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  1. Solving the JFK and LHO hit has always been easy for anyone than knows deuterium is connected to the USAEC and then its ancient past connected to religion and the Covenant of the Ark. Most all the JFK hit issues began in Oak Ridge and were over deuterium cover ups of all sorts. People like McCone helped a lot with the Oak Ridge hate for JFK. Citation: Grimsby-born soldier turned Soviet Union Spy Albert Osborne has long been touted as one of the prime suspects in the John F Kennedy assassination plot. ------- Some accounts suggest the plan to shoot Kennedy was formulated in mid-1963 by a group of men including shadowy figures such as CIA contract agent William Seymour, Major L.M. Bloomfield, who is said to have sponsored Osborne's activities in the 1940s, and another contract man called Laurence Howard. ---------- Today, as thousands more secret documents - known as the JFK Files - were released to the public , it emerged that a anonymous caller tipped off the Cambridge News that something big was about to happen - 25 minutes before JFK was shot. And it is thought that caller was in fact Osborne, and that he was calling from Grimsby, where he was staying with his sister. Less than half an hour later JFK was shot dead in Dallas, Texas with Oswald later arrested for the murder. He was shot dead himself by Jack Ruby soon after. Source: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/grimsby-news/who-albert-osborne-how-find-691238
  2. Another excellent collection from Jennifer Lake that shows the USAEC connections for the JFK hit. John McCone turned into a Masonic Boot Licker and was USAEC Chief. USAEC chief was immense power and control over even President's knowledge in the US. Citation: “Because of the law which set it up and its close relationship to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy in the Congress, the AEC is one of the most independent branches of the Invisible Government. One of Eisenhower’s parting admonitions to Kennedy was: ‘You may be able to run lots of things around here. But one of them you can’t run is the AEC.’“ [p201, The Invisible Government, by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross, 1964] Citation: After the Secret Service obtained a graphic film of the assassination taken by.. Zapruder, McCone had the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) officers.. prepare briefing boards…”. In the months ahead, as the Warren Commission set upon its duties, “…DCCI Marshall Carter recalled that McCone said he would ‘handle the whole [commission] business myself, directly’…” http://www.nsarchiv2.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB493/docs/intell_ebb_026.PDF In this 2015 ‘report’ by David Robarge, published by the CIA’s own Studies on Intelligence, is noted that “Mr. McCone withheld evidence the CIA secretly monitored Oswald’s mail after he attempted to defect… [and] it suggests the White House may have directed him to hide the information.” It just doesn’t say which White House. Citation Incidental to Russell’s research, on a prompt from Nagell regarding his 1963 suspected-KGB contact ‘Oaxaca’ in Mexico, who requested a meeting with Oswald through Nagell [the September ’63 Mexico City trip], Russell introduces a curious fellow named Albert Alexander Osborne, a.k.a. John Howard Bowen. Albert Osborne sat next to Oswald on a bus ride for 18 hours into Mexico. The figure of Osborne/Bowen, whom the FBI believed to be one person with a duel-identity, remains a mystery today, deepened in that Dick Russell’s detailed reference to Osborne in his 1992 book was wholly omitted from the 2003 re-issue of the Man Who Knew Too Much. * Albert Alexander Osborne a.k.a. John Howard Bowen, born and raised in England, had only one clearly traceable residence-location from where he came and went in the United States in Knoxville Tennessee, the nearest city to the Manhattan Project’s Oak Ridge Facility. It may even be that Albert Osborne adopted his second identity as Bowen in Knoxville in 1943 as Oak Ridge was being built and inhabited. Bowen was said to have left Knoxville after the summer of ’43. Over a ten year period beginnng in 1953, “Bowen” infrequently but occasionally announced his status as a missionary in Mexico through articles sent to the Knoxville Journal. Osborne later took refuge in Knoxville again in 1964 to escape hounding by the FBI according to his anonymous friends. The FBI at least caught up with Osborne in Nashville in March of ’64 for what was his third and last interview with the FBI. After this he was officially written off as a con man and witnesses were told to forget about him. He died in San Antonio, Texas in 1966 at age 77, believed to be caused by food poisoning. Besides his infamous September of ’63 bus ride with Oswald in Mexico, Osborne the traveler left New York City for the U.K. six weeks later on November 13. The journey included a novel visit to his English siblings who hadn’t seen him in 40 years and then, as his sister told it, Osborne departed for London, arriving on or near November 18, 1963. He returned to New York on an Icelandic Airlines flight originating in Luxembourg on December 5. Albert Alexander Osborne, whose name-parts were variously used as aliases by Lee Harvey Oswald (or his impersonators), was not the only Oswald contact trekking to London in the months or weeks before the assassination of President Kennedy. Comment-----Osborne or Bowen was set up in Knoxville as it was close to TVA and DISC and also close to Oak Ridge and its big secrets on Deuterium being generated from the ORNL Air Cooled Graphite reactor. He is a local analogy to Canada/UK's Louis Bloomfield as a UK person also trying to cover up deuterium issues connected with religion and the Right to Rule by the Royalists of the UK. Basically, once all the Bible issues connected to religions come out in the public knowledge the UK becomes a bunch of tyrants that have long hidden and withheld deuterium's health secrets from the world. So, one find this ACCC that try to dominate religious understanding away from deuterium issues, and they have a small army of killers to push that along. LHO was sized up by Osborne/Bowen to see if he would fit into the USAEC's need to kill JFK. The USAEC plan likely first began with this group wanting to kill JFK, but drifted into the safer Jack Ruby Big Event methods to stay very distant from Oak Ridge and the ACCC need to cover up all knowledge on deuterium connected with distant past history for religions. Still, it was Oak Ridge's Mason named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr that got Ruby to become the Point Man for the JFK hit in Dallas. Even if Ruby was caught, he would never give up the deuterium issues associated with Zionism, LBJ, USAEC, DISC, and the UK's Royalists. Source: https://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/category/jfk-assassination-2/
  3. The Trump Adm seems to have big interests into the JFK hit and JFK, Jr hit as Jr and Trump were good pals. So, we see lots of claims on Q, the term WWGIWGA, 200 Generals Involved, and various claims, Examples: This Fellow claims MI-5/6 connections and that the 305th Kraken gang is going to hire him, and so on. But tells JFK was hit over Fed Res., which dodges the UK's Royalist's issues on Right to Rule, Covenant of Ark and so fotth: Then when everyone looks more closely: It appears a Mi-5/6 hack job. https://www.simonparkes.org/about https://metro.co.uk/2013/06/19/simon-parkes-labour-councillor-fathered-a-child-with-alien-3847352/ With the few 1st term Trump days left---issues will break wide open on Rome, Popes, Pelosis, and lots more. And a very good bet that the JFK hit will get explained. Now the push is on to show why high deuterium is connected with the CV-19 infection games on Election problem. https://cdn.onb.it/2020/02/Boros.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0r2KYwgxzOY3hkcMMnyAaklz4X4SHH0EGNNFmCPFUWJ2e4GZW_NHv1oEo The Trump Admin tells the Investigations will be Biblical and the Deuterium cover up is very Biblical and The Trump Adm also speaks to Crimes Against Humanity and this certainly fits into that category. Seems the JFK cover up games have gone full circle and the traps were well placed to catch criminal Elites. Major Closure Begins 1-19-21 at 10 till 5:00 pm
  4. The connections of Deuterium to the JFK hit has a long and sordid history from the origins of the Gods in Ancient Sumeria into the present. In the times of Sumeria, these ancient regions were under much strife from climate changes, food issues from siltation of the Euphrates and hostile mountain tribe attacks on these old city regions. Persons, like Abraham, lived in the City of Ur, and the Abraham God gave Abraham the knowledge of deuterium and health as the Covenant with God and told hmi to move to the Jerusalem regions and there he would flourish. Jerusalem was fed by Springs like the Gihon and the area was cooler and there were no food issues from River Siltation problems. In these times and difficulties this strategic advantage was likely needed. Over great expanses of time this strategic knowledge become the Solomon's temple secrets and the inner issue for the Deuterium knowledge held in symbolic type examples. One being the low deuterium water called Manna and Two being the Grass Fed Animal Sacrifice held outside the Temple was was low deuterium meat and fats. All that was good knowledge, but held close for the advantage of only one set of clued in religious persons. Over more expanses of time, these Abraham derived folks become the Family of David and those that held the knowledge for the Ark of The Covenant. In Europe, the English Empire was set up by Royalists that claim their Right to Rule from the Most direct decent from The Throne of David. So, the old Jews of Jerusalem that were scattered into Europe soon formed up to make the English Royalist Protestants and the Jewish and the English Royalists are blood related. The Roman Catholics are no so blood related and they broke up the 2nd Temple over killing Jesus. So, the English and the Jewish tend to not get along and there are constant power struggles. Along the way the English started the Masons to work against the Catholics. This got to be a mess in the US with the Civil War and the makings of the Imperialist Backing Scottish Rite Masons by Albert Pike. The English have been legendary in their games for Dominion over others. The Colonial deals were very unpopular with the 13 Colonies. The UK Slavery Process connected with the Liverpool Banking and the Atlantic Triangle Trade became unpopular and fermented the US Civil War. The UK's East India Company was very unpopular and ended not long after WWII. JFK cut loose Algeria. Vietnam was in flux. The UK was well known for not allowing Freedom and Independence and tyranny over others. Their biggest tyranny is the deuterium health issues cover ups. Then this dislike process got involved in the JFK Catholic Politics and the Truman installed Masons trying to dominate the US. In the war before JFK, the discovery of deuterium became a part of nuclear sciences and soon these old methods of deuterium from the old secrets of religion became issues. A secret like deuterium and how it related to diseases and illnesses became a method of profit for the Corrupted Rockefeller System for Profits on health exploitation. Then in the more recent times, this became a method for exploitation, and technically a method for tyranny against the People not taught this health secret. So, the biggest secret of the JFK hit was over deuterium and when the deuterium secrets were exposed then the English Royalists and their Jewish Kin would be seen as those akin to tyranny over others using keeping the deuterium secrets. In the Manhattan Project, some of those that held these deuterium secrets had framed art on their walls that told they Manage By Deceit and Treachery. That means they were backing the USAEC's, Manhattan Project's continued concealment of the health issues of deuterium and that relationship to the old Covenant of the Ark's strategic advantages. In today's time, the keeping of this deuterium secret is a tyranny process and is very exploitative of people's health and wellness that the US corrupt medicine exploited the US and most of the world via hiding this age old religious temple's secret. LHO got hold of the deuterium secrets via the CIA's kill Castro project with Dr. Oschner and his pal Harold Urey, then LHO's trip to the deuterium repository of Oak Ridge to learn more of the deuterium connection to cancers and diseases. So, the CIA, State Dept., corrupt Masons and Big Pharma have all hidden the deuterium secret and all refuse to acknowledge that Via LHO JFK learned that deuterium core secret for the Jewish religion and the Royalist Rule, and when told all those issues would be viewed as tyranny. So, JFK would easily demolish the CIA, the USAEC, the Secret Society Masons, The Truman Presidency, English Dominions, the Jewish religion and a lot more.--and the Catholic's open views on teaching low deuterium diets would win out. Basically, large parts of Revelations would be proven via deuterium sciences. The US has had their Deep State Crooks in various places that have concealed the main motive deuterium issue reasons for the JFK hit by Jack Ruby all these years and caused people a lot of harm via their greed. IN the modern times, this deceit and treachery of hiding deuterium and its religious associations is criminal and considered Evil in the extreme. The Deuterium Secret has been exposing itself for a very long time now, and it is time the corruption in the JFK arena ends. Those that continue the Deceit and Treachery games on the JFK deuterium linked history may soon find issues of insurrection, sedition, and treason. ======= An Important Example for why JFK needed to have completed his exposing of deuterium-- The rise of deuterium in the cell mitochondria is the root cause for the CV-19 and other health problems and this is a prize example of what has been allowed to happen via suppression of deuterium related health issues: This CV-19 and other health issues would not have happened, if JFK was allowed to expose this deuterium linked health issues. https://cdn.onb.it/2020/02/Boros.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3bmbmgadnD2A_p2HjKTuyKUcQ55JxelnRgjNX05YUgNFE-FB8D60_teKQ
