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  1. Question for moderators: Is the near-simultaneous posting, by one member (in this case Michael Clark), of the same document on three different threads within the rules of the Forum? Question for Michael: Will you now "cover" my legitimate question with your same "torture" document post, above, but of course with the notation "I should have mentioned that this document is part of the recent release," as you so covered my rebuttal to you on another Angleton-Nosenko type thread? -- T.G. Shall we have an oh-so-clever "bumping war"? Bump's in your court.
  2. Probable against-the-rules "bump"; duly-noted and "screen-captured." -- T.G.
  3. Good on you, Michael! By the way, are you still counting the number of my edits? (Talk about a full-time job!) I feel badly about "baiting" you unto doing that, but hey, that's what The Agency told me to do ... -- T.G.
  4. Yeah, Michael, I got that. Written in 1970, three years after (possible mole?) Richard Kovich and the Leonard McCoy - John Hart clutch had deviously subverted and controverted the true and accurate work and conclusions of Bagley, Scotty Miler, JJA, et al., regarding false defector Yuri Nosenko. BFD (Bunk Finely Disseminated) You are aware, aren't you, that former Army Intelligence analyst John Newman, author of Oswald and the CIA, has read Bagley's works and is sufficiently impressed by them to have given some presentations based on Spy Wars and Spymaster (the latter co-written wi
  5. Michael, It's likely that you, sir, are full of beans. Warning: almost a sentence fragment coming up: As are (or were, if deceased) Harrington, Leonard McCoy, John Hart, Bruce Solie, and Cleveland Cram, et al. Why don't you take some Gas-Ex and then read Bagley's Spy Wars, or at least his 35-page PDF Ghosts of the Spy Wars. Paul Brancato finally read the latter, and almost kinda thanked me for having suggested it to him, iirc. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08850607.2014.962362 Totally blew me away. -- T
  6. Yes, Paul, you're right. It was probably just an overreaction to James' insinuating that I'm a fascist and that I support genocide. Shall I delete it? Regardless, do you have anything of substance to say about my post? -- T.G.
  7. James, What does any of this have to do with (admittedly corrupt, but hey what do you expect after 70 years of institutionalized cronyism?) Yeltsin's retaining a couple of American political advisers in 1996 to help to help him spiff up his image and improve the palatability of his message in an election campaign? As regards what I read, I try to limit myself to those news sources which have, regardless of their left-or right bias, "High" factual reporting according to mediabiasfactcheck. com. Needless to say your beloved Global Research based "Information Clearing Hou
  8. Yes, He's pretty good at "turning the tables" like that, too, when he gets in a tight spot. -- T.G.
  9. Paul, Please freshen my memory. Which one was that? Something to do with evil, evil, evil de Vosjoli and that evil, evil, evil "Brandy"? Which past grievances on this forum should I forget about, and in regards to whom? -- T.G. You mean you don't come to the world famous JFK Assassination Debate Forum to debate, but to learn, Paul? Fantastic! Have any idea how much teaching, aka debating, showing, linking, baiting, cajoling, and outright arguing with you and others I had to do to get you to read "Ghosts Wars," Paul? (I'm proud of y
  10. Good work, "Davy." I learned a long time ago that it's best "not to confuse James with the facts," because all you do is expend a lot of energy proving or disproving something to him (which he rarely if ever acknowledges, btw), and then he disappears for awhile, be it a month, a year, or five years, only to come back to the Forum eventually and reassert the same wrong "fact," all over again. I mean, I mean, I mean, to my way of thinking, it's almost as though Vladimir Putin trained him to do that! -- T.G.
  11. How have I "baited" James on this thread, Paul? I mean, maybe I have, I don't know. Is that a bad thing to do? If so, does he ever do that sort of thing? What's the official definition of "to bait," in the context of an Internet forum on a controversial subject, anyway? To trap somebody through rhetoric and logic into a position which they are unable or unwilling to try to defend? Don't they teach that in high school debating classes? -- T.G. PS How about James' insisting on another thread a few months ago that Rudol
  12. James, In case you haven't noticed, life is chock-a-block full of "either/or" choices. "Would you like another serving of apple pie a-la mode, or another half-gallon of chocolate pudding, Jimmy? I'm sorry, sweetie, but you can't have both this time. Aww, don't cry, honey. Doctors orders, not mine." Bummer, huh? So, I ask you once again, James: Would you have preferred to see the Communist Party's candidate, Gennady Zyuganov, win the 1996 Russian presidential election? Yes, or No, James? Da? Really?? "Zyuganov enthusiastical
  13. Cute avoidance reaction, James. Unbearable stress always make you yawn? Regardless, guess what??? I just now skimmed those two precious articles I promised you I would read! So, lemme ask you a question: Would you have preferred that the Communist had won that Russian election, James? Why? -- T.G.
  14. James, I know you aren't paranoid or anything, but have you considered the possibility that, as regards your precious newspaper articles, that I am neither "underhanded" (isn't that a synonym for "dishonest," James?) nor "untrustworthy" (isn't that another synonym for "dishonest," James?), but that I am just pain too lazy and/or bogged down with other things to have read them, yet? Or is that a too mundane, and therefore implausible, explanation for you? I promise that I will, though, James, but probably not the article you posted from the "Global Research" affiliate o
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