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  1. Douglas Caddy,

    Please try again. Thank you. --Tommy

  2. Ah ha! I just realized that I've got TWO friends by the name of "Gary Mack". The question is-- which one is the imposter? LOL

  3. Merry Christman, Mr Simkin!

  4. OK, I figured out that I could copy and paste the dang thing. Whoooooooieeeeeee!

    (Wasn't tryin' to be devious or nothing.)

  5. I asked David Von Pein to be my friend because I felt sorry for him. I think everyone should have at least one friend.

  6. Hell no I haven't gotten my life together yet. Why the hell would I want to do that, anyway? --Tommy O'Pepper

  7. Hi Al,

    Some time ago you asked me if I'd gotten my life "straightened out" yet. Answer: Hell No! Why would I want to do such a rational and boring thing as that? LOL

  8. Hi Al,

    Happy New Year.

    Did Stephen Roy ever call you?


  9. Please come back, David.

  10. Kath,

    Would you please condider making me one of your "friends?" It would truely be an honor for me to "have you" as a friend. --Thomas

  11. Hi Ronnie,

    Keep up the good work!


  12. Charlie,

    Hang in there, buddy. The best strategy now is probably for us to back off (stop posting) on the Virginia Tech Spree Murders thread altogether and let them huff and puff and eventually wear themselves out and finally lose interest in espousing their moralizing social comments about us "sick and twisted" Americans.


  13. Hi Jesper,

    Welcome to the Forum! Your English is perfect!


  14. Hi Evan,

    I guess in this case late is better than never-- "Welcome aboard!"


  15. Just checking up on you again, James. Got to do what my handler tells me to do, you know. LOL


  16. Hi James,

    Just checking up on you. LOL.


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