  5. Anyone can now see the ROCKEFLLER (AMA and Big Pharma) collaboration with Ferenc Nagy and PERMINDEX and the cover up of the Deuterium's health effects issues and that connection to the Jewish Temple's inner most secrets. The Rockefellers are some of the most corrupt medicine types there are, as told by Morris Bealle in his Book called "The Drug Story". (See http://www.herbogeminis.com/IMG/pdf/the_drug_story2.pdf ) So, when the corrupt Rockefellers learned that they could all get rich concealing deuterium they became all in. They, along with Ansel Keys, pushed the US food supply to drift into additive sugars and carbs and put the American public into the Original Sin of Eden and get all overloaded on the "Forbidden Fruit", aka sugars. One of the prime info sources is the Bloomfield Archives in Crown controlled Canada and they are withholding all the religious deals on DISC, Deuterium, and Rockefeller Racketeering. There are plenty of leaks to piece together their collective cover up on deuterium. Harold Urey first released his deuterium findings in a New Orleans Tulane Univ. conference, so that area has long hidden deuterium and health effects. Thus, one finds that Alton Oschner down in New Orleans with Mary Sherman trying to make a cancer vaccine and his is big buddies with Harold Urey. Oschner pitches cancer as a way to get rid of Castro and the New Orleans CIA backs the plan. That pulls in David Ferrie, the Lee Harvey Oswald, then Judy Baker. LHO is a JFK mole and Oak Ridge spilled the beans on deuterium to LHO. Once, LHO is the suspected mole on Deuterium, the crooks send in the ACCC types to shadow LHO and see what he is doing. LHO gains a lot as he got plugged into DISC, and they know their end is near once the deuterium secrets are exposed to JFK---who will cut the CIA and the USAEC into tiny bits for health racketeering with the corrupt Rockefeller Medicine. Citations: The poor judgement that is at the origin of LAC’s decision to keep secret an important part of the Bloomfield Archives, that could contain information on the activities of Permindex, Ferenc Nagy, and Clay Shaw in years 1961 to 1963, is depriving the world of important information about the JFK assassination. Just as the Louis Bloomfield Archives —for the first time—documented the relation between Ferenc Nagy’s Permindex and David Rockfeller’s WTC, the other Bloomfield documents kept secret by Library and Archives Canada —against their donator’s will— may well contain exclusive information on the relationship between Ferenc Nagy, Clay Shaw and Permindex. The JFK assassination being definitely one of the most important historic events of the Twentieth Century, it is deplorable that a national historical institution like Library and Archives Canada locks its doors on such documents. ===== To further document the relationship between Nagy-Permindex and the JFK assassination, it is also important to know that Ferenc Nagy was identified as someone that had visited Guy Banister's detective office in New Orleans by Bannister's secretary. The private eye was an ex-FBI agent that was directing anti-Castro activities in Louisiana and was related to Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw. In conclusion, what we now learn from documents of the Bloomfield Archives is that Dr. Nagy was the initiator of contacts with David Rockefeller at the beginning of year 1960, and that Rockefeller did collaborate with Permindex and CMC in order to speed up the development of his World Trade Center organization. === Source: http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/2010/10/ Other Refs from those locked onto the Canadian Bloomfield files cover ups are on the left sidebar links for this article and well worth the read. Lots and lots of PERMINDEX and New Orleans association, heavy ROCKEFELLER racketeering, and one can see what kind off immense crooked operations that JFK was close to exposing.
  6. Thus, once anyone connects the Dots for Deuterium and the JFK hit, they quickly notice DISC operatives connect up with the ACCC, American Council of Christian Churches, then Knoxville, Tn. ( Oak Ridge ), and the need to cover up deuterium in basically Genesis, The 1st Temple, and Oak Ridge's cover up on cancers and Deuterium that was plugged into the CIA's Kill Castro Project. This is where PERMINDEX and Ferenc Nagy and his Masonic director Georges Mandello get involved. Then DISC connected with Zionist Louis Bloomfield and DISC One clearly sees all the prime DISC locations involved with Albert Osborne. Osborne even escorts LHO into Mexico. Now you know why the Churches have to be managed to not talk about Deuterium and expose the Masons and the 1st Temple's major health secrets. The US Govt's conspiracy to cover up deuterium in nuke production releases, as well as in health and cancers, as well as in the Masons and 1st Temple deals started in WWII with the Manhattan Project. It involves DISC, The FBI, the USAEC, and got connected to the Dallas Hunt Gang, Jack Ruby, LBJ, Hoover, and so on. After the JFK hit these Nagy and PERMINDEX types were taken into the Rockefeller connections and set up the massive health Racketeering involving Deuterium knowledge suppression. ===== Citations NASA, Nazis & JFK: The Torbitt Document & the Kennedy Assassination By William Torbitt, Kenn Thomas Pages---137---148 Source: https://books.google.com/books?id=9YZxWU_VgnMC&pg=PA137&lpg=PA137&dq=ACCC JFK Knoxville&source=bl&ots=oyauxRBOoB&sig=ACfU3U2VyynsQTkddvhUcwqZyjFzLMFTAQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjux_eGwIfuAhVBAqwKHSFVCH8Q6AEwA3oECAEQAg&fbclid=IwAR0av15BZHjw70tWe9TWa5kKytF3VuKwfnuY_41Dakj24fDnyCEg1x3h0ws#v=onepage&q=ACCC JFK Knoxville&f=false ===== Basically---the title really needed to be the USAEC, The Zionists, & JFK. Anyway, just add the missing deuterium piece and all comes into clear view. Then, the Zionist Mason LBJ and his Zionist Partner Jack Ruby Fit. And the USAEC and Deuterium fit and the crooked DISC / Div 5 Zionist Bloomfield and PERMINDEX / Nagy / Masonic Matello fits and I bet if we dig deep state enough we find that MLK noticed the ACCC hated JFK.
  7. Another Great Article: There are a ton of people in Oak Ridge, largely Masons, that know exactly why and how JFK was eliminated and saved their jobs! Then there are others more distant. Citation: Thirteen People Who Had Foreknowledge of JFK’s Assassination J.L. Pattison Nov 16, 2019·19 min read The Thirteen People Who Knew About President Kennedy’s Assassination Before It Happened Source https://medium.com/@j.l.pattison/thirteen-people-who-had-foreknowledge-of-jfks-assassination-8681698ef1c8
  8. Ole LBJ was backed by Masons like Hoover and his Texas Oil pal down in Dallas, Mason Clint Murchison. They knew lots of Presidents were gunned down over the years and that Catholics in the US would not be popular. So, they Black-Mailed their Good Ole Boy Crooked Politician LBJ onto the JFK ticket and waited. They knew that JFK's pal James Forrestal was hated by Truman and the USAEC's Manhattan Project Masons. Basically, ole Texas Masonic Zionist took the bet that all he had to do was wait for JFK to be shot and he would get his wish. Soon, JFK went after the Truman Secret Society Masons, the Corrupt CIA Mason Dulles screwed JFK on Bay of Pigs and lots of those Masons got fired. Jfk went after the USAEC's nuke pollution and got the Atmospheric Test Ban that had the USAEC's Masons in Oak Ridge all hating him. Then JFK refused the JCS's Operation Northwoods games to attack Cuba and the JCS wanted rid of JFK. Then the Nuke Proliferating in the Middle East hit the fan and all the US Zionists were wanting JFK gone and LBJ in his place. Sly old LBJ knew all these deals were likely and JFK would be taken down and basically as Nixon commented LBJ would have shot his way into office. One can see the Kennedys hated LBJ due to the Southern good ole Boys Black Mail games being supplied by the corrupt Hoover. Bobby and John both wanted the corrupt Texas Mason LBJ and his former neighbor High Rank Mason Hoover out of their offices and JFK was well on the way toward that end. The USAEC's boys wanted to get rid of JFK in the Summer of 63 over the Atmospheric Test Ban with Russia that thru off their Russian attacks based on the Missile Gap issues for firing redness. The Oak Ridge USAEC boys were already trying to get Jack Ruby to kill JFK in Dallas three Months before Nov 22nd. Between the USAEC, the JCS, they saw a pathway to work an Operations Northwoods game to blame the Russians for kilning JFK using LHO. AS JFK got in the battle with Ben Gurion over nuke proliferation issues, that was the impetus that pushed Jack Ruby into killing JFK for the Jews. Thenas Jack Ruby's Big Event missed killing LHO, he had to kill LHO himself to protect the Jews. Citations: ===== Vice-presidents, or ‘Veeps’, are the also-rans in Washington politics, their duties mainly ceremonial. Should Johnson give up his immense power in the Senate to become Number Two to a man he saw as a rich playboy and dismissed as ‘sickly, pallid, not a man’s man’? He looked up the history of the office. Seven VPs had become president through the death of the man in office - five among the last 18 presidents. The odds were better than four to one. He took the offer. ‘I’m a gamblin’ man, darlin’,’ he said to his companion on the way to the new president’s inaugural ball. He was gambling on the one heartbeat separating him from the top. The gamble came off on November 22, 1963. ======= Bobby had tried his hardest to stop Johnson becoming vice-president. When he did, both brothers sidelined him into obscurity. Bobby was Jack’s confidant while Johnson, in all of 1963, spent only two hours alone with the president. He was ignored in Cabinet, excluded from the vital meetings during the Cuban Missile Crisis, sent off on pointless foreign trips and reduced to a cypher. He had brought in the Southern vote for Kennedy, but now experienced the humiliation he feared. Then suddenly, the situation was reversed. ======= Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/books/article-2172691/The-Texan-gambler-bet-life-JFK--won-THE-YEARS-OF-LYNDON-JOHNSON-VOLUME-4-THE-PASSAGE-OF-POWER-BY-ROBERT-A-CARO.html?fbclid=IwAR23w38w_-VtcQe1OqFRT0Q8xkjlmhJSYTlQF8hSiVDzvybUa_OUJgUUWFQ
  9. One of the most Rare of Catholic Mary statues is in Oak Ridge and those that know its old religious symbolism recognize it is dedicated to the central role that deuterium plays in Genesis, Nuke Bombs, and the Ark of the Covenant. She is a one of a kind, as she faces the USAEC's Deuterium Storage plant, called "Y-12" (Christ--aka Yahweh and !2 disciples symbolism) for making Hydrogen Bombs when she was dedicated back in the latter 1950's. It appears that it was commissioned by the Oak Ridge head of the Oak Ridge's and USAEC's head of security and uses lots of Masonic type imagery/symbolism on the base of the statue. The Base has the Snake and the Apple that represents the poison deuterium in fruits that has to be regulated for health. Hence, Mary's foot is on the snake and controls the poisons going into the apple symbolism. The Base also has the Sun Sign---circle with Dot. The Sun runs mainly on D-D Fusion that makes most of the Light. It also has the Atomic Atom Symbol that forms the Jewish six pointed Star of David inside that symbol. The Deepest secret from the Solomon's temple was the deuterium issues that was part of the Covenant that made the Abraham people more highly healthy than others that did not know their Temple's Secrets.. In Oak Ridge, and some other USAEC areas, the issues of deuterium connected with ancient region is very well known. The Y-12 plant attracts a huge number of Masons to work at the New Deuterium based Atomic Weapons Temple in Oak Ridge. A close up on the Base of this Unique St Mary Statue and the secret knowledge of deuterium that was part of the Jesus Lord's Supper ministry that was given to all and went beyond the entitled Few from the Covenant. This one simple Point is what gains the Catholic Views on Jesus and Mary as superior to those that kept their secrets and the Covenant that just enhanced one group. As the deuterium health research grows and the diet factors for low deuterium become known to the world, we may discover the whole Planet becomes a Kinder and Gentler World that is inclusive to all. The Jewish temple has long held its secrets and the Masonic Scottish Rite jumped into those style of secret keeping for power and control, but all that is coming to an end and essentially a part of Revelations Prophecy. There was an Original Sin in the Garden of Eden that became a huge and very long running religion based Conspiracy to Conceal by the Jewish covenant and its Solomon's Temple, the later the Rockefeller AMA and Big Pharma, the USAEC, and the Masonic Craft that sought to deny Jesus and the world the knowledge of simple hydrogen's health factors. In JFK's time, these USAEC related secrets got JFK and LHO killed to silence their being made public in 1963.
