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  1. Thanks Robin! Great post of a great pic! Is this man anyone we might know? Thomas
  2. Ron, Just noticed a similar-looking fedora and rain coat at Houston and Main; the man's face is obscured by the motorcycle cop passing between himself and the camera........ Now I'm wondering if there are any other photos which caught the "Houston and Main Lookalikes" (Robertson, Conien, etc) from slightly different angle and/or timeframe that might be useful in ID-ing this guy behind the policeman at H + M? Thomas
  3. Hi, Jack (and everyone else on the Forum), I agree with you on this, Jack. I think Novel was the Umbrella Man. Regarding Novel but on a different subject, has anyone positively identified the young man (face partially obscured; in coat and tie(?) white collar visible) in the photo of LHO handing out FPCC flyers in N.O. in which Chauncey Holt has drawn arrows indicating "Bud Belcher" and "Leroy Young" and in which photo Holt claims himself to be visible on the far right hand side? IMO the young man's face/head structure and body build and hair strongly resemble that of a young Gordon Novel, especially as seen in a couple of mug shots taken a few years earlier as well as on the link below. Thanks! Thomas http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKnovel.htm <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hello again, I finally found a good pic of the guy I'm talking about. Same event, different angle. In this picture, he's holding his right hand up in front of his face. Does anyone on this forum know whether or not he's been positively ID'd? Does anyone agree with me that he resembles Novel? Thomas
  4. _______________________ Hi Thomas, Very interesting bio. The case made you not take your damn contracts exam??? I can relate, tho I did take mine. I used to "reward" myself after exams by reading the latest books on who killed JFK. Been an atty now almost 20 years. I also have many comments on your Mac Wallace post, but I will hold off making them as I am way too close to this area to be truly objective. The person responsible for obtaining the print (J Harrison who died this past May) was a close friend of mine for 7 years, as is Nathan Darby, as is Barr McClellan. I too had many time of doubt about Wallace and his possible involvement. I will just say this: Nathan is positive of this match. And he is a wonderfully sincere, humble man. I would stake my life on his intregity. (He is also, sadly, very near death from a stroke). Welcome to this forum. SOme great folks here, but watch out for Tim Gratz ) He's the resident "spook" in my opinion. Constantly pushes the "JFK- was- trying to- kil-l Castro- and- Castro- killed him" disinformation story. Gets very old. Hope you post more. And yes you did it perfectly correct. Cheers, Dawn (Meredith) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi Dawn, Thank you for the welcome to the Forum. It's great to be able to pose questions to and share information with so many people (such as yourself) who have been researching this tragic event for so many years... I know next-to-nothing about the "lifting" of latent fingerprints, etc. Specifically, I don't know if it is possible to distinguish between a "planted" fingerprint and the real thing. In the thread, I was speculating that Wallace's print might have been "planted" on the box in the "sniper's nest" by the use of some kind of adhesive tape, etc. I wasn't trying to impune the integrity and/or expertise of your friend, Nathan Darby. Whether or not Wallace's print was real or was planted, a 14-point match sounds pretty darn conclusive to me... Sincerely, Thomas
  5. Written in 1966,one of 10 verses,Re Lorenzo and Alonzo. If any would think that I jest And fun at me would press Of Kennedy's plotters I shall say Two more lived here in East L.A. To their war names they did resort They are Leopoldo and Angelo in the warren report. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi Harry, Based, among other things, on the literary style and vocabulary, the slightly ironic sense of humor, the obvious high intelligence of the author, and the use of the word "here" (in the context of 'East L.A.'), my intuition tells me that this sonnet (?) was Penned (pardon the pun) by none other than one of my favorite contributors to this Forum, the one..., the only..., ... Gerry Patrick Hemming..... Thomas P.S. Do you know who wrote it? If so, pray tell...... (Thanks!)
