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    Knoxville, near Oak Ridge
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    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions--Cold Fusion
    JFK Assassination

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Jim Phelps is from Knoxville, Tennessee and is a second generation to work for the Oak Ridge nuclear plants. He has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and worked at the Oak Ridge National Labratory as Sr. Development Staff person at the height of the Reagan Cold War. He worked in areas such as FEMA-COG and areas close to the highest of Govt. levels.

Jim Phelps has had an interest in the subject of the JFK assassination due to his learning of Oak Ridge's involvement in the Cuban problems and Oak Ridge's hate for JFK in 1963. He knows the public has been lied to by the highest offices of the US Govt. and seeks to provide addition relevant insights into the real motives of highly placed persons that were involved in the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and its ongoing cover-up.

Jim Phelps wants the US Govt. returned to the American People and the values of Justice to serve the American People and not that of those that seek to economically control and manipulate the US Govt. and its people. He does this primarily by being an outspoken Whistleblower on the JFK and Oak Ridge cover-up and other elements of Govt. Abuses of Power.




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