  10. It is no secret that the Zionists and their Masonic connections have highly exploited the US for their defenses. Mason Truman was highly in on it. The Zionists gained their Air Force from De-Milled air-frames cut in half that were bought at scrap metal prices and shipped down to Israel to weld back together and make working aircraft that became the Israeli Air Force.. The US's Al Schwimmer became a player. https://www.newsweek.com/2015/02/13/israel-air-force-and-americans-who-helped-make-it-303346.html LBJ was a Big Player in getting European Jews imported into Texas as part of his political career. LBJ is also considered by many to have been the first Jewish US President https://www.aish.com/ho/i/Operation-Texas-LBJs-Mysterious-Mission-to-Save-Jews.html https://www.jdnmirror.com/english/lyndon-johnson-first-jewish-president/ Masons always had a big role in Zionism. LBJ was technically a Texas Mason: https://conejomasons.org/remarkable-connection-freemasonry-modern-israel/ JFK was against Nuke Proliferation and became the enemy of Zionists and their Masonic backing: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-how-a-standoff-with-the-u-s-almost-blew-up-israel-s-nuclear-program-1.7193419 https://www.jpost.com/opinion/op-ed-contributors/when-ben-gurion-said-no-to-jfk Jack Ruby worked for LBJ as being a part of the Nixon's Panel on Un-American Activities that sought to label Israel's people in the US as Foreign Agents. Thus, when JFK got killed and then LHO got killed by Jack Ruby, Nixon recalled LBJ's Man. Ruby got into helping run guns to Isreal's Irgun type that decided to press the issues with the UK's Balfore Agreement.. They blew up the Kind David Hotel which the UK occupied and forced them to exit, then ran the Palestine Arabs out. Lots of this battle is still in play to this very day. Ruby also got into running nuke secrets and other deals to the Dimona Project. Ruby got a deal that if he helped eliminate JFK that Israel would get the Bomb. Ruby always trying to play the Big Man took that offer. Then, the Mossad in the US received highly enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pa. Then as the Israelis needed rocket nuke warheads to deal with the Arabs getting old NAZIs to build rockets for the Arabs, LBJ sent H-Bomb's Edward Teller to Dimona many times to show them how to build nuke armed Rockets. So, as the Six Day War was happening the Israeli's were going to show off they were a Nuke Armed stated, it was LBJ's pnic that set up the faked USS Liberty attacks to get the US Forces into that war. Today, very ugly deals like the Jeff Epstein deals black mail the US elect with Honey Traps to gain advantages. Before this we see JFK's Movie Director, Oliver Stone, being over seen by Zionist's JFK Movie Producer Arnon Milchan to play up the US CIA and Rogue Govt killed JFK and Deep Stating that Zionist's Jack Ruby led the Dallas Big Event to get Nukes for Israel. Then try not to mention that Arnon Milchan got caught getting Neutron D-T generator sources and hydrogen thyratrons for the Dimona nuke Bomb Projects out of the US. The list of the US being exploited by Israel is huge, and the domination of the Zionists in trying to keep Jack Ruby's leadership role in the Dallas hit is a top effort that also hides the LBJ's various roles that made Israel a Nuke Weapons State and the mess of Don't Ask and Don't tell and a ton of other secret on various deuterium issues linked with the religion of The First Temple and the real deal of the Abraham Covenant related to deuterium special values and the various deuterium secrets held close in the 1st temple's times that became the basis for the Mason's 1st temple emulations. There is not question that Jack Ruby is up there with the names like Al Schwimmer down in Israel, but only spoken very quietly as the one person that did the most to get the Zionists into the Nuke Weapons Business. Ruby's Buddy LBJ made it happen for getting rid of JFK and getting LBJ the get out of jail free card. Though Ruby was promised a Hero's Pardon, he was considered too dangerous to be let out of prison, as he would cast blame all around to folks that did not want to deal with his propaganda efforts to absolve himself off blame. Jack Ruby died in prison on Jan 3, 1967.. LBJ left office in Jan 1969 and left the loose lips of Ruby sealed. June 6, 1968, RFK silenced too. All in all, it was a war between Catholics and Zionist/Masons that has taken a terrible tole on the US due to concealing the deuterium issues in ancient religions and health damages to millions. Ruby had leaked to his Dallas Rabbi (the same one that Abe Zapruder had) that he killed LHO for the Jews. That did not end as he started leaking to Dorothy Kilgallen that he did it for the Jews and perhaps that he made deals with USAEC and Lyndon to get the Jews Nukes. That Ruby leak got Dorothy Kilgallen murdered and even her best friend that read her manuscripts killed also to silence Ruby's leaks. There was no way they wee going to let Ruby loose. I guess we should mention that Dorothy was Catholic ! She wanted to avenge JFK's death. There is also little doubt that the Chicago Zionst's Powers told LBJ that he could not run for another term as they needed to take down another Kennedy that wanted to avenge his Brother, and that led directly to LBJ's buddy Jack Ruby and LBJ himself. The same Chicago outfit that killed JFK also had the very well connected Zionist name Hyman Larner and his connections had RFK killed in LA at the Hotel owned by Henry Crown's family---the same Henry Crown that owned LBJ via TFX bribes. There is no mistaking what happened in 1963, but the Govt still conceals the real truths and the many books are spins to avoid the real truth, the deuterium issues, and most of the social media discussion lists dance well away from the real JFK facts and destroy American's Freedom and Independence. The JFK assassination is solved for those that really want to know, as well as the RFK hit, and the JFK, Jr hit. Then the Forrestal hit, the Kilgallon hit, the Bono hit, etc.
  11. Happy New Year 2021 to all! The hidden world of the Masons and how they started , who they back, and that they have long roles in Intelligence areas. This Paper reveals more and more: ======== " Celestial Lodge Above: The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem as a Religious Symbol in Freemasonry.” Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions4.1 (October2000): 28-51Dr. Guy L. Beck, Tulane University Source: https://www.academia.edu/11314891/Celestial_Lodge_Above_The_Temple_of_Solomon_in_Jerusalem_as_a_Religious_Symbol_in_Freemasonry?email_work_card=view-paper ======= Basically, these are Goyim versions of the Solomon's temple and like the hidden veils in Solomon's Temple, the Masons have a lot of secrets they hold close. They tend to make a Death Oath to keep their Solomon's Temple like religious secrets, but many Lodges have had to relax those Oaths a good deal. In WWII, the Masons in the OSS like Allan Dulles was in Switzerland and getting Intelligence from inside Germany from the few Masons that escaped the Work Camps and they had a tiny symbol called a "Forget Me Nots" ( A Tiny Blue Flower Lapel Pin) and special handshakes and unique passwords to spot the trained Masons. Mason Allan Dulles got a Masonic Lodge inside the CIA's Main Office Building as a lot of the CIA Spies and such were Masons and lots of that came from Harry Trumans to push in high order Masons into high positions. Oak Ridge is loaded with a lot of Masons inside the Y-12 plant and they get into the Churches and Neighborhoods to spy on workers in the Nuke weapons plants. Masons try to emulate the Orthodox Jews a bit, but they never learn the Jewish Special Diets that help their IQ's, Energy, and other factors. Example of diets is the Orthodox Jewish have special deals they do with Milk and Flesh, and they have separate Utensils, Dishes, and even wash basins to keep these always separate. The reason they tell is respect for the Animals. However a quick look at things that follow the Animal Sacrifice shows they used Grass Fed Animals for examples of correct diets handed down from antiquity. It is easy to see that many Jewish folks tend to flock into the Masons and it shows up especially as almost all the Israel PM's are highest order Masons. In the JFK times, Ben Gurion was a Mason and he knew all the ways to do the Emergency Signs. It is no mystery that Jack Ruby could be easily motivated to get his old Giancana gang to supply hitters to Dallas to off the Guy that was considered a threat to all of Israel. It is also known that Masons, and their Jewish associated, did not like Catholics. After all it was Rome that got tired of the 2 nd temple and tore it down to nothings and tossed all the Jewish out of The Old Jerusalem regions and scattered them in the Diaspora. Then the Palestinians moved into to the regions. They have never Forgiven Rome, nor its religion that favored Mary and Jesus. Rome was extremely upset that the Jewish temple folks got Jesus Crucified. There is a lot of bad blood that exists between Catholics and the Masons / Jewish. JFK and Jim Forrestal were huge buddies and Forrestal went after Big Mason Harry Truman over Nuking Japans. So, the USAEC and Masons were extremely nervous over a Catholic President. This is why they black-mailed a Southern Texas Mason and hidden Jewish person like LBJ as JFK's VP. The emergency plan to kill JFK if he went bad on them was put into place by those big Masons like Clint Murchison and J Edgar Hoover. Once Elected, JFK wasted no time going after the Harry Truman Secret Society Masons that supplanted the US Govt in high offices. This was JFK's secret Society Speech on April 27, 1961 at the NYC Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. JFK knew all these secrets were a prime way to kill the Freedom and Independence of the US. Oddly enough these secrets started with the Solomon's temple secrets, which the Jewish used and the Masons emulated. JFK wasted no time in a verbal attack on Truman's Masons, the corrupt deals in religions that kept deuterium health effects suppressed, and how this infiltrated National Security and the USAEC's projects involving the deuterium. It is not stretch of any imagination that the USAEC feared Catholic JFK and his Peace Making with the Russians and his efforts to cut out the dangerous emissions of nuke bomb making and building huge nuke arsenals. The USAEC types in Oak Ridge knew well this whole sordid mess and also very well how to develop hate for JFK and get an easy to manipulate hot headed Jewish person out to make a Big Name as a Touch Guy for Zionism that offed a Catholic they all hated. There are those that always try to take the spotlight off of Jack Ruby as the Big Event's organizer in Dallas, but the evidence is overwhelming down to his having to personally kill LHO to silence the deuterium methods that the USAEC/Oak Ridge gave to LHO to assist in the CIA's plans to kill Castro with cancer. Even ole Hitler, who feared cancers, know the deuterium deals in health and cancers and he turned vegetarian to become more like the Jewish diets that make for abundant health. Today, these health diets like the Jewish and like the Lord's supper follow these simple methods called Keto: Hiding these Simple Food Laws of the Past has harmed many with early death and illnesses. But now these old Food Laws, their low deuterium, et al, are coming out to the Many and not just the few. When folks dig into the Blue Zones where people live long lives and health, they follow the low deuterium equation. All the items in the AVOID zone are high deuterium and those that are the CAN EATS are the low deuterium foods that follow the Warnings on Forbidden Fruit, and follow the Grass Fed Animal products and Sacrifices and the Fishes that are similar in low deuterium diets, and the green plants that have the Chloroplasts that reject deuterium and benefit human health were all essential parts of religion from long long ago. 2021 is going to be an interesting time where these simple old world knowledge and history will set everyone free of these ugly methods that deprived Freedoms and Independence of the US.
