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  1. The only people left who can tell the story are Ricky, and J. Gary Shaw. As most know, Gary retired from researching after Larry Howard, Joe West, Bud Fensterwald and Larry Ray Harris all died untimely deaths in the same time frame, not long after the Ricky news conference, in which the five were the principal presenters of the Roscoe story. Gary got the message. Jack Jack-any chance we could get Ricky White into this forum to discuss things?
  2. As a caveat, I am a newcomer to the boards and, although I have had an avid interest in the subject matter for 30 years, am a novice in this area compared to most who roam here. With that as a predicate, I would like to venture a few thoughts. While a rookie on the boards I have worked for nearly 24 years as a civil trial lawyer and am used to evaluating witnesses and evidence. Roscoe White. In all the reading I have done on him I cannot escape the conclusion that he was involved somehow. While the credibility of the story was hurt (perhaps fatally) early by the greed of those seeking to capitalize on it, there are many aspects of this story which i find compelling. 1. White shows up at the Dallas PD at an opportune time. He does not, to my knowledge, have any prior experience in law enforcement. His position is as some sort of photgrapher. He would seem like a convenient plant in that postion if "the conspirators" needed someone inside DPD. 2. White stayed at the DPD for less than two years after the assassination. 3. The Mandarin cables seem highly suspicous to say the least. While I have read where they too were forgeries, I have never seen a "scientific" or "expert" explanation that they were forgeries. If the Mandarin cables were legit, it is pretty obvious White was involved in some sinister business. 4. The White/Oswald connection in the USMC while not conclusive of anything, is certainly conspicuous given that White turns up at the Dallas PD in late 1963 (and subsequently in possession of mystery backyard photos). 5. White's wife, Geneva, just happens to be working for Ruby during this relevant time period. (At this point the coincidences are becoming to great for me to ignore.) 6. White's wife has indicated that during the mid 60's White was frequently making unexplained trips to different places, particularly New Orleans. 7. Gerry Hemming, who I gather from these boards is both an eccentric sort and someone who knows a great deal about what was going on back in 1963, was quoted in the Texas Monthly article on the White affair, that he remembered White trying to sell him some rifles on a trip to Dallas in 1963 when Hemming was trying to raise money for Cuban exiles. 8. The disinformation machine seemed to go into overdrive when the White story broke in 1990. All of these factors suggest to me a "where there is smoke, there is fire" scenario with White. Of course I can understand the scepticism some may have given the forged diary and the "fishy" green book. It would seem that those trying so hard to capitalize on the story "screwed the pooch" at some point. I am interested in other's opinions about why the story is a hoax or has some validity.
  3. From looking at frames 315-320, it does not appear to me the President had a "hole" in the back of his skull after receving the fatal head shot.
  4. I know this has been discussed somewhat before but I can't find it. One of the earliest conspiracy books I read was Hugh McDonald's book, which I believe was called Appointment in Dallas. In it he claimed to have met with Saul, the actual triggerman. This book was the first to arouse my curiosity on the subject. Why did McDonal'd book not cause a bigger stir? He seemed to have impeccable credentials and wrote his book before there was "real money" in writing about conspiracy theories. Were there any grounds ever advanced to discredit McDonald and his motives? Just curious about this.
  5. Kind of interesting coincidence that the CIA inspired coup of Allende occurred on 9/11/73. Our tax dollars at work helping instrument the violent overthrow of a democratically elected leader of a foreign nation ( because he was a Marxist).
  6. I suspect mutual acquaintances are what brought LHO and Ruby together. It would be astounding if the HSCA never made an effort to get testimony from McBee after this meeting. That being said the fact that some of the committee wasn't even aware that Banister was dead ( although he had been dead for 13 years at the time) might call into question their zeal for the job in the first place.
  7. I am a 47 year old attorney living and practicing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. My interest in the assassination goes back approximately 30 years to when I saw the movie "Executive Action." Since then I am sure I have read over 20 books on the subject , toured Dealey Plaza etc. Frankly, my interest in the subject had waned some in recent years until I found your site.
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