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  1. A person who learns of the identity of a covert agent through a “pattern of activities intended to identify and expose covert agents” and discloses the identity to any individual not authorized access to classified information, with reason to believe that such activities would impair U.S. foreign intelligence efforts, is subject to a fine or imprisonment for a term of not more than three years. To be convicted, a violator must have knowledge that the information identifies a covert agent whose identity the United States is taking affirmative measures to conceal. TITLE VI-- PROTECTION OF
  2. Leonardo writes.... "Ironically though he seemed intent on creating discord he to a certain degree has generated unity causing Jack to agree with Denis, Fetzer to agree with me and me to agree with Jack and Fetzer and (I bet for the first time in yeas) Tink and Fetzer are of one mind." Thanks for picking up on it Leo...I did it on purpose. Confused? Check my response to Kathy...oh heck....I'll snip it and post it here for ya! "FROM TIME TO TIME....I LIKE TO GIVE STAUNCH OPPONENTS A COMMON ENEMY. SOMETIMES IT WORKS! ABOUT 9 YEARS AGO OR SO I GOT FETZER AND THOMPSON TO PUBLICALLY AGREE, THREA
  3. This shows that he, unlike the rest of us, has the ability to step "back from the issue and look at it clearly." Also he then elaborates on it and demonstrates that he can perceive when one is operating under free will or under something else... Usually, he is pretty sharp,and I think, although I am not sure why, that Jason is pullin' our leg. ...AND YOU WOULD BE QUITE CORRECT KATHY. MOST PERCEPTIVE. FROM TIME TO TIME....I LIKE TO GIVE STAUNCH OPPONENTS A COMMON ENEMY. SOMETIMES IT WORKS! ABOUT 9 YEARS AGO OR SO I GOT FETZER AND THOMPSON TO PUBLICALLY AGREE, THREAD NEXT TO THREAD, THAT TH
  4. Sooo maybe I'm a disinfo agent as well!?!?!? But you're proving my point lots of people use such tactics, yes I’ve been known to and you're a master of it yourself – are you on the CIA’s payroll? ....AS A MATTER OF FACT..... Aren't you the one supposedly against personal attacks? And you’re the guy who started a divisive thread and began it by comparing 2 member's methods to Hitler’s but claims to be against divisiveness, name calling and personal attacks, is that ironic, hypocritical or both? I think it's probability the former because I suspect you're wrapped in your fantasies you fa
  5. You know what they say about the "road to hell". Thompson et al and Fetzer et al could say their "intent is NOT to sow discord" but by accusing them of being disinfo agents you being disingenuous or naive by seeming surprised that could be result. Saying "enough already" is one thing accusing people of ulterior motives is another. Regarding the email or IM when someone responds to your post. That does happen on this forum. Fetzer and Thompson would have to indicate how they were getting their alerts years ago. This is rather silly you have yet to demostrate examples of what you speak, (sorr
  6. Craig, the ANOVA was never completed. Both sides of the issue would not agree that it would be effective at solving the problem at hand. They simply maintained their methodology was more effective and used the results to simply bolster their own argument. I don't think an independent study was welcomed given the amount of polarization of the groups. My procedure was relatively simple and involved marking corresponding plot points down on a grid directly below what was determined to be a potential line of sight from the stationary drum scan of moorman's photo. A minimum of 50 plot points wou
  7. Kathy, it's written that the most succesful forms of propoganda induce the individual to maintain that they've made a certain action out of their own free will. This occurs despite the fact that stepping back from the issue and looking at it clearly, one arrives at the conclusion that choosing between an intentionally created dichotomy was not "free will" at all but a designated response by those that created the dichotomy to begin with. Of course, you may be right about all of this. After all, the federal government has outlawed the use of propoganda on its citizens...
  8. This may help Len...They are explained in more detail at this particular site but it's not limited to these tactics. Obviously there are more 'black methods' of propoganda such as falsely planting information that's supposed to be attributable to one source when it really comes from another. You should no my intent is NOT to sow discord. Quite the opposite really. I denounced this years ago and I do so today. Regarding the email or IM when someone responds to your post. That does happen on this forum. Fetzer and Thompson would have to indicate how they were getting their alerts years ago. Th
  9. Despite your protests Dr Thompson, you failed to address that I allowed for the fact that your and Dr. Fetzer might not be working together although the appearance and timing of your back and forth posts often looked suspicious. It was almost as if someone was alerting you to his posts with certain buzzwords and vice versa. If you had read further, you would have noted that I indicated sometimes this process involves bringing two enemies together. If "enemies" is to strong of a word then let's use something more akin to "polar opposites". Something similar to the way Jerry Springer brings in g
  10. Jason, have you ever been a part of either of the two groups involved? Are you or have you been privvy to the provate conversations of either? Craig, I witnessed the debate first hand on just one of the forums but did not participate in the specific experiments done by each team designed to bolster their theory. I suggested and then constructed a statistical methodology for analysing the variance of the lines of sight so that one might find the most statistically likely position of Moorman. I suggested a more neutral approach. That being said, this was not agreed upon by any of the member
  11. Thanks for pointing out my math mistake Mr Colby. Perhaps you can use my slip up to further discredit the post which DOES offer supportive evidence. I've outlined the similarities between what is occuring here and what is employed by propogandists. There are a number of very similar occurances. Perhaps the fact that I pointed out the fact that there was extreme division between the camps irritated you? Is it because you are so solidly in line with one camp in particular. I guess I'd be upset too if I started to think my allegiances were the possible result of a manipulation. You need to check
  12. "Just what we need...another nut!!" Denis most of my posts on this forum predate your August 2007 post where you describe yourself as a "newbie". If you could read those previous posts, you may find most of them are quite measured and rational. I would have appreciated the first response to my post from you be of a little more substance rather than an ad hominem attack on my mental status. How about something more substantive or was it your purpose merely to broadcast a condemning statement to a larger audience?
  13. A lonely, frustrated man sat in his cell after world war I and reached an epiphany. He was so impressed by the effective use of American and British propoganda during world war I, he would later come to perfect it and use it with devastating results. He wrote... "Propoganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea" - Adolph Hitler Fellow members of this and other forums, I propose that the great Fetzer/Thompson debate regarding the authenticity of the Zapruder Film was specifically created, effectively delivered and continu
  14. I suspect you already have an answer for "why" he was kidnapped and tortured and left for dead. Rather than this being another quiz show ((which is really just a psy-op tactic of bestowing a "man with the answers" moniker on yourself)) why dont you simply PROVE HOW his torture was related to the JFK assassination. I for one dont care IF he was or was not tortured. For arguments sake let's just say he was....Frankly it would suprise me if someone DIDN'T torture Files. Show us proof of how it was related to the JFK assassination and not just because Files said it was.... Jason
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