  12. Everyone needs to figure out what true Righteousness is and run in that direction--knowledge and truth is the basis of Freedom. It is beyond interesting that at this address: " 300 N. Houstaon--Dallas, TX 75202 " is the "Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum" This building is right behind the Dal-Tex Building that was pretty much a Jewish Textiles connected businesses building and partly owned by LBJ's Black Bag Money man Morris Jaffee. If we look back in the Russian History there are lots of Pogroms against the Jews and it is interesting that these seem to have occured in areas experiencing illnesses and plagues that killed off lots of the regions folks. This seems to have risen out of the Bible Stories of Moses and the Plaques of Egypt. Then perhaps Genesis 12.3. Seems these deals of their history accounts caused some fears and some Pogroms type deals. Now, shift to the Jack Ruby deals in that he told several people that he killed LHO for fears of Programs Against the Jews. Then plug in the fact that the New Orleans CIA plot to kill Castro involved Nixon's SV-40 cancer virus cover up that was classified in 1959 to hide the effect. Then Cancer Researchers Dr Alton Oscher and Dr Mary Sherman are in the middle of trying to make a cancer vaccine in New Orleans using a Linear Accelerator. Then, that Dr. Oschner knows Deuterium's prime expert Harold Urey. and that LHO came to Oak Ridge to learn how to seed cancers in CIA targeted people, like Castro. When Urey won the Nobel in 1934 the NYT's report spoke to the advances in cancer research that would push along. Today, everyone knows the combo of the Warburg Effect and the Deuterium's effects on mitochondria ATP production are the roots of cancer etiology. Urey was close to the USAEC and Oak Ridge as he designed the isotope separation system via Gas Diffusion that became the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge. Basically, when the US State Dept paid for LHO and wife to come back in Minsk, the Kennedys needed a spy on the CIA and their Mafia connections, and LHO became the Kennedy Deep Cover Agent and he was easy to plug into the CIA's Kill Castro Project in New Orleans. There he got into the middle of corrupt FBI's former Chicago Station Chief Guy Bannister. Bannister just happened to be a 33rd Mason and very tight with 33rd Mason Hoover. Bannister just happened to be LHO prime handler in running some initial FBI spotting of Cuban Castro agents in the US with his Pamphlets claiming to be part of the Castro supporter. LHO worked out of Bannister's small office complex, and it was very easy to set up LHO, once they figured out that LHO was the leakier and Mole in their CIA operations. That leaking was easy to spot when LHO came to Oak Ridge and left a Sign-n for the USAEC's Atomic Museum in Oak Ridge with various associations to Dallas, Tx and USSR. The FBI quickly got that page from the USAEC's Atomic Museum and LHO was outed around all the Masonic Crooks and in FBI DIv 5, DISC, and the New Orleans Mafia and so on. So, after the big CIA kill Castro with Cancer Project flopped as CIA courier LHO could not get to Cuba, they quickly went after their New Communist named JFK and pushed LHO into Dallas and the long existing Dallas plot to kill JFK and insert LBJ. LHO was easy to set up as a Patsy due to his FBI job to exposed Castro Agents in New Orleans and his Russia deal as part of the Fake Defector Programs to spy on Russians. Basically, the New Orleans gang pushed LHO into Dallas to become used by Jack Ruby's kill JFK Big Event that was originally arranged by Big Oil, Dallas Masons, and LBJ's Zionist backers in Dallas, which well included Jack Ruby. Since the New Orleans cancer plot included Deuterium methods to kill Castro, and that large USAEC secret, plugs the Masonic inner temple's secrets--both LHO and JFK had to go. In Jack Ruby's words he considered it needed to protect the Jews from Pogroms. High deuterium levels are well connected to any metabolic energy related illnesses and these include cancers. High deuterium in the food chain causes many illnesses and early health decline and rapid aging issues. The Masons in Oak Ridge would be telling Jack Ruby that they learned the deuterium associations with the 1st temple's Manna from Heaven and their Animal Sacrifice rituals were all low deuterium issues and that if all that came out as being part of the Jewish Covenant of God with Abraham this would cause Pogroms. So, now the Jack Ruby Motives are clear for why he wanted LBJ in the US Presidency and Catholic JFK removed. So, now we have to get into real human right issues and why the world has been denied the research and old world history connected with deuterium in the food chain. We have to get into the issues of the Rockefeller's push to take over medicine and push out low deuterium methods of good food to heal folks from the US Sanitarium methods. Then, why has the USAEC been allowed to conceal the well known religious associations with Deuterium from the 1st temple connections to the Load's Supper low deuterium diets ministry. If there ever were basic human rights it would be the right to know what dominate effect in food sciences that high dominated health and of course profiteering from health If the right to know deuterium sciences is denied by methods of Govt Deceit and treachery, then this becomes a system that causes illnesses and quickly gets into why the Russian's had these Pogroms. It get down to the damages done with the deceit and treachery methods are extreme and are a US National Security issues and it is time for changes and outing the main problems. The cover up for one tiny faction does not respect Basic Human Ridges for others, if that cover up is connected to killing off 2/3 of the world from this basic deuterium overloading in diets issues. Deuterium has been hidden, and it has taken outside the US research to gain much of the deuterium sciences being published and people being made aware of this metabolic disease problems well connected with deuterium's cover ups. So, if the Dallas Human Rights concerns are real, do they have the deuterium issues in their religious Covenant with Abraham's god presented to all the world, or is it old temple business as usual and Masonic temple secrets as usual? Like it or not, deuterium in health is out and very public in various areas of the world from Russian Satellite States making DDW for health research to the Chinese selling Luxury water of low deuterium water from Himalayan Snow Pack Run off. Like it or not, the Jack Ruby Motives and role in the JFK hit are obvious and his Zionist deals and Pogroms issues are easy to note. Ruby was molded into his role by ORNL/USAEC Mason Raymond W. Tucker. Sr. due to their time in the Army Air Core and Ruby was easy to excite per Zionism The JFK hit is solved and now we have to deal with the massive damages done via those engaged in deceit and treachery and the crimes against humanity they have done to those of the world. It is so severed and predictable that it is part of the Revelations Prophecy, and also appears well connected as to why Trump is hated more than JFK these days. Basically, the old Temple's secrets are out and things need to change for the benefits of the many over the few that basically set off pandemics. Deuterium is the root for the JFK hit, the root of basic religion, and the Garden of Good and Evil type problems. Only the total truth will set ALL the People Free. The FBI having his page out of the Atomic Museum pretty much tells the story of what got LHO and JFK killed: LHO came to the Deuterium warehouse http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2010/10/lee-h-oswald-at-atomic-energy-museum.html
  13. The Masons use Symbolism to teach, as much at the 1st Temple had much symbolism. The Origin Masons is flows from Abraham's followers and the Solomon's temple. Basically, a Mason swears an Oath to Abraham and that version of God and that Covenant to keep the Manna and Animal sacrifices secrets that related to abundant health and long life. The Temple's secrets involve burning Myrrh Incense and that was a low deuterium tree sap that have many medicinal properties. A Masonic Lodge is sometimes termed a Masonic Temple and these are loaded with the old Jewish Temple symbolism. The Rituals Start out with an Oath not to tell the Masonic Temple's secrets and many passwords. Much of this Jewish origin of Masons is captured in this work, which can be downloaded for greater details: https://www.academia.edu/39165692/Between_Judaism_and_Freemasonry_The_Dual_Interpretation_of_David_Rosenbergs_Kabbalistic_Lithograph_Aperçu_de_lOrigine_du_Culte_Hébraïque_1841_ The Masons are all over any old Temple deals and they tend to distance Jesus and the Essene's version of religion. Seems Jesus and the Essene gave their Ministry of the Lord's Supper to everyone and not just the Abraham loyalists. The Essene Jesus Lord's Supper was a saving health ministry for all, including Goy. That Breaks the old Covenant that intended that special knowledge to only the bloodline core group. So, Jesus is not very popular with the Orthodox Jewish and also not very popular with Masons that attempt to Echo the old Oaths. Much of these old designs aim for a Jewish Temple and they hold dominion over the world, as their NWO design. They cling to this mantra: ====== "In Gen. 12:3 we read a very famous verse: "And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse." Things seem to be clear, but a very important nuance is lost in translation." “be cursed” אָאֹר (aor). The strength of this promise, however, is lost in translation. The first word for “curses” – מְקַלֶּלְךָ (mekalelcha) comes from a root that literally means “to make light of something heavy.” The second word for “curse,” אָאֹר (aor), actually comes from a completely different root that means something like “to utterly destroy.” Taking these insights from Hebrew into consideration, the translation could be presented as follows: “I will bless those who bless you, but the one who disrespects you, I will utterly destroy.” (https://weekly.israelbiblecenter.com/do-not-mess-abraham/?via=e7c5593&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EMAIL_ActiveCampaign_Lead_nurture_drip- Don't mess with Abraham_Day1#) ====== The inner secrets that the Abraham gang had going for them with hidden deuterium issues is now going out to all around the world, so this Abraham design for Dominion over the world may well fail and the Jesus versions of helping all win out the highest Morality and Grace to Mankind. So, since the Catholic are based on Virgin Mary and Jesus and a Ministry of proper low deuterium foods for health and longevity, the old traditional temple Jews keeping the Secrets and their wanna be Masonic imitator do much these same. This ends up promoting the UK, as they are closest decedents of The Throne of David and their Masonic Dress tends to match these old UK Royals Dress in their Masonic Temples. The call this dress as Regal Dress or "Regalia". Examples: So, these strong similarities of Masons and !st Temple Jews often set off divisions and depending on what these matters are they can become offenses against the state, as their religious values form 5th column like efforts for Dominion over the States. For some these values can be played and Jack Ruby was played by those that knew him in the Army Air Core. There is little doubt that Jack Ruby felt strongly of being Jewish. He did his p in helping the Jewish State get guns for the Irgun and became a Gun Runner into Israel to make bloody ground taking for their Jewish Homeland. These Israeli Patriotism never left him. Seems some of this was present when Jack got a CIA job to run guns into Cuba for the Castro invasion. Seems Castro has some Spanish Jewish roots and he was somehow connected with running Jewish folks into the US. So, Ruby sought to help Castro with Gun Running for the CIA to get rid of Batista.. That did not work out so well as Castro decided on Communism over some bad US Oil Refinery deals in Cuba. Jack was a very hot headed person and that could be worked to gain his interest in helping places like the USAEC and their Masons get rid of JFK in Dallas. Ole Jack had Mafia Chicago hit squad connections via Giancana and G-man hated the Kennedys. Jack was under Marcello in Dallas and Marcello Hated JFK. So, these backings built and Jack Ruby decided to become a Tough Guy for Jewish folks in Dallas and make the more to push Jewish backing and Masonic backing LBJ into office by being the Dallas Point Man to eliminated JFK. JFk and Mason Ben Gurion were in a heavy threats letter exchanges and Ben Gurion pretty much accused JFK of being the death of Israel. Hard to say if Ben Gurion used the Masonic Distress Symbols. Ruby's Best Synagogue pal was 33rd Mason Abe Zapruder and he and Ruby would be exchanging thoughts on helping the Israelis. Zapruder got the spot to record a Masonic backed killing for the temple folks. We can debate down to the finer details and see another ten thousand rambling books, but the more pressing issues is that JFK needs to get solved to get the Deuterium issues out regarding human health, long term survival, and longevity for the benefits of all mankind. The Bigger Picture needs to consider who all with the USAEC and the Rockerfeller Medicine system used the deceit and treachery methods to keep so many in the dark on the predominate health decline and illness driver for mankind and do that for so long for immense greed. Lets try to keep the eyes on the Do-Nut and not upon its hole.
