biology at the International School of Toulouse. We have excellent links in the aviation industry, as you may know. We are connected to Airbus in Toulouse. In the summer term I will have some student tested resources to add. I'd be especially interested if my students could also contribute.
  6. Hi Nick, I have used a genetics simulation called "mouse lab" for breeding experiments at IB level (AS-A2) Biology. I believe there is also a drosophila "Fly Lab" but it is now a subscription site. http://www.explorelearning.com/index.cfm?m...l&ResourceID=35 I'd love to find a good ecosystem population dynamics simulation if anyone knows of one.
  7. I didn't know what a VLE was either and I found this information on the JISC website JISC - VLE information Looking at these lists it seems that many of us are already doing most of this already using simple systems already present in schools a colleges. I can't see anything which couldn't be done using Blackboard, and most of it could be done much more simply using MS Office tools. It seems like the educational equivalent of a "home entertainment system" which just bundles everything together. Sometimes distance learning is an excellent way to share ideas and learn without having to wa
  8. I wonder whether your neighbours' children and grandchildren have computers Graham? I suspect that they might. I think that Ian is making some very sensible points about providing sensible low cost technology to people who don't have a computer. If we never introduced anything new because it scares the wits out of some people, we would still be weaving by hand! If in education we are trying to prepare people for the world of work we can't ignore the fact that the vast majority of employees will have to use a computer at work. It's our job to convice our students (and their parents) that
  9. I am a classroom practitioner in an international school. Every student carries their own laptop computer to every lesson and we have a network point at each desk and a multimedia projector in each classroom. I have been following this forum with interest. The idea of blending the best of the old and the new to offer more active and creative ways of learning is something I try to do every day. Unfortunately I find myself constrained by an assessment system which demands the students to hand write answers to questions on paper booklets and only uses new technologies to mark the short pen
  10. Biology Karyoke Songs on Powerpoint http://www.africangreyparrott.com/downloads There are some interesting biological songs now posted on this biology teacher's personal website. They are in powerpoint and some have a sound file to liven up the activity. They would suit GCSE, AS or IB level students and include, "It's Mitosis Time, C'mon! (to the tune of "Celebration Time" by Kool and the Gang)" I love the periodic table song but I think these are even better. David FAURE
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