  6. I agree with you on this, Jack. I think Novel was the Umbrella Man. Has anyone identified the young man in the photo of LHO handing out flyers in N.O.(the photo in which Chauncey Holt drew arrows indicating "Bud Belcher" and "Leroy Young")? IMO the young man resembles Gordon Novel. Thomas http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKnovel.htm
  7. Hi Ron, My hunch is that this man in the light-colored raincoat crossing Elm is David Atlee Phillips. Whoever it is, he certainly does look like a spook, doesn't he? He seems to be trying to look relaxed by nonchalantly "whistling a tune" as he strolls across the street with both hands in his pockets. FWIW, I think the oldest of the three "tramps" was probably E. Howard Hunt or perhaps Chauncey Holt. Thomas <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If one takes an arm off another in the crowds and uses it to guesstimate the hand in pocket it may be, as he doesnt look altogether glad, he may have a gun in his pocket? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ron and John, Now I'm starting to think that this guy in the light-colored rain coat and dark fedora isn't David Atlee Phillips (or even E. Howard Hunt), after all, but Gus Abrams, instead! You know, he heard some shots and saw a lot of people running towards the grassy knoll, so thought he'd go "investigate," too... (Maybe that big bulge in the left pocket of his rain coat isn't a gun or a radio, after all. Maybe it's just a bottle of cheap port wine! The real mystery here is: is the bottle half empty or is it half full??) (Just kidding, actually........) P.S. Hope I'm posting this correctly... Thomas
  8. Hi Ron, My hunch is that this man in the light-colored raincoat crossing Elm is David Atlee Phillips. Whoever it is, he certainly does look like a spook, doesn't he? He seems to be trying to look relaxed by nonchalantly "whistling a tune" as he strolls across the street with both hands in his pockets. FWIW, I think the oldest of the three "tramps" was probably E. Howard Hunt or perhaps Chauncey Holt. Thomas
  9. Hello all. Please see my recent post on the "Howard Hunt and the JFK Assassination" topic. All feedback welcome.... Thanks.
  10. Thank you, Allan (and James?)! IMO, James' work is excellent, and I'm glad to see that it is being consolidated somewhat on this forum. Thanks again.
  11. Can anyone please tell me where David Atlee Phillips was on 11/22/63? Thanks.
  12. I think that if Wallace had been in the "sniper's nest" as a shooter or helper, more than just one of his fingerprints would have been found.
  13. [ My e-mail address is tommyomochain@gmail.com ] I am proud to say that I was born in 1949 in a Salvation Army clinic for unwed mothers in Ocean Beach, San Diego. My mother was only 17 years old when I was born, and her father had recently been laid off from his job at Consolidated Aircraft (look it up). Even though we were in the same facility for ten days for "health" reasons, they let her hold me for only five minutes. I was placed with a foster family at the end of those ten days, then adopted at 4.5 months of age and raised in La Jolla, California, by a multi-talented eye surgeon and his beautiful wife. I attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in '67-'68 and San Diego State on and off from that point on. One night in Fort Worth, my buddies and I went to the notorious "Cellar" nightclub where the sign inside said "Evil spelled backwards is Live" (or was it the other way around?) and where JFK's Secret Service agents were drinking into the "wee hours" the night before the assassination. In the summer of '73, I hitchhiked from La Jolla to Homer, Alaska, and worked in the crab processing industry at a self-contained company on a fiord-like bay twenty miles from "civilization" on Kodiak Island until the first day of spring '74... Moved back to La Jolla for a few years and then moved to Cowboy and Indian country in Arizona in 1980 to get away from my creditors. Found my biological parents in 1987 and learned that my father (Robert Gordon Mahon -- it's an Irish name) was one of the best all-around athletes to ever live in San Diego. In '91-'92 I was back in La Jolla and attending a San Diego law school (Western State University College of Law) that didn't require a bachelor's degree; I got the second highest grade in my Torts class but didn't even take the final exam in contracts "because I had a lousy professor" and, guess what, the film "JFK" had come out and I spent way too much time "researching" the assassination and far too little time reading my contracts books. Thinking I'd flunked out (I later found out that I hadn't), and on the advice of a Czech friend in La Jolla, I started making plans to move to the Czech Republic and teaching English there. I originally planned to stay there for a year, but ended up staying for seven. Even had a bar I called "Surf Klub" in Brno. Now I'm back in the San Diego area. In addition to working and "researching" the JFK assassination, I spend my time surfing at Windansea (google it), playing online chess, and working on a novella ("The Adventures of Tommy O'Pepper") based on my experiences in the Latin Quarter of Paris while on my way to the Czech Republic. Regarding the assassination, the books I've read are "Crossfire" by Jim Marrs, "Best Evidence" by David Lifton, "Oswald and the CIA" by John Newman, and "The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Dick Russell. I'm convinced that I can learn a lot from this Forum if I keep an open mind. Perhaps I can even contribute from time to time in some small way. IMHO, State Secret by Bill Simpich is a "must read," as are "Legend" by Edward J. Epstein, and, for a little background on those "really really nice Ruskies," Tennent H. Bagley's 2007 book Spy Wars, and his 2015 PDF Ghosts of the Spy Wars. https://archive.org/details/SpyWarsMolesMysteriesAndDeadlyGames http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08850607.2014.962362
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