  14. Some more correlational data and information on the USAEC money going to LBJ's Bag Man Morris Jaffie and how all that fits together with the oil field dealings http://quixoticjoust.blogspot.com/2011/06/other-uranium-explorers-in-texas-in.html
  15. This is pretty much an I was there account on Dallas and information on what Jack Ruby was doing shortly after his Big Event let LHO escape. Also, Jack Ruby was much like David Ferrie in being Gay. Found by actual experiences and observations. It explains the all Jewish Business Building named "Dallas Textiles". It shows the owner, In Part, is LBJ's Bag Money man Morris Jaffee and his easy Govt USAEC Money games going into front operation called Dallas Uranium and Oil. One of the most impressive accounts of what all was in the Dal-Tex Building and what Jack Ruby was up to. Some of the most important details that point to Ruby setting up the JFK hit and arranging the real Shooter's Nest in the Dal-Tex building: Lots of deceitful little hiding this and that. For the serious JFK truth seeker---this accounting is solid Gold. This person does take note there is a Dallas Holocaust Museum deal right behind the Dal-Tex building, as if Dallas really knows very Zionist Jack Ruby had much to do with killing JFK to plug in Zionist's pal LBJ and suddenly the Zionists gained the Bomb. (There are some awesome photos of Dallas in this excellent composition.) Citation: Across the street, the Dal-Tex Building is still there, too, but now it butts up to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. For some reason, Jack Ruby thought Jews would be blamed for Kennedy’s death. I understand why. There were a lot of Jewish owned companies in the Dal-Tex Building in 1963, including Abraham Zapruder’s company, Jennifer Juniors. Marilyn Belt Company was located on the sixth floor. It was owned by Morty Freedman. The Dallas Uranium and Oil Company was on the third floor. This was a shell company being used for a tax dodge. The phone number for Dallas Uranium and Oil was the same as Morty Freedman’s. It’s also the number Jack Ruby called to tell Morty Freedman that he had a designer friend who needed to rent a small office on the third floor that looked out over Dealey Plaza. A Jewish man named Morris Irving Jaffe had just such an office. Jaffe, who was part owner of the Dal-Tex Building, also was an officer in the fashion companies Miller-Cupaioli and Edward-Barry. These two companies took up the entire third floor, except for the small office used by the sham Dallas Uranium and Oil Company. This is the office Pilar moved into in October, 1963. It’s the spot from which Pilar shot Kennedy. It’s interesting to note that Morris Irving Jaffee also was a partner in the powerful law firm Wynne, Jaffe & Tinsley. The Wynne family in Dallas was part of the “big oil” group that hated Kennedy. None of this means there was a Jewish connection to JFK’s assassination. It was simply a case of a guy (Jaffee) trying to make a few extra bucks off the books by renting a mostly vacant office for a couple of months, paid in cash by Ruby. Jaffee had no idea that Pilar would use the office to shoot Kennedy, but I’m pretty sure Ruby knew Pilar was involved in something besides fashion design. The fact that Ruby was Jewish is beside the point. He could just as easily have been a Southern Baptist. https://www.thegirlwhoshotjfk.com/about/the-authors/richard-eaves/
  16. Perhaps I am going to have to take a deep look at Jung's Red Book and this current one about his book: "Answer to Jung" Jung passed on in June of 1961 and he lived in Switzerland. Switzerland was where the German Masons acting as "Forget Me Nots", connected with OSS spy and US Mason Allan Dulles on German Masonic Spy results in Germany. Dulles was part of the evil gang JFK fired. Had JFK read Jung's Masonic Analysis when he made his Secret Society Speech? Hitler considered the Masons as UK Insurgents and put their members in work camps (But he missed a few of them) and opened their Lodges up for everyone's inspections of their Book's, Symbols, and Regalia Dress. Perhaps Jung, living near to Germany, learned a lot about Masons and he could only leave his impressions in a dream for what might come. In this case, perhaps he forecast the JFK hit that happened two years after he passed. Citation 1: The Red Book is C.G. Jung’s record of a period of deep penetration into his unconscious mind in a process that he called ‘active imagination’, undertaken during his mid-life period. Answer to Jung: Making Sense of ‘The Red Book’ provides a close reading of this magnificent yet perplexing text and its fascinating images, and demonstrates that the fantasies in The Red Book are not entirely original, but that their plots, characters and symbolism are remarkably similar to some of the higher degree rituals of Continental Freemasonry. It argues that the fantasies may be memories of a series of terrifying initiatory ordeals, possibly undergone in childhood, using altered or spurious versions of these Masonic rites. It then compares these initiatory scenarios with accounts of ritual trauma that have been reported since the 1980s. This is the first full-length study of The Red Book to focus on the fantasies themselves and provide such an external explanation for them. Sonu Shamdasani describes The Red Book as an incomplete task that Jung left to posterity as a ‘message in a bottle’ that would someday come ashore. Answer to Jung brings its message to shore, providing a coherent, but disturbing, interpretation of each of the fantasies and their accompanying images. Citation 2. Book's Review A Meticulous Analysis of Carl Jung's Red Book Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019 Dr. Brunet's delicate and meticulous analysis of Carl Jung’s Red Book is a wealth of information to anyone interested in Freemasonry, the occult, abusive practices, dissociative responses to extreme abuse, psychological analysis of art, and in Jung himself - the man and his theories. Brunet’s book is the best source on Freemasonry that I have found. It is difficult enough to obtain reliable information on traditional Freemasonry as its initiates are sworn to secrecy for most beliefs and rituals. Information on “spurious,” that is, unauthorized and abusive, Freemasonry is further concealed due to its criminality and because its victims have been psychologically manipulated and terrorized to cause them to dissociate the memories of their abuse for decades, if not for a whole lifetime. Brunet backs up her knowledge of traditional Freemasonry with plentiful historical references. She supports her knowledge of the practices within spurious Freemasonry with historical references when available, survivor reports, and her extensive work analyzing the creative products of others artists and authors, including Francis Bacon and Samuel Beckett, the subjects of her previous book. The reader feels like a colleague sitting with Brunet as she carefully observes each subsection of each chapter of the Red Book, and each of Jung’s intricate illustrations of his dreams and fantasies, to discover the repeated themes of spurious Freemasonry that would appear to be the foundation of his famous work, a painful struggle to understand the deepest source of his horror and confusing dark fantasies. The reader is left wondering if Jung’s theories of “the Shadow” and many dark archetypes that he believed were part of a collective unconscious were not actually borne of childhood trauma that was too overwhelming for Jung to integrate into his normal consciousness despite his lifelong efforts to be whole. Brunet teaches us in this artistic and historical analysis that the creative product is a powerful vehicle to allow buried trauma to surface, even if it is first disguised in primitive symbols, opaque even to the artist. Ultimately, her book raises our awareness of child abuse in some of its worst forms, encourages the reader to engage in creative efforts, and teaches us that our creative products should be revered as they can light a path to integration and healing of trauma. I may have to add both these Books to my JFK collections soon. Source: https://www.amazon.com/Answer-Jung-Lynn-Brunet/dp/1138312398
  17. Ever Wonder why 33rd Mason Abe Zapruder had the prime spot to film the JFK hit? Timeline 58 min. The Jung "Red Book" and Political operations for power and control. Withheld for decades. Yes, Sonny Bono was Catholic. Regarding Jung and his being from Switzeland. Jung appears to have gotten into analysis of Hitler and supplied that to the OSS. In that time there would be OSS man Allan Dulles based in Switzerland getting the Masonic Forget Me Not Spy team data. So, it is very possible that Jung would get into Masonic methods and their secret society side based in Jewish and UK origins. There many be more than simple dreams that gave him insights
  18. Good Question! The answer lies in why the US, Under Biden and corrupt Dems, is running quickly into a Communist China type Govt. The only way those that engaged in this health deceit and treachery method for immense wealth and power via the exploitation of terrible diets can survive their exploitation of the masses is make a run into China Communism and basically a dictatorship to continues their oppression and dodge being Criminally prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity. China runs under a very high carb and deuterium loading diet that sets off all manner of virus in their chickens and pigs that then jump into humans as Avian and Swine like flu each year that kills millions. China wants that effect hidden, moreso, than the corrupt AMA and Big Pharma. So, they seek to assist each other, CCP and Corrupt Dems, in their long pattern of death promotion via bad diet criteria that goes against Religious Teachings. China absolutely hates religion, of any sort, and their reason is that many religions have diet knowledge issues for health and longevity. They don't want the Chinese People suddenly learning the term "Forbidden Fruit" applies to their diets as their carb loaded diets are long chain sugars and loaded with deuterium. Just think what happens to the CCP when all their people learn the Party has loaded their bodies with a nuclear explosive called deuterium. The reason CV-19 works is from too much sugar/Carb/Alcohol overloading and their deuterium content. This results in low inner cell pH, the shutting down of Zinc transport into cells and very high inner cell deuterium loading that damages the ATP Synthase process. This same process is what Germany's Otto Warburg found in 1931 that won the Nobel Prize in cancer linked research. US's Harold Urey isolated deuterium in Dec 1931 and that too made huge progress in cancer research etiology. These basic process have been known and suppressed since 1931, and for huge profits. Basically, as the reality of these sciences returns, changes will happen in terms of the People being able to make better life choices for food that heal and protect health. The extreme junk food diets will get sorted out of popularity and many more folks will recognize the Keto Diets work because they are based on good fats from plants and animal that are low in deuterium and then lots more green plants that reject deuterium via chloroplasts and then that plant fibers with correct gut bacteria make Ketone bodies that are low deuterium. In the US, we already see a move in alkaline water that occupy much shelf space in bottled water sales. People learn this makes them feel better and use it. Athletics is even using alkaline water. Athletics is also deep into DDW water research for performance enhancement. The NFL has been buying so much DDW that it keeps down serious health research and treatment using DDW. All the high sugar colas and stuff will drop in sales rapidly with higher knowledge. HFCS will be seen as extremely bad nutrition and folks turn away from it. They have to be shown the science. I show some of the science folks near here the data and they all make changes, and they regain viral immunity. get trim, have lots of energy, et al. So, lots of the highly processed foods that are damaging to human health will become fewer due to these issues being made public and via Trump's "Great Awakening" that will show the ugly deals of the corrupt Dems with the CCP and then why the CV-19 was able to affect the voting process due to weak viral immunity in the We The People. Really, once you learn the higher deuterium diets that pull down cellular internal pH to acid levels and load the inner cell mitochondria up with deuterium and shut down the 9,000 RPM nano-motors of ATP synthase that cause rapid aging, obesity, loss of liver sugar regulation in blood leading into all manner off illness, I bet you change. The answer is "the Knowledge Will Set You Free". Expect people to learn the danger zone nutritional problems and make intelligent and informed knowledge choices for abundant health and energy. Lots of my friends and I eat and use methods that maintain our inner cell pH and Zinc transport and we all are essentially immune from CV-19, colds, flu and many other health problems. Which would you choose to do---wear de-humanizing masks, hide from everyone, or to be totally free of the illnaess risks that China's dictatorial diet ignorance that they force on their masses. It appears there are similarities in what Germany found about deuterium in WWII, then what JFK found via LHO on Deuterium being used for the Kill Castro Project, and now what Trump is going to get out via the Whole Story on the JFK hit. Perhaps the Third Time is the Charm, and now all can be known and the People All around the word became free of these extremes of exploitation held secret for far too long. Remember, Trump Said "It will Be Biblical". Now you know why and how that will become so. Highly Processed foods will soon become rejected. Folks will learn grass fed meats and wild caught foods are better and why that is so. They will learn back to the Garden and that not all Garden Foods are wise, but the green plants and their deuterium rejecting chloroplasts are important. The ancients knew all this via their Alchemical Sciences, and folks will begin to learn again. Things will change rapidly in the near term for food science and nutrition as the deuterium issues are made public and added to good health nutrition. People will demand that data for foods to make wise choices for kids and loved ones. It will be Biblical !!!
  19. JFK was the first Catholic President and special history comes into effect regarding Catholics and the two Temples that had huge dislikes for the Catholic and Jesus/Mary faith and their special reverence to diets called the Lord's Supper that the nuclear Manhattan Project folks working with deuterium found was special low deuterium foods. The Catholic and Masons have long had their differences and the Masons look more like a 5th Column backing for the loyalty of keeping the 1st Temple of Solomon's special secrets that shows up in their imagery associated with Manna and Grass Fed Animal Sacrifices. So, there are sworn Oaths the Masons take around the issues of the 1 st Temple and in doing this they gain things in common with the UK and the Throne of David's Kings and Queens that ruled England Historically and thus hold that secret in common with the Jewish Temple's followers. Lots of those Jewish Temple's followers migrated from Europe and into the US and they became some of the leading Nuclear Sciences and Bomb specialists for the Manhattan Project. The leading Bomb plant was in Oak Ridge and it became the biggest store house for a nuclear Fusion Explosive called Deuterium. Deuterium holds some special dangers to health and it is in the food chain and the intelligent and healthy minimize eating foods with too much deuterium. That rulle of diets to minimize became the Lord's Supper ministry of the Essene and Jesus/Mary. While the Jewish Essene and Jesus/Mary wanted that shared with all, the other side of Jewish called Sadducee and Pharisee wanted their 1st temple secret kept as part of their Covenant with their God, and that Secret Covenant's message was the imaginary features from the 1st temple.. Many on the medical arts connected with the Manhattan Project's early research decided to exploit that secret to make great wealth and profits by exploiting keeping that secret linked with what we call Deuterium in the current times. ======= The Catholic Journals speak to these long held differences. JFK was the first Catholic President and that set off a huge uprising in the Truman installed Masonic Dominion's Govt. control: Catholic and other religions don't like Masons: Could there be reasons? Real Historically linked reasons for power and control? Certainly, both religious differences and political, all based on historic facts and some special details related to deuterium. https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2017/02/07/freemasons-and-their-craft-what-catholics-should-know/? fbclid=IwAR2I6R6vMQqR1nx55PDWhuSW7154RTUYqeP7fnO1rs8-m6txVLkIl2sHnts ======== The Manhattan Project opened up ancient secrets associated with deuterium and why the European Jewish Sciences were so interested in the ancient science connected with their God's special covenant. Masons dominated the US Govt in the times of JFK and they are important to consider in the whole JFK hate equation building from that Truman basic 5th column design for the US: Masons are an English Royalist deal originally, and thus their origin was against Catholics and Rome. If a Catholic gets into Masons they typically get routed into a York Rite. They don't do the 33 degree Scottish Rite. Masons is a lot about special secrets to be kept under threat of death. Lot of Jewish like the Masons due to the Temple imagery and secrets. There really are some Temple Secrets and it is all about deuterium in food and Genesis speaks to deuterium in origins of the planet, light, foods, etc.. Manna from heaven is a low deuterium water akin to DDW these days. Grass fed animal sacrifice is a low Omega-3 fat diet and low deuterium. Masons seem to claim to show persons Light, and the very origin of Light is deuterium reactions from the Sun. Let nobody kid you or pull deceit and treachery games on you, the deuterium secret of the 1st temple has been hidden for a long time and is very real. Not all the Jews or all the Masons know this inner core secret, as generally just the top insiders know it, and the lower levels are window dressing to conceal that the higher ups hold the higher secret in religion or in Masons. Jesus and the Essene held the secret in the "Lord's Supper" Ministry, yet not one disciple or Jesus himself explained the diet in the Bible or anywhere else. However, the low deuterium diets and DDW solve the long hidden mystery and the inner secret for Light and the health advantages of low deuterium diets. These days you don't have to be a Mason, Nor Jewish, Nor even religious to know the sciences of deuterium and health. Deuterium is well establish in science and health these days However, once you look back from the deuterium knowledge today, you can well notice serious secrets were hidden. In retrospect, it appears the Jesus Disciples were just like the 1st temple Jewish high priests and each kept the same secret. But, as science has progressed in the present, the knowledge of the Essene/Jesus Lord's Supper has returned to all that care to learn it. Those that learn deuterium are no longer "Fallen Away", and those that keep on the blinders are certainly termed Fallen Away from the old world's core knowledge secret. ----- When one digs way back in time one even finds the 1st Temple's Abrahamic Jewish held Sumerian God En.Lil as their deity. Meanwhile the Essene kept a different Sumerian God called "En.Ki" and was called "God, The Father" by the Essene and "Pitah" by the Egyptians. So, it makes it difficult to merge Jewish and Christians as they have different Sumerian God Deity Figures. The Jewish Figure, "En.Lil" was an appointed figure and the Essene's, "En.Ki", was a master of sciences and the one that made everything work and held the greatest level of knowledge. There are lots of things that need not be concealed anymore by Masons, nor Jewish, nor Catholics. The Manhattan Project landed right in the middle of these ancient past differences and this is why--non-US citizen, Louis Bloomfield, led DISC and FBI DIv 5. ----------- It is important to understand that the cover up on JFK and Deuterium issues, is that, it has caused a greater Problem. It has been well understood by Deuterium science folks that the issue of the Egyptian 10th plague deal with the first born deaths are the very same as the Chinese Animal, Chicken and Swine, virus deals are just like the tenth plague. The Egyptian deal was a volcanic acid emission problems that screwed up the grazing animals internal cell pH and that activated internal endogenous retrovirus that skipped to the First Born that lived on the ground floor with the animals. These same type high cell acid problems in animals can be induced by acid forming foods like corn. When the internal cell pH drops into acid regions, this allows endogenous retrovirus to take off and spread in animal populations and even jump into similar pH compromised humans. If JFK had not been killed and the research on deuterium was allowed to become public, the world would not be having this CV-19 problem now, nor the past issues of Swine and Avian Flu pandemic death issues. So, this JFK cover up has grown into affecting much more than the Kennedys, it now affects almost everyone you know. So, now it appears that Trump has become the newest JFK like "Whipping Boy" of the Corrupt Deep State and he intends to De-Class it all. Enjoy the Revelations Prophecy coming into view in a very Big Way. ------- There was a split in the Masons when they first got started in the Colonies----These became the "Freedom and Independence" oriented Masons. The original UK Masons were Imperialism backing or backing the UK Crown's Royalists. In the Civil war the Southern Masons wanted to maintain UK trade and keep up closer connections with UK. The Albert Pike Mason that invented the Scottish Rite Masons was all about taking over the US from within and getting Royalist backing Imperialism 32 and 33 Masons in high Govt positions. Corrupt Mason Harry Truman carried that to extremes and JFK met their resistance and rigging to eliminate the US Freedom and Independence. Thus keeping them very loyal to UK and very loyal to Zionists that backed UK Imperialism. Those deep in the Manhattan Project's religion secrets needed a Harry Truman Mason over an FDR Mason to keep their secret covenant. Collectively they cheated the world using deuterium in the food chain racketeering in health and medicines. Oak Ridge dropped the deuterium and cancer issues to LHO as part of the CIA Kill Castro with cancer project in New Orleans. Which meant JFK learned all about huge racketeering and was going to take down the CIA, but now the corrupt USAEC and its Rockefeller hide the deuterium causality for illnesses and so on. It is easy to spot the USAEC funding LBJ via the Morris Jaffee faked up uranium deals with oil fields. This is not difficult, the killing of JFK was premeditated for years by LBJ's Jewish clan in Dallas, along with Masons Hoover and Murchison. Masons can be extremely Two Faced in that some are US Freedom and Independence biased and others the UK Royalist's Imperialism Biased. One of the 33rd symbols is the two faced Eagle that symbolically speaks to this. They want to merge these political differences and pretend there is none. They'll pull the same trick deception with Judeo-Christian deals. The 1st temple was Abraham and En.Lil are the God that wanted the deuterium secrets kept to their advantages. The Essene and Jesus folks held En.Ki as their deity that wanted all the deuterium knowledge shared with all. Hence, the call the Lord's Supper low deuterium diets as their Savior messages. The Secrets and Split Political Personality causes problems. Their little No Window's temples is a bunch of Solomon's Temple loyalty pledging. Solomon's temple was about Manna and Grass Fed Animal sacrifices for health and both those related to low deuterium diets that prevent illnesses and aging. As the US and Germany got into deuterium sciences in WWII, some found the dirty deals of the Masonic gang in Germany. The USAEC tried to classify all the deuterium health problems and its connections back to antiquity. The corrupt Rockefellers turn it into health racketeering. In terms of the UK, their Royals are all decedents of the Throne of David and they back keeping the deuterium secrets of the 1st temple. Likewise, all the Zionists in Germany ran to the UK for protection and 1st temple loyalty. That corruption got JFK killed and lots of others. Today, the even bigger corruption is after Trump. The Royalists are basically a bunch of thugs trying to hide their origins of using the deuterium knowledge for gain and power.
  20. Many Folks do not connect why the USAEC would be working with Morris Jaffee and HL Hunt to fund the LBJ ticket in 1960. Lots of the anti-Catholic deals with the Manhattan Project/MED and later USAEC stated with the need to bomb Japan, after the German European war was settled. When the VE Day happened, the target was no longer Hitler, but Japan. Groves had to show why he and the Pentagon spent so much money for this bomb, so they needed to demonstrate the value. Here one of the FDR appointees was Jame Forrestal and he was Catholic and had Catholic church connections in Japan and they worked out a deal for the Japan surrender. So, that started a Catholic Peace Maker War between him and Harry Truman and Truman's MED advisors that needed to demonstrate the Nuke Bomb to the world with a horrific death and damages effects on the Japanese. One side wanted to get even for Pearl Harbor and the other wanted a Super Poser statement. So, the Bombs went off and Japan Surrendered and the Surrender was basically the same as James Forrestal worked out months earlier and his did not need to fry women and children to get there. Truman was a very aggressive Mason and he set up Mason Lodges all over the place and the Govt Methods to put an Imperialism high order Mason in all high Govt offices. This was begin before Truman as Allan Dulles and JE Hoover were 33rd Masons. When Truman allowed the Japan Bombing, he joined the 33rd Mason club of supplanted Imperialism in US Govt. The Y-12 nuke bomb plant also was loaded with Truman's Masons. Basically, Forestall came to hate Truman and Masons and he was out to undermine Truman and the Masonic Good Ole Boy Clubs. Forestall was good friends with the Kennedys and JFK and Jim Forestall toured Pre-War Germany together. JFK knew about the Masonic Truman and James Forrestal differences. The Manhattan Project had some extreme security methods in WWII around New York City and Columbia University. The MED made deals with the New York Mafia to run MED security against the German BUND and other pro-Germans for Hitler in the US. The Military led operation was run out of Plainfield, NJ by the Army's Ralph M. Lockhart. The deal was if any suspected German Spies got to close to any MED areas that the Mafia would knock them off and dump the bodies. In return, the Mafia got freedom from prosecution for a number of their money making things from Gambling, Prostitution, Alcohol, et al. There were basically thousands killed by the MED helpful Mafia. The Army's Ralph M Lockhart had a long history with Truman, as when Truman was a Senator he was after Govt waste and the MED got his attention and that was a Top Secret Military Operation. Ralph M. Lockhart was the one that spoke to Truman and told him this was a Top Secret Critical mission project and to Back off and don't even mention this project to anyone. After than Lockhard had a lot of Truman's attention. Lockhart could also arrange Rub Outs by the Mafia, and Truman and Lockhart were close buddies. In JFK's time Lockhart was close with JCS and spent his retirement years at Patrick AFB, Fla., that was the rocket testing site for Redstone in Hunstvile, Alabama, after White Sands become too small. It was Lockhart that told Truman some of the lead in secrets of the Manhattan Project as it became time to nuke Japan. It was Truman and the Masons that were against Forrestal, and was Truman's pals that JFK suspected had the Mafia shove Forrestal out of the Bethesda Hospital window to protect Truman and the MED and USAEC. So, all the high level USAEC had worries about JFK becoming a Catholic President and having shared James Forrestal's politics and information. They were so worried that they got Masonic Hoover's Texas pals, Clint Murchison and Hunt to set up the Masonic backing LBJ getting black mailed onto the JFK 1960 ticket. If., JFK was going to come after them like Forrestal did, they wanted a back up with their LBJ man in place and kill JFK. It was a Mafia Backed plan, much like how the MED killed the BUNDs in New York. Basically, lots of the Masonic issues and USAEC/MED issues with Forrestal began the rift with JFK in 1960, and the kill JFK plans set up in Dallas in 1963. The Defense Industrial Security Command/Louis Bloomfield and the FBI Div V / Hoover were closely connected with TVA, RedStone, USAEC and so on. They helped protect these operations and also the Mafia that also helped in WWII. The Need for the Masonic Dominated Warren Commission was to cover up all these connections and hide Hoover's, LBJ's, and Bloomfield's role in the massive cover up on the Jack Ruby Dallas Big Event.. These are long running issues, even the deals with Germany and Nuke Bombs involved deuterium very early on with the Norsk Hydo plants enrichment of deuterium water for nuke projects. Generally, any science group that gets into deuterium issues soon finds the connections of the 1st temple's Jewish secrets involved low deuterium factors. Germany's Warberg found the acid and high sugar issues for Cancer in 1931 and US's Urey got the Deuterium isolated with cancer problems in 1931 also. Hitler was very concerned with cancer issues and these two discoveries basically nailed the cancer issues down. It appears this special secret on Jewish Temple's and deuterium may be a reason that Hitler kicked all Jews and all Masons out of the German Govt. The full story on the Hitler Nuke Projects have not been told. Germany was way ahead in pharmacy issues and came out with Aspirin or Willow Bark for fever and head aches, but denatured that to some degree. This was the German Bayer product. Germany also took up Vit C and denatured that as ascorbic acid, as really Vit C is a plant Citrate low deuterium juice that works wonders with health. This in the US became the German Rockefeller Big Pharma and AMA medicine systems that ignore low deuterium diets and low deuterium plant medicines and use methods to keep people long term patients. Rockefeller groups were also connected with Mahanttant Project issues and a large part of why low deuterium issues for health are suppressed, and that along with the 1st Temple's reverence to low deuterium methods of Manna and Grass Fed Animal sacrifices. The Rockefeller's Standard Oil did duplicate a bit of the Moses Mtn. effects of volcanic heating making volatile hydrocarbon Emissions that were the basis of Moses' Mtn of Fire near Midian, SA. At the time, half of Germany was Protestant, like Rockefellers, and the other Half was Catholic. As the war stress built the Jewish Rothschild's bankers ran to the UK, which is organized around the Decedents of King David and the Temple of Solomon deals. The Masons began in England as a Pro-UK King support and they made wild rituals and passwords to make sure no Catholic associated people could join. The Early Masons in the US got into Freedom and Independence from UK, but the deals with Scottish Rite's Albert Pike and the South got the Masons back into UK Imperialism supporting. Hence, when JFK won the Presidency those problems cropped up quickly. JFK pretty much declared war on Truman's Presidency over his putting Masons all over high Govt offices, and in the JFK Early Press Speeches JFK pretty much went after the Masonic Secret Society in the US. Various elements of these long standing problems are still around and the classification of the real story for why JFK was killed continue these problems getting serious once again. Lots of these issues are the current Deep State issues that are going after Trump. Example of Ralph M Lockhart from Truman Lib--The Truman and Lockhart family were very close friends https://www.trumanlibrary.gov/node/336168
  21. Nov 4, 63, a lesson in divided loyalty: Big Glossy Report Paper with Jewish Lab Director tells the ORNL prized reactor is shut down, but with zero explanations for why it was shut down. It is still at ORNL in the same condition for which it was shut down. Even the Sand air filters and the huge air duct systems used to pipe the reactors air emissions up a giant 200 foot white stack are still there. ORNL will typically tell why one of their reactors is shut down or broken and a number of their smaller core research reactors blew up and made a mess and no longer worked. They had other air cooled reactors, like Tower Shielding, as an open in the air reactor hanging from 400 ft towers. That one was shut down due to too much neutrons in air making too much deuterium in air releases. Even their latest greatest Neutron Source called Spellation Source is still cooking off deuterium releases. This one is way back in the hills and well away from the main Lab Complex What they don't tell is why the ORNL Lab Director Alvin Weinberg got behind a Molten Salt Moderated Reactor called MSRE, that made other extremely expensive disasters. The Jewish reactor designers knew they needed to not make deuterium from reactors, so a reactor that did not use air or waer as cooling was needed. These used molten Sodium metal as the coolant and kept neutrons away from water or hydrogen that would generate large deuterium releases. The reason the Jewish Lab Director did not mention deuterium emissions from reactors is the deuterium is part of their religious history, as the 1 St temple's hidden messages were all associated with low deuterium and longer health. To tell this Jewish History story would back JFK's want to shut down Nuke Bomb Production and many other reactor designs. So, the Jewish lab director never mentions Deuterium emissions from reactors, and especially those from massive core designs like the Graphite Reactor. The Biggest Secret in Oak Ridge are these deuterium issues are a problem in reactor designs and that these deuterium issues are special to the Jewish religion. The 1 st temple issues like grass fed animal sacrifices are a low deuterium food source, as grasses the animals ate were low deuterium and their meat and fat sources were lower deuterium foods. Even the special inner core secret of the Ark of the Covenant was a water called Manna from Heaven that was cooked off via natural Earth volcanic heated zones of the Eastern African Rift Zone hitting one of the Saudi oil fields near Midian, in Saudi Arabia. Here Moses special Mountain of Fire burned for 40 years and in the process cooked off low deuterium combustion water from low deuterium plant sources oil masses. This low deuterium water was collected as a dew that fell on the region on cool nights and used for great health benefits by those that collected it. These are the special secrets taught via their special Covenant with their God that sought dominion over others that did not know or understand their advantages. These liquid metal reactors became part of the Breeder Reactor series of designs that avoided reactor core water cooling and having to explain deuterium releases dangers. Due to the Manhattan Project and the USAEC and others keeping their health and deuterium issues all secret, the Rockefeller and other Medical interests also kept the secrets via designs for medicines never using low deuterium methods in their formulation. The AMA and Big Fharma never explained deuterium in diet factors that caused a great deal of health damages due to excessive sugar, carbs, and alcohol consumption When Catholic JFK learned about the Jewish cover up on Deuterium in health, it set up the Final Divisions of Good and Evil, and that the Catholic views for the Essene Mary and Jesus were higher dominion than those of the 1st Temple's Secret Society methods that harmed the world. Hence, one discovers all the special Q clearance issues for the Jewish Special advantages to health, which Trump appears near admitting as to why JFK was executed in Dallas, and going into better health, nutrition, and low deuterium knowledge for health and treatments. We are already heading in this direction with special DDW, aka, "deuterium depleted water", used by many around the world. The special Manna from Heaven type DDW is not available to all and the Jesus Saving methods are returning to the Public's Rights to know. See the Alvin Weinberg Graphite Reactor shut down note that hides the Why and its massive deuterium emissions to the region. https://web.archive.org/web/20170211214401/http://web.ornl.gov/info/reports/1963/3445605702923.pdf
  22. The JFK assassination is easily solved with knowledge of deuterium and religion:. Then those that had motive, CIA knowledge, and the high level "Management via Deceit and Treachery" connections to kill JFK in Ruby's "Big Event" Dallas Zionist's Mecca. ===== Hello Pres. Trump, Yes, 4 more years. And we expect the total truth on the JFK hit, which is similar to yours. The reason for the JFK hit was that LHO found deuterium was involved in the CIA's kill Castro with SV-40 project in New Orleans. The New Orleans CIA project was run by Dr. Alton Oschner and he was very close to Harold Urey, the guy that knew his deuterium isolation was a big deal in cancer research and etiology. In Oak Ridge, ORNL was run by a corrupt Jewish type named Alvin Weinberg. And Jews cannot be trusted to deal with deuterium releases from Atomic Air Cooled reactors running with 1,700 tons of uranium. These Jewish cover up type run under a Management via "Deceit and Treachery" methods to keep deuterium's connection to their religion and their diet advantages well hidden for huge profits and control over the US. The X-10 (God and Ten Commandments) plants graphite plutonium production reactor was shut down permanently on 11-4-63, just a short time before their selected Jewish Hit man, Ruby, had JFK executed in Dallas. Citation: The X-10 Graphite Reactor was shut down on November 4, 1963, after twenty years of use.[61] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-10_Graphite_Reactor#:~:text=The X-10 Graphite Reactor was shut down on November,Places on October 15%2C 1966. This reactor was air cooled on high humidity Eastern Tennessee air and loaded with deuterium loaded water vapor generated and released from this large core reactor's air cooling dumped into the regional Oak Ridge air. JFK was a champion for taking on Atomic Pollution, starting with Atmospheric Testing that made huge levels of deuterium. As JFK found deuterium and cancer links via his agent Lee Oswald, these Jewish deuterium cover up reactors got their termination orders. ORNL's claim to infamy reactor was shut down on 11-4-63 and the Jewish con men saw their lives of cover up coming to a Catholic JFK ending. Regards, J. Phelps, deuterium research
  23. Yeah, Jack was down on his luck a good bit. That would make Ruby all the more available for a Point Man JFK hit in Dallas. Jack, aka Jacob, was a Book maker in Chicago, did not pay his street taxes and his buddy got him moved to Dallas before he took a hit. His Sister showed him the dance club deals, got his own club using Marcello's backing. Ole slick talking Jack owed Marcello Big time. Ole Jack was fringe Mafia, Fringe CIA, and big time Zionist. Ruby knew LBJ, did the Nixon Panel for LBJ, and he knew Morris Jaffee, Clint Murhison, Hoover, HL Hunt and all the rest and they knew him very well. Ruby likely knew it was the Dallas Masons working with FBI Mason Hoover that black-mailed LBJ onto the JFK election ticket in LA. HL Hunt hated JFK over oil depletion allowance that make him and Murchison rich, and Hunt's Lifeline radio programs attacked JFK as Anti-American, Communist, and so on. Ruby would easily use Hunt to deflect heat on himself for the JFK hit. The Dallas Oil Rich gang knew Ruby Enough to pin him down with the Big anti-JFK ad in the Newspapers. They put in an ad by "Bernard Weissman"---nice big Jewish name. That blocked Ruby from bringing in Hunt in any way as that Jewish name, then jump to Ruby's Zionism, and the whole house of cards would fall down on Ruby. Hoover had to snatch Hunt from Dallas for a number of days to keep his mouth shut. https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Image/IM97353 Ruby was a hot headed type, easily used and manipulated. Always trying to make it Big and doing JFK would make him even on Mafia debts. And he would become all Zionist's hero. He would be a Big Man in Zionism land. Giancana and Marcello wanted JFK big time and Ruby was their Jewish connected with LBJ front man. Giancana was CIA central for the Castro hit and the LHO and Marcello land cancer virus the latest Mafia backed kill Castro plan. ORNL's Mason knew Ruby very well and could work his delusions for grandeur easily---hence Ruby got Giancana to supply his outfit's shooters--Nicoletti, Files, Marlow. And Marcello did his part with the Patsy pushed to Dallas and connected up with Ruby. Then, LHO is strategically placed in TSBD for the set up as Patsy and Russian Communist killer. Ruby even had a code name for the hit as the "Big Event" and invited CIA and others to come watch. Word was even CIA's Rome Chief Harvey flew in to watch. Likely, Ruby even set up Masonic Zionist Zapruder with where to film it all for Ruby's Big Event posterity. Ruby and Zapruder even had the same Rabbi. The same Rabbi that Ruby told he killed LHO for the Jewish People. Those that know Ruby's background--easily know all this and lots more. It is not unusual that the Hunt Oil Gang, the Dallas LBJ backing Zionists, LBJ, Hoover, and Ruby were the anti-JFK Nexus wanting JFK dead via CIA associated Mafia hit in Dallas using Ruby's ego. They were more than happy to use the USAEC's / Oak Ridge earlier plans to get rid of JFK over the Atmospheric Test Ban Russian deal also, and let them motivate Ruby to become a Big Man / Mafia Tough Guy. The Texas Masonic Oil Mafia close with FBI Masonic Hoover just handed off the JFK kill operation to the Masonic dominated Oak Ridge and their existing Jack Ruby Masonic Contact named Raymond w. Tucker, Sr. Masonic Hoover had big connections with DISC/FBI Div 5, and the backing of DISC's Zionist Bloomfield. Then Masonic LBJ and Hoover ran the Masonic controlled Warren Commission. All totally rigged from the start of the 1960 LA convention types that hated Catholics. The goals, hide the USAEC's involvement, the USAEC's deuterium health cover ups, and the deuterium associated religious secrets for the Zionists. This is really not an issue for most all others that know Ruby's real history, political leaning, the anti_JFK Dallas network in Dallas, and Ruby's Big Guy Loud Mouth Braggart personality. This is not hard, and it is very obvious as to what went down.
  24. One of the better documented pieces ever composed on the Zionist's role in the JFK hit is by Lauren Guyenot. It is very well documented and written, but he misses that Jack Rudy had big time connections with Oak Ridge and the USAEC that originally began the take out JFK deals that followed from Masons Murchison and Hoover pushing LBJ into the VP position. There were Masons above LBJ calling the shots and LBJ jumped on their agenda that JFK would have to be eliminated over his anti-Trump and Masonic differences and the hate that existed between Catholic and Masons in these times. LBJ just promised to do all they wanted and these were generally the Truman Masonic types embedded into the US Govt. that backed Imperialism's goals and the Zionist's support. LBJ was just their Face Man and high level cover agent using WC Masons to produce a faked up Patsy report to hide their methods for deceit and treachery to take over the US from within. Variations of these methods are how the Chinese have taken over the US from within via corrupt democrats in office and Sex Honey Traps and big bribes much as the Jeff Epstein methods used decades before to gain US secrets and power over the elects. Everyone thinks LBJ was the "Master Mind" on the JFK hit, when he was more the Middle Man riding along of several waves of Hate being used and abused by Oak Ridge/USAEC. Oak Ridge got down on JFK over the Atmospheric Atomic Weapons testing ban and that began in Summer of 63 and used people like ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr to get his old Army Air Core buddy named Jack Ruby to use his Mafia and CIA alliances to take out JFK in Dallas, Texas using all the Dallas and Chicago Zionist's animosity toward JFK. Oak Ridge was loaded with lots of Scottish Rite Masons at the Atomic Weapons Plant and the higher ups at that plant had full CIA document's access and they kept up with the CIA's issues and games to set up hits and regime changes. They made their own version via recruiting Jack Ruby and his LBJ associations and CIA and Mafia access. Catholic JFK was set up by many Masons from the time he won the LA Primary onward, and the key Mason at ORNL was Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. via he and Ruby's ole Army Air Core days. The rest was easy, they got the Ruby Dallas Zionists to draw JFK into a Dallas Crossfire. There is a real reason that Dallas got named the "City of Hate" People like Abe Zapruder were Big Masons and also Big time LBJ/Ruby Zionists and it no accident he got the prime spot to film JFK's death.. Process: Sam Bloom gets JFK to Dallas, LBJ in charge of the SS has the top off the JFK Limo, and then Bloom gets LHO in the way of Ruby's gun.It is impossible to leave all the Zionist links with the JFK and LHO hits.This article is close---however it stated with USAEC and Ruby's Nuke Secrets gathering and running them to Dimona. Lot of Masons, and then earlier the lots of high level invasion of Govt by Trumna's Masons and Jewish big money games. Some things are obvious and very well known in the Origin for the JFK Hit---USAEC's Oak Ridge and its Catholic hating Masons were the JFK's hit's kick off. Source:https://www.unz.com/article/did-israel-kill-the-kennedies/Citations:In 2013 Milchan publicly revealed his extended activity as a secret agent of Israel, working in particular to boost Israel’s nuclear program.[34] It is therefore no wonder that Stone’s film gives no hint of the Mossad connection that Garrison stumbled upon. ====We also know that Ruby phoned Al Gruber, a Mickey Cohen associate, just after Oswald’s arrest; no doubt he received then “an offer he couldn’t refuse,” as they say in the underworld.[36] Ruby’s defense lawyer William Kunstler wrote in his memoirs that Ruby told him he had killed Oswald “for the Jews,” and Ruby’s rabbi Hillel Silverman received the same confession when visiting Ruby in jail.[37]======The “host committee” inviting Kennedy was chaired by another influential figure of the wealthy Jewish community in Dallas: advertising executive and PR man Sam Bloom. According to former British Intelligence Officer Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, it was Bloom who suggested to the Police “that they move the alleged assassin [Oswald] from the Dallas police station to the Dallas County Jail in order to give the newsmen a good story and pictures.”Oswald was shot by Ruby during this transfert. Hughes-Wilson adds that,“when the police later searched Ruby’s home, they found a slip of paper with Bloom’s name, address and telephone number on it.”[39]======While in Dallas the day before the President’s visit, Nixon publicized the rumor of Johnson’s removal, and the Dallas Morning News was reporting on November 22nd: “Nixon Predicts JFK May Drop Johnson.” Instead, Johnson became president that very day. ======With such words, Ruby seems to be trying to send a message to Johnson through the Commission, or rather a warning that he might spill the beans about Israel’s involvement if Johnson did not intervene in his favor. We get the impression that Ruby expected Johnson to pardon him. ======The article also mentions that, “research into Johnson’s personal history indicates that he inherited his concern for the Jewish people from his family. His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, a major influence on LBJ, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America.” And, in an additional note: “The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.”[54]=======Johnson and Israel, the two common elements in the Kennedy assassinations, are themselves closely linked, since Johnson can be considered as a high-level sayan, a man secretly devoted to Israel, or owned by Israel, to the point of committing high treason against the nation he had been elected to lead and protect. =======
  25. Dear Pres. DJ Trump, This is your "Past Due" notice for the Promise to tell all on the JFK Murder in Dallas and the Hoover/LBJ set up at the LA Convention that greased the JFK Assassination in Dallas. This Bill Was Due on Nov. 22, 2020, but really very early in your term. Everyone knew Dallas was loaded with a lot of corrupt LBJ's Jewish imports, and Jack Ruby and LBJ played to that audience. Everyone knows the Jewish controlled Mafia (CIA contact Hyman Larner) in Chicago bought LBJ with the TFX Bribes from General Dynamic's Henry Crown. Chicago Mafia's Italian side Giancana hated JFK and RFK, and they owned Jacob Rubenstein and had ole Jack moved to Dallas and under Carlos Marcello, who also hated JFK and RFK. Plus, ole Jack Ruby owed Marcello big time for keeping his Show Club financed. Jack Ruby started his CIA life by running guns to Fidel Castro in the efforts to run Crooked Batista out of Cuba. In this time, the Mafia was trying to go legit by running operations out of Cuba, which did not work out so well for the NYC Mafia guys like Meyer Linsky. Ole Jacob Rubenstein was in the Army Air Core with Raymond W. Tucker, Sr from Knoxville, whose dad worked for the TVA in Knoxville and likely had bid DISC connections there. Raymond W. Tucker, Sr ended up working for Oak Ridge National Lab and had access to a lot of nuclear information which Jack Ruby was trying to gain to help out the Zionists at Dimona. Ruby became quite the Jewish Savior in Dallas as he knew LBJ and LBJ put Ruby on Nixon's Un-American Council to keep the Jewish Politicians in the US from Being Registered as Foreign Agents by the JFK Administration. Here they arranged for Texas Instruments Flights to DC to carry Jack Ruby to those Nixon meeting. Ole Jack grew in local Dallas Zionist Circles quickly, so he knew LBJ's Bag Money man Morris Jaffee, and then HL Hunt and his Big Oil Masonic Banker named Clint Murchison. Murchison owned a good piece of FBI's Hoover via various bribes and organized Crime betting games. Jack was one of the Dallas/Chicago Dem's Deep State Insiders. Jack knew all the Dallas Dems used Hoover's JFK spy files to Black Mail JFK and RFK in the Los Angeles Primaries to get Masonic and Zionist backed LBJ added to the JFK ticket. The Dallas gang made a deal with the USAEC on Oil Lands and Uranium Rights that set up a fake front in Jaffie's Dal-Tex Building to take in black bag election money for LBJ's VP run, and LBJ was also aiming for the Presidency and knew there was a good chance he would get there via Murder of the Catholic JFK. Ole Jack Ruby was right in the middle of all this Dallas corrupt LBJ Political Machine and he wanted bigger cuts of the action. Oak Ridge had CIA connections and they knew that and a lot more, and they and the USAEC and DISC wanted rid of JFK. Not to mention the FBI's Masonic Hoover, the JCS's Masonic Lemnitzer and LeMay. Then, the huge presence of Masons running the USAEC's nuke Bomb plant in Oak Ridge to Keep all the Deuterium secrets connected to the 1st Temple's religious symbolism. So, slowly the Zionists gained the USAEC and lots of Masonic help to help Zionists get nuke Bomb Technical Data and even Highly Enriched Uranium for their Nuke Bomb proliferation. JFK sough to stop that, so JFK suddenly became all these various alliances Big Enemy. The Masoinc laden USAEC and JCS went hard line against JFK when he won the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty with Russia in the Summer of '63. The Oak Ridge USAEC Masons were trying hard to get Jack Ruby to have his Chicago Mafia boys kill JFK in Dallas in the Summer of '63. This became more dire as the Oak Ridge USAEC Masonic Gang found they were had by JFK's agent Lee Harvey Oswald. LHO was JFK's deep cover agent to spy in the New Orleans Mafia and the CIA in New Orleans and LHO knew too much as he got plugged into the CIA's plot to kill Castro with Cancers using an enhanced SV-40 cancer virus coupled with deuterium to make it take and kill Castro. LHO was suddenly deep on the inside deuterium secrets of Oak Ridge and its Masons and also he got hooked into DISC/Div 5 and all that was a serious screw up that would allow JFK to gain peace. JFK could not only blow the CIA into a million pieces, but take the Mafia, the FBI, the USAEC's Oak Ridge and lots more with the CIA's demise. Unfortunately, that gained LBJ too much power, as he got to be the top of the JFK enemies list. Jack Ruby got to become the "Tough Guy" Jewish Mafia killer to set up JFK's murder in Dallas using the Giancana Hit Gang, which was Files, Marlow, and Nicoletti. The Ruby Dallas plot would use the Mafia/CIA killers and frame LHO as the shooter and have JFK and LHO both eliminated on the same day/hour in Dallas and Jack Ruby would become the Dallas Zionist's Messiah for making Nuke Weapons Gods. Ruby's plan only partially worked as the idea to have LBJ's hit man, Malcolm Wallace, kill LHO in the TSBD flopped, as LHO went to the front porch of TSBD to watch the Jack Ruby "Big Event" for what LHO hoped would be stopped, but instead succeeded. That meant LHO was in deep peril. LHO sets off for his deep cover contact point at the Masonic controlled Texas Theater and their set-up trapped LHO there with their Fake Russian Agent plan to have LHO become the real killers Patsy. Needless to say, having LHO alive in Police custody and heading to public trial would become a Zionist Deep State disaster and the heat was on The Dallas "Big Event's" planner to shut up LHO. Jack got money donations from Las Vegas to Bribe a cop to have LHO killed in jail, but nobody took that deal. So, it came down to the Zionist's Dallas Messiah has to silence LHO himself, via a bullet into LHO's liver, and his bleeding to death in less than an hour at the same hospital where JFK was declared dead. Ole Jack Ruby became an instant TV star villain for killing LHO and saving a huge gang of deep state crooks from executions for Murder and Conspiracy issues. Not to mention insuring the proliferation of the Zionist Bomb completed with LLNL's Ed Teller help, and NUMEC's HEU contributions from Apollo, Pa. to Dimona completed. Then the Nuclear tipped Jericho Missiles completed just in time for the '67 Six Day war and LJB's screw ups to sink the USS Liberty to keep the Zionists from showing off their nuclear missile, and with that LBJ's efforts for that proliferation and opening up the JFK hit with LBJ's backing via using Jack Ruby. So, Pres. T the bill is due, and perhaps this is your so called "Trump Card", which if played early on would have saved a lot of lives. Sitting on this Trump Card to this extent may be questions that you have to address forever. Regards, Jim Phelps, Low Deuterium and alkaline pH metabolic health studies associated with 1st temple and Lord's Supper ideals defined
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